Knocks and strains


From what I hear, Celtic not having a game until Sunday is being viewed as a blessing, in light of players returning from international duty with a variety of strains and knocks.  ‘Wee’ games before a bigger one are the proverbial banana skin.  Ange is likely to depend on those who have had two weeks off from action and are ready to go.  He will, of course, include his boundless captain, but he has reason to be grateful some international bosses are happy to overlook Celtic players.

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  1. I don’t think anyone can deny the existence of the Covid virus.


    What should be discussed is the reaction, sometimes reactionary, response of authorities, the suppression and ostracizing of dissenters, and the people who benifitted.

  2. GG



    Spot on



    That is as disgraceful as any of the lies and media control being spun.



    A real worry for the next big crisis if we are to look at how we dealt with that.



    Only Sweden seemed to stick by the previously agreed pandemic protocol.



    No surprise to see their results were better than all others.

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The mob need a fall guy to make them feel better informed, its easy to isolate and misrepresent dissenters, its standard crowd behaviour, many “independent minded free thinkers” betray their true nature and preference for herd mentality. They generally try to become the champions and enforcers of newspeak, the real thought police, pretty frightening really.

  4. Well done on commenting on things that have passed and are no longer relevant to the people now suffering a fuel crisis, food crisis, inflation and a soon to be banking crisis



    Howzabout instead of showing of your huge intellect on matters past, you get your head out the past and get it into the present



    Or, just a thought



    Talk about celtic and stfu

  5. A quick factoid.



    Sweden was 58th on the mortality index for deaths as a percentage of cases.



    0.9, %



    57 other countries had higher rates. Centred on high density populated urbanization s.



    154 other countries had lesser mortality rates. Often because they were massive and populations are diversified.



    John Hopkins.

  6. Canamalar / TET



    Huge respect to you for your altruistic reasons for sharing an alternate opinion with people.

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Excess deaths are a current ongoing crisis but you wont know about it until it affects you and yours directly.



    Fuel and food crisis, agree peace in Ukraine, honour the no expansion of NATO agreement after the dissolution of the USSR.


    Inflation and banking sector, stop printing fiat and devaluing the existing circulated currency, resource and implement strict regulation on the financial sector.


    On a personal level hedge with bitcoin and gold.


    There, simples.



    Team for Sunday








    Starfelt (if available)










    Haksabanovic (unless Maeda is over his jetlag)





    Anything else :oD))))

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Kobayashi or McCarthy


    No seen enough of Kobayashi but I think McCarthy might be able to do a job in that position but I’d also be ok with Ange picking the team.

  9. Now I know you drunk too much home made wine lol



    McCarthy as good a player as he was is not in contention for that postition



    I would reckon that even with McCarthy picking the team, he wouldn’t get near it…..

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Got to say this threw me “huge intellect”, obviously not talking to me nothing huge about my intellect but I thought I’d throw my two bobs worth in anyway, my tiny intellect works very hard just to stand still and not go backwards.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    There’s no doubt for me McCarthy knows the game, his experience should allow him to cover that position by reading the game but his speed is the big risk, and that’s why I’m ok with Ange picking the team in my place :o)

  12. Maybe his speed is a risk but the biggest risk is he a right footed player



    And at his age, as you pointed out his speed (as much as his speed of thought which hinders his lack of left foot) has declined



    Ange has heaped praise on our centre backs for going 1-2-1 most games with the opposition strikers



    Young mans game that, as much as speed across the park and reflexes, speed of thought and covering the ground in advance is more than he has now

  13. I’m surprised Mcarthy is still with us I’d had high hopes for him when he joined even tho’ his age is against him……………




    Had high hopes too, but our game as a team has evolved and can’t see him fitting in and being effective for a period of time



    I hope he proves me wrong

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