Hold seminars on the work of Leigh Griffiths


Brendan Rodgers’ words after the Kilmarnock game about there being no sentimentality in his team selection encouraged many of us to think Scott Brown would not start against Salzburg on Thursday, but even if this is the case, the captain is sure to play a key role in the game, just as he did at the League Cup Final earlier this month.

At Hampden he disrupted Aberdeen’s rhythm in the latter part of the game, ensuring they got nowhere near Scott Bain’s goal.  If we are defending a positive result late in the game against Salzburg, the same job will be required.

Sport thrives on characters like Leigh Griffiths, who joked yesterday about Ibrox stewards, who now mark the posts after Celtic visits to prevent Leigh from adorning them with a Celtic scarf.  We follow football for the game, but the game is enhanced by the personalities who play it.  Those whose job it is to sell our game should hold seminars on the work of Leigh Griffiths.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    It is vital to select our strongest available team on Thursday night to maximise our chances of securing the point we need to progress.



    Likewise on Sunday to secure the 3 points we need towards another title.



    Luckily we have a fit young squad chomping at the bit to play football.







  2. Am I the only one who is worried about our players at Ibrox ?



    Leigh can joke and jape but there are crazies over there who hate him. Where will our subs warm up. Will they need to pass the onion bears.

  3. Leigh Griffiths has much to contribute to Celtic, he is in the best place with the best manager to help him achieve this. Time is on his side.



    However as the Celtic by Numbers article illustrates, sentimentality is not in abundance for those deemed ‘past it’. Scott Brown was prematurely described as ‘finished’ by many, myself included, in the final season of Ronny. He has proven otherwise and may do so again, but Celtic are correct to plan ahead without having him as a regular starter, sad though that is.



    Leigh Grriffith on the other hand is nowhere near finished and everything he wants lies within his own attitude and ability- I think he’ll grasp the opportunity.

  4. glendalystonsils on

    I have a feeling Scott Brown will be tied to Celtic long after his playing career ends , if this is indeed a phasing out as a first team regular. He has all the attributes to enhance our coaching staff.

  5. Hi Paul67,



    No doubt Leigh is hugely appreciated for a number of reasons… he’s been a revelation since arriving at Celtic Park.



    That said, when it was confirmed that Brendan Rodgers was taking over the reigns at Celtic I predicted a change in personnel and not just the non-performers. For me chief among my thoughts was Leigh, he’s not a BR type of forward.



    True he initially worked hard on his game but square peg in round hole comes to mind…



    He seems to be struggling now… too much being asked of him?



    Yet he’s such a talent and personality you are quite right, LG typifies the type of sportsmen supporters love…



    So, key to the squad, less so the team!?



    We’ll see, as we are a bit bereft of forwards and we’re in the middle of an intense schedule… For Leigh, once again, opportunity knocks…



    Hail Hail



    Unfortunately Griff is as susceptible to some of our system and tactical formations as others.


    He can be selfless and selfish in equal measures.


    When he has barren goalscoring periods his frustration shows and he becomes less of a team player.


    At the ST Johnstone 6-0 rout Griff did not get on the scoresheet but was involved in at least 4 goals by making space for teammates to exploit.


    Many fans commented after the game that he was poor and not involved.


    As an avowed user of social media i’m sure he was aware of this and in subsequent games has been trying to hard to score which has lead to him being selfish and less of a team player.


    This is understandable as i’m sure Griff knows he is not Brendan style player and has to keep scoring to keep his place.


    I think it’s a difficult situation for Griff .

  7. Celtic by Numbers



    Once again hat tip for another terrific blog. I’ve had a tempestous love : hate relationsip with Scott Brown down the years and Scott certainly proved me wrong.

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Damnit – long post just disappeared !!!



    Hate it when that happens :-((



    It was about Policing arrangements – main point was that the proposed original arrangements for the cup semis were approved by the senior Police management, but lambasted by the rank and file (Police union?) as unworkable.



    So – who do Celtic believe with regards planning to guarantee fan safety?






  9. FAN-A-TIC @ 1:05 PM,



    Totally agree, what made Leigh key to RD’s team was his goals, if you are doing that as a forward then the other criticisms fade away…



    For me typical of Leigh was the Dembele goal against Sevco in our 1-0.



    Leigh pulls away from his defender creating space and gets on the end of the ball…



    …sends a great pass into the box which finds Dembele who finished sublimely. Great goal.



    Problem being though, what if the defender had intercepted the ball that Leigh got on the end off… no pressure on the ball and a dangerous counter attack!?



    On such things games are balanced…



    Coaches such as BR put a lot of effort in tactics, formations and conditioning and are not minded to play the percentage game Leigh plays. Of course when they come off the forward looks great, when they don’t the back peddling defence often not so much – too high risk of attacks breaking down.



    Hopefully Leigh will be more inclined to listen to his coaches and ignore the peer pressure.



    Hail Hail

  10. CELTIC BY NUMBERS @ 12:14 PM,



    Very interesting piece, I’m sure Scott’s multiple attributes will be key to any success the team have this Season…



    …but your data and analysis suggests what we can see, Celtic are a much more effective (and entertaining) team with Calmac and Christie in the team.



    Keep up the great work.



    Hail Hail

  11. I think Broonie will start on Thursday, we don’t need to chase the game,and they are a good attacking side,back 4 will need some cover IMO



    I think if Brown plays McGregor should also stay in the deep lying role and they should play in tandem.


    When Brown is the sole deep lying mid we often look vulnerable straight up the middle particularly at turnovers.


    This is usually the team expects him to cover to much on his own.


    Would also prefer Ntcham to Rogic as for all Tom’s brilliance he gives the ball away to often in Europe.


    We should press higher up the field and i think that though Sinclair had his best game in a long time on Saturday i think Ed should come from left with Griff in centre.


    This gives JF more freedom to come inside and attack.

  13. HotSmoked, from previous thread @7.58



    You asked who the total insult was against? it is a total insult to democracy and the people who voted in the referendum.


    Remember, there is a huge gulf between education and intelligence. Most of todays politicians are Educated idiots, sadly lacking any intelligence or common sense and totally self centred to boot.




  14. Bada,


    As much as I hate to disagree with you and as much as I have grown to love Broonie, from his early headless chicken days, I don’t believe Broonie will start. We need to hit Salzburg with a whirlwind onslaught, much as we did to Killie. Get them on the ropes and hopefully score a couple. I would stick with Saturday’s starting 11.


    I would get Broonie on in the second half if we have scored the goals to marshal the defence of any decent lead we might have.


    Also no subbing of Jamesiebhoy if he is on song.


    NB, Tom Rogic is due a goal ?

  15. What we have now is great options for the mid-field and thats what a successful team requires. Christie -McGregor have given us greater offensive potential where-as Broonie and Ntcham maybe better for holding on to a lead. Hope we can keep hold of them all.

  16. Pog


    I tried to C & P that Cold Water link you put up yesterday afternoon but it wont allow access now. Any ideas ?




  17. 43.5 million eligible to vote.



    17.4 million vote to leave.



    16.1 million vote to remain.



    So 10 million did not even vote.



    So on the say of 17 million in a population of 65.5 we are leaving Europe. Economically it’s going to be carnage. Check your pension pots those recently or soon to retire.



    That 17 million leavers concentrated in englanshires and the worst cities.



    The will of the people my arse.



    Ps. UK population went up half a million in the last year.

  18. When I hear talk of `The will of the people.` I have an image of well informed, rational thinking people weighing up the pros and cons of a proposal then acting accordingly.


    Is that a true reflection of the voting public in the UK ?



  19. One of the trials of being stuck in the house is the unrelenting quiz shows.


    People are thick. Basic things that you should know just from being alive people get it wrong. Even the higher end quizzes where you expect people have some sort of entry level. But no people get it wrong. I despair.



    Name a bird with a long kneck

  20. Saint Sivs


    It’s democracy – or do the ‘couldn’t be bothered brigade’ rule



    It’s not perfect but it’s all we’ve got



    Bhoy living in one of the worst cities in englandshire

  21. Anyway – we better be prepared that when we lose to newco – which we inevitably will – be prepared for some of their japes.

  22. SAINT STIVS @ 2:21 PM,



    That’s interesting…



    …I didn’t vote, the reason, both sides were lying to me and neither side were outlining a positive path for the future of Britain…



    We are now in a more “real” debate… would me and my fellow abstainers be minded to take part in any rerun??



    Has the fiasco changed any voters mind??



    The democracy argument is an interesting one.



    In the UK…



    The Queen is not sovereign



    The People are not sovereign



    The PM and Cabinet are not sovereign



    The Government is not sovereign



    Parliament is sovereign, like it or lump it, that is the heart of our democracy…



    Hail Hail

  23. Gene


    It’s a shit system. I don’t feel it’s democracy at all. Voting at referendums should be compulsory. If you have some genuine grievance then spoil the paper.



    This really is a crisis. Like all crisis the lowest levels in society will feel it the most.



    The top Tories that led this, their fortunes will be in a safe offshore environment.



    The gullible have been shafted.



    Right now more from me. I’ve got the mummy 2 on catch up.



    Some escapism.

  24. Hot Smoked


    Listen to the debates – read the articles – pick a side – and then you can call them liars when it doesn’t pan out.


    Not voting is a cop out – you can always go and spoil the ballot paper – which i’ve done on a couple of occassions

  25. Pog.



    That Stevie g needs to come with a red triangle warning.



    Funny but boak inducing.

  26. See if we win tomorrow night, will the Bundespolizei write a report about us inciting trouble? Will Der Bild do a back page & front page spread on our thuggish players?


    Feck em all Celtic, keep winning, keep celebrating, especially in snake Mountain!

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