Crimean clubs crossing, Bayern banner ban


We’ve been trailing the Ukraine-Russia Joint League plans, which was due to commence early next year, since they were first mooted in 2012.  Political will, met commercial money, and a football desire to put the merger of two large national leagues into the schedule.

Needless to say, these plans are off the agenda, although it’s easy to look back now and see why the political will was so forthcoming.  Note to Westminster, if you want to indulge in a bit of togetherness, put your shoulder behind building a relevant nationwide sporting infrastructure.

Instead of a Joint League, what the football authorities in Russia, Ukraine and Zurich are left with is a bit of a mess.  Crimean clubs, Sevastopli and Tavriya are midway through a season in the Ukrainian Premier League.  Russian minister for Sport, Vitaly Mutko, said, “From the beginning of next season Sevastopol and Tavria wiil join the Russian Premier League”, which will expand to accommodate them.

He told Russian media he had received assurances from Fifa that they would accommodate the change, adding, “We want a friendly relationship with Ukraine and do not want to disrupt their current championship.  When the season finishes in May we will be back in discussions to formulate the way forward.”

The Russian media report that Ukrainian FA are less interested in maintaining friendly relations with their eastern neighbours and have written to Fifa and Uefa asking them to ban Russian football if they take clubs from the Ukrainian FA without permission.  This claim has not been mentioned in the Ukrainian press, or on the Ukraine FA website – despite this being cited as the source in Russia, so it cannot be verified.

Clubs moving between national associations is a common occurrence, happening every year somewhere in the world, but I’m unaware of it happening without the approval of both FAs.  Notwithstanding that, there is zero chance Uefa or Fifa will block this transfer.  Two member clubs are in a problematic situation, they have a league which wants to take them. Uefa will approve.

Conspiracy theorists everywhere were confounded this morning when one of Europe’s most connected clubs, Bayern Munich, were issued with a partial stadium closure for their home Champions League quarter final against Manchester United, after fans displayed an offensive banner against Arsenal in the last round.  Homophobia was their offence of choice.

Seville – The Celtic Movement:

“After the game I asked a policeman the way to the station and he just pointed ahead…walked on to find myself in Porto Bus area…walked back – asked another Policeman and he pointed other way”.

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  1. Greetings green pinanta.



    According to your logic, shouldn’t UEFA also ban British clubs from Europe? After all our government does business with foul regimes which imprison gay people. They are our friends.


    Unless I am mistaken, ‘fag bashing’ has not disappeared from Britain. Another reason to ban us?

  2. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    On the look out for any spare tickets for Wednesday night at Firhill folks, my bus is desperately short. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. bring a gun? dearie me focus will have a field day……i’m astonished you remember my much” lived” dad and all the other charliebhoys ,good on ye !!

  4. Billy Bhoy 05



    The SNP advocate monetary union. They are a Unionist party.



    They don’t have a plan b.



    All they have to offer is Unionism.



    You support the SNP.



    You’re a Unionist.



    The difference between you and the other Unionists on this site is that they don’t feel physically sick when a ‘Scot’ pulls on a Republic of Ireland jersey.



    You do though, don’t you?

  5. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on

    The 4/1 with Ladbrokes against a YES vote in September is the biggest price on the high street.



    Best value bet of this, or any other, year.



    Fill yer boots.

  6. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    Okay, you are not violently pro unionist. Then I would say by the evidence in your posts you are violently anti Independence.


    Would you mind saying why?

  7. Billy Bhoy 05 on

    Frank Ryan



    We are not dealing in regions. It’s an Nation State we are dealing with

  8. Sftb,



    Interesting review of our environment. Yes, it is far easier to be fan than a manager. Fans have little responsibility for their views, whereas managers get stick or the sack for their views.


    Perhaps I can make the time to look at the success of other clubs in different leagues that share our problem….big fish in small bowl…….and bowl that is adjacent to a much bigger bowl. I am thinking of Porto, Benfica etc…Ajax, Alkmaar etc…the Scandinavian leagues. A big task, tho since it means looking at their business model as well as their performance(on and off the field).



    Can I ask why you selected your pen name? Ignore me if it is too personal.




  9. John O’Neil,



    Glad to see you are fit and well after your Moonhowling spats last night. Reading back on one of the links PC was referred to as “Cultural Marxism ” Every day is a school day.



    Have no definitive answer for you only more double standards and hypocrisy.




  10. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    Because you detest Scotland and seemingly everything it stands for. Why do you post about it.


    I want to see talented people born and brought up in Scotland to represent our wonderful country, the country which I chose to live in.


    I’m a patriotic Scot and proud to be so.

  11. I for one will be voting yes in the referendum, not for any political reason but because I am scot always have been always will be.


    Iam not British never have been never will be.



    big sean

  12. rebus67



    NFL has said he is looking to bring in 4 or 5 players to improve the squad. I think he will give those already here a chance to show their worth before the end of the season and move on those who can’t cut it.


    I agree AS isn’t the man for Europe. Looking at El Clasico last night how many on our books could live in that company? Our main aim should be to put a team out which should get through the qualifiers for the CL and then acquit themselves respectably. We must accept that we will never have a chance of reaching the heights in Europe until FFP is truly enforced. Sad but true.






    Please accept my condolences for the sad loss of your brother.

  13. Thanks Green Pinata.



    Last night was like being part of some Scooby Kangaroo nightmare – Daphne watched as my evil face was unmasked. Weird attention from some posters.



    Yeah, lots of hypocrisy. Why did UEFA allow teams from Marxist dictatorships to play all those years ago?



    PC? Certainly a tool of some Marxists. It is an old trick of theirs. They cannot tolerate any dissent or disagreement. Hence, they smear opponents as bigots of some sort. Thankfully, working class people in Britain will always reject it. The middle class fall for it in droves though.



    Off oot.

  14. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    A wee anniversary for me to-day guys – on March 24th 1962 a very excited 4 year old was taken onto the Greenock CSC bus by his favourite uncle, on the way up I got sweeties and skoosh (Ginger to wedgies) and had a go at ‘Who took the Penalty’ – the me drank a funny kind of skoosh which can in ‘screw taps’ or exotically bottled stuff from a place called South Africa! I learned songs about Kevin and Garry who seemed to be on the One Road.


    I got punted over, got A Macaroon Bar but declined ‘Ra Spearmint Chewin Gum’.


    We beat Aberdeen 2-0, a Mr Brogan scoring both goals. My love affair started then and I still remain as excited and happy as that very young JRS on his first big day oot every time I get a chance to get back to Paradise.


    Hail hail

  15. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    I will try again. Will you please explain why you oppose Independence for Scotland?

  16. rebus67



    Was just thinking back there, who was the last successful “tall” Celtic striker? Chris Sutton??



    Our teams have been full of wee strikers for years, Wallace, Chalmers, Deans, McDonald, Hooper.



    Perhaps our game plan of crossing the ball endlessly into the box might be flawed!



    I think it’s doubtful that Tony Watt will make a career at Celtic, it seems whatever his problem is has followed him to Belgium, Pukki looks like a football player to me but more of a link up player and The Fridge seems to be doing well in the development team as to Balde a mystery wrapped up inside an enigma can’t see him leading the line against Barca so come the summer we are looking to boost that department or the Fridge is going to step up.




  17. Billy Bhoy 05



    13:58 on 24 March, 2014



    Yet curiously you singled out the Republic of Ireland as a target for your revulsion.



    So you’re a Unionist who appears to have an intense dislike for the Republic.




  18. John O’Neil



    14:08 on 24 March, 2014



    Satisfy my curiosity.



    Which of Marx’s works have you read?





    A spray gun,ffs,a spray gun!



    How could I not remember the other generations of your family?



    Your posts about them were fantastic,memorable,noteworthy.



    No wonder your family pass the name down,bud.



    ” Who am I named after,Dad?”



    Pride in a name,and pride in the memories.

  20. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Billy Bhoy 05


    13:54 on


    24 March, 2014


    Frank Ryan



    We are not dealing in regions. It’s an Nation State we are dealing with




    Sorry confused so isn’t that the logic for the NO campaign. The UK is a nation state of which Scotland is a region.


    As the most vociferous of the SNP supporters on the blog could you clarify who would be eligible for citizenship of the new statlet and just what would be the criteria for being deemed a citizen of Scotland. Being on the electoral register at the time of the vote? a minimum X years living in Scotland? Birth / Scottish parents /grandparents? Owning a home in Scotland and paying council tax? Just what will define what a Scot is and more importantly who will decided this.

  21. glendalystonsils on

    Starry Plough



    I was just thinking while watching Barca last night, how hopeless they are at defending cross balls into the box and how a quality tall striker would be a great asset to have against them.Big Victor scored such a goal and Charlie Mulgrew should have too, last time we met them.


    If we do meet them again in the CL, maybe Fridjonsson will be the man.

  22. Ernie, good afternoon. We discussed this before. I find Marxist terminology to be android like and terribly dull. Best left to the deluded. Forget the theory Ernie. Visit countries and people who endured the reality.



    I will be reading a book by Hobsbawn soon which is about Marxism. Have you read it? Naturally, I wouldn’t buy it as Hobsbawn was a vile defender of Communist terror.



    Gotta go. Take care all.

  23. ernie lynch


    14:11 on


    24 March, 2014



    You’re using a lot of language twisting there in your wee attack. Currency union is not political union. I suspect Plan B will be to simply use the pound with no currency union.



    Using your tactic, I could say that since you sympathise with the views of the Orange Order on this topic you’re an Orange Order sympathiser. You’re not though are you?



    I agree though that BillyBhoy’s language and choise of target were poor.

  24. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    Trying to stir it again but never ever answers any difficult questions even though your finger continuously hovers over the google button. You have also lied by taken something out of its context. I never deliberately targeted the Republic….lies!!


    I stand by what I said bhoys born in Scotland should play for Scotland.


    I will say again what I have said before. I worked in Dunlin and I have many friends in Ireland, and my family and I have visited many times so you are talking crap as usual Ernie. Deliberate crap which makes it worse and you are not to be trusted if you would go to such lengths against someone you don’t know… Simply because I stand up for my country. Sad sad man!

  25. glendalystonsils



    I didn’t see last night’s game but without Puyol they have looked more vulnerable at the back in recent times.



    A strikers height is not so important for me, it’s the positions he takes up, the runs he makes, Henrik wasn’t the tallest but his timing and heading ability made him deadly.



    Of current tall strikers I like Ibra, he’s an all rounder!!



    I wonder what our stats are of scoring from cross balls!

  26. A strange thing the Indy debate.Seems to bring out so many strange bedfellows for the “No “campaign.Now I would think that,maybe a bit stupidly,that the vast majority of Celtic fans,would love to distance themselves from the “Butchers Apron”


    A nation that has ,raped,pillaged,murdered,decimated races of people,stole the wealth of many countries,was at the forefront of the slave trade,and who for 800 years has acted with barbarity in Ireland.The English nation that is.A blot on civilized society for so long,it would be impossible to catalogue their many sins.


    Before the enforced(on the common people)Union Of The Crowns,we as a nations only concern was defending ourselves from the monster on our doorstep.We invaded no one.We traded with everyone.We got on well with everyone


    Now if I were to chose which Nation I would like to be a member of,I would not think twice.Shame of association would be enough to sway my vote.


    But thats just me,a Celtic fan for over 50 years who thought he knew his fellow Celtic fans.There you go.Nothing certain in this life.

  27. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS ………Last game is Sunday 11th May,


    May 10 Scottish Premiership fixture round 38 (bottom six)


    May 10 Scottish Premiership play-off quarter-final, 2nd leg


    May 10 Scottish Championship play-off semi-finals, 2nd leg


    May 10 Scottish League 1 play-off semi-finals, 2nd leg


    May 11 Scottish Premiership fixture round 38 (top six)



    You had me worried there, my bhoy’s 1st Communion on the 10th !!!

  28. ………wee buuully goat the buulllit…….!?



    I’m sure it won’t be hard


    …..for a man with his credentials to swing


    a job at iShortie…




  29. Billy Bhoy 05 on

    Frank Ryan



    Scotland is a nation state not a region. Thought you have known that, and that’s why it’s called a union.


    Will get back to later with a complete answer to your questions

  30. John O’Neil



    14:20 on 24 March, 2014



    Sorry, you’ll have to be clearer.



    You seem to suggest that you haven’t actually read any of Marx’s works.

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