CQN 11 Knocking it out the park


Where to start on last night’s CQN11 St Patrick’s Dinner?  We knocked it out the park.  Hundreds came, thousands of pounds were raised, enough to help Mary’s Meals build a kitchen for a thousand more school kids in Malawi, and a £5,000 donation to Lisa Hague’s 30k Challenge for Marie Curie Challenge for Cancer Care.

My sincere thanks to everyone who came along and made the night so special, especially those who stepped forward and helped Mary’s Meals and Lisa’s Challenge.  The night could not have happened without Phil Agnew’s experience, work and charm.  He is a credit to everything good about the Celtic support.

Special thanks to Tom Boyd, John Hughes, Joe Miller and Tommy Coyne, who added range to the night at the Q&A session.  Thanks to Stuart Armstrong, who dropped in to spend an hour with us, and share some of his undisguised joy at being a Celtic player.

Archie Macpherson spoke about the world Jock Stein blew apart when he arrived at Celtic 50 years ago this week.  Archie’s range on Scottish football is peerless.  He became a friend and confidant of Jock, and gave us an insight into the extraordinary man.

No St Patrick’s Night would be complete without great music and for that our thanks to Patricia Ferns and Liam McGrandles, and a special mention those who put their shoulder to the wheel on the night, especially Geo from Biglens and the great hospitality staff at Celtic.

I’ve many people to catch up with but I’m planning to sleep for the next several days.  Cup Final apart.

If all weekends were like this weekend………
If all gatherings were like Celtic gatherings……….

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  1. Dallas has difficult decision to make …….. settle for a draw or play plenty additional minutes.

  2. Didn’t think I would be cheering: ‘Billy’ and ‘King’ in the same sentence!



    Had Hearts -3 @12/5 :-)

  3. CQN can be a really wonderful thing and a positive force for the Celtic support. I’m amazed when Celtic fans don’t know about this place as I feel the are missing out.



    Numpties and trolls come and and go but when you meet real Celtic men and women as I have through CQN their influence on the blog evaporates.



    Last night was brilliant and the charity work-in the spirit of Walfrid-is immense, although I feel so inadequate at auction time…



    Table 24 was brilliant; I got to meet Fred Colon, Gerry and his lovely wife and I got to converse with the ‘auld hauns’ in Celtic chat, loved it!



    Gutted that I had to leave as Patricia started playing as I was so looking forward a sing song; Mrs RC took unwell (asthma) much better today but me and her got a fright…



    Once again I missed meeting my favourite poster BSR; HT was going to do the introduction. One day this will happen B.



    The Coatbridge Bhoys had a great night and I recognised a few faces; Gerry we need to get a pint. I hope you enjoyed your night.



    As The Battered Bunnet said earlier I’ve never been disappointed meeting a CQN’er.




  4. I apologize if it has already been suggested. If Scott scores tomorrow he should modify the “Broonie” celebration by simply being “sat down”. Slump down and hold his arms out.

  5. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Hibs beat them next week ..



    Squeeky bum time ..



    Chicco angry at livi wasting time (supposedly)



    Bodychenko saves ..



    FT .. GIRUY!



    Pub time .. ”Happy days”

  6. F.T. 1 – 1 at the Bigot Dome.



    Nicky Clark “goal” disallowed.



    Fine young referee that Andrew Dallas.

  7. FT. at Mordor. 1-1



    The choir sings out…




  8. Congratulations to Paul and all who worked to make yesterday evening such a wonderful success. The spirit of Brother Walfrid lives on and it is wonderful that in so many ways all who were present yesterday evening have contributed to a building that will bear the Brother’s name. However for him the feeding and educating of young children would be more important than any earthly honour.



    BRTH. Was out and about early today and I went to Lennoxtown to lay flowers on my mother’s grave for Mother’s Day. On the way home, I visited the shopping centre in Clydebank. As I entered the town I said a prayer for all those who lost their lives in 1941 and one for all those who may still live and carry the horror of that night with them till this day.



    As someone brought up in Greenock during WW11, I also know a little about air raids. So tomorrow at Mass I will remember Clydesiders who died or suffered on those awful nights.

  9. SFTB


    This is a consistent statistic in Huns games.


    The evidence of bias is clearly there though even the huns fans want more of their daddies cautioned and suspended.

  10. Livingston survive 5mins injury time for a 1-1 draw…………….



    ……….but win 4-0 on yellows!

  11. The Mullet strikes.



    Unbeaten. Scoring goals. Gaining points.



    What’s not to like? ;))

  12. The most competitive league in the world now has hearts on 75 pts, Hibs on 58 Huns on 49 point -))

  13. Stringer Bell on

    Good point for the Huns there. Held on well.



    The stadium must have shrunk under the newco regime. Capacity crowd is now 35,000.



    Imagine they were living within their means? What is the level below ‘shite’?

  14. It would certainly be interesting to see the Yellow Red card count for and against Sevco



    And of course the fouls committed for and against.

  15. Roy Croppie,


    BSR was at our table on several occasions, although he was wearing an alternative name tag. Ask Embramike, he loved it!


    You must have been enjoying things stage side too much.




  16. 5 minutes “injury time” , Livi commit 6 fouls get 4 yellows, the boy Dallas was “learned well”


    Anyway off to mass soon , then Hampden tomorrow…

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