Infectious confidence


One of the positions we discussed strengthening during January was that of goalkeeper.  Since the return to action after the winter break, Joe Hart has probably contributed to Celtic picking up more points than at any time during his stay here.  He made memorable saves against Ross County and Hibs and contributed significantly in other games, including Kilmarnock.

Legend has it that busy keepers perform better than idle ones, as their focus keeps them sharp, so Joe could be enjoying time in the zone.  Despite this run of form, Joe has developed a tendency to punch high balls, followed by tens of thousands shouting, “Catch it!” – no undesirable outcome occurred.

Confidence is infections, as is its absence.  Defenders lose it when attackers cut through the midfield.  Keepers need confidence in their defence to be anywhere near their best.  Joe has seen it all and is probably better experienced to deal with our recent issues than a new recruit to the club.

He is also a serial winner who may be on the cusp or retirement.  We need big voices in the dressing room to carry us through the coming months.  It was maybe fortuitous he remains first choice for now.

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  1. How we resolve our CB and winger problems will decide whether we win this league title or not.



    Joe is far from our biggest problem but that’s assuming he stays fit. Should Hart get injured like Taylor did, then we’re up a smelly creek without a paddle.

  2. It seems to be generally agreed that Siegrist is a better keeper than Bain. Anybody know what Benji did wrong, to push himself so far out of the picture?

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Flaws yes, but I could never fathom the criticism of Joe Hart.



    It was way OTT.

  4. ‘Big Voices’ now needed as opposed to big performances or even bigger players . .. I’m certain the Woman’s team are better built than some of our male waifs.



    Nonetheless, we are where we are and whilst not quite needing divine intervention ( yet), we do need something, anything to get us out of this rut we are in as a club.



    Our policy if being part of an Old Firm has killed any chances we ever had of gaining a singular identity in the eyes of the more developed footballing world.



    Peter, DD &Co obviously cared more about that than they ever did about the fans who never a abandoned the club when Rangers died in 2012.



    We should have left ‘the seats of shame’ covered as a reminder of what greed gets you.



    I’d rather a half full Celtic Park than be forever associated to that lot.



    Sadly, our Board didn’t.

  5. AULDHEID on 22ND FEBRUARY 2024 10:07 AM









    I explained to Clunk’s what the issue was now so stop repeating that it is about Res12 per se.







    What you also ignore is that PL personally is the cause of Res12 in that he told me he needed a Dougie Dougie moment to help bring a out SFA reform.





    Without that encouragement it would not have existed.







    Your support for a man who is happy to mislead supporters, including yourself, suggests you are a man with values of little substance with a moral compass pointing in the wrong direction.







    The same direction that Celtic, a club founded on moral principles abandoned for money , are heading under the captaincy you wish to keep at the helm.







    Res12 reveals more about its critics than it does of those they criticise.









    There are CHUMPS on here who are driven by their own misplaced and unwelcome ego’s, who in reality know feck all.


    The CHUMPS should be treated with the utmost contempt…thats what they deserve.







    Celtic Football Club today shares some news from our goalkeeper Joe Hart as he announces that he will be retiring from playing football at the end of this season.



    Joe has recently informed the club of his decision and he wanted to sit down with his close friend and his mental performance coach, Jamie Edwards, who he has worked with for a number of years, to outline his decision to supporters.

  7. several posters regularly ask, nay complain that Celtic dont keep them informed of the developments at Barrowfield and Lennoxtown.



    Now that they do inform us it is positioned by soem as “a squirrel”, to distract from imminent interim accounts being “too good wrt to cash in hand2 or hoarded if you like.



    i for one was happy to see the communication, and will take a drive up to barrowfield for a wee look see myself.



    i am able to look at that , without suddenlty becoming indifferent to the accounts.



    the timing of release doesnt bother me either, no significance in it.



    but hey ho,



    peter told me to say that.

  8. Joe announces that he is retiring at the end of the season .


    20 minutes after Paul67 hints that he is about to retire .






    Confirmation that Paul still has good inside contacts at Celtic .




  9. Joe has made some important stops in the past couple of weeks – as I understand that is is job but well done all the same.



    However bigger congratulations to the recruitment team for not identifying a suitable back up/replacement for Joe Hart otherwise we could be worse of than we currently are……….


    You couldn’t make it up……..

  10. Another example of the ineptitude of the ‘;recruitment’ (sic) team.



    Everybody and their granny knows that we need a replacement for Big Joe but…nothing!



    Any club watching just upped their price.




  11. Just a word on the Joe Hart interview, that is how you treat the Supporters, with respect as adults and communicating clearly, I wish others who are around Celtic learned some of what he has done in a very simple message lasting 61/2 minutes.


    Thanks Big Guy hope you remeber us fondly.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The “Joe Hart punches rather than catches” example is as good as any.



    The fans at Celtic Park are making the players nervous.



    Calum was clearly impacted during the last 20.



    As were the back four.



    Joe punches the ball – that’s his approach to managing risk formed over two decades of learning.



    Get over it.



    I’ll repeat – the fans at Celtic Park are making the players nervous.



    Whether we are entitled to groan ?



    Whether is it up to the players to calm our fears?



    Neither relevant in this current malaise.



    The reality is the players need us to encourage them to the hilt.



    In a race of tiny margins it could make a huge difference.



    Over to us all.



    PS – The Green Brigade could do worse than putting their prearranged song schedule in the cupboard for a few months … and going more spontaneous.

  13. So with the announcement that Joe Hart is to retire we will now have to hunt for a new keeper in the summer.


    Based on our recruitment teams previous endeavours we can look forward to them unearthing the world’s only one armed goalkeeper !!!


    Siegfried looked a good keeper and indeed played well in a pre season match only to never be seen again. He doesn’t even make the bench so we’re now left with Bain who wasn’t considered good enough the first time Rodgers was here.


    We were rumoured to be interested in the Croatian national keeper last summer but as usual that would’ve involved spending real money, so that ridiculous idea withered on the vine.


    It was nice however to see the work commencing on the new indoor arena however how are they going to keep the ball on the pitch with all the money stuffed under it.

  14. bournesouprecipe on

    Joe Hart’s statement is a measure of the man. It was always likely to be his retirement year, listening to BR pre season, fortunately we decided that a new keeper wasn’t a priority, unlike other positions that were.



    The fee we paid was peanuts in the world of goalkeepers, and his service sterling.

  15. glendalystonsils on

    VALE BHOY on 22ND FEBRUARY 2024 1:49 PM



    Any club watching just upped their price.



    Unless Peter has a cunning plan to buy a project keeper for the bench and promote Bain to No 1 ?



    Utterly ridiculous of course !-))))

  16. It looks like big Joe reads CQN every day. Paul67’s latest pushed him over the edge. Great time for him to go – he’s had an amazing career, and what a way to finish, playing for Celtic. He will forever be an ambassador for our club. Hope he keeps up the good form until the end of the season.



    FieldofDrams – I heard that Benji made it known he was looking to move to Oz to be with his girlfriend. Not sure that went down too well with BR.

  17. Weebobbycollins on

    Hey Darwin or JHB or whatever you’re calling yourself, 👇



    “Your support for a man who is happy to mislead supporters, including yourself, suggests you are a man with values of little substance with a moral compass pointing in the wrong direction.”



    Both you and Clunks are a pair of disrespectful clowns with big shoes tramping around in a field of ignorance.



    Bravo Auldheid…

  18. Big Joe has really risen to the task recently. However it is the right time to go.



    He gets us.



    On another topic, increased facilities at Barrowfield has got to be a good thing.



    As everyone on here knows i feel we as a club and as a team are not being the best we can be, however we are now walking the talk regarding the Barrowfield complex and credit where credit is due.




  19. onenightinlisbon on

    In all seriousness, big Joe has served us well and both on and off the field. His presence around Celtic Park will be missed.

  20. Good luck to Joe H & gratitude for his time with us. Crucial early signing for Ange.






    This past week I’ve been repeatedly listening to Tangk by Idles & before that spent months obsessed with King Gizzard to the detriment of other music so unable to offer much on new bands etc.


    Once i’ve stuffed myself with Tangk i’ll be on the listenout for new sonics.


    Hope you’re well.






    I’m a hunterloper? Risible.


    No damage done though so best of timness to you.




    Back to lurkland, it’s less frantic there.







    “Indeed, best wishes to Mogga, and thank you for clarifying your clear vision



    of Celtic.



    Even with the the 10k advantage Fergus McCann quickly ran into the budget spoiled greedy footballer world, that prompted Tommy Burns to say of him when asked about transfers “ See the wee guy with the money “. It should be remembered McCann and Tommy were still up against EBT and all the sporting advantage it ‘didn’t bring’. Nothing has changed just the size and prices, you’re right of course BR didn’t even get to pick his own Kyogo from a market only he knew about, like Ange did with his Kyogo.



    I agree about Sevco their Europa ‘triumphs’, and a*se before elbow rush. but disentangling from Glaswegian comparison, isn’t easy for Fenian B******s especially when you’re ‘threatened’, on bread and butter points. The fact that they’ve a budget to compare at all, under the same name as the previous club is down to Scottish society at large and is a full scale debate in its own right for another day ( or indeed not for unpacking this morning )



    Another ‘ player rebuild ‘ is a nailed on certainty, because Brendan 2, didn’t get started IMO, it was a rush job to get him en board, there was no time for transition. His difficulty in rebuilding wasn’t possible in the timescale, replace ‘smashing wee players’ e.g. Greg Taylor with Paolo Muldini. Sadly, I doubt Brendan will be around for any more Parkhead ‘golden eggs’.



    Ironically, he managed a better result or show in Europe than AP, and I accept but don’t necessarily agree, on the Europa dream a whole debate for another day. The sun is shining in Parkhead, I’m sure it is where you are and if we are lucky there are only three more sleeps, as a good man reminds us.



    Well the sun is definitely shining in the Chilterns you can clearly see it through the torrential rain.



    Great combination – up there with Dalglish and Deans…



    Yes, of course, playing down the rivalry and environment in and around Glasgow ’cause I don’t live there, is very disingenuous.



    The hard-core Celtic supporter who see’s the ugly side of the old firm on a regular basis has every right to have sevcophobia.



    Yes BR Mk2 and damp squibs certainly have a thing in common and you are right about “EPL floatsam and jetsam“, while I’m not buying into the myth that BR doesn’t have an “eye for a player”, there is no doubt the players he knows well will not be value creating, in the Celtic sphere…



    …maybe checking out a cameo in Europe, yet youd be checking out a lot of lesser spotted Maik’s to fill our squad with quality.



    The January window shows, there is a huge disconnect of what’s in BR’s little black book and what Celtic recruitment team’s data & analytics is bringing forward.



    They have one thing in common though, they both don’t come close to matching Celtic requirements for players.



    It didn’t surprise me that BR got better results than Angeball in the UCL, and when you consider the home game against Lazio could have gone either way and with a bit of good fortune we could have had all the points from the Athletico home game.



    A nine that turned into a four…



    My feeling is that BR pulls this together and over the course of eighteen months, we will have radically changed Celtic FC.



    If your right and he goes soon or in the summer then it doesn’t change the point that a root and branch dissection of the huge malaise around Celtic PLC, Celtic FC and the old bhoys club must occur…



    Who sanctions that, the generation of domination only knows.



    Yet, Fergus did have a huge challenge, he knew trying to match the financially doped Rangers was suicide.



    We come back to the incremental gains that he made by having a firm hand at the tiller he made the MO’N era possible.



    Yes, let’s hope Sunday see’s the passion back and we get a good result…



    Hail Hail

  22. We sign players for them to be told they are not good enough,or free to leave,To me this smells like it’s Rodger’s is covering his own back ,well you know what he should be told the same ,like your free to leave ,and BADA Bing what has a squirrel got to do with Barrowfield.

  23. maybe our choice of next goalkeeper was not available until the next transfer window.



    who currently holding a first team jersey elsewhere would have come to celtic in the winter to be number 2 to big joe. that doesnt make sense.



    now based on one very good interview all sorts of made up nonsense is stated.



    i dont for minute believe joe decided this when he woke up this morning, or that a long term plan for a replacement is allready in the workings.



    but hey believe what you want.



    our record of goalies this last 20 years is more successes than failures, artur, fraser, craig and joe, all contributed highly.



    i still feel letting craig leave before fraser had committed to sign was the start of the fail for 10 in a row.



    anyways, hopefully a keeper in in the first weeks of the transfer market, because that will be needed, and an essential.



    and a left back and 5 x 6ft players, along with the new coaching staff, and the manager.




    so in summary, ask craig gordon to come back

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