Crimean clubs crossing, Bayern banner ban


We’ve been trailing the Ukraine-Russia Joint League plans, which was due to commence early next year, since they were first mooted in 2012.  Political will, met commercial money, and a football desire to put the merger of two large national leagues into the schedule.

Needless to say, these plans are off the agenda, although it’s easy to look back now and see why the political will was so forthcoming.  Note to Westminster, if you want to indulge in a bit of togetherness, put your shoulder behind building a relevant nationwide sporting infrastructure.

Instead of a Joint League, what the football authorities in Russia, Ukraine and Zurich are left with is a bit of a mess.  Crimean clubs, Sevastopli and Tavriya are midway through a season in the Ukrainian Premier League.  Russian minister for Sport, Vitaly Mutko, said, “From the beginning of next season Sevastopol and Tavria wiil join the Russian Premier League”, which will expand to accommodate them.

He told Russian media he had received assurances from Fifa that they would accommodate the change, adding, “We want a friendly relationship with Ukraine and do not want to disrupt their current championship.  When the season finishes in May we will be back in discussions to formulate the way forward.”

The Russian media report that Ukrainian FA are less interested in maintaining friendly relations with their eastern neighbours and have written to Fifa and Uefa asking them to ban Russian football if they take clubs from the Ukrainian FA without permission.  This claim has not been mentioned in the Ukrainian press, or on the Ukraine FA website – despite this being cited as the source in Russia, so it cannot be verified.

Clubs moving between national associations is a common occurrence, happening every year somewhere in the world, but I’m unaware of it happening without the approval of both FAs.  Notwithstanding that, there is zero chance Uefa or Fifa will block this transfer.  Two member clubs are in a problematic situation, they have a league which wants to take them. Uefa will approve.

Conspiracy theorists everywhere were confounded this morning when one of Europe’s most connected clubs, Bayern Munich, were issued with a partial stadium closure for their home Champions League quarter final against Manchester United, after fans displayed an offensive banner against Arsenal in the last round.  Homophobia was their offence of choice.

Seville – The Celtic Movement:

“After the game I asked a policeman the way to the station and he just pointed ahead…walked on to find myself in Porto Bus area…walked back – asked another Policeman and he pointed other way”.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    Starry Plough



    I agree that height in a striker doesn’t always equate to heading ability. Henrik was one of the best headers of a goal I’ve seen and Dixie Deans wasn’t far behind whereas some of our recent big strikers (Murphy, Killen, Rasmussen, Balde) don’t look too deadly in the air. A striker with positional sense and the ability to lose a marker and find space is a valuable commodity. Better still alongside a big guy who can hold the ball up and play him in or win knockdowns in the air.

  2. moonbeams wd. kano 2000 \o/ supporting neil lennon 29.9%. champions. c’mon wee oscar.



    15:16 on 24 March, 2014


    TD all 6′s and 7′s



    no matter our differences I am however pleased to see you are one of the few who spell Pollok correctly.



    There is hope for you yet?








    It wasent my post, I was referring to the post, so I take no credit for the spelling of Pollock.

  3. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Billy Bhoy 05


    14:34 on


    24 March, 2014


    Frank Ryan



    Scotland is a nation state not a region




    Billy sorry but under international law Scotland is not recognised a Nation state. Please let me know what it says on your passport UK and N.Ireland i guess! Could you also show me just where the Saltire hangs outside the UN. Somewhere between Saudi Arabia and Sweden’s! Fact is regardless of what Scots Nats may claim Scotland is not a nation state and hasn’t been for sometime. At present it is a willing member and region of the UK much the same as Wales or Yorkshire. I understand you wish to change this just as you know i for one will be voting against the diluted hypocrites version of independence being offered.

  4. Margaret McGill on

    Tell ye King Kenneth McAlpine and those two wee Pictish rides have a lot answer for

  5. Frank Ryans Whiskey 19 01 23rd.


    You took offence at my blog, calling it like “utmost bull’s manure”” Nice to see you read it but you got hold of the end of the stick without seeing the beginning, understandable as there was a long time gap.


    I did not deny the extinction of the Tasmanians I knew of this many years ago. I stated it would be more apt to say the expansion of the BE caused it rather than “wiping them off the face of the earth!! And I checked before I wrote. As with all contact with peoples with no resistance to Euro/Asian diseases this resulted in up to 90% population loss which spread before the incoming colonists leaving mostly empty lands for the “chosen people”.


    Adding to this (probably from Brit/Am sealers) was vd which left many infertile.


    Most of the remainder were pumped off by settlers


    There were still blogs saying it was the English. This was where I said if it was the settlers and some were Irish then they too were involved. I am not blaming the Irish just asking for a little bit of “the old Celtic style level playing field” And less silence from people that know better!


    By the way did you see the movie Van Diemans Land which won the prize in Ireland, I haven’t yet. Who ate who and which way did the Scot jump??


    No problem,



  6. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    I have no intention of bullying anyone, but since you are so concerned maybe you should take an interest in attempted bullying of me

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    bournesouprecipe 15:20 on 24 March, 2014



    I sent the club a wire stating,










    Groucho Marx






    Those words will never be applied to the Sleekit fullah in Govan.



    If ever there was a member…

  8. A lot of (needless) conflict on here today.



    Identity for most of us Scots is not defined by passport, imo. I have lived probably less than half my life in Glasgow but I am Glaswegian way before I am Scottish or British or any other tag.



    I can’t say I am a Unionist but I have no regard for those who call the Union Jack the Butcher’s Apron.



    I would far rather see the Saltire being waved at Celtic Park than the Irish Flag by the support. What does that make me. A run of the mill Glaswegian Celtic supporter?

  9. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    I’m no liar….Panelbase Survey which Published last week stated a 3% swing would lead to independence.



    Is accusing someone of being a liar a form of bullying?

  10. traditionalist88 on

    I would far rather see the Saltire being waved at Celtic Park than the Irish Flag by the support. What does that make me. A run of the mill Glaswegian Celtic supporter?





    Quite the opposite.



    If you are not comfortable with the heritage of Celtic, which involves the flying of the Irish tricolour above the North Stand as well as in the stands by its supporters, surely you are following the wrong club?



    Just an observation.


    79 CAPS



    I believe that those allegations about The Catholic Church and Jews have been firmly proven wrong.



    But keep promulgating it,it clearly worked on you.

  12. BMCW @ 15.37



    I was thinking of Christian persecution of the Jews over many centuries. Have you never heard of that?!

  13. I caught up with a friend of mine last Friday. I hadn’t seem him since Christmas.



    Anyway, he tells me, he was invited to Ibrox by an East Fife official, a good friend, for the game there on January 11th this year.



    He has told me that after the game a femail advised the officials, guests and players of East Fife that there would be no hospitality available to them and that they should leave the ground when ready.



    Does ally really eat all the pies?

  14. Billy Bhoy 05 on

    Weather glorious here in North Ayrshire and i’m off out for a wee walk and a pint.


    79 CAPS



    And there has been persecution of every religion by other religious groups over all those centuries.



    Even internecine persecution,Catholic v Protestant,Shia v Sunni. Orthodox v Apostolic.



    So your point is?

  16. John O’Neil



    15:16 on 24 March, 2014



    I’ve read some of Camus, Dostoyevsky and Hobsbawm.



    I haven’t read JP2.



    Though obviously by your measure I wouldn’t have to have read them in order to be able to have an opinion on them.

  17. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on







    Billy Bhoy 05




    15:35 on 24 March, 2014







    I’m no liar….Panelbase Survey which Published last week stated a 3% swing would lead to independence.




    As I posted earlier, there have been lots of polls published over the last while. That they don’t all say the same thing probably reflects something different than that everyone has suddenly made up their mind about the question :




  18. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    If Scotland gets independence does the queen have to pay us rent for her estates or do we claim them back?



    I know that initially the queen will still be the soveriegn of the nation but I don’t see that being the case long term.



    Surely the long term goal for the SNP has to be a Scottish republic. Getting independence is just the first step.




  19. BMCUWP



    Bobby, I think that the Catholic Church has been responsible for many atrocities against Jews and almost anyone who disagreed with their world view, most of them before the 20th century.


    Crusades and Inquisitions CRC

  20. BMCW


    I enjoy your comments on the blog. I really can’t think you are as dumb as John O’Neil.



  21. tommytwiststommyturns on

    GCT – my deepest sympathies to you and your family. I hope memories of the good times you shared bring you some comfort in the days and weeks ahead.



    Roy C – many hoopy returns to you and your daughter. Have a great day!



    TinyTim – was your source the same height as you and wearing a new bunnet?! ;-)








    I agree with you,it was.



    I didn’t expect The Spanish Inquisition,etc.



    The point I was attempting to make was that all religions did the same,and some still do.

  23. bournesouprecipe on

    THIS Saturday Celtic take on Ross County at Celtic Park in a game which could potentially see the Bhoys clinch the SPFL title, and we’re offering one children’s ticket (under 13s) FREE with every standard adult ticket purchased.*



    Depending on results elsewhere, Neil Lennon and his men could wrap up a third consecutive title against the Highland side, and although the manager has previously stated that he’d be happy to secure the title at any venue, winning it at a packed Celtic Park would make it all the more special.



    The Hoops are in the midst of an exceptionally strong run of league form at present, having scored 11 goals without reply in three SPFL fixtures this month, and will be looking to extend that form into Saturday’s clash with Derek Adams’ men.



    Although Celtic have won both fixtures against the Highlanders so far this season, they are one of just a few teams who have managed to get past Fraser Forster and his defence, scoring in a 2-1 defeat on the opening day of the season, and again in a 4-1 win for the Hoops in November.



    However, confidence is high within the squad at present, and if Partick Thistle came be overcome at Firhill on Wednesday night, then Celtic Park could be gearing up for a title party this weekend.



    The free children’s ticket offer can ONLY be redeemed at the Ticket Office at Celtic Park, or the following club stores: Argyle Street, Sauchiehall Street, Clydebank, Coatbridge, East Kilbride.



    General match tickets for the fixture – priced from £26 for adults, £17 for concessions, and £10 for under 13s – are available on 0871 226 1888** by clicking the link below***, at the Ticket Office at the above named club stores.



    *One free children’s ticket with every full paying adult ticket. Seats in selected areas only




  24. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    In the polls above you will note that Panelbase surveys in October and then November 2013 had Yes vote as only -8 and -9. Yet one week later, polls by Progressive and IPSOS have Yes at -29 and -23 respctively.



    Point I’m making is that the poll results fluctuate based on any number of factors. One interseting one would be who is paying for the poll and how the questions are worded.

  25. LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar



    15:47 on 24 March, 2014



    Yeah very funny.



    The SNP’s main priority if they win is to cut corporation tax.

  26. Good afternoon CQN



    I’m in my sick bed and recovering slowly. Thought I’d make a rare appearance and see what’s happening in the world of CQN, delighted to see the accusations of bullying and petty arguments continue….how I miss it ;)



    Anyway, here if anyone wants to start an argument I’m up for it and have plenty time;)








    79 CAPS



    Haha,I aspire to the skills of JOHN O’NEILL in arguing an unpopular but heartfelt cause.



    Although as a Tim fae Kilwinning,I do have form in that regard!

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