Cup powerhouses face each other, spotting patterns to develop


Scotland’s cup duopolists, Celtic and St Johnstone, face each other in the League Cup semi-final.  They are the two most successful Scottish clubs over the last decade, having won the previous 10 domestic cups between them.  St Johnstone have won on their last four visits to Hampden, whereas Celtic have incredibly won their last sixteen successive visits to the national stadium.  Something has got to give but the winner of this tie will surely fancy their chances for the trophy.

Hibs, who are the last team to win a cup apart from Celtic and St Johnstone, face Newco in the other semi.  The latter hoping to reach their third major final having lost the previous two.  Hibs last won the League Cup 15 years ago.

Celtic comfortably got the job done against Raith Rovers last night without ever hitting the heights they reached in the previous round, when Hearts were battered before leaving with a flattering 3-2 deficit.  We await a return of that blistering football.

Goals change games and win trophies and it is vital that those occupying the supporting forward roles contribute.  Jota got his first goal for the club as he controlled a pass from James McCarthy before beating the keeper at his near post.  The Portuguese then turned creator for the second.  Raith keeper Jamie MacDonald only parried his shot into the path of Liel Abada, who headed into the net.

Abada has an incredible knack for finding space inside the box and arriving to occupy it at exactly the right moment.  20 years ago, I remember a Rangers fan complain to me that his team continually fail to mark Henrik Larsson inside the box.  All he saw was Larsson, in acres of space, despatching the ball into the net.

An innate understanding of space and time, and being able to anticipate what others will do, makes the attackers’ job look easy.  It is easy, if you are gifted enough to find the right place at the right time.  I know better than to burden Liel with unattainable comparisons, but this ability to find space inside the box has been so rare for Celtic recently, you wonder if he could follow the path others have walked from wing to centre.

If Celtic are to fulfil their potential, they need to be able to spot patterns like this and know what to do about them.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on 25th September 2021 8:08 pm



    It is horrible hearing Mikey is down again. The Bhoy deserves a break with injuries stopping his Celtic career constantly.



    He is quality and I hope he is back soon.

  2. Philbhoy,



    I just want as many as possible Celtic grown players in our match squad and doing well in Europe with them.



    Callum is having a well earned rest but I got a Good feeling about where we are heading.

  3. St Stivs: The Celtic Store is closing in Dublin soon so the fans café beside the Superstore is more urgent than ever.



    Tiocfaidh ár gCafé




  4. lets all do the huddle on

    Sound comment from Jim Spence on away fans not being allowed in at Celtic Park.i can understand the hun.




    well yes and no



    the point is that the few hundred folk from the main stand could have been put into the 4 or 5 thousand tickets that arent season ticket seats around the ground



    but those tickets had already went on sale ages ago as they always do so that horse had bolted



    so there isnt really anywhere else to put the main stand evictees apart from that corner



    you can argue that we should have predicted this at the start of the season which is fair enough



    but it is what it is so not sure what the solution would have been?



    maybe united dont give us tickets for our next game up there?



    aye, right…

  5. It will be Good having the Leverkusen fans making a noise as it adds to the atmosphere. The Bayern fans were Superb in their support of their team. Brilliant atmosphere that night at the Holy Ground.



    If no Sevco fan ever goes to Celtic Park again thats fine by me. Haters not welcome.

  6. ffs i had masel all pumped up for gettin in ampng the Hibees emorra doh..


    I’m a month early…..








  7. @AN Tearmann ..Great link mate resurrected old memories of a wee guy …


    Wearin it oot on a rebel album ..and in his best Irish voice


    Will you stand wit O’neil …… and Barrys collum.







  8. lets all do the huddle on

    ffs i had masel all pumped up for gettin in ampng the Hibees emorra doh..




    are you a St Johnston casual?

  9. Talkin aboot some strange results in fitba lately”””’unexpected draws ..defeats etc.


    The other night my mate had a ton on an acc………


    Celts Hibs Roma and Barca…all to win……first three all do it Barca kick off later…


    He says 97 mins Nil Nil ….Done him out of 591 quid……..It’s a hard game…The bettin.

  10. Swearing does not make a point more valid. Why ?when you know its against the blogs only hard rule.


    It used to be categorised as a lack of vocabulary,


    however naughty schoolboys seems more apt.



    It actually detracts from any argument

  11. Greenpinata…Your right of course mate…….I still regret a certain word used…


    Aimed at our very own E.L ..A word that brought the blog down big time…..


    And A word i never use anywhere in company …


    Don’t Be too quick to judge tho mate ..Emotions are sky high on here at times..


    Specially when fermented juices are involved….





  12. B.T.W.mate echoing M.M @111.59 your piece on the transport world ..?


    Very enlightening and back to the ole days of EducatiNG CQN…








  13. ahh 😱 and there he is , like a wee cooring timius beastie, 😂😂😂😂 ,, anyway aw the best from dubrovnik

  14. @Wishaw aye oot the woodwork…..


    Hope you have a great time mate………..Release the Holiday feelin











    No judgement on my part. I totally understand that emotions run high. I’m pretty sure that all regular posters have contravened the rules at some point.



    I know I have and I’ve felt rather foolish in the cold light of day.



    My post was to prevent posters feeling the same way and to emphasise that any pertinent points lose their focus.



    Cheers and HH.