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  1. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I am happy with the 3 points away from home today yes I am sure we could have played better but in the past we have been good losers now show me a good loser and I will show you a loser.In my opinion Lennie is playing Sammi and Ledley for teams to have a look at before the transfer window opens the fact that neither played well could work in our favour who knows ? I believe every team requires to be freshened up now and then and the transfer window may well do that for us. H.H.

  2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: “As soon as I sampled the nightlife of Paris, I knew I would swap it all for a bottle of blue WKD at The Garage”.

  3. Dexter



    Hiya, Pally?



    Dinna Despair!



    At least ,Wan Hert beats fur Ye,,oan Here..



    Sure..Ye wull be suitably n thoroughly.. Castigated n “Bric Bratted”.. fur yer Opinions..



    Personal Insults wull be Hurled at You.. Ah know awe aboot the methods


    that wull be used agin You..




    Should your Expressed opinions go Coonter tae the This Forum’s ..wee “Frees”



    Those guys , who canny Stand .. anither.. Opinion..if it Happens tae Differ..



    Even a Teensy wee Bittty , fae Their’s.



    Ah hiv read a Few o’ yer Opinions ,oan Here..





    Ah ..mostly, am in Harmony wi.. yer Observations..



    Especially ,regarding.. Neil’s ..



    Seemingly?? Inabiliteee.. tae ..



    well… Use His Heid.



    He keeps oan treadin’ the same well worn Path.. tae Naewhere!



    Like some.. Dis embodied Spirit.. who canny Help.. Repeating , n Repeating ..it’s



    Earthly Follies..



    Only, Neil,is No a Haunt.. but , He seems tae be condemned tae Repeat n repeat..



    the same old Mistakes..Over n Over..



    Tak today’s Selection . F’rinstance..



    Stokesy..up Front..awe Alain, Alain..n Sammi.. Oan the wing..



    Lackadaisical Joe… Firmly Ensconced in the Team



    Wit Ledley Brings tae the Team..is a Deep dark Secret..



    N .. Neil, is in oan It.. He must be!



    fur he keeps oan Gien Ledley.. Game efter Game efter Game…



    Ah wish Neil, wid Let Me Intae … Exactly, whit Ledley brings tae the table…



    Whitver it is.. It is Invisible tae Me!..fur Ah canny See whit it Is!



    N ye Know..



    Martin O.. hid a Failin..n



    Ah believe that he Passed it Oan tae Neil.. afore he left..



    Whit wiz it?



    Ah thought ye wid nevah ask..






    Martin, hid His Favourites… Right?



    Ye say ye didnae.. Notice?



    Well ,Ah did!



    N.. Here we are landed wi a Manager..who his the Making o Becoming a Great Man Manager..






    He hiz hiz.. Favourites.



    An..well… That wull be his Undoing..



    Look.. In Ma opinion.. n ..Ah believe. in Your Opinion, as well..



    Neil, must be mair.. Open tae Change..



    He canny keep bringing the same auld Cuddy tae the well..



    Trying tae mak it Drink.. when.. the Auld Horse..



    is No Thirsty!



    But,Neil , is Completely Unaware tae the Fact.. that he Is daeing much the same, wi some..not awe.. but enuff…of his Team Selections.



    He should Use his prerogative .. ye know the wan..



    HIs Ability tae Discard.. a few of His Players who are no Hitting Thur Form, at this Time



    Heck..He is Allowed tae dae that..



    Mebbe,he disnae Know that he hiz that..well…perogative??



    Ah guess ,that must be it..



    Nice Chatting..Pal..



    Keep oan Annoying the Bejabbers ootat the “Wee Frees”



    Ah luv tae see ye dae ..that.









    Gotta Go, ..



    see ya..

  4. Mornin’ CQN, what yeez aw moanin’ ‘n’ fightin’ aboot the day?



    Mind when it was time for O’Neill, the most successful manager since Stein to go cos the fitba was turgid? Mind when WGS who took us further in the CL than O’Neill had to go cos the fitba was turgid? Mind when we got Mowbray and we wanted both of them back? Mind when we wanted either of them as a mentor for Neil Lennon who narrowly missed out on his first league title attempt while under permanent police protection with genuine threat to his life and getting assaulted on the touchline? Mind when he went on to win each title since then, a double, 6 Champions League qualifiers in 2 years, 10 points and qualification for the last 16? Mind that? Mind playin’ on crap pitches against defensive minded aggressive teams in a poor league and still getting the victories? Mind thumping 7 or 5 past anyone who plays any sort of expansive game?



    Lennon oot! Bring in what’s his name, em, aye, that guy (geez a name, quick, put in twitter, retweet it, post it on CQN). Aye, McNamara, let’s go for him. Malky Mackay’s available! Anyone! And we’ll want whoever comes in to be sacked if the chips are cold next season. Sort the chips out Lawwell. Lawwell oot! Fkn cold chips? In 2014, nearly?



    HH, heat the chips properly, don’t burn then, sack people. Do it now.