Insufficiently corrupt for 2018 World Cup bid


The prospect of watching the world’s greatest players on home soil at the 2030 World Cup, with the announcement of a joint bid by British and Irish FAs, is tempered by the realisation that it would provide flag waving political types of various colours more opportunities to distract attention from their day jobs.

The English FA bid for the 2018 tournament but the UK government was insufficiently corrupt at the time to garner enough support from the Fifa executive.  A great deal of work has since gone into upgrading politicians corruption status across the UK, so the Scottish, English, Welsh, Irish and N. Irish FAs will be hopeful their governments can cut it with the best Banana Republics out there.

Perhaps harsh but not without foundation.

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  1. AIPPLE on 3RD MARCH 2021 12:36 AM


    Was about to read back and thought I’d leave a wee post first



    i enjoy your posts,



    but i am also going to bed.



    you might have already said this before,



    where are your family from.

  2. Saint Stivs on 3rd March 2021 12:53 am



    Faither an Isle of Lewis man, ma maw is a wee gem of a Govan lass. Me? Croftfoot for the first part. Shettleston for the last part. Would drink at The Pipe Rack. Bob Malcolm used to come in with a few wee coke dealing neds.



    I’ve said too much.

  3. Tuesday 3rd 1981



    I’m feeling exceptionally well today. (It’s only the third day, I know, but all the same I’m feeling great.) I had a visit this morning with two reporters, David Beresford of The Guardian and Brendan O Cathaoir of The Irish Times. Couldn’t quite get my flow of thoughts together. I could have said more in a better fashion.


    63 kgs today, so what?



    A priest was in. Feel he’s weighing me up psychologically for a later date. If I’m wrong I’m sorry — but I think he is. So I tried to defuse any notion of that tonight. I think he may have taken the point. But whether he accepts it, will be seen. He could not defend my onslaught on Bishop Daly — or at least he did not try.



    I wrote some notes to my mother and to Mary Doyle in Armagh; and will write more tomorrow. The boys are now all washed. But I didn’t get washed today. They were still trying to get men their first wash.



    I smoked some ‘bog-rolled blows’ today, the luxury of the Block!



    They put a table in my cell and are now placing my food on it in front of my eyes. I honestly couldn’t give a damn if they placed it on my knee. They still keep asking me silly questions like, ‘Are you still not eating?’



    I never got started on my poem today, but I’ll maybe do it tomorrow. The trouble is I now have more ideas.



    Got papers and a book today. The book was Kipling’s Short Stories with an introduction of some length by W. Somerset Maugham. I took an instant dislike to the latter on reading his comment on the Irish people during Kipling’s prime as a writer: ‘It is true that the Irish were making a nuisance of themselves.’ Damned too bad, I thought, and bigger the pity it wasn’t a bigger nuisance! Kipling I know of, and his Ulster connection. I’ll read his stories tomorrow.



    Ag rá an phaidrín faoi dhó achan lá atá na buachaillí anois. Níl aon rud eile agam anocht. Sin sin. (Translated this reads as follows: The boys are now saying the rosary twice every day. I have nothing else tonight. That’s all.)

  4. Good morning cqn from a chilly 0 degrees Garngad



    Well we know now that our custodians had no back up plan, no forward planning. Since the season started everyone and their grannie could see Neil’s performance as manager was not good enough, performances, attitude of him and players, craft, gyle, determination in other words he had lost the dressing room.



    But our custodians bumbled on and here we are in March a full 6-7 months later and they are still discussing a replacement.



    You cannot make this shit show up.



    We need someone in now for our European campaign and to try and get players on his side for the start of next season. Therefor it has to be someone who is not in employment just now, there done 1 part of the job fir them.


    Secondly get them, sell them the dream or do we not have anyone who can do that as they are all Torie Klan lovers.



    Meanwhile we are in Limbo and Mr Kennedy is recreating everything Neil has done.



    Again having said all that I look forward to the game at the weekend and probably there in lies the problem getting taken for granted as we part with our hard earned cash for ST, merchandise etc.



    Right have a good day yall.



    D :)

  5. AIPPLE ! Great post as usual! That play dead thing worked with the hunz , they played dead and still won hunnerz of titles !! Allegedly 😉

  6. timmy7_noted on

    If there are any Mods out there. What is the blog policy for someone who posts lies and allegations in every post then refuses to engage in any meaningful discussion on it?



    Surely the lack of scrutiny can’t be healthy?

  7. timmy7_noted on

    David66 on 3rd March 2021 6:28 am



    Absolutely spot on mate. I agree 100%.



    It’s just a pity that our host seems to be unable to recognise any weakness in our board and senior management. The levels of apathy in regard to the footballing side of our business at this moment in time is both sad and deteriorating, it appears that the board are willing to throw the dice in regards to season ticket sales, I think they are in for a shock.



    Anyway have a good day all Tims.

  8. A brilliant yet depressing thread on our European path in the summer. We can pretty much forget the Champions League but we shouldn’t blame our new manager who will need time to build and being put in the “Non-Champions path” isn’t his doing.



    Sevco’s chances look slightly above 50/50 to me. They’ll get a tricky but not insurmountable opponent.

  9. timmy7_noted on

    Just read the JonJoe Kenny article regarding his price dropping down to £5m. Its will be a huge indictment of our scouting department if the best we can find for right back would be JJ Kenny at £5m. Why are we shopping in England? It’s sheer incompetence as far as I’m concerned.



    Not trying to be overly negative about the player it’s the scouting I’m worried about but let’s be honest Kenny would be nowhere near the first team if we still had a fit PC Lustig.

  10. TIMMY7_NOTED on 3RD MARCH 2021 8:06 AM



    I think I’m right in saying that Sevco’s back 5 (four plus keeper) came to a total of £2.7m when they played us.



    £5m for Kenny seems a lot.

  11. timmy7_noted on

    GeeBee 1978



    For Obvious reasons I try to avoid comparisons with that lot but you are correct.


    None of our full backs would get a game with them right now.



    In fact none of our back four would get a game with them right now. Feck its painful typing that.




    You’re suggest getting a DoF is simply “aping big clubs”. Matter of perspective, I guess. If pretty much all big clubs around Europe are doing it, it suggests we’re behind the curve – as our European results have shown.



    Rodgers recently said that in this day and age, it’s pretty much essential and most decent managers these days would’ve experienced working under one. Asking a top, progressive coach to come in and do a job that may not have existed for years is asking for trouble….unless we stay in the 90s in terms of our approach and appoint a like-minded manager (Mick McCarthy, Steve Clarke).



    Celtic need to start acting like a big club. The 10 is gone and we now have the freedom and opportunity for a bit of a “reset” and become a forward-thinking, progressive club.



    The idea of a DoF might sound alien and unnecessary to some but my opinion is, move with the times because other clubs are and that’s where we need to be,

  13. timmy7_noted on

    Philbhoy on 3rd March 2021 8:28 am



    Thats like trying to avoid laughing on a night out due to a broken rib.

  14. timmy7_noted on

    In the current state of our football team we need to have a laugh, I’d just rather it wasn’t at our expense :-)

  15. Weebobbycollins on

    Imagine having to choose between wee Nicola and Douglas Ross…


    I think I’d rather have the wee yin run the line…

  16. Good morning from a cold grey North Staffs



    Well another loss for Vale last night – thank goodness Barrow and Grimsby lost – were in danger of National League football next season.



    If anything sums up what’s wrong with governments is this opening from Nicola Sturgeon



    “She says she referred herself to the independent adviser on the ministerial code, James Hamilton, two years ago.



    His findings are still awaited.”



    The wheels grind slowly – more like kicked into the long grass

  17. It should be recognised that not all DOF appointments have been a success, especially in the UK.



    This is basically a continental concept, as was tiki taka football developed by Barcelona.


    Tiki Taka football proved very successful for Barca and indeed Spain, but it has had its day.



    There is much to consider and if its for the betterment of Celtic, then fine let’s go for it. But I’m not convinced that three powerful individuals can work harmoniously in the same room.




  18. GREENPINATA on 3RD MARCH 2021 9:37 AM



    True but there isn’t enough room at the top of the tree for all clubs with sporting directors to be successful.



    The point is, that is the way the game is going. If we look to hire a decent, progressive coach – especially one from the continent, the chances are he would’ve worked under one or a sporting director. Otherwise, we’ll be asking him to do a job that is slightly alien to him.



    The days of the old “tracksuit manager” that dealt with coaching, transfers, contracts etc are almost dead. It’s either that or we go for a Mick McCarthy-type.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Re Sevco’s back four …



    Barasic and the centre back from Brighton with the heart condition (forget his name) each cost more than £2m.



    With payments outstanding.

  20. Geebee 1978,



    I do not advocate Mick Mccarthy for one minute, but players not giving 100% would quickly feel his wrath.



    I know you will counter with that style of management doesn’t work with modern players and you may be right.



    However a DOF usually signs the players and its the manager / head coach’s task to get them to function. If that doesn’t work its the manager who gets sacked and another comes in to see if he can get the same group of players to function better.



    We mostly advocate on here that the manager should pick his own players. Why would a strong confident manager give up that basic fundamental?







    True but I was keen to point out “when they played us”. I believe Barasic was missing from that game. Even if you were to add the £4m from those two, it’s still around the same price as Julien.



    Point is, we simply haven’t got “bang for buck” with our defence and £5m for Kenny sounds like “final piece of the jigsaw” kind of recruitment – not shrewd when we probably need an entire back four and goalkeeper.

  22. GREENPINATA on 3RD MARCH 2021 9:57 AM



    We mostly advocate on here that the manager should pick his own players. Why would a strong confident manager give up that basic fundamental?





    Because that’s the role of the modern coach. People on here have suggested we pay what it takes to bring in Benitez or Ragnick but this is the role they would’ve had all their lives. Asking them to come in and play the old “football manager” type role is something they’ve never done and wouldn’t do.



    Nearly all big clubs now have scouting and recruitment teams – this will be relayed to the head of football operations and the head coach.



    Whether or not a DoF or sporting director, head of football operations etc is a good thing is irrelevant. It’s the way it is. European clubs have done it for decades and English clubs have recently caught on too.



    Do we act like a big club and move with the times or do we stay stuck in the 90s and hope we can win more than we lose in Scotland while getting gubbed in Europe by “smaller” but better run and better-coached teams?

  23. Drew1967


    We appointed the Walsall manager a couple of weeks ago – we stuck with our old manager too long then appointed a coach as interim manager


    Sound familiar 😨

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I touted Mick McCarthy’s name on here months ago, has got Cardiff in the top 6 after a few weeks, I think played 10 won 8 drew 2,the Championship is a far superior league than we play in,we need a guy to come in and clear the decks,and get back to basics,I would still take him,his contract might be till end of the season.

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sorry….forgot that nobody on here is to speculate who the next manager or DoF may be…..silly me thinking it’s a football blog….

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Geebee – cheers.



    Agree with you re bang for buck.



    Don’t know what others on here think but personally I didn’t even consider the prospect of us signing Kenny permanently.



    EPL premium on player fees simply outrageous.



    Am minded of an apocryphal story from the golden age of Hollywood.



    Two movie producers meet in the street and have a good moan about their industry.



    The conversation gets round to script writers.



    “I need new material.



    Do you know any $100 a week writers?”




    “I know lots.



    But they’re all earning $500 a week!”

  27. !!BADA BING!!



    Football talk? It might catch on.



    If not, I’ll lay low until it’s time for the “poppy debate” 😊

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GB- I can see a Green Brigade debate on the horizon…….they might close or redesign that part of the stadium, due to the banners at CP in the last few months, I think DD might have the last word on it.

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