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  1. Kevin In Vegas



    You are right oan.. of course..



    This Line up wiz a Dooner ..fae the Get Go..n Ah Knew It..



    Neil, Is spinning his wheels..



    He needs a fresh approach…



    He is Lucky.. that He has the Best Two Center Backs.. and The two best Full Backs..



    that Ah hiv seen ..in a Celtic , Strip..



    (Remember.. Ah missed..awe o the Cetlc Teams.. MAist of the Sixties n right up tael



    The Late,Late , Nineties…



    Ah only started Celtic, seriously.. during. All of the Mon Years.. which Ah thoroughly.. Enjoyed..Ah must say..



    Yep.. Ah think that Celtic hiz a very good Defensive Team in Situ..jist Noo..



    Thank Goodness… says Ah… So diz Neil..if he hiz any sense..





    Worried tae Hell.

  2. kevinlasvegas Supporting Wee Oscar Knox on

    Greenpinata I know mate, But we can’t keep this up. NL never seems to learn from his mistakes and never drops off form players and does drop players who come in and play well, so what do you do if your a player at Celtic? Play guff and get a game or burst a gut and get dropped because one of the pals are fit again.




  3. Another ground out win for Celtic against a hammer throwing


    SPL outfit, in a carbon copy of the boxing day game.



    The early goal set the tone and the difference from previous


    Highland disasters with successive teams and managers is that


    Celtic have a better back five, that don’t concede.



    Happy days CSC

  4. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    A stroll. We never got into 1st gear never mind out of it.



    Dreadful to watch though.

  5. Painful viewing. Even worse than St Johnstone.



    Only positives are the victory and the clean sheet. A complete snooze fest.

  6. scotlands shame


    14:19 on


    29 December, 2013


    We are winning away from home in a place where we have had some horrendous results an performances over the yrs with various managers. Comments of some on here when we are winning are a disgrace. If following Celtic doesn’t make u happy or give u any joy go do something else. My new yrs resolution is to give up this place as no good for the soul, to many fans an not enough supporters. Shocking






    Stop the happy clapping. NL is repeating his mistakes, including those at this very ground. The standard of football this season is dire. The effort of certain players is a disgrace. The tactical abilities of this management team amount to nil. The transfer purchases of forwards has been a disaster. May be winning a one-horse league, but the Glasgow Celtic way sound like a street name rather than a recognisable style of football

  7. That was an ugly game of football.



    3 points and another clean sheet, another win to add to our run



    Well Done, Lenny & The Bhoys

  8. sixtaeseven - Gardez la Foi, DAM 5 ! on

    Bum boody-bum boody-bum boody-bum


    Boody-bum boody-bum boody-bum-bum-bum


    Bum boody-bum boody-bum boody-bum



    PUKKI is a Finisher!



    Well, goodness gracious me.

  9. Thankfully that is all over. Neil looks happy. I think the tactical subs at the end sealed the deal for us.



    I think Neil has convinced himself that the rest of the SPL actually provide a challenge to us




    Another 3 points for the CHAMPIONS



    Another clean sheet – 6 on the bounce



    7 wins on the bounce



    Another tricky away trip encountered



    And some moan moan moan!! ha ha MON THE HOOPS




  11. Well, Neil goes into the Celtic pantheon; unbeaten through Hogmanay but the doing of it, with the reources on hand, hasn’t always been great.




  12. Another 3 points at a difficult venue against a team who kicked us all over the park.


    Good goal too, another clean sheet.


    NFL only the third manager to get through to New Year undefeated in the league.