EFL financial alarms increasingly shrill


English Football league chairman, Rick Parry, spoke to the BBC yesterday and continued his tirade against unsustainable finances among EFL clubs.

“Why can we not have community owned, sustainable clubs? That goes for all the structural issues that I have been telling anybody who will listen, and most people who won’t listen, for the past x number of months, from the select committee onwards.

“The Championship is a financial nonsense. We’ve got clubs spending 107% of their income on wages, we’ve got the major distortion of parachute payments, we’ve got £400m of owner-funding required – £16m per Championship club. There are owners gambling on getting into the Premier League, it’s unsustainable.

“We need to make our clubs sustainable – we shouldn’t be relying on random foreign owners.”

These concerns surfaced after Wigan’s Hong Kong-based owners put the club into administration last week, a move that took place without delayed payments to HMRC and other creditors that usually proceeds administration.

Parry is at the forefront of this issue. His concern peaked because Wigan’s owners were able to flush the club into administration without concern for personal consequences.  Even the inevitable hit to their shareholder value did not seem to register.  Where Wigan’s owners went, others could feel permitted to follow.

£16m is a lot of money for each of their Championship’s 24 clubs to find and that’s only dealing with existing liabilities, not those clubs are contracted to for years to come.  The Championship’s only options are to find investors with appetite to splurge lots of spare cash on them, convince the Premiership to unilaterally do likewise, or see the travails of Wigan play out across the division.

If Parry’s increasingly shrill alarms are anything to do by, the English football bubble may finally be close to bursting.  Sleeping so close to an elephant has been a drag on Celtic in particular and Scottish football in general.  We have waited on what Brian Quinn referred to as the ‘pack ice’ to break up for decades.  The time may finally have come.

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  1. JAMESGANG on 10TH JULY 2020 8:57 AM


    Melbourne Mick


    Huge congratulations to you and Maisie



    I love reading your posts. Always put a smile on my face.


    HH jg




    Hear, Hear, And worth repeating how much joy and mirth each MM post brings.

  2. Melbourne Mick on




    Honestly I can’t remember that B side, because I never had HAIL..HAIL off


    So I can remember my wee da singing Kathleen at our perties so maybe


    that’s misleading me.




    Kathleen so fair and bright


    Star of evening dark of night


    Through shady glens and meadows green


    I love to roam


    with my Kathleen.



    I bet all the Kates on CQN are swooning now


    H.H. Mick

  3. SAINT STIVS on 9TH JULY 2020 10:41 PM


    welcome on board.



    yes, mcginn is a great footballer,, for whatever reason Lawell wouldnt pay him the going rate.



    where he is now as a player is equal to most of ours, natural succesor to broon.



    the bhoy will go on a huge club with great honours,






    John McGinn says different:






    “It was important to weigh up everything and not just go with my heart because I had basically made up my mind I wanted to join Celtic.



    “But I also had to weigh up in my mind how strong Celtic’s midfield had been for a long time.



    “I remember speaking to Brendan Rodgers and he said the important thing I would take from it was I would play games.



    “But Steve Bruce said I would play every game.



    “I was used to playing week in week out at Hibs and it was so important to me that that carried on.”






    Every season rinse and repeat the same complaints since the Fergus McCann days.

  4. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    HOT SMOKED @ 9.44 last evening.


    Sorry could not get back to you..Tablet packed in.


    Re the prices;


    I googled price of 45 singles 1960s then I got to a site that supplied prices for the 50s, 60s and 70s singles…..but I haven’t a clue how to get back to that informed source.


    Melbourne Mick


    52 years.Well Done!!


    My first record ‘Up went Nelson’ The Go Lucky Four’ 1966.

  5. Melbourne Mick on



    Thank you Bhoys, upbeat yes, why moan, nobody listens lol.


    H.H. Mick

  6. Melbourne Mick on




    MICH ! Lol. that’s definitely a Scouse accent.


    Loved Charlie but the bullies in our support wanted crunching tacklers.


    Suppose that was the name of the game back then.


    Or if you support Fatboy sin and Co.


    H.H. Mick

  7. stirlingbhoy on




    Am heading up through your way soon m8….golfing in comrie and crieff, staying in crieff a few days….would love to pop into the commercial for a beer in republican Muthill though!! ha ha

  8. MELBOURNE MICK on 10TH JULY 2020 8:33 AM


    Thank you NORRIEM, another 8 years and I get a telegram


    fae queeny



    Wonder what I’ll do with that?


    Any suggestions Bhoys/Ghirls.



    MICK, congrats to you and your better-half, even in the trying circumstances you find yourselves in at the moment. Hope you have a rerr wee perty (if you can).



    Regarding ‘suggestions’ re. the queeny’s telegram, remember there was that wee run on bog rolls at the start of the pandemic, so never throw out paper, just in case.



    Ave Ave

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ministers give approval for professional football return.


    Competitive professional football matches will be permitted in Scotland behind closed doors from the 1 August after Ministers approved plans to ensure suitable public health and safety measures are in place, so long as Scotland continues to suppress the COVID-19 virus.


    Professional football clubs will also be able to participate in appropriate closed-doors training matches with immediate effect.

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Regarding Charlie Gallagher. My dad told me Charlie was a fantastic player who was one of the best passers of a ball he remembered at Celtic. He also said , as posted earlier , he would be a victim of some booboys as they reckoned Charlie did.not show as much commitment on the pitch as he should have was rubbish according to my dad .



    Irrespective of that , according to older family members , we were graced with three fantastic passers of the ball in Bobby , Charlie and Pat , in the early sixties. They all agreed Bobby was the best of the three but Charlie could easily have fitted into the lions team if Bobby was unfit.




    Charlie lacked only one thing that Bobby Murdoch had and that was the ability to tackle. Bobby had everything. Charlie also lacked one thing that wee Bertie had in abundance: gallousness (if that is a word). Charlie was a great passer of the football; he took 2 of the most important corners in our history; he had a tremendous shot. Paddy Crerand too could pass the ball.

  12. Melbourne Mick on




    Showed the princess all the mentions on here, she thinks I owe


    you all money lol.


    Asked her what we’ll do if we get a telegram fae queeny for our




    Tell her to shove it up her arrr…mpit, and anyway were in Oz now


    the republican country.


    H.H. Mick

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Hi Mick


    80 on 15th August this year and still going home and away, Takes my daughter and couple of nephews now as he wasn’t able to take us back in the day

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    Anybody remember Gianni Riviera or Prosnescki ( spl )


    at Celtic Park ?


    They couldn’t tackle a Glesga fish supper but…but ..they


    feckin destroyed us.


    Just by pure inventive football.


    Now, where have I heard that before?


    H.H. Mick




    Come down the mountain Katy Daly might be the b side I’m trying to remember.




    You will enjoy Comrie and Crieff Golf courses , the Commercial unfortunately will not be open yet but hopefully not too far away. Big John who runs it is a good pal of mine.HH

  16. Melbourne Mick on




    So he’s a Leo the lion, just like me, I’m the 7 th.


    Says it all really.


    H.H. Mick

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Charlie still tries to get to as many games as possible but doesn’t make it to pools office as much as he did , he has moved to sitting in main stand as it’s easier for him than the North Stand


    They have a breakfast club together and he was presented with a great picture of the corner from 65


    He is a very humble man 💚💚

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    I blame autocorrect but his birthday is 16th 😂😂

  19. Melbourne Mick


    Congratulations on your 52nd Anniversary – some milestone for you both. 🍾🥂🍀🍀

  20. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Parkheadcunsalfird, I still get excited when I see Charlie at our games . It’s great to see that a player who played a big part in our history still enjoys going to our games , sitting among his fellow supporters. His mobility is not he best , he uses a stick now . He never gives it do you know who I am rubbish. We have the footage , pictures and memories to know who he is.

  21. Melbourne Mick on




    How could you not marry a girl who tells you


    that you have bowley legs like wee Jinky?


    Slam Dunk.


    H.H. Mick

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Not sure about the Eddy 7 thing,why are the Club selling new strips with 22? If they change it,folk will want a refund if they have bought one with 22 on it

  23. Whooo hooo



    eventually got two home tops without sponsors


    and one training top for my bhoys



    But what a experience on Celtic website



    crashed after they got money but have confirmation email

  24. Melbourne Mick on




    Took a bit of time to answer your comment, and the relevance


    of that song .. Up went Nelson..


    I never realised the significance at the time, but having just met my


    future wife I had other thoughts in my mind.


    But very significant, when you see what’s happening to outdated


    statues nowadays.


    H.H. Mick

  25. Glasgowbhoy,



    I saw Les Gray,ex lead of Mud,as part of a Duet doing a Chas And Dave tribute act in Santa Ponsa,The Caledonian pub,late 90s.Bloody great they were too.

  26. Drambowiecelt on

    @Mick on my Copy the b side was An Irishmans dream


    Sure the shamrocks are growin on broadway








  27. There is nothing wrong in being Humble in-fact it’s better to be humble rather than


    being big headed that’s for sure yeah Charlie-Gallagher’s telling corner kick in the


    1965 Scottish Cup Final onto Caesar’s head was a perfect delivery indeed the TV


    Commentator back then a Mr Cameron commented oh look @ the joy around


    the Stadium aye nae wonder it was eight years before then when the Bhoys last


    won a trophy yeah 1957 no wonder @ last we where going places under Big


    John Stein @ the Helm that was for sure Hail Hail

  28. St Stivs,



    A fair bit of re-writing of history in your post about PL and Mc Ginn.The going price at the time for him was around 2.5 -3 million.Celtic offered 2.4 million.Hibs then told Celtic,well Petrie did,that if they wanted him,the price was now 4 million.No other bidders interested at this time.Should PL have succumbed to Petries demands?Villa came in right at the death,and Petrie allowed the player to travel to Villa,without even a price being quoted.Villa offered under 3 million,Petrie accepted straight away.Celtic came in again with a matching offer.Mc Ginn chose Villa.We did nothing wrong regards this transfer.




    Doubtful that queeny will still be alive in 8 years, so it will be King Charles or King William sending their best wishes.

  30. TURKEYBHOY on 10TH JULY 2020 11:56 AM



    McGinn made his choice because Steve Bruce convinced him he was going to be the man at Villa. Rodgers didn’t convince him.



    You are right to point out that Celtic matched Villa’s bid. It was still John’s decision to go down south. It’s probably been the right decision for him financially as he will be earning EPL wages now (Villa gave him a new contract this year)



    As the headline article points out, the championship is full of clubs throwing money at players they can’t afford with a hope of making the big time. Villa managed it so the risk was worth it.



    Celtic know that it isn’t worth getting caught up in an arms race with clubs that throw around money they can’t afford. Run your club right and you will be safer in the long-term.



    Here’s the truth: in the 2018/19 Championship season Aston Villa mae a loss of £69 million.



    We were pipped to a player by a financial basket case.

  31. Only occasionally have the time these days to come on to the site however just picked up the thread around Charlie Gallagher ,Paddy Crerand and Bobby Murdoch.


    I have followed Celtic since my father took me to Parkhead in 1949 saw was fortunate enough to see all three of those players regularly.


    Of course they were all different and they could all pass a ball but,in my opinion,Paddy Crerand was outstanding in this area.


    Charlie Gallagher ,on the other hand, was arguably one of the most all round gifted footballers to pass through those Parkhead gates Since the Second World War. He did take a lot of stick from the terraces because he was no Paddy Crerand or Bobby Murdoch when a physical battle was on but he could more than hold his own and compensated with grace on the ball,great vision and a fierce shot.


    To younger readers he was more Tommy Burns than Stylian Petrov so in that sense comparisons are always going to be problematic.


    I thought Duncan McKay was the perfect Celtic footballer and along comes Danny McGrain . Is it fair to compare them? They operated in different eras . Would Danny get away with some of his outstanding slide tackles in today’s game . I doubt it but in his time was perhaps the best right back in the world.


    Finally in commenting about Charlie Gallagher I often think of him alongside Alex Byrne who was a lovely cultured winger for Celtic.He too took a lot of terracing criticism at a time when a Celtic playing football team came up against a more industrial style like Rangers and others. He was often on the losing end to Rangers and that dimension didn’t assist. Often thought if Alex Byrne had showed up in a winning Celtic set up how good he might have been.


    Seeing the new strip revealed led to a conversation yesterday with my 2 brothers about what the perfect hoops Celtic kit should look like. Being of a certain vintage we still hark back to include those dark green hooped socks. Whilst we looked magnificent on that night in Lisbon we looked pretty smart on 19 October 1957 too!

  32. Turkeybhoy


    John McGinn probably went to Villa for a bigger wage packet after all look @ how much


    money is pumped into English Football by Sly TV & Others we are getting crumbs on


    that front that’s for sure we can’t even compete as far as wages are concerned with


    English Championship Sides for example the average Bristol City football player’s


    wages is over 70K a week

  33. glen daly: A side the Celtic Song


    B side: John ThompsonStory



    Hoping to start a wee discussion between us Auld yins


    When John Fallon humped the ball up the park Bobby Murdoch (inside right) could trap the ball further than I could kick it, BUTwhen Big Jock moved him back he turned into the player we know and remember



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