Juranovic and disruptive publicity


Nothing makes sense about the reports that Manchester United and Chelsea are considering a bid for Josip Juranovic.  It is just less than a year since the player signed for Celtic.  For much of that time he played at left back, a position he had never played before and did not enjoy.

33 starts across domestic and European football later, precious few of them in his favourable position, he has two of the highest spenders in European football keen, after Atletico Madrid were supposedly interested?  While he was an important part of the story last season, his impact was significantly less than at least four other new arrivals.  I’m not seeing the evidence leading to such interest.

What we know for sure is that this publicity is disruptive.  I am also sure the newspapers reporting did not make the story up, there is a source of the disruption.  Jura will move on eventually, but it would take a spectacular bid to convince Celtic that time was now.  In the meantime, all they can do is try to disuade the disrupter.

Good luck to Dundee United in Alkmaar tonight.  I suspect they are not ready for the challenges of away games in Europe, but reaching the Conference playoff round would be a huge achievement.  It would also give them a chance of stemming the flow or red ink all over their accounts.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting chat re Josip plus other less desirable right full back.



    A few factors influence transfer fees.



    Most are based on solid foundations – length of current contract, selling club’s need, player pedigree.



    Two outliers for me in current bonkers market. Buying club’s



    1. desperation



    2. access to debt (barely any top 30 club returns a profit)




    The Josip rumour worries me a bit.



    If he moves (VERY BIG IF) we’ll get top dollar.



    Four years left on contract



    Established international for a top country



    Only 26 years old.



    No “top five” league pedigree but decent in Croatia, Poland and (with Celtic) in Europe.



    Man Utd are all over the place recruitment wise.



    Chelsea better but still no great shakes.



    Biggest risk I see is a successful bid one hour before transfer window closes.



    A punt fee for them. A huge whack for us.



    But no time to secure a replacement.




    PS – re that other full back?



    Converted winger who CANNOT defend.



    Before Sevco, spent a career bouncing around lower leagues.



    Will be 31 years old in a couple of months and, like Goldson, has recently fleeced Sevco for a pension pot goldmine contract well into his mid-thirties.



    Can lob in a good cross and score penalties


    (Whoop de doo)

  2. You can’t blame his agent for trying. 4 years left on his contract for what must be a relatively low salary.



    I’d imagine we’ll give him a new deal with a wage that’s more in keeping with the value to the squad and what he brings to Celtic. But not what he’d get if he were to transform into a Man United or Chelsea player

  3. Unfortunately Paul 67, I think it fits Chelsea’s business model, however I will believe it when or if it happens



    IncidentallyChelseahas circa 21 players out on loan.







    You missed out age. He’s 27 next week, it’s too old to go from the “Scottish farmers league” to a top 6 epl team. 25 is the absolute limit

  5. I want Dundee Utd beat. I want all clubs living outside their means to be brought back to sustainable spending.



    Gambling on Europe isn’t good for Scottish football.



    Juranovic’s agent needs to cool his jets.

  6. I like Jura but the scouts watching him this season won’t have seen anything against better opposition to suggest he could make huge step up to the epl.



    His last two games in Europe were the 3-1 home defeat against B/G and a seat on the bench in the return leg.

  7. Now that I’ve read the article…😁



    Would not surprise me if JJ’s agent is trying to provoke interest, with the aim of getting his player a new, improved contract off the back of a decent season – not just with us, but also with international performances which have been applauded. Agents do what agents do. If a player gets plaudits for a great season, the agent will seek a better deal, either at the existing club or via a transfer. That’s life. The powers that be within Celtic have seen this all before. If the agent did his job properly, he’ll have a release clause inserted in JJ’s contract. In which case he’s probably been disclosing said fee to numerous clubs, in the hope they’ll bite. If nobody bites, then the agent may have over estimated his players worth (to other clubs). Perhaps. 😁




  8. Imagine believing the ” Moon landings ” in 69, when we can’t even invent a phone you can see in sunlight 😆😆😆

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Respectfully… why is 25 years of age the absolute ceiling on signings?

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    I do believe the SMSM make these up. They take it in turns and then the others print the same pash.

  11. Greenpinata


    I saw the other week we now have telescopes that will see the beginning of the universe.


    But we can’t see what’s in front of us




    Teams in the EPL rarely sign outfield players from outside the big leagues if they’re over 25 and never for big money. The Top 6 teams dont sign players over 25 if they dont have big league experience.



    Fulham paid Sporting £22.5m for Palhinha at 26 this summer, but he came from the Portuguese league that’s challenging Ligue Un as they 5th best league, and he’s recently established himself as a starter for the the Portuguese national team. Other than him, no outfield player over 25 has moved from a league outside the top 5 for more than £7m in years.



    Age is as important in determining fees as ability these days. Bassey at went to Ajax for £20m, Aribo went to Southampton for £6m. Edouard and Ajer both had a year left on their contract but both went for £15m+. They wouldnt get bought for that amount if they were over 25

  13. An Tearmann on 11th August 2022 12:59 am



    A note to all Cqn’rs.







    On the 29th of July Martin42 brought the sad news to us that Professor Peter Boyle Bigyinmilan had passed away.





    After a few days I messaged his daughter Eileen,expressing my sympathies and how we here in our community miss him and as posters expressed,missed the Celtic man’s company,wisdom and craic.i forwarded to Eileen copies of the posts,







    Tonight I got a response from Eileen 👇







    Thank you so much for sharing these messages and memories. It means a lot to us. Would you mind sharing this thank you message from my Mum with CQN?







    “Dear all,





    Thank you very much for all your kind expressions of sympathy. Our family were all deeply touched by your messages and memories.







    As many have said before, Peter was a man of three “F”: Faith, Family and Football. Celtic was a true part of his life and Celtic Quick News a great way to keep in touch, discuss, and share updates and memories about Celtic and Glasgow. To these “F”s, we would like to add a fourth: “Friendship”. Celtic Quick News brought him together with a group of friends, some he had met, and some he had never but who all shared his passion for Celtic.







    You all brought him joy, even through tough times.







    He is now with the Father, but rest assured, he will still be with you in Celtic Park.







    Helena (wife), Helen, Kathleen and Eileen (daughters)”












    Hail Hail 💚





    This is us




  14. bournesouprecipe on




    I’m glad we only have one player under Adroit Management. Juranovic signed a four year deal and it appears if rumours are to be believed began agitating for a ‘big money’ move. Celtic’s much maligned ‘deeply flawed’ transfer scouting strategy appears to have struck gold, (again) but only according to rumour. What has happened in a year to make the players value start at £15M plus, especially when lowly Tony was sometimes preferred?



    If a mad bid comes in I’d say Celtic have to take it, as we did with Frimpong who it must be stressed wanted to go.

  15. High profile St Johnstone fans’ group, Fair City Unity,



    That raised a smile 😃



    obviously twenty is plenty includes away fans who go to Perth , what’s our and the hun allocation ?😜


    Say a £9 drop for every ticket , £ 9000 per 1000 × however many games depending on fixtures and top six finish let’s for arguments sake say 3 ( us 2 away ,hun 1) 😜



    £27000 per 1000


    The St Johnstone board will be going loopy 😜😜😂😂




    You only have to look at the mess the Huns made of selling their players to see what can happen if you let exceptionalism take the place of analysis based on market data.



    Long may the superiority complex continue to lead them to making poor decisions

  17. I’ll bet the clever clogs at Celtic Park have already a sophisticated set of algorithms that will give you an accurate valuation of every player we have on our books and every player we’re looking at signing.



    Its not just guesswork

  18. bournesouprecipe on




    I agree with that , and the early Sevco footballing evidence suggests selling your best players shouldn’t be celebrated by your support as if they themselves were banking the money. If ever there was a propensity for a new debt free club to screw up finances, it’s bound to be one with the unique hun mentality.



    Celtic have had nigh on, 25 years of experience in buy cheap sell high full income tax, and no EBT’s business.



    It’s served us quite well, but is open to perfection.



    P.S. enjoyed your Tottenham insight which gave much needed perspective in what Celtic face.

  19. If Juranovic and his people see an opportunity to head down the road then good luck to them. It’s a well trodden path, is the M74. Glasgow’s proximity to Liverpool, Manchester, London, etc, will be a sweetener when Celtic entice the player in the first place. They come, they go, only the support remains a constant.



    If he does leave in the next three weeks then Celtic will, I expect, have a few top quality replacements lined up, even on a loan basis. Guys who will be bench warmers at the elite clubs might just fancy regular game time with the Champions League an added incentive.

  20. Off out to brave the elements and have a wee swim here in Harris. Bucketing down and blowing a gale. No need for Sun friendly screens here !


    Waterproof phones yes !!!!



    Already feeling the build up for Sunday. Last time I was there it was the beginning of the end for Gerard’s attempt to stop 9. We won 3-1 and they struggled that night in their match. It was just after the newco had beaten us at CP. It was a night when it could have all gone so wrong but we really ‘turned up’.



    Anyone know if we have the Chadwick and Other stand or just the Chadwick on Sunday ?

  21. How much is the transfer for Juranavic if it’s 15 to 20 million or more what does Celtic do he is a good player but prone to get caught out of possession?,as for Motherwell Hamill the new coach if I was a Well fan I wouldn’t be to pleased about that Appointment.

  22. TIMBHOY163 on 11TH AUGUST 2022 2:03 PM


    “as for Motherwell Hamill the new coach if I was a Well fan I wouldn’t be to pleased about that Appointment.”



    Why? Do you think it’s a cheap option or for some other reason?


    Don’t have an agenda here, just interested as to why you’re saying that bud.


    por cierto

  23. If Keiran Tierney can decide to go then everyone and anyone can. Every player’s agent is sure to have many irons in the fire. Of course, Celtic PLC can say no to a last-day transfer, and stop laughing at the back, but highly unlikely. Tony Ralston would step in, yet again, and fill the void if need be, but, I think if there is any truth in the rumours at all Ange, being Ange, will have his own irons toasting nicely, por cierto.

  24. C40 @ 12.23



    I cannot fully engage with your viewpoint / analysis.


    Your explanation has a couple of holes in it.



    JJ moving just now at “26” — if we agree to sell him we will get what the market want’s to pay.



    Your 25 and under rule holds water if it is a stepping stone move into the EPL — second rank EPL teams will not pay big money for players that they can’t potentially move on for even bigger money.



    So custom and practice points to U25.



    Where your analysis falls down is where the move is straight to a front rank EPL club who have a gap in the squad and they are looking for a starter to keep them in the spotlight / competitive.



    JJ to MU / Chelsea fits this second scenario — consequently we should expect to get a big fee for him.



    He is the real deal as his NT form has announced to the world.



    We should be looking at £25mill for his services — no matter that they are distressed buyers we should get what they will pay elsewhere.



    We should not be a cheap option.


    Their supports will not accept a cheap option.



    LIVE on BBC Scotland, Channel 9 on Freeview.


    The Kick AFF is at 8.00pm.


    Programme starts at 7.45pm.


    I wouldnt mind IF Utd get a favourable result tonight, but I fear that they may get GUBBED by a few goals ?






    I hope that you are healthy and well my friend..


    HH Mate.

  26. garygillespieshamstring on

    Por Cierto



    I am sure you are correct.


    Ange is quite clear. He only wants you if you are committed. If he is getting an impression that Josip’s head has been turned, Ange will be on it.

  27. U25 nonsense / rule breaker — HL in this day and age?


    What would he go for if his career was now to happen at P/head?



    KF might be the best comparison.



    What would he go for now?


    What would he go for in 2023 after a good CL campaign?

  28. Tom McLaughlin on

    One minute we’re slating the media for rumour-mongering and trying to upset a happy dressing room. Next minute we’re asking if Juranovic’s head has been turned and questioning his commitment.



    All this after the player, only a few weeks ago, quickly batted away reports of interest from Atletico with a resounding ‘no chance’.

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