Financial Fair Play takes first big scalp


In the European football aristocracy guide, few sit higher than Milan, even though performances in recent seasons are well down on their historical standards.  After giving new manager, Rino Gattuson, around €200m to spend last season, they qualified for this season’s Europa League group stage.

But therein lies the problem: you cannot just throw money at football these days and hope to pass Uefa’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.  Europe’s governing body yesterday banned Milan from European football for one year as a consequence.

The club indicated they would appeal, noting that new Chinese owners invested €88m in capital “not loans” and were on a firm financial footing.  This is true, but that one-off splurge on bling for our old pal Rino pushed them outside of the scope of FFP; the ban has been in the post for a year.

For Milan, this is humiliating and will cost them north of €10m, but it sends out an important signal to all.  Financial Fair Play has taken its first big scalp.

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We have a very special raffle, running until tomorrow. The shirt Stiliyan Petrov wore in Celtic’s 0-0 draw with Bayern Munich during our 2003 Champions League campaign is available. You can buy a ticket for £1 here on ebay.  Stan signed the shirt.

All proceeds go to the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation to aid research into leukaemia and cancer treatments.  Stiliyan’s recover from leukaemia shows us just how far treatments have come, but as our own CQN community knows too well, more progress is needed.  The draw will be made at Woodside Hotel, Aberdour, where our CQN Open Golf Day evening events take place.

It will cost you £1, or £50 if you want 50, and you might win a great memento.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on




    Dedryck’s bombscare reference is the 3 -2 game at doomdome we won.


    Go Dedryck Bhoyatta



  2. Celtic40me


    and if they’d won it would have been – momentum, beating higher ranked team

  3. Tv show idea,



    Piers Morgan and 3 lions



    Piers Morgan



    In a cage



    With 3 lions



    That’s it.

  4. Dena



    Home with a wee beer and a wee Chinese. All good. House is 33.9 degrees mind!

  5. jamesgang on 28th June 2018 9:34 pm



    open the fridge door and eat your diner in front of it :-)))))








  6. Dunky



    Big G ,just texted me from Ibiza ,I was sorry to read that it was a bit cloudy overhead with showers.


    Told him I’ve hardly done a hands turn this week due to it being fekn melting :O) hh

  7. Managed to revive my computer after it did a hun and die, unlike the huns, I have after many hours given it life again, but it’s on life support, there is a nasty in it and I canny find it, it started to disable everything, so much so that when I logged out of something I couldn’t log back in, it got to the point that the computer wouldn’t boot up, but somehow I managed, no idea what I did right enough.


    Question, I have been trying to find the bit for taking it back to the factory settings, wipe everything and start again, problem is I can’t find it, I can find the system restore to another time, but not how to reset the fecking thing, embdy any ideas ?

  8. Gene.



    thanks, as I thought, logistics. Making it fairer in one way, unfairer, or at least less sporting, in another.



    Tyldesley asked what will people do, no games tomorrow.



    In 1986, I jokingly said to some female colleagues that there was a rest day in the Mexico WC, so did any of them fancy a night out?



    One said yes, and she’s been my wife for 8 more World Cups.



    So she has to put up with my tv binging!

  9. Gene



    The parallel is that Hibs were content to play out a losing 1:0 game to rangers in the same fashion that Japapn were content to do so today vs Poland.



    It suited both of them to lose by just that margin as Japan still got through but if they were still contesting and Poland scored a 2nd goal, they would have been out. It is all within the rules for them to let Colombia win their qualifying place for them as Colombia, who only needed to draw, were still competitive enough to beat Senegal. Colombia too could have kicked the ball in their own net for a 1:1 draw and allowed their opponents to get 2nd place. It would not have harmed their chances of being top to draw 1:1.



    Colombia vs Senegal was a competitive match and result whilst Poland vs Japan was a tacitly negotiated agreement to limit the agression and accept a 1:0 scoreline.



    The same applied in 2005 where Hibs agreed to lose 1:0 and 1:0 only as that result suited both teams aspirations that day (Rangers won the league and Hibs earned the Europa spot that another Rangers goal would have deprived them of).



    But Motherwell played a competitive game at Fir Park and, even though winning the match meant they remained in 6th place, they decided to compete- The b*ss*s



    Of course all those teams played within the rules- no formal deals were done- and maybe htere is nothing that can be done about it. But I think it is either Judo or Boxing where the ref is allowed to penalise a passive opponent- maybe football needs to consider something similar

  10. jinkyredstar on

    SFTB from a wee while ago


    Wasn’t Sanguine in 2005, not sanguine now – my Point was about the tie break being cars and not something more positive like number of corners.


    Only a straight knock out competition would prevent such situations.


    One thing I will say about Hibs in 2005 – they were defending a known position – do I like that?…No


    On that horrible day only one team let us all down I’m afraid – our fate was in our own hands.


    Unsanguinecsc ….smiley thing

  11. What is the Stars on

    I thought Boyatta looked very good tonight.


    However it might be because he was up against a lesser standard of player than he encounters weekly in the SPL.


    Theres a compliment and an insult wrapped up in there

  12. Wonder if Rio will demand stringent drug-testing before and after the Colombia match.



    Oh, wait. . . . .

  13. SFTB


    I know the feeling, it wouldny be so bad if I new what I did :-)


    I also was hoping the brits didny lose cos I thot they would get the harder side of the draw, mentioned this to the Mrs and she said that Colombia would melt them so it didny matter, that will do for me, she also said at the start that Belgium would win the WC, when she doesn’t think about it she tends to be right far more than not.



  14. Delaneys Dunky



    I almost made – no – show. Thought I had set myself up for a major wind-up, as the femmes at work had a wicked sense of humour.



    Thankfully, I decided to risk it, and the rest is (World Cup) history!

  15. SFTB


    My comment was purely to do with adherence to rules – but I see your point about tactical play – the Austria v Germany in one WC was probably the most blatant – think rule was changed so final group games played at same time



    Off to ma kip – early start for training walk – before it gets too hot

  16. Before I go we have the 3 lions v the 3 lines – if you get ma drift – sniffffffffffff



    play nice

  17. mike in toronto on

    SFTB @10:01



    Had not heard him before … but really like that! thanks for sharing that.

  18. Delaneys Dunky on




    I agree wi Frankie Boyle.


    We should have a drugged oot their tits olympic games. Would be fun.

  19. Goodnight bhoys



    have enjoyed the discussions without the name calling today




    long may it continue




    Play nice






  20. Good evening all . Firstly, thanks very much for the birthday wishes and kind comments yesterday Much appreciated.



    I thought our scapegoat central defender played very well tonight , unfortunately it might mean his agent , rather than the moaners ,will give him a lift to the airport.


    Btw . Never used the mute button so much as tonight.


    I’m quite ambivalent to the English hopes with the mute button on , but not when the volumes up . Commentators or that national anthem, both do my box in .


    Hope all the golfers & non golfers have a hoot at Aberdour tomorrow. Gutted I’m missing it .



    How many sleeps till the season starts ? Good night from scorchio Ayrshire. HH

  21. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    I thought Dedryck played very well tonight. Again, for the third time, as first-choice in this very good Belgium team.



    Also noticed he wasn’t subbed when Kompany came on – he moved to left-back.



    The last 4 or 5 games of our season in Scotland, it looked to me like he changed his game, started just doing the simple things, safe and secure. He became a rock, and that’s what he’s been doing for Belgium.



    I really like Dedryck. I think he is a fine defender.

  22. Angel Gabriel has the best moniker on here. I have a fridge magnet of Him and the Archangel Michael (My hero)

  23. Angelgabriel –



    Our first competitive game is the away leg against Alashkert FC. It is only 12 sleeps away…. ;-)



    Before then we play Bohemians (in 2 sleeps), Sparta Prague (in 5 sleeps) and Shamrock Rovers (in 9 sleeps).



    You’re welcome… ;-)