Hearts v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:00.

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  1. C.O.Y.B.I.G.


    CELTIC: Hart, Johnston, Carter-Vickers, Scales, Taylor, Iwata, O’Riley, Bernardo, Yang, Idah, Maeda.


    Subs: Bain, Laberbielke, Palma, Kyogo, Kuhn, Holm, Kelly, Ralston, Welsh

  2. That team’s good enough to spank this manky mob today.



    Watch them kick us off the park with impunity though.



    Officials and ourselves are the only people who can stop us winning this title.



    3-1 to the hoops!


    O’Reilly, Idah and Bernardo and their goal will be a penalty.




  3. carpe diem 63 on

    Come on you bhoys in green …get a couple of early goals and take the MIBS out of the equation 🍀

  4. AN TEARMANN on 3RD MARCH 2024 2:31 AM



    Sigh. As expected even a simple yes or no question is too much for when you don’t like the answer. There is zero point in any more dialogue, I have wasted enough time on you I won’t be wasting any more. Hopefully, we see a continued improvement in the form today but with the lack of quality in the squad it’s a battle until the end of the season and any victory will do. If we win I’ll be crediting the manager and the players, feel free to credit the guy who’s been briefing against him via his proxy for the last few months

  5. DAVID66







    Apologies if you took my comment seriously, it was meant in jest.







    II always found it funny when you showed me pictures of your wife on your phone at our meet ups.







    Again i apologise, it was never my intent to offend you.








  6. Apart from the result,best bit from yesterday was the Motherwell support belting out,Twist and Shout.Brilliant.


    Any win Bhoys but a big statement win would be fantastic.

  7. C’mon the Hoops 🍀 my friend’s tell me Daniel Kelly has been doing extra training good to hear 💪

  8. CHAIRBHOY on 3RD MARCH 2024 6:08 AM



    Thank you for the kind words. Twice no less! I can just ignore people who throw out hun allegations like confetti and rant at me without actual engagement.



    To the points in your excellent post. Turns out I was too generous to Ol’ Peter! I was willing to concede Strachan as I felt I was backing myself into a corner by giving him no credit at all, and my memory of the narrative around the time was a bit hazy. You have refreshed it slightly, my view at the time was Strachan did a good job under limited resources(back 4 v Man U of Telfer, Balde, McManus, Naylor 😳 ) with some turgid football. Not dissimilar to this season except there was a reason for the lack of investment in the team back then there is none now.



    Anyway I’m buzzing for this game so I don’t really want to be speaking of Lawwell at all right now, this is the narrative Paul67 has been setting and has had to be challenged. To be frank, they have been such transparent tripe the last few months that he not only demeans himself, he discredits the blog and all that post in it by association. His blog his choice but there’s always been great posters on here and it’s a shame to see it diminished. Let’s hope we’re arguing tomorrow from the vantage point of the top of the table

  9. the long wait is over on

    Callum out is , of course, a major worry and a lift for them , not that they need it against us.



    I expect though that , buoyed by yesterday’s result and the experience we have in the senior players , we’ll have enough.




  10. A most ‘unlike me’ prediction of 2-1 Celts today.


    Think this’ll be a tough one, though result is all important and it’ll be a warm glow which envelopes me for an afternoon of TV sport later.


    Fingernails at the ready

  11. People say it’s only the three points that matter but I disagree. My blood pressure is also very important so I’m hoping for a couple of early goals and a flat second half as we coast to a stress-free 2 or 3-0

  12. Sigh.gtf with your condescension


    The simple assertion of yours was Celtics success was predicated on there being no competition,yeh read it often on ff or various hun meejas.sound hun narrative.As stated girn like a teethin wean bout PL,not Celtics achievements







    To the game

  13. Geebee


    Strap yourself in for the Celtic roller coaster ride.



    My heart rate is too high already 😁

  14. Wide open game. Hearts seem to fancy their right wing, our left back.


    Ref already making some odd decisions.

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