January transfer activity


We have not known an exciting January transfer window since the ultimately disappointing Tony Mowbray window in 2010.  That month we signed a full team’s worth of recruits, but the writing was on the wall withing days of Robbie Keane’s arrival.

What we have never experienced is excitement at the possibility of selling a valued first team regular, with a replacement already on the books.  Despite screeds of media coverage, we have no real indication if Korean striker Cho Gue-sung, or Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Magdy, will make their way to Glasgow. But I don’t detect too much push back at the prospect of losing celebrated striker, Giorgos Giakoumakis.

I’ve long believed that Celtic need to trade more often than they do.  Get them in, inflate their value, sell and repeat.  There is no other viable model to improve results on the field.  The most important work in the weeks ahead is on the field, get this right, and we can gamble with more confidence.

Activity in the January 2010 window was skewed towards the end of the month.  There was nothing done ahead of time and certainly none of our current strategy in play.  We can hope for a better outcome.


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  1. In tight games GG’s goals have been important to us. If he goes he will be a big miss. Any replacement is a gamble and will potentially take time to settle.

  2. Juranovic is being sold at near peak value with his international team in a WC quarter final.



    Giakoumakis is going before he has established much of a rep with us or the Greek national team. I doubt we will get peak value for him.



    The Dutch division has produced a lot of high scoring forwards who don’t seem to cut it elsewhere- they are not all like Van Hooydonk, or Hasselbaink. Giorgios is at a good level at Celtic and, with even a half season more could double in value, if we keep him scoring. I think he has only 1 European goal in our home draw with Donetsk.

  3. I knew Big Pete was coming back as the new Chairman


    Didn’t realise he was also taking over as this site’s Editor




  4. But I don’t detect too much push back at the prospect of losing celebrated striker, Giorgos Giakoumakis.






    I will push back.



    He is a scorer of many opportunistic goals, only fashioned maybe to call him it, but the real deal 6 yard box striker, first time hits met by shear determination to get that ball first.



    Last years run in to the league title – he had that win to will, its something intangible.


    His hat trick againsts dundee at celtic park, 0-1 down he scored 2 first half, then dundee equalised mid 2nd half, then he scored with minutes to go,



    he cost £2,5m, how mch would be attracitve to let him go ? double / treble that ?



    Keep till the summer.

  5. I’m not excited about losing JJ. He’ll be a big loss for the big games. I still have doubts about Ralston for certain games and know little about our new full back. We could be getting weaker in January rather than stronger in terms of our starting 11 but that is the risk with increased player trading. We have a cushion in the league that negates this risk so we’re in a fortunate position.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Partly agree with that, Paul, but you can over-trade. Look at Southampton who did trading as well as anyone then it fell apart a bit and they struggled to bring in the quality to replace what they were losing.


    Also the danger of losing team identity if the squad is constantly changing.

  7. CELTIC MAC @ 12:35 PM



    I knew Big Pete was coming back as the new Chairman



    Didn’t realise he was also continuing as this site’s Editor







    Fixed that for you 😜




  8. In this increasingly cynical world, faith is going out of fashion and hard to practice even if you remember it.


    If Ange thinks it’s time to let GG and JJ go, I have zero doubt it’s because there’s profit to be made (or monetary KPIs to be hit) and newer, even better, players to replace ’em.


    Mibby the allure of Tannadice or the Spaghettihad is losing its lustre for these bhoys. Last big move at their age and aw rat?


    GG ripped up the Eredivisie but has he really done so in Scotland ? Or in the Euro games…


    Mibby Ange knows or sees something we don’t.


    When Ange gets Kyogo back to his stunning best form, few of us will be greeking if Giorgios had to go.




  9. BOGNORBHOY on 8TH DECEMBER 2022 12:05 PM


    I would go with …to be decided , guess it means when every one gets there we’ll start 😜😁




    YOU are most probably correct mate.


    The word ” DECLARED” was just the first one that came to my mind.



    Does anyone KNOW the Kick Aff time for Celtics game against Rennes on Saturday ?



  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Edouard , Ajer , Christie ( and others before ) stank the place out in the closed door season, and eventually got moves in the summer that followed. I hope there’s a buyer for Juranovic in the coming window, we move on, Ange keeps his squad fresh and fluid no wantaways, I believe is his philosophy.



    2010 or any other year Celtic have never be so openly active in the market, the Ange litmus test is when popular players are sold, and whether Celtic supporters back him and the club. I haven’t heard of any club signing players when the window is firmly closed, another first for Celtic?



    There will be many more Juranovic’s in a world of incomparable ‘ miserly ‘ mere 15K a week Celtic contracts.

  11. Agreed



    One of the risks of the strategy, as you pointed out recently, is that there will be short periods when the overall quality of the squad can drop, when new replacements take time to settle and develop, and some of the signings don’t come off, as is inevitable.



    As long as we’re far enough ahead of our domestic rivals when that happens, we should be able to see out those periods and become stronger over the longer term. There is always the possibility that they pull ahead of us, but we have enough in the bank, in terms of cash and goodwill with most fans to be able to weather it and pull even further ahead.



    A victory at Ibrox in January will end the league and give us breathing space and time to sell in a January and find better replacements in time for a proper go at the champions league. The overhaul could start in earnest. A draw would still be enough for me.



    Exciting times

  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    Aipple 😂



    1000 penalties and a few months to get used to the system and I should be ready to go for the start of next season.

  13. I can understand the frequent trading model but don’t like looking at a Celtic squad from even 3 years ago and noticing that most of them have gone.

  14. I’m all in Paul67. Lost my last dose of sentimentality when King Kenny went and thought we’d never recover. We did, and then some.



    No place for sentiment on both sides of the equation. We buy potential (at a low price) and grow it (selling it for higher). New heroes will arrive and you never know, might just be better at converting penalties, playing out from the back, stopping wingers running by them or be able to move the ball at a greater pace.



    GG to pay for Cho.


    JJ to pay for AJ.



    Punt Turnbull for a goalscoring No. 10 and get McCarthy, Ideguchi, Bain, Welsh & Robertson off the books.



    Promote Lawal and Vata or get them out to an SPFL side in January so we can start cranking up the ole youth wing.



    Sentiment is for ole fools.




  15. If players want out Celtic will make this happen and they should, if no-one wants out the club is gambling with squad and team stability, the 3rd striker on the move should be Ajeti not Gia, at least Gia has contributed many an important goal in his time, Ange will know and will know the plans. Are Celtic in Portugal not a peep from there?

  16. bournesouprecipe on

    Last article….. straight 4 4 2




    Edvard Munch………….




    Leonardo da Vinci






    Henri Matisse.



    Jackson Pollock






    Piero della Francesca






    Claude Monet



    Vincent Van Gogh






    Pablo Picasso



    Wassily Kandinsky

  17. Very dangerous game selling in January….JJ we could maybe get away with….GG different ball game

  18. I like big GG but I don’t think it’s controversial to suggest that better exist out there, within our price range.



    Maybe he also wants the guarantee of top dog, sole striker, starting each week. Not unusual but not something we seem keen to do.



    I liked the look of Cho. No guarantees in life but suspect he can give us what GG does and more attributes suited to an Ange setup. And that’s the clincher for me.




  19. Big Jimmy


    Live score has the game versus Rennes at 20.00 hope that helps , hope you are well HH

  20. bournesouprecipe on

    ‘Cheeky Chappie’ from the World Cup



    Repeat at least three times,



    “ 𝑰 𝒉𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒔𝒂𝒚”



    “…𝒊𝒕 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒊𝒔”



    “ I’ve got to say “



    “ let me tell you “



    “ my initial thought “



    “ make no mistake “



    “ absholutely “



    “ I have to say Clive “



    “ I have to say John “



    “ by the way “



    “ I’ve got to tell you “



    “ let’s be honest “



    “ currect “

  21. No individual has been mentioned as being available for transfer, granted, JJ does look like a good bet to be moving on, but, it is the Media, as usual, who have stated the GG’s contract situation has stalled, as do most contract extensions, agents don’t just grab the first offer made for their players, would be mad to do so and wouldn’t have many clients left if they did that. I reckon he’ll sign up for something before the transfer window, but he may hedge his bets to see if any decent clubs come a-calling, though if he does, the offer may be withdrawn, cat and mouse, as always. por cierto.

  22. JJ will be a miss but if the new lhad has a turn of pace then that is what we need for European competition, big Tony’s lack of pace rarely exposed in home matches.



    With a critical eye , we were brutally exposed at left centre back in the CL so for me big Jenz option will not be taken up ,hence young Japanese lhad being signed ; also we need to make sure that the round white thing ends up between the white bits of wood , so I’d expect some ins and outs with the forward line,



    Suspect Ange is in it to win it and if you can’t cut it. your out. If that means GG’s off then it’s sianora

  23. CONEYBHOY on 8TH DECEMBER 2022 1:25 PM


    Big Jimmy







    I saw 10am GMT as the KO time. No idea if it will be on TV





    Cheers mate. I will keep looking at the Celtic Website also.



  24. PAPAJOE55 on 8TH DECEMBER 2022 2:12 PM


    Big Jimmy





    Live score has the game versus Rennes at 20.00 hope that helps , hope you are well HH




    Cheers for that info PAPAJOE55.


    I will keep checking the Celtic Website as nothing appears to confirmed….Yet ?


    I am so so mate…some good days and some not so good.


    I am luckier than many poor souls.



    HH Mate.

  25. We should be bringing in a minimum of 3 young players from the B team to train with the First team squad each season. If they dont hack it the move them on.



    January window is important to us as we need to bed in signings early. Good prices for sales in january.



    ‘Cheeky Chappie’ from the World Cup







    Repeat at least three times,




    McCoist does my NUT IN !


    I wonder ( not for long), IF McCoist has ever told anyone…” Gies a break….YOU have already told me that THREE Times” ?


    Hes always saying how ” BEAUTIFUL” a PASS or a Goal might be.



    Did HE actually speak like that when he was in the dressing room, as a so called Manager or Player, or is his style of Co Commentating meant for the English audience ?


    After all, the English have somehow ” ENJOYED” CLIVE TYDESLEY waffing on and on for many years now.



  27. CONEYBHOY on 8TH DECEMBER 2022 1:25 PM




    I hope that you are GOOD and HEALTHY Mate.


    Take care of yourself.


    HH Mate.

  28. Another factor in blending newcomers to the squad is that Ange has a recognisable style which is easier to slot players in than the traditional umpteen touches tanner ba stuff we were previously blessed with.



    We’ll need to keep spinning the bottle for a centre forward who can cut it at CL ….

  29. Sorry, but McCoist doesnt just say ” Beautiful”…..its more like ” Clive….that was BOOOOOOOOTIFUL” at least three times.


    Did he talk like that when addressing his Team mates on the Pitch ?



    I would bet good money that he DIDN’T !




    Rant over.



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