Echoes of great Celtic teams


I thought it was the emerging influence of Nir Biton as a central midfield influence who transformed Celtic against Hearts on Sunday; he looked that good.  If anything, Celtic were better in his absence last night, more fluid, more incisive, against a better team.

It’s all about shape.  The correct shape gives players time on the ball when they need it, allows them to look industrious, not static, and makes them difficult to counteract.  The only two questions are: can we maintain it, and when was the last time a Celtic team controlled the ball like this?

Forget about trying to maintain this in Barcelona, that’s far too risky, but if we can play like this at Tynecastle and Fir Park we can do so anywhere else in Scotland.  Don’t think we’ve played like this since the Centenary Season.

It’s difficult to interpret the vandalism at Fir Park last night.  As Celtic fans we don’t have a point of reference for this stuff.  “Had enough.  Won’t be back at another away game”, was the verdict of a friend I spoke to, who has probably missed no more than 40 domestic away games in the last 40 years.  The proportion of Celtic fans who would never vandalise seats is well above 99%, but there’s a new and unwelcome phenomenon in British football and Celtic have the best views in the country.

Getting back to more familiar ground, The Kano Foundation asked me to pass on this message:

“The Kano Foundation World Cup 2014 Predictor


2013 has been a world class year for The Kano Foundation. We’ve had our first ever bucket collection, held our 3rd annual dance, welcomed groups from across Scotland, England and Ireland, and last but by no means least we will welcome our 2000th child to Celtic Park. All this would not be possible without your unwavering support.

As we move towards the new year, The Kano Foundation are always keen to continue our work while bringing you the fans new and exciting ways to support us. The fabulous prizes on offer at our Golf Day in September are just one example.

To keep up this form, we are delighted to announce a very special competition ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

We will be running a predictor competition unlike many others. At first reading our two part predictor is very similar to others where you enter the scores and winners for the 72 games.

However, we are also offering an unbelievable bonus prize fund of £10,000 for anyone who can correctly predict the outcome of all 48 group games . Yes, that’s correct – £10,000 to be shared amongst all entrants who can correctly predict the general outcome (winner or draw) for the all the group games.

In order to run both competitions we are asking entrants to make a one-off donation of £10. From the funds raised 50% will go as a donation to TKF with the remaining 50% available for prizes.

With just 100 entrants, not only can we raise a £500 prize fund for the predictor, we can also take over 200 kids to a game at Celtic Park. A tidy reward for a just few minutes brain effort!

All you need to do to enter is register you interest by email at:

wcpredictor@thekanofoundation.com Please include TKFWCPred as the email/paypal subject and tell us your user/team name so we can verify your entry. If you’ve not got enough room, enter as much detail as you can and tell us what you’ve done so we help.

Then make your payment into The Kano Foundation bank account (30-13-01 00989961 through Paypal or by sms by texting KANO11 £10 to 70070 – remember to include your name/email address.

Visit our predictor webpage (coming soon) to find more details and follow your progress

Once again, we hope we can rely on your support to make this predictor a success for us in terms of fundraising and for potentially making one of you £10,000 richer!

Thank You

The Kano Foundation”

Congratulations to the Celtic fans who run and support The Kano Foundation, our community is rightly proud of the. Register your interest by emailing: wcpredictor@thekanofoundation.com.

Less than one day to bid on bid on the charity auction for lunch at Cinc Sentis in Barcelona. Another bounty from the excellent reputation Celtic fans have. If you’re going out next week, treat yourself………

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  1. Big Nan



    14:20 on 7 December, 2013






    11:46 on 7 December, 2013



    Big Nan



    That guy going on about “your” and “you’re” makes a coo’s derrière of himself because “your” isn’t a possessive pronoun, it’s a possessive adjective. The corresponding possessive pronoun is “yours”.



    A pronoun is just a word you can use for (pro) the noun, or instead of the noun. For example: Celtic (noun) is a great club; it (pronoun) is the greatest club in the world.



    Or, your (possessive adjective) club is a great club; the greatest club in the world is yours (possessive pronoun).





    It’s all greek to me CF, but I take your word for it. In fact I will post this response to his Tweet if it allows!








    11:50 on 7 December, 2013



    Big Nan



    Petition signed. Thank you for keeping this and the other matter (Petition also signed) in the public consciousness.







    Friesdorfer, thanks for signing I do know Guje and Maria were treated badly and the step-father of Colin Marr who I have only recently met makes a good case in his new site here: http://thevictimsfinalright.com/





    On the seats debate I will never join in with the Chic Young faux concern for our good name as that would put me in bad company. In the company of those who would ignore any excesses by thems while magnifying anything our support do.



    I trust the Celtic support, Green Brigade included to take action in identifying the young neds who follow Celtic. They have always done so in the past and in today’s world with mobile phone/photo age it will be sorted out.



    There is a golden rule I have when judging such hooligan behaviour: Was there violence or hatred involved?



    There was certainly plenty of that involved on the night we played Ajax in Amsterdam but it didn’t come from fans there, but in Glasgow at Ibrox and is well covered in the Pars fans forums and the Dunfermline Press.



    Was any of this reported by the MSM? Ask a silly question.



    The queue is too long for me to join to have a kick at Celtic.

  2. can anybody recommend a few good audio books on Celtic.Possibly on our greatest years and or players. You know how to contact me many thanks.

  3. Tail Enders cfc.






    delaneys dunky



    14:37 on 7 December, 2013


    Hoopy do@ 08.19



    Why did you post a blatant lie about me? Who on this site have I called a hun? What is your agenda in trying to smear my name. Why post a load of nonsense about me? Very sinister attack! Why?






    14:38 on 7 December, 2013


    Man U lose 1-0 at home, many left early too.






    14:38 on 7 December, 2013


    Listening to Clyde, the grave robber mc coist, giving his usual diatribe, then the we joke.


    When will pertinent questions be asked of this man?



    Even some huns can see through him.






    14:40 on 7 December, 2013





    I don’t break seats – apart from accidentally cos I’m getting too lardy!



    And I’ll never scream abuse at someone playing for us.



    So no offence taken Fhriend!



    HH jamesgang


    In defence of David Moyes……



    First of all, and most important, he wore the Hoops with pride. Second of all, in the 10 full seasons before David Moyes succeeded Wattie at Goodison Park in March 2002, these were Everton’s finishing league positions: 16th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 15th, 6th, 15th, 17th, 13th and 12th.



    In the 10 full seasons that followed Moyes’s appointment, here are Everton’s finishes: 7th, 17th, 4th, 11th, 6th, 5th, 5th, 8th, 7th, 7th. In his 11th season – concluding last May, Everton came 6th, losing once at home in the league all season.



    If we include that clown Smith’s final season, when Moyes arrived with nine games to go, one top-10 finish in 11 seasons had been replaced by nine top-10 finishes in 11 seasons. No wonder Alex Ferguson thinks Moyes a good manager.



    However, it’s all about results, so looks like “shoogly peg” time for Davie Bhoy, who I like a lot.



    It’s a jungle “outwith”




  5. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Only managed a look at a couple of the pages of the current article but notice some points about behaviour of supporters last night.



    Prior to the game I was standing at the corner off the main road collecting and giving out tickets when out of the blue there was a rush of coppers accompanied by blue flashing lights.



    A large group of supporters were being led round the corner surrounded by yet more police officers. They were Celtic supporters though very few of them wore colours. One guy led the rest and began chanting, “ACAB ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS!” and the rest joined in.



    At this point an officer on horseback charged into this guy intentionally and began threatening him. Now I’m not apportioning blame, merely relating what I witnessed.



    I’ve seen reference to broken seats. I was in the top tier towards the back, well away from the GB section. I heard 2 seats being broken but didn’t see whether it was an accident or something more malicious.



    After the game we were directed back onto the main road by the police and I was told about a side street that I’d need to go down to get back to my car.



    As I got to the end if the side street I became aware of running/shouting that you immediately associate with violence.



    A handful of young guys ran past me and initially I thought it was the beginning of a larger number of Celtic supporters who’d broken through the police cordon, something that had occurred last season at Fir Park.



    I quickly realised when I noticed a gap following those running that they were in fact being chased. Now, I went to away games through the 80/90s so I’m acutely aware of Casuals and football violence, however, it’s a long time since I’ve witnessed more than shouting and posturing.



    The chasing crowd, of about 30, we’re Motherwell casuals. As I walked through them the police began appearing, immediately lifting one who was in the process of throwing a bottle.



    I stopped to see what would happen and was astonished to hear 2 officers say to a couple of thugs who were brandishing a bottle and traffic cone respectively that they’d be sensible to put their weapons down and scarper.



    At this point the crowd were contained by the police and I made my way to the end of the street. At the corner I glanced back only to see the crowd walking nonchalantly away from their guards.



    After retrieving my car I turned onto Airbles Rd and was held up by a police car which blocked the road as DOZENS of police officers shepherded a large number of Celtic supporters down the road towards the train station.



    My window was down as I was smoking and clearly heard the initial shouts which preceded several sounds of smashing glass as bottles landed close to my car but which were aimed at the Celtic supporters.



    Not really to my surprise did I discover that those throwing the missiles were the same Motherwell casuals I’d seen surrounded by the police less than 10 minutes previously.



    They stood on the forecourt of the car dealership hurling abuse and yet more missiles. One Celtic supporter turned back to face them and replied with abuse of his own. He was immediately lifted. I wasn’t surprised.



    It struck me that it was at exactly the same spot that Motherwell casuals attacked us after our bus had broken down in the 1990s. Then, as last night, it was a cowardly attack from behind.



    The difference was that when we were jumped we had the opportunity to defend ourselves and fight back. Last night those police officers who are supposed to ‘Serve and Protect’ we’re too busy harassing a group of Celtic supporters to do their job effectively.

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    Thanks bud, would be a pleasure to share a couple of beers with you when you are home. St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, is very close to my heart. Sister Rita and her staff are true heroes. They are surviving against the odds. http://www.smh.org.uk. They need our support and help to continue to prosper.

  7. glasstwothirdsfull- i think you misunderstood,if you read back ,you will see i posted we have a ned element away from home.The MSM don’t need an excuse to kick us,the neds have given CFC up on a plate.Incidentally the guys on here questioning the validity and identity of the offenders,(not my view,but their opinions) care more about the Club than the halfwits last night.

  8. Sipsini 14.45



    Show me a post, any post, where I claimed to be fast?!?!!



    Lol tailenderscfcno1



    HH jamesgang

  9. Paul67



    I have to say I didn’t think Biton looked that special v Hearts, although I thought he may have been a vital cog in the machine.



    I was a bit too tender in years to appreciate Jock Stein’s Celtic, but the recent two Celtic performances are the best I’ve seen, with last night’s the best.



    The 4-3-1-2 seems to allow the players more room to express themselves – there is more fluidity, unlike the competent but uninspiring displays earlier in the season where we played mostly 4-4-2/4-4-1-1.

  10. smoke and mirrors on

    so Dim Man,was it those pesky Motherwell casuals that threw the flares?


    Did they also rip out the seats and write F— Peter Lawell ?



    Grow up, grow a pair and call out your blessed Green Brigade

  11. Pass and move, pass and move…our Bhoys seem to have got the message and it is a joy to watch. Keep it going Celts.



    As for the warmers breaking seats and throwing smoke bombs…you’re not needed or wanted and you’d have got a slap during the 80’s in the Celtic End as the casuals did.



    Btw met Vp and Big Gordon in the Parkville last night, suave and debonaire as ever.




  12. Hate to say it but there is a lot more chance that Ms Cheryl Cole will spend the night with me than predicting all 48 results correctly.



    Even for somebody who knows their football, to get the 48 would be round



    1 in 100,000,000,000,000 or so.

  13. big nan @ 14:39 on 7 December, 2013



    I take your main point, but want to comment on “identifying the young neds who follow Celtic”.



    From the very brief view I got on the tele last night when a green smoke bomb went off during the minute’s appreciation of Nelson Mandela, there were a few “not young guys” who looked as if they were in the thick of things and certainly not taking part in the applause.

  14. I am sick to death of the brats, and that is what they are brats, who are dragging the reputation of the Celtic support into the gutter.



    There is no need for vandalism at ANY away ground and, there most certainly is no justifiable reason for singing about the ira at Celtic Park. The ira are and were cold blooded murdering scum, and no arguement will make me think otherwise so don’t waste your time.

  15. smoke and mirrors on




    15:16 on 7 December, 2013



    I am sick to death of the brats, and that is what they are brats, who are dragging the reputation of the Celtic support into the gutter.



    There is no need for vandalism at ANY away ground and, there most certainly is no justifiable reason for singing about the ira at Celtic Park. The ira are and were cold blooded murdering scum, and no arguement will make me think otherwise so don’t waste your time.




    Baton down the hatches m8, The Dim man and his upthera mates are gonna call you a hun now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  16. Dubaibhoy-"If I signed off the accounts it has been in good faith." on

    On the subject of Mandela, can anybody name a black South African sportsman (other than Stephen Pienaar)?



    It is a great sporting nation, but I found myself struggling with this one…

  17. Celtic Football Club statement



    By: Newsroom Staff on 07 Dec, 2013 11:37CELTIC Football Club has released a statement following Friday night’s Premiership game against Motherwell at Fir Park.“Clearly we are appalled by the scenes from last night´s match and the actions of a small minority which have again tarnished the great reputation of the club and our supporters on a night when our team produced such a fantastic performance.“We are currently investigating these events and will update our supporters early next week.”

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