Financial Fair Play takes first big scalp


In the European football aristocracy guide, few sit higher than Milan, even though performances in recent seasons are well down on their historical standards.  After giving new manager, Rino Gattuson, around €200m to spend last season, they qualified for this season’s Europa League group stage.

But therein lies the problem: you cannot just throw money at football these days and hope to pass Uefa’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.  Europe’s governing body yesterday banned Milan from European football for one year as a consequence.

The club indicated they would appeal, noting that new Chinese owners invested €88m in capital “not loans” and were on a firm financial footing.  This is true, but that one-off splurge on bling for our old pal Rino pushed them outside of the scope of FFP; the ban has been in the post for a year.

For Milan, this is humiliating and will cost them north of €10m, but it sends out an important signal to all.  Financial Fair Play has taken its first big scalp.

Stiliyan Petrov match worn Champions League shirt raffle

We have a very special raffle, running until tomorrow. The shirt Stiliyan Petrov wore in Celtic’s 0-0 draw with Bayern Munich during our 2003 Champions League campaign is available. You can buy a ticket for £1 here on ebay.  Stan signed the shirt.

All proceeds go to the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation to aid research into leukaemia and cancer treatments.  Stiliyan’s recover from leukaemia shows us just how far treatments have come, but as our own CQN community knows too well, more progress is needed.  The draw will be made at Woodside Hotel, Aberdour, where our CQN Open Golf Day evening events take place.

It will cost you £1, or £50 if you want 50, and you might win a great memento.

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  1. Regarding DB, might be worth considering that, with Belgium, he is playing with vastly superior players than with us.



    Maybe that helps his performance.



    Just saying.

  2. So Milo Yiannopolous asked for vigilante squads to start gunning journalists and, two days later, 5 people are killed and dozens more injured at the offices of the Capital Gazette in Maryland.



    These loudmouths have influence AND responsibility in this post-factual world.



    I don’t wish violence on the “look-at-me” wild child but I do hope he lives long enough to know better than he does now.

  3. I was going to put this quote up in reference to Sevco/Sevco fans/SMSM/SFA & onybody else that needed it…but after the tragedy at Annapolis..it has another awful application.



    “The difference between stupidity & genius is that genius has its limts.”


    Albert Einstein



    Take Care

  4. Pamela Anderson thinks that, Jeremy Corbyn is cool! ITV last night.


    Welcome to the Jungle Pam.


    Too much.



  5. Turkeybhoy



    I thought that he played well but on one occasion the English forward eased past him.



    He has been playing well …with better players.

  6. TET


    sounds to me like you need to go to a previous restore point (like a date from last week) under the system restore options if its windows.


    Dunno fellas I thought Loftus Cheek skinned our Boyata twice from what I saw.

  7. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 28th June 2018 11:58 pm



    Couldnt agree more.

  8. IMHO the problem with Trump supporters is that they are not stupid just uneducated bigots. Growing up in Scotland gave me this skill.





    Nice to have you back,mate. And in fine,inimitable,form!





    Ignoring the infantile spasm above,I was reading this instead.






    I wouldn’t put Lev Yashin in as a contender for GOAT-from earlier in the week-but he is certainly a contender for the best player ever from his country.



    Tragic story,though.



    Cheers ma mate. Yes I am enjoying life being a Celtic Bhoy, and a Big Bonus with my new sexy, much younger wee Burd, who has given me a real spring in my step.


    As for being “Loved Up Again” ?….probably not, as i know that she will probably meet some young Stud her own age ( But not as Handsome as me ? LOL) in the fullness of time, so I am just enjoying my time with this lovely lady until that day comes ?



    Columbia V The Hun Lions….Here’s hoping that Columbia take notice of the English Pundits and Media, Fans, for the complete disrespect that Mob are showing to towards Columbia as a footballing Nation, assuming already about “The easiest Draw” etc.


    As ever the English have been hoping and praying that every so called Top nation gets knocked out, making their path to WC Glory as easy as possible.


    What the English DON’T get ( or don’t want to get ?), is that if they go far in the WC, or even win it,…their efforts will surely be tainted ?


    This WC started with no Italy or Holland…Germany go out early, Argentina not playing too well etc etc ( none of this is Englands fault of course), it could be argued that this tourney was weakened before a real ball was kicked ?


    I hope the Columbians show England up to be the Real Dopes ?


    If England do face Sweden in last 8, how sweet it would be if PC Lustig scored the winner against them to knock them out ? LOL.






    Well done young Boyata, and auld man PC Lustig.

  12. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy CQN Open Friday to all of you from a gloriously clear skied East Kilbride. Hope that the reports from the Far East are just as positive.

  13. We are forever being told by the English that Vardy, Rashford and co are ALL Top Players/Strikers etc…so how come they couldn’t feckin score against a ” weakened” Belgium team ?


    Now where did I put my Columbian scarf and Bunnet ?






    Expect it to be much cooler on the east coast…………..mibbe take a jumper!

  15. aburntoutcase on

    Morning all. Good luck to all the gowfers today. Here`s to lot`s of money raised for some great causes. Well done to all involved.

  16. STOP PRESS….Southgate’s and Kane’s knighthoods delayed/put on hold, after Mighty England lose to Belgiums reserve Team ! LOL



    St George’;s Flag…………I will need to look it up again, but I’m sure Georgie boy wasn’t even English, as he was born in Malta or was it Gibraltor ? ( I can’t remember ?).


    He’s came to English shores…..Chibbed a Dragon………… ( I didn’t know George knew my Ex Mother in Law ?), and suddenly he’s a hero ?


    PM May and her Mob, might just have Georgie boy deported as an Illegal Immigrant ?




    Best of luck to all at Aberdour today. I prefer Aberlour myself.



    They do a very pleasant 10yo and 12yo.



    Maybe BLANTYRETIM,OLDTIM67 and PF AYR can try them out on their wee crawl while the rest are batting their baws…

  18. Twisty



    Well played on the retirement front oul’ bhoy………..Ease yourself into that role and find something else to do quickly! Keep the high baws, very low………








    I don’t think you and St George would have got on. This is from his Wikipedia page.



    [Emperor]”Diocletian attempted to convert George, offering gifts of land, money, and slaves if he would sacrifice to the gods, but the tribune refused.[12] Recognizing the futility of his efforts and insisting on upholding his edict, Diocletian ordered that George be arrested. In an effort to undermine his resolve, the emperor sent a woman to the prison to spend the night with George, who having little time for earthly concerns managed to convert her instead”




    Having said that,his chat up lines seem to work better than mine…

  20. JOBO BALDIE on 29TH JUNE 2018 6:45 AM


    I am wearing Shorts but I’m not walking the Golf Course, I’ll be doing a few visits to the 19th. See you just after 10:00.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  21. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good morning from a gloriously sunny Clydebank. Good luck to the Aberdour gowfers and 19th holers today.



  22. oh, and a genuine question for the gowfers……



    ……….why go spoil a nice walk!?






    RodneyDangerfield CSC



    I’m partial to a wee dram of Aberlour.


    Definitely away this time…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  24. Must have dreamt Belgium beat England last night. Listening to radio this morning, England are apparently in the semi finals. One so called ‘expert’ has just said Columbia have no chance in next round, they won’t cause any problems to England at all. And he is Scottish!!!

  25. GOLF….


    Some years ago, I found my Golf game improved greatly…………when I started using a Size 5 Mitre !


    The above is a Tip Tip to any aspiring Golfer.



  26. The Auld Calton is looking somewhat lovely this Morn…..maybe Love is in the Air ?


    I don’t know about anyone else, but this Hot weather makes me feel very sexy…more than usual. LOL



    I miss my smart TV, Repair Guy is supposed to return it Today….suppose I’LL need to pay him some Dosh !


    Think I may need some Pints of Ale, after he’s gone ?


    I hope he comes BEFORE Opening time ?



  27. St George’s birthplace….I’m not sure……. as it’s all Greek to me ! LOL


    I’ll need to re research the Georgie Chib man once again.



    My God, this hot weather certainly brings oot the Stunning Glesca Burds …………………I keep walking into feckin Lamp Posts, cos I’m no lookin where I’m going !


    Nothing to do with the Drink…it’s they Beautiful sexy Glesca Burds.







    It must have caused you a wee problem on the putting green?