Football comes at you quick when losing money


Five years ago, Jack Ross took his Championship St Mirren team to Celtic Park for a Scottish Cup tie and impressed everyone.  Brendan Rodgers thought they were the best domestic team to play there all season.  I thought he was a manager for the future.

Within weeks of leading St Mirren to promotion, he moved to the disaster zone that was Stadium of Light, Sunderland.  Sunderland had just experienced the CEO magic of former Rangers chief, Martin Bain, and had been relegated for the second successive season.  He took them to the League One play-off final but having sold their star striker and with Aiden McGeady carrying an injury, they lost.  He was sacked a few months into the new season, again in a play-off spot.

Of all the bizarre sackings in football, Ross’ losing his job at Hibs, shortly before they were due to play Celtic in last season’s League Cup Final is up there.  Hibs then became the disaster zone club.  He should have been a good fit at Dundee United, but after losing 7 to AZ Alkmaar, 9 to Celtic, and worse, 3 to St Mirren, he was sacked this morning.

It took less than 4 weeks to go from the height of taking a first leg lead against AZ, to the loss of the next five games, scoring once and conceding 24.  Earlier this month, we discussed, “[United’s] smallest loss in the last three years was £2.52m, their highest turnover in that time was £3.9m.  Football comes at you quick with losses like that.  This will not end well.”

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  1. SCANIEL @ 11:31 AM,



    Absolutely, it’s the last thing to get involved in, so 99 times out of 100 I don’t get involved.



    HOT SMOKED is undoubtedly a good ghuy.



    Yet there is far too much trolling on here to my way of thinking and it’s got to the stage where fholk don’t even know they are doing it.



    He says he was trying to be funny and no doubt that’s the way he sees it but whatever way you slice it, it is trolling.



    So yes, the comments were unpalatable, yet should we let it slide ’cause it comes from the good ghuys?



    Thanks for the positive comments I do enjoy the debates, we have a huge week of football as the season kicks off in earnest and we should all enjoy






    Hail Hail

  2. CHAIRBHOY on 30TH AUGUST 2022 9:02 AMI really haven`t got a clue what you are talking about but, like you said, I could have forgotten.





    As you , apparently, have my e-mail, send me one so that I can check if I have ever sent you one.




    SCANIEL on 30TH AUGUST 2022 11:31 AM



    Thanks for your kind words. I FEEL it is a case of mistaken identity but Chaiman`s response to my lighthearted comment concerning disbelief that we had won 9-0 away from Home makes me wonder.


    Anyway, hopefully he will contact me ( If, indeed, I am who he thinks I am !) and I can take it from there but thanks again for your support.

  3. Owen Moffat has permanently left the building for the sunlit uplands of Blackpool.



    More space made for Barkley’s wages:)



    Now for bigger fish Mikey, Alby, Scotty and Jamesey




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  5. Kyogo, Hatate, O’Riley not in squad for tomorrow…….as long as none of them is getting sold…😳😬

  6. RC- i got 2 messages saying he was signing a 1 year deal with us………can’t see it…maybe back to Everton, if they will have him back

  7. HOT SMOKED @ 12:05, 07 PM,



    Out of courtesy I’ve looked out your email, if you don’t remember the exchange then fair enough.



    I’ll not be responding but in my many years on this site I’ve exchanged emails with a handful of ghuys, they’ve always treated me with respect.



    After our exchange you were hostile to me on the site and it made me question your motives for wanting my email address in the first place.



    Now, it maybe mistaken identity, is your email your name, one word…






    It could be after exchanging emails we simply disagreed on most things Celtic.



    Snide remarks have always been a thing on this site yet it seems the same posters are targeted by a clique, which tells me it’s personal rather than content driven.



    Now it that’s not your email address



    And you feel your “humourous” comments are random



    And you do not discuss CQN posters on another forum



    Then I’ll be in the wrong.



    Please let me know if that is indeed the case and we can stop the silly nonsense



    In the meantime, either way, as Scaniel says peace and love…



    Hail Hail

  8. Jack Ross – if he’d lost both home and away to Alkmaar, say 2-0 each game, but taken points off St Mirren, he’d still be there. He never looked a particularly good fit at Dundee Utd to me – actually don’t know why I say that – but sacking the guy ten weeks into the job?



    Scott Parker at Bournemouth, lest we forget Ryan Christie’s favourite club since childhood – took three points off Villa, then lost to Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool. Wonder what more he was expected to do?



    Who’d be a football manager?

  9. Paul 67,



    Scott Parker had to go. It is part and parcel of the EPL madness



    At Dundee Utd Jack Ross did not have to go. If Jack Ross had to go then the people who appointed him should go too.


    How can a manager put his stamp on a team / club if he is not given time. At this stage of the season it is crazy, and costly.



    Celtic are blameless and I’m just disappointed we didn’t get 10.



    As Man Utd get their £85 m man and West Ham break their transfer record there is a much bigger picture for Scottish football to contemplate.



    The gap between ourselves, the huns and the rest of Scottish football is widening dramatically. Both in European results / prestige and finance.


    This cannot be sustainable and healthy for a competitive league.



    The thinking outside the box caps must be looked out again.


    Summer football must be back on the agenda, there are so many benefits.



    One thing is for sure is that as long as the status quo remains then European football must be the priority show in town.






    PS : A lot to consider as the main stand needs a lot of money.




    I look forward to your input on here as your one of my favourite posters 😊



    I would be totally shocked if your accusations about Hot Smoked were true…….



    Mistaken identity probable cause….. At least I hope so.



    Chin up and keeping posting pal 🤗👍

  11. An T


    Posted on prev story



    An T, The sculpture is incredible, as is how it was funded.







    I really love poetry and have just discovered that the Celtic Wiki has a poetry page.







    I am going to go and have a deep dive into the poems in a little bit.







    An Gorta Mór





    Forced the Irish nation





    To flee their homeland





    Of death and starvation.





    Forced to immigrate to America,





    To New York, Baltimore & Boston





    Were the wind-borne potatoe blight





    Had been born.







    Some crossed the Irish Sea





    To the city of Glasgow





    To seek refuge in a city





    That the Church of Scotland controlled.







    They lived within the poverty,





    The abuse and oppression,





    Obstacles that lay in their path





    By the Protestant population.







    Glasgow was not the Promised Land





    For the Irish Catholic community,





    They fought the prejudice and bigotry,





    They encountered each day.







    The Irish Diaspora cried out to Our Lord





    To provide them with a saviour,





    For their faith and heritage





    Was to be preserved by Brother Walfrid







    Daniel McDonagh 2007

  12. Big Jimmy i posted this on prev thread







    I once met Bobby Lennox, he was in a junior football clubs bar after Celtic had brought a youth team to play in a testimonial for some junior player who had played over 20 years for his team.







    I went up i was Somewhere between 18 and 20 years old.





    I went up and asked if i could buy his friend and him a drink, i called him Mr Lennox.







    He told me i could as long as i called him Bobby.





    I might as well have been standing with my jaw dropped.





    I was starstruck he chatted away to me good style.





    He must have had starstruck youngsters like me do that on numerous occasions.







    I was and still struck by how decent a man this living legend was.







    When Celtic played the rangers in the league for the first time, i had read that Bobby and another Lion had said that this was the fastest Celtic team he had seen.





    They also mentioned how slow the rangers defence was.







    I went into Paddypower and stuck a tenner on Celtic to win by 4 goals.





    The staff were almost laughing out loud at me.





    I had great pleasure in going in to collect my winnings.





    That was first time i had placed a bet in years.





    Haven’t placed a bet since.







    Your Kyogo tip tempts me, i was at the game in Morton when Frank M scored 4 goals there was a horse running that day, think Celtic Shot or Celtic Chieftain or Celtic Warrior.





    I went home with more money than left the house with.







    The roof of the bookies nearly came off, place was packed solid with loads of us in their.







    P.S wonder what Bobby and the other Lion whose name i can’t remember think of the speed of this team compared to the one that beat the current incarnation of the huns.

  13. No reason that our premier clubs like Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen can’t be competing in a Europa League or Conference league on a regular basis.



    Something tells me that moving away from journeymen SPFL managers like Ross et al and their compulsion to lower league hasbeens to a more enlightened football identity, vfm scouting and selling strategy shouldn;t see them rise above their mediocrity. Not enough of them with an outward looking plan beyond ‘we can’t compete domestically’….




  14. Paul67 or moderator, can you pass on my email contact to Maxibhoy so we can get in touch please

  15. Just a wee note regarding a Player Of The Year competition thing that I’ve been running. I really do appreciate the fact that a number of posters (and lurkers) on here take part after most games. And whilst I’m rarely on here myself I do have a wee peek for any reaction after I post the results after each game. It’s fair to say there’s a distinct absence of debate or comment and I have absolutely no problem with that.


    Going forward I won’t clutter up your blog with any results post. I have no problem should anyone on here wish to copy them over from the Sentinel Celts website.


    Please keep the voting address handy for all future games –

  16. spikeysauldman on



    you mentioned someone from Coatbridge’s 60th.


    maybe co-incidental, but was this KB ?

  17. MARSPAPA @ 12:51 PM,



    Yes, sounds like he’s a sound ghuy, so fair do’s.



    It was the irony of folk moaning about trolls, while seemingly unaware of what they were taking part in it themselves.



    Not like me to be over sensitive and at the end of the day it doesn’t bother me, so should have continued to let it lie.



    Even in England half a dozen of my best pals are Celtic supporters I’ve met following the matched.



    So apologies to all and thanks for the kind words.



    Hail Hail

  18. Hey Jobo



    I commented on the under appreciation of CCV by the Celtic support in your poll😀- Lack of response does not always equate to lack of appreciation but it is nice to get a bit now and again.




    I appreciate what you are doing and the time taken to do it. If you like, I can bring the results over to here from the other channel when I am available.

  19. CHAIRBHOY on 30TH AUGUST 2022 1:08 PM



    Good stuff pal , look forward to your next input.


    Hopefully all is resolved.



    🟩⬜🟨💚☘️⚽👍. COYBIG.

  20. Chairbhoy, I know it’s more or less sorted and I don’t need a response from you , but I feel I must add my voice to those saying positive things about Hot Smoked.



    I know the man, an absolute gentleman, and a great Celtic Supporter,



    I know to my cost that jokes on here can backfire,



    If you were in a pub and the same ghuy said the same thing you would know straight away no harm was meant but we can both read the same post and take different meanings.



    To be honest I don’t think there are a lot of Trolls here, obviously we all hold strong points of view on certain aspects of the team & the Club and it’s human nature to like Posters who are of the same mind as yourself but we should always remember we have a lot more in common than what divides us.

  21. BIG WAVY on 30TH AUGUST 2022 1:00 PM


    No reason that our premier clubs like Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen can’t be competing in a Europa League or Conference league on a regular basis.




    BW – I think that is a really interesting subject and there could be various ways to tackle the problem. BBC Football had a similar article once the huns got into the CL; would it harm the other 10 teams if us and them pull further away.



    In my view, the teams you mention should be ploughing cash from the occasional big sale into youth academies such that they can sustain themselves on the field but also be financially stable when they do trade on the sell side.



    I am a bit worried that Hearts and Aberdeen in particular are going for the lower English league physical specimens to be competitive. Ross County, St Mirren and Livi are at it as well



    I see these unknowns turn up in the first few games and i think ‘where did they get that guy, he’s great, where do they find the wages?’



    A quick Google and you find they have done little elsewhere and soon find that level. Even Ayr are at it.



    Short termism



    Now, I don’t want to sound arrogant as a Celtic supporter because we are now hoovering up foreign talent which has turned round our fortunes rapidly (the difference for us is that they are good and saleable if needed). We had a nice balance of Scots and foreign through Deila and Rodgers periods and we have definitely stepped back from that (bad for Scotland).



    Hopefully Ange will get the development purring again and we will have a few more homegrown players in a few years

  22. Jobo my old pal, I very much appreciate what you are doing,


    On the live game thread, I always talk about who I think are playing well & who I’m leaning towards giving my Jobo vote to.


    I usually get a bit of response either agreeing or disagreeing.



    At !0.30 pm, The Blog is always a bit dead so honestly wouldn’t expect much reaction around that time..



    Keep up the good work, I think you can gauge the appreciation by the number of voters casting their votes,

  23. Chairman



    Seeing as you have my e-mail could you get in touch and we can correspond via that medium? For the life of me, I cannot relate to the comments you make about me but I don`t doubt your sincerity. As Corkcelt said, maybe something did not come over as intended. Regardless, I don`t think this is a conversation for the Blog so an e-mail would really be appreciated.

  24. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    SCULLYBHOY on 30TH AUGUST 2022 2:08 PM



    Paul Mc Gugan…………….Bertie Peacock….Charlie Tully

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