Cup powerhouses face each other, spotting patterns to develop


Scotland’s cup duopolists, Celtic and St Johnstone, face each other in the League Cup semi-final.  They are the two most successful Scottish clubs over the last decade, having won the previous 10 domestic cups between them.  St Johnstone have won on their last four visits to Hampden, whereas Celtic have incredibly won their last sixteen successive visits to the national stadium.  Something has got to give but the winner of this tie will surely fancy their chances for the trophy.

Hibs, who are the last team to win a cup apart from Celtic and St Johnstone, face Newco in the other semi.  The latter hoping to reach their third major final having lost the previous two.  Hibs last won the League Cup 15 years ago.

Celtic comfortably got the job done against Raith Rovers last night without ever hitting the heights they reached in the previous round, when Hearts were battered before leaving with a flattering 3-2 deficit.  We await a return of that blistering football.

Goals change games and win trophies and it is vital that those occupying the supporting forward roles contribute.  Jota got his first goal for the club as he controlled a pass from James McCarthy before beating the keeper at his near post.  The Portuguese then turned creator for the second.  Raith keeper Jamie MacDonald only parried his shot into the path of Liel Abada, who headed into the net.

Abada has an incredible knack for finding space inside the box and arriving to occupy it at exactly the right moment.  20 years ago, I remember a Rangers fan complain to me that his team continually fail to mark Henrik Larsson inside the box.  All he saw was Larsson, in acres of space, despatching the ball into the net.

An innate understanding of space and time, and being able to anticipate what others will do, makes the attackers’ job look easy.  It is easy, if you are gifted enough to find the right place at the right time.  I know better than to burden Liel with unattainable comparisons, but this ability to find space inside the box has been so rare for Celtic recently, you wonder if he could follow the path others have walked from wing to centre.

If Celtic are to fulfil their potential, they need to be able to spot patterns like this and know what to do about them.

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  1. sceptical citizen on

    Hi just some words hope you don’t mind. Bless.



    The country is in need of bold leadership who have a solid backbone.


    Who and where is such a leader to be found?


    As my blog name says I’m sceptical.


    I’m sceptical about Celtic FC directors managers players people in positions of influence who could reach out to their supporters and offer some sort of guidance and leadership in this troubled time and reflect the division in society about this ‘health issue’ which isn’t as one sided as the media and politicians are making out.


    Only Jim Goodwin of St Mirren FC has refused to be swayed by the media and politicians in contrast to the way every employee from Celtic FC has believed the media, and has gone out of their way to be seen to do so.


    Since Jim Goodwin refused publicly to endorse medical passports and, the media, and politicians of every stripe, and all the carefully chosen scientists and celebrities, he and his St Mirren team have been showered with a litany of mysterious refereeing decisions.


    If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.


    Jim Goodwin, and a huge well done to him, has condemned medical passport requirements for supporters in a way that shows anyone with a pair of eyes and ears, that just on this one highly contentious issue of medical passports, that every Celtic employee of influence, is on the same side as the corrupt SFA / SPFL officials, fake politicians of every stripe, fake carefully chosen media scientists and celebrities, and fake Scottish media of every broadcast station, and on every page of every lying newspaper.


    Celtic FC stands with the establishment swamp!


    Just think about that.


    Of course tens of thousands of people have sadly died in the past two years, and may they rest in peace.


    But tens of thousands of people die every year without the whole world having to be shut down.


    Tens of thousands of people are dying right now without the virus and the media circus has you all looking over there “Oh there’s no petrol!” “Oh there’s no HGV drivers!”


    There was a virus. Or was there?


    Who do we believe?


    People died without the virus but were certified of having died from the virus?


    This creates mistrust.


    Anyone who disagreed with the media line was cancelled and made into a crazy person!


    Don’t you think that looks a bit suspicious?


    Tens of thousands of Celtic fans believing the media! Really?


    On this burning issue which could leave huge amounts of citizens being “non persons” and who knows what next, Celtic FC directors managers players people of influence, are as good as saying “So What?” “Take Them Away!”


    Im sceptical about where UK, Scotland, Ireland, and EU are taking us to?


    Are they taking us somewhere?


    Or, are they themselves being taken somewhere?


    If so, by whom?


    Is there an invisible force driving guiding the countries continents states and unions being steered to a safer place for humanity?


    If there is a force then who are they?


    If there is a force, is it a force for good?


    If not, are we being led to a place from which there is no turning back to our old lives and routines?


    If so, how do we find out NOW how to get back?


    Is the only option a General Strike bringing UK, Scotland, Ireland, and EU to a stand still and for us to be led by new leaders?


    But how do we decide who would lead us in such a revolt?


    Surely none of those politicians or media who’ve collectively scared us to this point can ever be trusted again?


    Some are saying that those people who’ve been very enriched whilst driving us to this point should be tried for crimes against humanity.


    CQN isn’t the pages for this but, how many CQN’s and their families have been affected by this one way or another?


    Who can we trust?


    Who is left that can be trusted?


    Media? Politicians? Police? Army? Who?


    How many of us will be alive after what we’ve all been through in past two years?


    Or is that too mollycoddling?


    Do we need to toughen up and just go back to our old lives with a “bring it on” attitude?


    Do we need to be militant as in a rebellion of some sort?


    Do we need to breach the law before it reaches Berlin 1939 levels?


    I’m not suggesting any of us break the law not at all and certainly not in these ever changing times that we have just now, or any other time for that matter.


    I don’t know what to think because I don’t know who to trust, and its beyond concerning.


    I think, hope, that something is going to happen before the end of next week, a rallying cry if you like.


    Keep your eyes on Brighton.


    Might be something, or nothing.


    The most feared hated ridiculed UK man of the past five years, Jeremy Corbyn, smeared with lies from packs of liars, probably most hated since Guy Fawkes, is being allowed to speak in public.


    What will he say?


    Will he spark an uprising?


    Or will he just disappear in ignominy as the UK establishment quietly hopes he will?


    We’ll see soon enough.


    Please don’t be taken in by our eternal foes, in the media and in politics, we have no friends there, none at all they might just want to do us harm, just like always.


    Scepticism should be the foremost instrument of the Celtic catechism.


    Not to listen to proven liars and haters of Celtic, they’ve nothing but hate and harm to offer us, so we have to question more, much, much, more than we’re doing.


    We Celtic supporters, falling for what could prove to be the biggest pack of lies since, well the last big pack of lies, from those who detest the actual word “Celtic” and could not detest more, even if they tried, the very salt of God’s earth, the folk who support, and sympathize from afar, the greatness, love and light, and hope that comes from “Celtic”, but but but, not in the intuitive, imaginative, investigative, and cage rattling way that it used to, long, long, long time ago.


    Jim Goodwin has flicked a light on for me, the way he stood up for, and taught St Mirren FC fans that, no matter what the occasion, or the severity of the situation, even if it is to do with a world wide crisis, you must weigh up who is putting certain components onto the table, and why they are doing it?


    Jim Goodwin is a punt back to Stein, McNeill, Hay, era’s or even the more recent, MON spell at the club when challenges had to be met head on, and a sceptical mind was to the forefront.


    What jim Goodwin has done in effect, is show up that, Celtic FC, or its subscribing supporters, no longer stands apart from the establishment.


    That laxity exposed by Jim Goodwin should’ve become the focal point for Celtic supporters, since Jim Goodwin took a stand, Celtic supporters who should’ve been asking why not a single voice from Celtic FC saw through this medical passports aggression in the way that jim Goodwin did for his club and fans?


    Is scepticism a thing at Celtic FC anymore, amongst directors, managers, players, or even supporters?


    Jim Goodwin has in a roundabout way shone a giant light above Celtic Park.


    With a huge “WTF does anyone at Celtic FC stand for?” type of neon light show.


    Scepticism should be encouraged at schools “always question more” should be drummed into every pupil.


    But given the events of past two years, were questioner’s were banished as trolls and trouble makers, its only the unique sorts like Jim Goodwin who demonstrated that no pandemic will stop him from questioning more, and defending his supporters rights.


    I’d rather have the Goodwin type of irishness at Celtic FC, than that of dodgy Irish Desmond, or any family tree Desmond infiltration.


    Its sad that there will be fallouts among Celtic supporters about the virus issues, and there will be no balanced arena to test these differing mind sets.


    If only we had leaders of the ilk of, Stein, McNeill, Hay, O’Neill, {or even Goodwin} who always had our backs.


    Love to all Tims.

  2. sceptical citizen on



    Very sad news about Joe McCarron. RIP


    Also 23 year old captain of Waterford FC, Roy Butler who died some weeks ago. RIP.

  3. Hello again all you young rebels.



    80% first vaccination against COVID achieved by Victorians today so


    our trusted premier relaxing some restrictions next week, we can all go


    Horse riding??? Ffs


    That’s it then, my horse is all saddled up and ready to trot.


    Now where did I leave my Hopalong Cassidy hat 😉


    Back oot to the garden for my rid biddy and more of the rebs. Harrumph.


    H.H. Mick

  4. Drambowie celt, last night, Having a great time thank you, Fairhillbhoy, haven’t seen you on recently, hope all is ok bud

  5. SAINT STIVS on 25TH SEPTEMBER 2021 6:50 PM


    Glasgow MSP John Mason called for orange walk to be banned under hate crime act










    John Mason is my MSP for The Calton.


    I emailed him at the start of Covid around March/April 2020, to ask for his help in getting my usual Tesco shopping delivered, and he immediately emailed back to me, to advise me that he would contact Tesco.


    He certainly kept his word, as Tesco contacted me soon after to arrange for me to be on their ” Vital List”. I had been ordering Online and receiving deliveries long BEFORE Covid, but at the outbreak of Covid so many selfish Bassa’s were ” Panic Buying”, and ALL Delivery Slots were taken for WEEKS ahead. At the same time, Tesco were advertising their Delivery Service on TV, more or less encouraging Folk to order Home deliveries during the early stage of Covid.


    That is when I asked for help on here and DAVID66, AN TEARMANN and others responded.


    I had been a LONG Term Online Delivery Customer, but all of a sudden, I was having to order food 3 or 4 weeks in ADVANCE, as Probable FIRST TIME Online Home Delivery Customers were taking up all the Delivery Slots.


    John Mason, is also the MSP who invited me for a Pint to chat about the huns being allowed to wreck George Square under a Poils Escort.


    To be fair to him, I have contacted him Twice over two separate issues and he has helped.


    HH Mate.



    Enjoy your Red Biddy and the Rebs mate.


    Hopefully the Glesga Celtic can make it a beautiful Sunday by scoring 4 or 5 goals against Dundee Utd later Today ?


    Take care mate.



  7. SHOCKING story about Mr Joe McCarron R.I.P.



    I would have thought that the Hospital could MAYBE have done more to PREVENT these Non Vax Chumps from visiting Mr McCarron, never mind taking him out of hospital ?


    Surely, when someone is seriously ill, its ONLY Close Family who should be allowed to visit ?


    Maybe I am wrong ?



    Sitting here counting the minutes, thank god for the famous




    Still can’t understand those that don’t get joy out of supporting




    Hope David 66 is well.


    H.H. Mick

  9. Good morning cqn from a dry and mild Garngad



    Thanks for all the kind words bhoys, Doc wanted me to go to Hospital straight away the other day after a call I had with her. No chance I said.



    So she gave me meds which seem to be working, well I’m still here. Still not 100% though.



    There are people far worse off than me out there that need thoughts and prayers more than I do bhoys.



    Big Jimmy thanks for the kind words and trying to explain my post to squire. Enough said on that he means 1 thing I mean exactly what you said.



    DD – get well soon mucker.



    Ps I have to stay aff the drink for a while, I think a week is a while. :)



    D :)

  10. MM – Brilliant to see you on.



    How is the football club doing.



    Or is that all locked down as well



    D :)

  11. Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the scottish football league



    They come from bonnie Scotland, they come from county Cork,



    They come from dear old Donegal and even from New York,



    From every street in Glasgow they proudly make their way,



    To a place called dear old paradise and this is what they say.



    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the scottish football league.



    There’s Fallon, Young and Gemmell who proudly wear the green,



    There’s Clark, McNeill and Kennedy the best there’s ever been,



    Jim Johnstone, Murdoch, Chalmers, John Divers and John Hughes,



    And sixty thousand Celtic fans who proudly shout the news.



    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the scottish football league.



    Repeat to fade CSC

  12. Maggie laughing at us from the grave.


    Her mission was to break up / fragment / atomise the organised / politically effective working class.



    Either by bribery — skilled vas semi skilled / unskilled — wages policy or the lack of one.


    Or with Neo-Thatcherism — cultural issues.



    Add in the casino angle — selling off council houses on the cheap or selling the public what was already theirs — privatisations of public corporations to balance the books which she couldn’t do even in a world of North Sea oil.



    Neo Thatcherism in England is now doing this with education — the enclosures act of the 21st century.



    The deserving vs the undeserving poor — horrible debate that needs careful handling / emotional intelligence — it not the topic that deserves a bar room style outing.



    Thatcher pushed it to the top of the agenda.


    She had no answers — she just put beggars back onto the street and made being long term unemployment socially acceptable again after nearly 50 years of full unemployment.



    Yet some — too many — see her as some sort of economic colossus who got the country back on its feet. She was nothing of the sort she created the conditions that are crippling us today.



    Consequently when it comes to trying to understand poverty / economic disadvantage / lack of desire and ambition / gaming the system / the concept of the chancer — please try and see the big picture and please no pointing of fingers at people you do not fully understand.

  13. Good morning always excited about match day.



    However you may interpret the new rules…on pens etc…’s irrelevant….on the balance of probability, if the same scenario from the sevco match is us, Celtic, what do most top flight refs in Scotland do? …….Send off the keeper and the ebt pundits back the decision.



    They are desperate for cash and need this league more than anything.



    We, I think will build to a strong run later in the season, early in a new system and philosophy and a tad unlucky with injuries. And I sense a feeling of togetherness among the squad. Calmac signing on shows how daft/snyde msm and clickbait and how gullible those who repeat it.



    If only more teams in Scotland tried to play football….suppose it’s not all about entertainment……🍀

  14. Maggie is the best prism to understand right wing / individual / selfish economics.


    To her there was no such thing as “society” just a collection of individual actors who would always put their own interests first — it was the world she had been brought in a world without love / compassion / social engagement.



    Maggie had no relationship with her mother.


    She “adored” her father and his small shopkeeper worldview.


    She has no service record during WW2.


    Existential crisis for the UK and she decided to sit it out.



    In contrast QE2 drove an ambulance. If Queenie is still staying at Balmoral she will be getting a call from “Useless” to see if she is still up to helping out.



    WW2 — proto Thatcherism — the rise of the spiv.


    WW2 — proto Thatcherism — Daddy Cray was not going to do his bit / draft dodger.


    WW2 — progressive politics — Attlee was more left wing than Lenin / Stalin / Mao.


    WW2 — progressive politics — with 6 years of rationing — the bottom 20% of the population put on weight.



    Maggie married a divorcee who had a high income and a Jag.


    Everything is treated like a transaction — she was the first poundland aristocrat.



    That is the worldview that brought beggars back onto our streets.


    That is the worldview that generated a huge increase in the size and complexity of the welfare state — breaking the working class / unions was her primary goal and unemployment was her main lever.



    Political optics meant that they had to get some support — never enough for a basic life / just enough to limit any public display of penury.



    The beggars were the active element of the poor — taking their plight to the streets.


    They are / were proto Thatcherite — in time Maggie and the establishment turned against them.



    Poverty in the UK — start with Maggie and things are a lot clearer.


    Complex subject — not the stuff of bar room debates.



    Maggie just wanted the poor to hate the destitute not the rich.


    And unfortunately she seems to have succeeded.

  15. Three home league games so far – 9 points,15 goals scored, none against. Those three games against very poor Dundee, St Mirren & Ross Co sides. I suspect today will be different against a capable Dundee Utd team.



    From today we have eight at home and eight away in the league till the end of the year.



    Three at home and two away in the EL and a semi & final at Hampden in the LC, within the same time-frame.



    That’s 23 games in 13 weeks, with 12 away from Celtic Park- are we equipped for this heavy schedule? Based on what we have seen so far and the fragility of our thin squad, the answer must be on the dodgy side of dodgy.



    No doubt there will be howls of derision from some, however if anyone can produce a valid reason as to why we will be in contention for anything other than the League Cup, if we reach the Final on the 8th December, it would indeed be an immaculate conception.

  16. Mitchy


    You sharing the essays that failed you your o’grade modern That’s a few essays a wean would be embarrassed writing over last few days


    Wish you hadn’t! Tragic.


    Its one with your absolute guff.




  17. Always excited when taking someone to Celtic Park for the first time.



    Despite the negativity in our midst and challenges of transition and injury, today is no different.



    How I longed for Dundee to score and change the fickle dynamic yesterday. How close they came. How poor our rivals really are.



    That said we are the ones under pressure today. Front the media and from our own. Hopefully today we get the breaks. Hopefully those who seek to groan at a misplaced pass, by their favourite escapegoat, will hold their tongues. Hopefully our support will show my Celtic park newcomer how good they can be ….and not just when the going is good.



    The lad in question today is my daughters boyfriend. He is 28 years old and from north Wales. Never been to a football game in his life. Of course he will hear of Jock and his Welsh connection. Of course John Hartson too. Of course he will get a tour of the landmarks as trademarked by St Stivs. Although we will start at 12.30 with a bit of brunch at Coias ( not exactly what my old man would have done back in the day but need to move with the times ).



    Hopefully he will enjoy a fantastic victory and see our team gel and put down another marker without Kyogo Calmac James F Taylor GG and many more.



    We will need the squad this season, today I hope we step up today and deliver. This could be a special season. Hopefully Owen Jones ( real name is actually Tom !!! ) experiences and atmosphere to rival the rugby at Cardiff !

  18. @M.M.Enjoy yer Red mate……


    The joy of looking forward to Kick Aff Wae the leathers will never leave us.








  19. AN TEARMANN on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:28 AM




    ‘Its one with your absolute guff.’






    Might I enquire whether your admonition applies equally to Big Jimmy’s post in praise of John Mason?



    It is, after all, a match day.



    And his post was of no relevance to the match.