Knocks and strains


From what I hear, Celtic not having a game until Sunday is being viewed as a blessing, in light of players returning from international duty with a variety of strains and knocks.  ‘Wee’ games before a bigger one are the proverbial banana skin.  Ange is likely to depend on those who have had two weeks off from action and are ready to go.  He will, of course, include his boundless captain, but he has reason to be grateful some international bosses are happy to overlook Celtic players.

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    GERRYBHOY on 30TH MARCH 2023 4:30 PM,





    Aye ok, he’s duped them four times, you’d think they’d have learned by now eh.





    As for your sweeping generalisation, the majority of Hungarians are simple minded, I beg to differ, I find them among the most intelligent peoples in the world never mind Europe.





    See what I mean about reading before posting?







    And yes I do make some assumption but only based on what you say which is a decent indicator of what you believe.







    Hail Hail



    You have no idea what I believe.


    One of the things I do believe though is that the English population by and large were duped several times in the last 13 years by such chancers and snake oil salesmen (and women). So, no I’m not putting the Hungarians down at all. They appear to have no better choice than the English.


    Anyhow, you appear to me to be overly opinionated and somewhat one eyed in your “views”. Like a dog with a bone and its getting quite tiresome, so we should leave it there since I had no intention of getting into such an exchange.


    Thanks and HH to you too.

  2. Canman


    At the start of the pandemic I used to post link after link, all the links were taken from government sources and the MSM, all I asked for what I posted to be refuted, not one single time was anything refuted, aye I was called everything under the sun, as you say expected, still not a single rebuff, like the video I posted today, yer man quoted patent number after patent number, when the patents were applied for and by whom, yet he is a fruitcake, imagine what the folks who employ him must feel.


    Just for the record, I am no expert, but I do have a brain and also the capability to see beyond the lies, I supposed that makes me a fruitcake as well, fine by me.


    Not trying to educate anyone either, if folks want to live in blissful ignorance, again fine by me.


    Amazing thing is, you would think that these con theorists would have been sued for their troubles, not once has any of these fruitcakes been sued, funny that.


    Oh I have never heard of Marjorie Greene either, must look her up.

  3. I see the ither boys in bloo are trying to identify the aggressors in the “mass brawl” after the last time we upset the huns by beatin’ thum…………Aye.



    Doubtless those identified will be huckled without any need for complaints from the victims………..



    So how come the lassies game Nut-case who is quite easy to finger husnae been liftit yet?????



    Have I missed summit?

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    Team for Sunday


    Joe,Canadian Bruiser, Carl, CCV, Greg, Captain, Reo, Matt, Jota, Kyogo, Haksa.


    No idea about injuries etc. I’m sure the Boss shall let the press know tomorrow. Mate. 😂

  5. To provide a wee diversion from the Covid Quick News debate, I was wondering if any of the CQN


    Catholics, practising or lapsed, had an opinion on the continued suppression of the Latin Mass?


    As an Oul Fhart, I look at the TLM with fondness and decry the progressive elements within the Church, including Pope Francis.


    CQN. Catholic Quick News. Desperate for Sunday.

  6. Interesting that vaccines ate getting discussed again…it’s nearly as divisive as the song debate…but today’s coincides with a story I was told at 1pm today…..A guy I support his sister and her husband visited him from Dublin ….five kids two of them nurses in Glasgow..visiting her as well


    The Christmas before last her neighbour fine healthy gentleman of 61….but didn’t believe in vaccination….caught covid and died 3 weeks later


    She even had said to him as he was out in his garden putting Christmas lights up….come on down with me I’m just going to get vaccination…I’ll give you a lift …she was concerned as she liked him and her daughters had told her dreadful story’s about many dying….but he told her flatly….its a nonsense…don’t believe a word of it !!!

  7. paulsthroughball88 on




    Re the Latin mass.



    I recently asked my parish priest about this matter, but he says amabam.

  8. I see BHA, not Benson & Hedges, are supposed to be preparing a bid for Hatate.


    A wee bit too soon before the meeting next week?


    From my green colored perspective, I would think it’s beneath him, but what price do you think would tempt the board?

  9. ‘GG on 30th March 2023 5:35 pm



    To provide a wee diversion from the Covid Quick News debate, I was wondering if any of the CQN





    Catholics, practising or lapsed, had an opinion on the continued suppression of the Latin Mass?





    As an Oul Fhart, I look at the TLM with fondness and decry the progressive elements within the Church, including Pope Francis.





    CQN. Catholic Quick News. Desperate for Sunday.





    I loved the Latin Mass, but I also like Pope Francis.





  10. Looking to axe(just gets gokkier and gokkier:-)))





    More inaccurate reporting from @Martin1Williams; there is no club football board, sevco bought the club’s assets from the liquidator and there is no such thing as a ‘club company’.



    David Low @Heavidor.




  11. PTB88


    I’ll put you down as a Yes then.


    Yes to what we can each choose according to our personal preferences.

  12. AT


    So there is no dispute that the legal establishment is corrupt.


    The only question is how much more are the taxpayers going to pay for their bigotry?

  13. Scullybhoy


    I’m putting you down as a Yes vote.


    Personally I abhor the confusion Francis has sown.


    We are on a slippy slope to Canterbury like irrelevance as we adopt “fashionable” norms of the day.

  14. Scullybhoy


    You just need a Bobby Murdoch pic to complete a hat trick of midfield geniuses.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    GERRYBHOY on 30TH MARCH 2023 5:09 PM,


    I suggest you could also bring your assessment of electorates closer to home but will I continue to dispute your assessment on the intelligence of the Hungarian’s and how easy it is to “dupe” them. I’d also contend they had a much better choice than the English and Scots, who both are happy to go to war with Russia and make sure their peoples energy security and cost of living is geared towards benefiting the US first and foremost.


    Orban’s manifesto was pretty simple really, put Hungary first and maintain their cultural identity, keep his people out of the war and secure their energy supply. Whether you like it or not that is exactly what he is doing and why he keeps getting returned to power. In the face of the EU and NATO he is putting his peoples wellbeing first. I’d say that was a far better choice than anyone in the UK will get, what do you think eh? Can you see any of the main parties offering a peace manifesto? Although Zelensky got in on back of such a promise so it might be used yet to dupe the UK electorate too eh.



    As for the rest of your stuff, I can’t see how it can be tiresome, you don’t answer questions do you?


    I think you have answered only one question and even that was to make a sweeping generalisation about the majority of another country. Everything else has been about obfuscating and supporting that statement, oh and having a pop at me which is a nap játéka I suppose. I’ve not reached double figures yet but its early I suppose.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    VINNIETHEDOG on 30TH MARCH 2023 5:38 PM,


    Did the nurses tell your friend if the guy had been given respiratory depressing drugs on put on a ventilating machine, I don’t suppose they would, would they?

  17. What is the Starz on

    Part of “the truth is out there” crap that you guys like to bombard us with

  18. Off to bed after quick flick thru.


    Please Kevj and MM (not oz) come back and change the dialouge


    C’mon, Celtic talk, please

  19. bigrailroadblues on

    Bobby Murdoch. The greatest player I ever seen playing for my wonderful Glasgow Celtic.

  20. SCULLYBHOY on 30TH MARCH 2023 6:15 PM


    GG who is the bhoy in the photo?



    Since we are talking about him, I assume it’s Bobby, lifting one of his many trophies.


    St Columkille’s winning a school’s cup?

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I know what you mean, I put up a link to a research paper issued for peer review in India that concluded the virus had four receptors from the HIV virus, they concluded natural evolution was statistically highly unlikely for such a combination.


    I looked at the comments/responses and peer reviews, not a single one addressed the methodology or assessed the results, every comment was directed at the peer review website and researchers, telling them, how unacceptable it was to put such research up for peer review. And that the seven researchers were out of their depth and that the research must be removed, suffice to say it was removed the same week. April 2020 i think that was, I’d like to get access to the CQN archives just to check.

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