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  1. Very astute analysis from BBJ there, says what we are all thinking!! Hope NL is listening.

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The players don’t seem to be confident on the surface, I think that’s why the passing is so poor.

  3. Very nervy performance against the Swedes, – ironically Celtic missed the two best chances


    of the first 45.



    Hopefully NFL will steady them at half time, and come up with something better, because the pressure on the defence is such a penalty or a break for Elfsborg seems inevitable.

  4. Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley on

    this is nerve shredding. It’s even worse when you can’t see the game. Please God, a quick goal after half time.

  5. 2 celtic legends and 1 sorry bun on TV. BBJ and PB telling like it is – Celtic CAN DO BETTER

  6. Very very nervous display, our bhoys are having major problems controlling the ball.



    With that said at the moment the play off beckons but we must score i feel.





    KTF 1-1

  7. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    That is the worst half of football I have seen in a long time.



    In particular, our midfield is woeful. The defence is creaking because we cannot keep the ball. The midfield is just not operating at all.



    One goal for us will change this — heads and hearts will go up.



    But we must be better in mind and attitude.

  8. What a nightmare of a perfomance . Not one player doing well. Wilson is the worst. Why is Neil Lennon just sitting watching this crap. He should on his feet shouting at them.


    If we dont buck up we will lose this.

  9. Hate to say it, but we are very poor.



    I would feel happier with Bangura playing for us.

  10. I genuinely hope this is the LAST time i have to watch this CB pairing






    I would remove one at half time.



    Really rotten CB performance and the Elfborg guys just have to punt a long ball and the two diddies at the back sit under it

  11. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    My God, get a grip you lot!



    If you ghuys go to CP no wonder it’s so feckin quiet!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Packy and big john talking a lot of sense lets hope NL is get geared up for the 2nd half

  13. Shocking first half.



    Can’t possibly play as badly in the second.



    Cmon Celtic!!




  14. It,s been glaringly obvious we have needed a playmaker for the past two seasons.As a matter of fact we need two in case one is injured(which seems to be the norm with Celtic–something wrong somewhere).No-one is holding the ball–it,s a game of rushy.Certain to be a change early in the second half.

  15. I think we might sneak this playing the same way. I think we started 4-5-1 and it didn’t work. After about 35 minutes we moved to a 4-4-1-1 with everyone taking a shot in the hole: Brown, Forrest, Commons behind Sammi. We just need some possession in the middle.Everything Elflike has come down the middle apart from free kicks and only 2 chances conceded.



    A set piece will win this. C’mon Celtic!

  16. We ar as nervous as turkeys on christmas eve.


    Panic allover the pitch. This crowd are crap. All we need to do is keep possession.


    Izzy cant find a hooped shirt. Sammi is in his disinterested mood.


    Wilson has won some decent tackles but Efe is on another planet.


    Our midfield is being bypassed.Sammis never does well on his own up front.


    His strength is running from deep. Forest has made a few good runs but nothing


    comes of them.


    We need to attack them. Put the ball on the deck and pass with accuracy.

  17. Well on plus side Elfsborg now only have 45 minutes to put us out.. They are,a woeful team we are making look good. Get Stokes on and Samaras wide left!

  18. Its nervy, but we are better, come on the TIC


    Sammi or KC to win this, we will win this tonight!

  19. Need to pick grand daughter from school camp


    Going to be missing 2nd half.


    Please keep updates coming so I can follow on iPhone

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Come on Lennie get this sorted we are defending far to deep get the team further up the park and every player picking up an opponent to many are ball watching.The swedes are not a great team but we are allowing them to much time to gather the ball and punt it back towards the celtic box.H.H.

  21. This team need two goals to win, can’t see us losing two goals to this team, surface looks slippy and we look a wee bit sleepy but get the feeling we’ll nick one and settle it…

  22. Sammi wasted upfront on his own. Needs to be deep runnin at their defence from midfield.. That was a nervy first half.. Schoolboy errors in defence.. If we keep sittin back inviting them onto us they will eventually score.

  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Sammy is not



    repeat not



    repeat not



    repeat not



    repeat not



    repeat not



    repeat not



    a target man striker; he needs to run from deep to be effective.



    He should have done better with his chance, though.

  24. Sammi as LS just not working.



    They seemed to change it in the last 10 mins of the 1st half, with Forrest going more central, Commons out right, but Sammi ended up wandering left where he’s comfortable, leaving us without a striker up front.



    Bring on Stokes as central striker and go 4-3-3.

  25. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    As impoverished a first half as I’ve seen from Celtic in a long time.Lost count of the number of times we gave the ball away


    2 decent CB’s desperately needed Mr. Lawell!


    I can only put it down to nerves ans a well watered plastic pitch.


    Whatever the reason, I would struggle to give any of our players pass marks for the display so far.


    Neil needs to give them a right good talking to at half time

  26. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Looking very poor. Half time row to get them moving? Come on Celts. Please! HH.

  27. Charlie might have the left foot (set pieces etc) but he is not contributing to the holding/ passing needed in midfield.

  28. asonofdan



    19:27 on 7 August, 2013



    Agree on Sammi, need to get him out on the wing.



    Our midfielders can’t pass 5 yards to each other.



    Hope that pitch puts to bed the debate on plastic pitches for the SPL. The quality of the pitch is a disgrace.



    Would say the pitch is the reason were making them look half decent.



    Not worried though.



    3-0 on agg.

  29. HT 0-0



    An insipid Celtic performance so far.



    Why can’t these players play simple passes to a team mate rather than a yellow jersey? We haven’t strung 3 passes together all night. The defence is shocking and again, thank goodness the Swedes have nothing up front.



    Also, Celtic players keep slipping and hitting the deck. Is it the wrong footwear for a plastic pitch or what?



    We need to up our game and start passing the ball instead of just meekly giving the ball away.



    I don’t feel comfortable watching this as it could go either way and the Celtic players are making too many schoolboy errors for my liking.



    Get it sorted Lenny.

  30. The Battered Bunnet on

    OK, so pragmatically it’s 0-0 at half time.



    Practically, if there’s a plan, it ain’t working.



    I’d go as far as to say the Celtic players look spooked.



    We’re getting nothing out of Mulgrew. Nothing out of Commons. Nothing out of Ledley.



    The passing is P#ss poor. The offers to receive half-hearted. The attitude wholly unbecoming of a Celtic side competing for a place in the Champions League.



    Lenny has a big 10 minutes to sort these guys out. Do your stuff Neil.

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