Hibs are likely as anyone to win next trophy Celtic drop


On first pass, it seems a bit of a reach for new Hibs manager, Jack Ross, to target challenging for domestic honours, with his team lying eight in the table, one of five clubs who have won only two league games this season.

Hibs were the last club to win a domestic trophy before Celtic went on their treble winning streak.  That Scottish Cup win, in 2016, came from an even more unlikely position than the bottom half of the Premiership, the club failed to win promotion from the Championship that season.

Aberdeen and Newco have provided the main challenge to Celtic in the league for six seasons now, but Aberdeen have won only one trophy, the 2013-14 League Cup, in 29 years, and Newco have only just reached their second final.  I’m not convinced either have what it takes to win silverware.

Celtic have plenty to do this season to stretch their grip on Scottish trophies, but winning the League Cup next month would frustrate the efforts of Newco, who are financially underwater and will want a trophy before their best ever team breaks up.

Hibs shipped five goals to Celtic in their Hampden semi-final earlier this month, but they had the better of play for periods of the second half.  They are significantly weaker than Newco right now, but this is just a snapshot.  If Celtic win next month’s final, Hibs are as likely to take the next trophy dropped by Celtic as anyone in the league.

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  1. Glad to hear that we are hoping to extend Arzanis loan deal to make up for time lost.Don’t think many realise what a talent we have here.Seeing him in training,Lenny obviously does.

  2. Philbhoy,



    I think Ross turned his St Mirren team into a very decent team.I know he is well respected by other managers.


    Deserves a chanc e.The Sunderland job a nightmare.




    Shows a wee bit lack of ambition for me.



    Their last manager was signed after being sacked from his previous club too.



    Who knows?

  4. Hello again all you young rebels.





    Just back from our training tonight and i was asked when young Arzani


    was due back playing again.


    Very highly respected player here and the Aussie msm keep saying he’ll


    be even better after a stint with the Scottish giants.


    But he’s got a fight on his hands to get that spot in front of the others


    mentioned, but it will be interesting.


    H.H . Mick

  5. MM,



    Good to hear from you. I think Lenny sees him more in the David Silva position.Let’s hope he hits it off.Can’t have enough class players.




    David Silva eh? never thought about that, but the bhoy has amazing


    talent and the arrogance to go with it, be good to see him produce it


    for Celtic.


    But then we’ve got the old loan position to think about again, or


    have the club got something up their sleeve?


    It’s wait and see time again.


    H.H . Mick

  7. Looking at Dec fixtures,on two sites,we seem to be playing a game extra to the Guns.Anyone enlighten me.

  8. MM,



    I think,think,we had the option to buy.Obviously,the remark about Silva was only the position he plays.Not the quality.


    But you never know.

  9. Turkeybhoy – I think we rescheduled one of the ‘cup cancelled’ games. Sevco couldn’t do the same due to one of their games being brought forward to the Fruday for TV.


    Bring a glass half full guy I see this as an opportunity to be (at least) 6 points clear by Hogmanay, even if they do have a game in hand.

  10. I doubt the main problem with clubs like Hibs or Hertz is the incumbent manager…………


    but it’s an obvious place to start – how much a factor the player’s conduct intervenes seems rarely mentioned.

  11. At some point we will lose a trophy and I hope its not this season. We don’t want to give the Huns any comfort.



    They have some financial issues and the longer we can stop them winning the better. They cannot keep running at a loss for ever, they need some success. The hope will not be satisfies until they win something.



    If we win the League Cup it’s rumoured that this could be the last straw and cause changes at the Newco.



    As usual its left to Celtic to deal with Newco as other clubs don’t seem up to the job.



    If and when we beat them then I suspect there will be off field obstacles put in our way as Newco will be devastated.



    So its, not in my opinion that Hibs are likely as anyone to win the next trophy. It’s Newco who are in the Final and keeping pace with us in the league. The others are well behind.

  12. You are 100% correct BigBhoy, I don’t know why Paul keeps up this nonsense that the Hun are no threat & we are in for a generation of dominance. They have severe Financial problems & have been leaking money like a sieve, However they do have genuinely rich backers, they have an extremely large Support & have the second highest Income in Scotland.


    If we are to slip up anywhere, they are clearly the most likely to profit.


    I still think we are far better than them, and keep expecting there reckless economics to bite them in the ass, but as things stand they are clearly our biggest threat & to say otherwise is nonsense.

  13. v livi



    Referee:Andrew Dallas




    Frank Connor




    Andy Milne


    Fourth Official


    Don Robertson

  14. If they came a close second, got out the Europa League group stage and won a cup they would consider it a good season.



    They have already reached a cup final. One bad refereeing decision or bad Celtic performance away from winning.



    They have a good chance of qualifying from the group.



    They have only dropped two points to the rest of the league in 11 games.



    Hopefully, we will see improvement from the rest of the league. If Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen etc. can raise their game then the difference in quality between the sides will be more telling.

  15. I will pre-empt by saying that I am a James Forrest fan . (The player, not the blogger).



    However in an ideal scenario, we really should have Shved and /or Arzani breathing heavily down his neck.



    Wee Jamesy contributes a lot to what we have achieved in recent times. However all wingers can have off days, and Livi away and Hibs away this season, we could of done with a fully fit Arzani to freshen up the scene and bring something different to the table.

  16. Paul 67


    So Newco have been one of our main challengers in league these past 6 seasons?


    I will tell you this, I felt no pressure from them whatsoever as they tried to retrieve the ball on the Brechin hedge and I didn’t even flinch as their neanderthal followers belted out, Same old Alloa – always cheatin’.



  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Regarding Jack Ross, and his likelihood of success at Hibs, I am a firm believer in the maxim of the right man, at the right club, at the right time. I feel there is a good chance that Hibs have made a very good appointment. Ross had success in Scotland with St Mirren, so he knows what it takes to win. He would also have picked up invaluable knowledge from his time at Sunderland, and he showed no lack of courage accepting such a poisoned chalice in the first place. Will he be successful at Hibs? Time will tell, but this may just be his right club, at the right time.


    No one could doubt that Mourinho and Van Gaal have everything it takes to be a successful manager, but look at their respective tenures at Old Trafford. Mourinho? Wrong club! Van Gaal? Wrong time.



  18. Bada-Bing


    Yeah I read that earlier today. Hopefully both he and Shved can make an impact. Competition can only be healthy.

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    TIMHORTON on 19TH NOVEMBER 2019 5:44 PM


    i think the hun is a real threat this year.( hope i am wrong.)





    I think so too.



    We have far, far better players – I would struggle to take any of theirs into our team, and possibly even onto the bench (would perhaps borrow PenTavernier to take corners…maybe).



    However, they are demonstrably better, thus-far, than the rest. That being the case, it will all – give or take a result here or there – come down to the Celtic vs Sevco games.



    Some contend that they will ship points across the season; however, up to this point we have done so too, and at precisely the same rate as them.



    I’ll not be comfortable until, and if, they start to drop some more points while we remain relentless in chalking up win after win after win after win after win after win after win…we need to grind down their spirit with monotonous excellence.






  20. Paul67 et al



    I thought Jack Ross did a pretty good job for the Mackems last season, play-off final and only five defeats in the league. Sunderland will regret losing him. Hibs could well have struck lucky, will push for top four now.

  21. Coneybhoy



    Me too. Said at the start of the season Sevco were my tip for the League Cup… just a feeling

  22. Good evening, friends.


    Celtic well represented at Hampden tonight with 4 Bhoys in the starting line up and 1 former Bhoy keeping our clean sheet ;-)




    Don`t worry about those ` feelings`. We are conditioned to feel that we will lose. The fact that we have won everything in Scotland for the past three years only dilutes that feeling a fraction. As a matter of interest, are you both living in Scotland?

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