Knocks and strains


From what I hear, Celtic not having a game until Sunday is being viewed as a blessing, in light of players returning from international duty with a variety of strains and knocks.  ‘Wee’ games before a bigger one are the proverbial banana skin.  Ange is likely to depend on those who have had two weeks off from action and are ready to go.  He will, of course, include his boundless captain, but he has reason to be grateful some international bosses are happy to overlook Celtic players.

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  1. SFTB



    I saw you mention the NRA. It was fairly recently that I learned that it was set up after the US Civil War due to the poor markmanship of Union (don’t mention Union, woops) soldiers who largely came from cities.



    The more rural Confederates had a much higher strike rate, even if outnumbered.



    The NRA was about gun clubs I believe not having an arsenal in your garage to fight ‘commies’



    Also, the right to bear arms was not meant to mean that every civilian could have guns; was to allow States to raise militias if the President/Gov reverted back to British totalitarian rule



    Funny old game Saint

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Almost 18 years ago the Glazers “bought” Man United for £790m.



    The previously debt free club were saddled with £550m debt straight away as a result of the deal.



    Over last 18 years … debt has never gone below £300m.



    Today it is close to £1bn.



    Servicing the debt has cost c. £1.1billion.



    Dividends AND salaries to the Glazers?





    It was a commercial leisure group under Martin Edwards.



    Glazers took it to a new level.



    So they don’t win trophies like they used to?



    Who cares !!!!!



    Memories of Budapest



    Good post!



    This was the point that I was trying to put to CANAMALAR yesterday.


    Not saying that Hungarians are not as Intelligent as other nationalities. Far from it.


    However, as you have clearly pointed out, they do have previous.







  4. Following on from the assault on a Celtic employee ,are Celtic still using Parks coaches?

  5. WBC



    I’d heard about the non shooters but not read that much, look forward to reading your long link later. Need to get a wee bit work done – not too much, just a wee bit!

  6. Greenpinata



    You didnt.


    You are coming across now as tho you did


    But you denied,deflected and deferred


    You deflected to rishi


    You deflected to Anas


    You deflected to private schools


    You deflected to kate forbes


    You then managed to square a party critique


    That would have done Iago proud labellin Cassio.


    Jeez you were wrigglin like a good little unionist


    tryin to recall your fairness



    You were asked about the grandson of immigrants attaining leadership.



    Nice wee insecure diatribe bout racism


    Your politics support Brexit and racism.



    I type words at one is attempting to be those mythical creatures you describe

  7. FANDAPTRIOT,Joe O’Rourke and all his bought paid for (all the away tickets they get to keep there mouths shut )The Celtic Supporters Association are the ones who should be asking the Celtic Directors about Parks Coaches etc,but they won’t,they have all took the 30 Pence ,chancers the lot of them ,and corrupters.




    Guys don’t know if any of you have watched this Apple TV series.



    1971 Vietnam and how the music industry reacted



    John lennon prominent in the first episode…..



    The year that music changed everything.



    Brilliant footage of heroes past….. And present.



    Music outstanding…

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