Financial Fair Play takes first big scalp


In the European football aristocracy guide, few sit higher than Milan, even though performances in recent seasons are well down on their historical standards.  After giving new manager, Rino Gattuson, around €200m to spend last season, they qualified for this season’s Europa League group stage.

But therein lies the problem: you cannot just throw money at football these days and hope to pass Uefa’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.  Europe’s governing body yesterday banned Milan from European football for one year as a consequence.

The club indicated they would appeal, noting that new Chinese owners invested €88m in capital “not loans” and were on a firm financial footing.  This is true, but that one-off splurge on bling for our old pal Rino pushed them outside of the scope of FFP; the ban has been in the post for a year.

For Milan, this is humiliating and will cost them north of €10m, but it sends out an important signal to all.  Financial Fair Play has taken its first big scalp.

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    G67- I think we can get a couple of seasons out of Broonie, if his workload is managed, by using Kouassi and McGinn :) to share the load.HH

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Funeral details for Ex Celt, scout and coach John Curran, a few bhoys on here knew John through the years





    Funeral arrangements for John Curran.



    St Ninians RC Church, Kirkintilloch




    Body received to Chapel Tuesday 3rd.




    Funeral Mass Wednesday 4th July 10.00 am.




    Burial thereafter at Cadder, Bishopbriggs.


    BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 28TH JUNE 2018 12:13 PM





    Thanks for reply.



    It was the insinuation that I’d made a cheap insult, that I was uncertain/unhappy with ? Still dont know what it was. I’m on the phone small screen, so if Ive missed something apologies.



    I was perturbed at you being upset, as I perceive you as a good guy, with admireable traits, even part of the glue that holds the blog together at times.



    I’ve no qualms about dishing it out and getting some back and did that yesterday. But as in the paragraph above I simply wanted to know what was what from your good self.



    You’ve been writing on here for donkeys huh ? Youll be aware of the imperfect medium that is the written word.



    Re VvD tenure. The central defence was then and is an area that our support criticise.



    Vvd tenure saw similar results ?



    The boss seems happy with Boyata and Ajer. Personally I like both. I liked VvD and Denayer. Mulgrew did us a turn too.



    Sometimes bobby I think CQNers have too much time and its like picking at a scab.



    In that respect our wider support is no different. I watch the Celtic a lot and the antics of our support is so counter productive.



    We as much as any other supporters destroyed Ambrose. Boyata and the blind antics of the “crowd” is so counterproductive but above all else wrong. The guy is a mainstay at the back for Brendan at the WC too. He cannot be a dud ? Im not watching a dud week-in week out.



    Gordon is another non-favourite.



    Our supporters can raise or destroy players ? Who needs the SMSM: Samaras to Boyata, and all players/stops in between

  4. Anyone else concerned by our lack of transfer activity.


    Or to rephrase that, a lack of intent at progressing / improving our team.


    I appreciate that Edouard has been tied down to a permanent contract.



    However in reality the only fresh face thus far is Lewis Morgan.


    Whereas we have lost a number of players. The most significant talents being Armstrong and Roberts.



    Now, even before the loss of Armstrong and Roberts the team of last season proved itself time and time again to be unfit for purpose on the Euro stage. Without having to cast up the PSG embarassments, the one the really sticks in my throat was the away performance in Zenit. It was gutless, it was weak, borderline shambolic. Against a team that had been in hibernation for more than 2 months.



    So when are the Celtic management team going to identify our weak spots, and make pro-active steps to addressing them in the transfer market ??





    Apols the ad hominem bit ? Yeah cool I can see that and how it could be interpreted.



    Unreserved apologies for that. It was not my intention. I perceive that you write in an off the cuff jovial manner ? My responses were in what I thought were a similar manner and tone.

  6. With all the mcginn talk .have celtic stopped looking for anyone better than him . No doubt he is a good player . Who will put in a shift , but there are many others who our scouts should be checking out . Kouassi has not been given a fair crack of the whip , but BR knows best . Centre half is a priority , and although done well since coming in .i feel young ajer still has a lot to learn .he will come good .but imho still a bit raw . But like you all , were kept waiting for the signings that will push us on .here,s hoping they arrive .

  7. We could win a watch with the young lad on trial from Hull. We really could.


    However he hasn’t kicked a ball for 2 years, so reality kicks in, and you need to question whether he will ever be at the levels he was achieving 2 years ago.



    However the bigger concern for me, is that it is well and truly obvious that we are scrimping and scraping around the bosman market, with a number of trialist’s already been spotted either at Lennoxtown or over in Austria.



    This is a high risk strategy, liable to yield a low return of success. I.e one in every 15 trialists might do a job.



    What is our club really doing with the money earned. Our financial results last year were glowing. This years will probably be better still. 50 Million from 2 champs league campaigns. Aided by all the other revenue streams, merchandise, season tickets sales, sponsorship, player sales etc. We are minted.



    Yet in selling Armstrong we currently sit with a negative outlay this summer.



    Unwilling to build from a position of strength. Limited ambition. Playing a high risk game in terms of qualifying to champs league group stages this year.



    The biscuit tin needs rattled. Get the finger out Celtic, and start identifying and securing bonifide signings that will improve our first 11.

  8. RUGGYGMAN on 28TH JUNE 2018 12:26 PM



    I am not concerned at all. The management team have been working in the background and will bring in the right players when they can. We are looking at a decent level of player, not the dross coming on over at Govan – they have to move quickly to get these frees in!



    As for your comments on the European performances, very harsh but we always knew we were a few seasons off challenging in Europe!





  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Apologies, this is a repost. Talking to masel over on the old thread. D’oh.



    I only saw the second half of yesterday’s game, and my observations were…



    … Hayes seemed to have recovered 100%, he went in to a few tackles fairly hard, and does not seem to have suffered any mental trauma, which often accompanies such a serious injury. I still don’t know if he is good enough for Celtic though.



    … James Forrest, on yesterday’s showing, seems to have maintained last seasons’ improvement in form, and took his goal well. He will be a key player in the early part of the season. Remember it was his goal that saw us safely negotiate the tricky Rosenberg tie last season. Same again Jamesie? I hope so.



    … Conor Hazard, when he was younger, this BHOY must have slept standing up in a bucket of manure. What a height!



    … Kouassi was the stand out player on the park. Strong, calm and composed. Very watchful, and showed good game intelligence. A mystery to me that he doesn’t play more often.



    … Tierney was brilliant on the left of a defensive three, and still found time to push on and raid forward down the left hand side. Bhoy did we win a watch when Kieran broke into the first team.



    … overall a very satisfactory first outing against a tall, fit and competitive outfit.



  10. mike in toronto on




    I have just been informed that I had a post deleted yesterday! Woo hoo! Only took me 15 years of trying!



    Seems likesaying ‘‘grumpy old b’s’ might have done the trick … although getting deleted for that just seems to prove my point, so I’m a bit confused




  11. I have read that McGinn deal isn’t happening which I take as a good sign, we have other fish to fry.


    Quality players are not readily available, some might still be involved at the world cup…plenty of time to sort out what we require.



    On Milan, I’ll be very interested how their appeal turns out, can see them getting back in through some through some juggling about with the figures….creative accountancy.

  12. armstrong 7 ml plus add ons. wages 40kpw.



    total over four years approx.15ml.



    its the wages that kill us we would have to reach group stages avery year to buy a few good players and no gaurantee. south hampton for gods sake!!!!!



    tv money we dont have.

  13. Neustadt-Braw on

    it is a wonder that all the wee sleekit Westminsterers on here have not mentioned Lizzie is a bit under the weather today….



    not surprising as her Team got knocked oot last night from what her husband would describe as S……. eyes…



    mind you her arse has just recovered from when a German led the Greeks to a Euro victory….




  14. whitedoghunch on

    hello, could anybody near G72 heading to Aberdour pop into mine and pick a wee thing up I have to get there.



  15. Comments in regards to our European performances last year were not harsh at all.


    12-1 vs PSG on Aggregate.


    As weak a 3-0 in Russia as you are likely to see.



    These were unacceptable performances and results

  16. kikinthenakas on

    Re Milan


    Would be interesting to see the Italian FA’s re in this ifany. Still an appeal to go….lobbying will have already begun



    Kikinthenakas ???x2

  17. weebobbycollins on

    TET @ 12.23…”Milan aye, but they won’t ban the huns.”


    Propaganda Due doesn’t have the same influence as the ‘Ludge’….

  18. South Of Tunis on

    AC MILAN ?



    American billionaire -Rocco Commisso ( a self declared Rube supporter )-has stated that he is willing to invest big money in AC Milan if certain conditions are met — he wants a serious look at the books -(current and historical ) and if he then goes ahead ,he gets total control of the whole shebang. That would reduce the role of Yonghong Li to the status of a bit part player in a business he bought without having the necessary to fund the future of that business . Like buying a super duper car and then being unable to afford the petrol , the road tax , the maintenance etc etc . Minty Moonbeams sold the Deady Bears for £1 . Berlusconi sold AC Milan for 740 million euros.

  19. WBC


    When Shug Dallas got the sack from the sfa for his anti Catholic email, you would have thot that getting a job, an influential job to boot, with uefa wisny possible, but he gets one, the ludge tenticals are far reaching……



  20. My money will be on Milan winning the appeal and sneaking in somehow… PSG last season was fairly obvious yet they managed to find a way around it…

  21. Brizzo 1888



    Looks like that crafty scouser has just signed Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men.


    Maybe they will be twin centre halves with Little Weed as sweeper.



    Predictions of The Banter Years being over may have been a wee bit hasty!

  22. South Of Tunis on

    To quote a journo for a Torino paper that is little more than a mouthpiece for Rubentus –



    ” How poor are you when you grovel for the money from the Europa League ? “

  23. The record surpassing even itself for ridiculous storylines.Some genius telling us today,that more money is going on The Monkeys to win the league,thank on Celtic.Money going onto them as they sit at odds of 8/1.


    The idiot writing this finds this interesting,as not much money going onto Celtic,priced at 1/10.He reckons,,its the Stevie feel good factor.


    Dear God in heaven.Where do you start.?

  24. I haven`t seen any posts referring to the Judicial Panel meeting from the other evening. Is that because there is no interest or because nothing has been released? If the latter, can anything be read into that?


    Or have I just simply missed any relevant posts?




  25. Turkeybhoy



    In spite of risible stories like that, many Huns actually believe the DR is anti-Sevco !!




  26. Just on way home to Scotland after popping down to England……….18 years ago


    Retired today. Well ,kinda…..



    Will feed odd not having to set alarm tonight.