Conflict of interest Ogilvie


As newco chief executive, Derek Llambias reported to his AGM yesterday, he meets the SFA today to discuss further involvement of Newcastle United owner, Mike Ashley at his club.  Ashley is nearing the end of a power-struggle between his faction, which appears to include the Easdale brothers, and pretty-much everyone else who goes to Ibrox, as well as Dave King and other worthies noticeable by their absence when the assets of oldco were to be paid for.

One of this morning’s newspapers appears to suggest SFA board member Peter Lawwell may retire from this meeting on account of him apparently having a conflict of interest, however, I believe this would be extraordinarily unlikely.  Peter is no more or less incentive to see business being conducted appropriately than anyone else.

That’s not to say there’s not a conflict of interest.  SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, will also attend the meeting.  Ogilvie passed his Rangers shares to his wife when he became an executive director of Hearts.  SFA Articles of Association expressly forbids a person from having an influence with one club while “directly or indirectly” being a shareholder in another without the prior written consent of the SFA.

Mr Ogilvie may have attained prior written consent of the SFA on this subject before accepting the Hearts job, but if he did, I don’t see the need to transfer his shares to a family member.  This makes Ogilvie look like a tawdry ducker and diver, wholly inappropriate to lead the Association. If I was Llambias I’d challenge Ogilvie the first moment he opened his mouth.

As I said earlier in the week, don’t get too hung up on Ashley’s shareholding.  If it proves a stumbling block he could play The Offshore Game and quickly disinvest to an entity based in the British Virgin Islands (seems to be the hot location for these types), the control of which could never be traced to him.

Those hoping the SFA will inhibit Ashley’s land-grab of retail and other rights are also likely to be disappointed.  JJB and Wigan Athletic owner Dave Whelan established precedent that he was able to conclude extensive trading contract with other clubs while in charge of Wigan without compromising multi-ownership principles.  Ashley can own and exploit all commercial rights of newco.

The key point Ashley will be concerned about in SFA rules is article 13. (3), which forbids persons from having “any power whatsoever to influence the management or administration of another club”.

The rules permit the SFA to grant Ashley permission to increase his shareholding but the phrase “any power whatsoever” is patently clear.  Ashley cannot appoint board members or offer loan players.

The Dear Green Place

Yesterday’s uncertainty alarmed many in Glasgow but the reality of the news brought disaster to some.  May God help each of them.

There’s always a spring in the step when news of our pal Kano arrives.  That changed when I opened the email from Carolyn yesterday to hear Martin was in Intensive Care.  We know through his time on the blog that Kano brought vigour and resolve to his life years before his illness struck.  If anyone can overcome this, it’s him.

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  1. Inverness youngster Ryan Christie has emerged as a transfer target for Celtic. (Scottish Sun)



    Celtic are tracking Senegalese defensive midfielder Kara Mbodji, who plays for Alex McLeish’s Racing Genk side in Belgium. (Daily Express)



    Scotland manager Gordon Strachan believes the lure of European football could help Celtic land winger Ikechi Anya, who has been a star for the national side under Strachan. (Various)



    Lennon is also hoping to beat former club Celtic to the signing of St Mirren midfielder John McGinn. (Scottish Sun)



    And Birmingham hope to sign another Celtic target in Inverness defender Graeme Shinnie. (Scottish Sun)






    Looks like Ronny wants to hold onto the top players and bring in more. Interesting how much WGS wants Celtic to sign Anya. I reckon it is for the European fitba which really helps international players.




  2. sannabhoy 3000 children say hail hail to kano.



    12:45 on 23 December, 2014



    Whilst your about you chase up the photographs yet?



    Happy Christmas.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Livibhoy. Lots of names being bandied about as being on the Celtic radar and it will be interesting to see who we actually sign.I would like to see us move on a few players as we have to many fringe players who are unlikely to become first team regulars. H.H.

  4. BT





    The SFA is a sham and can claim no integrity whilst RC Ogilvie is at the helm.


    Mind you Regan ain’t covered himself in glory either.


    Is Bryson still lurking about like the sleekist , sleekit man ?

  5. Why would the CEO of Celtic have a conflict of interests when considering the affairs of a lower league club?



    Surely if a conflict was found to exist in this case then the whole structure of the SFA falls apart – every club rep would have a conflict in dealing with any other club’s affairs.

  6. bournesouprecipe on




    The key point Ashley will be concerned about in SFA rules is article 13. (3), which forbids persons from having “any power whatsoever to influence the management or administration of another club”.



    Sorry, but Sevco have already smashed this rule to smithereens.

  7. sannabhoy 3000 children say hail hail to kano.



    12:48 on 23 December, 2014




    Partly my fault was to give you a metaphoric jag. If you succeed you have my e-mail addy to forward, btinternet one not gmail.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  8. Captain Beefheart on

    Celtic have lots of money to spend. Our CL preparations should be boosted by investing in a better standard of player than McGinnn or Christie.

  9. I see Ogilvie as a passport to all things Sevco,not a rival.Celtic and others ,should have challenged him when the Deidco mess was unravelling,and should have challenged his re-election to his post.An old saying,don’t ask people to do things,you can do yourself.

  10. Whoever Celtic are keeping tabs on you can rest assured the D.R & Sun will only find oot aboot it after he signs the dotted line.

  11. Captain Beefheart on

    Our board always get a kicking about Ogilvie etc. Yet many Celtic supporters continue to give the SFA their money via the Scottish Cup for example.

  12. ExSlaemuirBhoy




    Correct. That was my point to be honest as people were talking about Izzy earlier. The manager says one thing and the press make up other stories.




  13. Does anyone think the English FA would allow a situation to happen like what happened with hopelessly conflicted Campbell?



    Not on your Nellie !



    Would love us to retain Virgil, sign JG permanent and get Anya from Watford.


    That laddie seems to have speed , composure and an end product.


    How about a cheeky bid to our friends at Man City for Denayer as that laddie is going places?

  14. Now that our North Korean brethren are back on line I was wondering if any of them can confirm the wild rumours circulating Glasgow just now that the recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures was orchestrated by the North Korean RSC Sons of McDowall in order to prevent them releasing a remake of the classic Disney film about a ne’er do well scottish hun journalist “The Lying (Darrel) King”

  15. Captain Beefheart on

    I don’t Joe but I expect Celtic to invest because we have made millions in recent years. There is a striker from Steau who my Romanian mate drones on about but he is probably out of our reach.



    Who would you go for?

  16. BBC headlines-



    Three of the six victims of the Glasgow bin lorry crash were members of the same family, BBC Scotland understands.



    Jack Sweeney, his wife Lorraine, and granddaughter Erin McQuade, were named on social media as among the dead.



    Mr Sweeney, from Dumbarton, was a former president of Bramalea Celtic supporters club in Canada.



    Police have confirmed that the dead included five females and one male and said 10 others people, including the driver, were injured.



    It is believed Mr Sweeney had previously lived in Ontario, in the east of Canada, where he was president of a branch of the Celtic FC supporters’ club.

  17. Livibhoy



    Young Christie is very highly rated


    Bada and I both rate young McGinn highly



    No idea about Mbodji, don’t see Anya any better than what we have, and don’t rate Shinnie – last 2 supporters of some died team, doesn’t help my judgement :-)



    Hail Hail

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Are the rules specifically about clubs? Isn’t it all about holding companies these days?

  19. LiviBhoy,



    noticed this years ago, wouldn’t believe a word they print. That rocket Sommers thinks there’s bias toward sevco, ffs we make the front pages noo when there are far bigger “News” stories to print. No even fit for ar*e rag those 2

  20. The glorious balance sheet



    Thanks for the reply.


    It’s funny I thought his job would have been made redundant.


    After all his advice to LNS was anything goes , was it not ?

  21. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Captain Beefheart. I dont have names but a Centre Back in the mould of Mjalby a left back a ball playing midfielder and sign Guidetti and I would be happy I have not seen enough of anya to say if he would be a good signing or not. H.H.

  22. Burghbhoy


    12:58 on


    23 December, 2014



    VVD should be offered a new, extended contract. If he doesn’t sign then we should sell to the highest bidder next month and bring in two new centre halves in preparation for the CL qualifiers in July.


    Get JG (and Denayer if possible) on permanent contracts and sign Anya, Armstrong, McGinn and a left back.


    Major clearout also required. No one who will not feature in the July qualifiers should be moved on in January if possible.

  23. Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by yesterday’s terrible events in Glasgow.


    Not impressed by the players mentioned as potential signings,we really are downsizing if it is real.Armstrong is the only Scottish player I would consider.Anya OMG ,I could pick a better player in the Juniors ranks.

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