Last season’s Celtic edge over the line


Shortly after Elfsborg cracked one against the crossbar last night I quickly scanned the Celtic team and had a thought.  For the second season in a row we are taking on the Swedish champions but we’re missing two of last season’s big performers and none of this season’s new signings were ready for action.  In short, this was Celtic 2012 minus Wanyama and Hooper. No wonder we looked unstructured.

Joe Ledley brought some vision to central midfield when he arrived, hopefully banishing the Brown-Kayal partnership to hidden corners of our mind once and for all.  Anthony Stokes playing at the front of a wide diamond was equally effective.  With the signing of Amido Balde, bids in for Kevin Doyle, and the addition of a wide-delivery-expert Derk Boerrigter, clearly Neil Lennon has a different plan for the months to come….. so there’s no real need for me to state the obvious.

Defensively we looked solid after a shaky opening few minutes.  I’m not the only one who was a bit nervous about Efe Ambrose after he was (again) caught underneath a long ball, but he settled quickly.  As we know to our cost, being great for 87 minutes is not how Champions League reputations are made, you are judged on your how vulnerable you become in your weak moments.

I said yesterday that Samaras and Commons were the two players who could cope at this level, which became plainly obvious during the game.  Georgios was the one player who frightened Elfsborg, they either swamped him with four defenders or fouled him before he got near goal.

Kris is simply the most intelligent footballer we have.  He is not the fastest, will never have the best stats, but he understands how games are won and is able to act accordingly.  Without these two players Celtic would be distinctly vanilla.

Thanks to those who sent over their 1254125 Great Scottish Run details, I’ll have them on the page later.
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  1. normanstreet49



    All my fitba trophies went on the Telly for a while even a most committed player one which is basically just turning up every week and that trophy didn;t even get put on display. I threw it in a wardrobe.


    I was gutted.




  2. @Stoofer. I’ve emailed the SPFL website this morning as well asking them why they have given the founding date of 1872 to the club called rangersfc.


    I’ve given them the dead club’s company number and the new one’s number as well and told them to check with Companies House.


    I’ve asked them to get back to me with an answer.



    @Henr1k. I’ve contacted the email address with regards to SayNoToTheSameClub and I can hopefully attend the meeting.



    I’m not up to date with the SevcoFC compaints about Hearts going into administration.


    Any chance of a recap from someone with the relevant info?




  3. Ah am Grieved, but No Deceived.



    Ah knew, awe the time when Ah wiz sayin’ that Neil widnae be so Daft as tae bring in


    anither big Stiffy, that ..



    Yep.. Neil Wiz So ..gonna bring in a New Big Stiffy!



    Neil, hiz a weakness.



    It’s Called .. He nevah met a Big Shamblin’ Stiffy.. whom he didnae want tae See in a Celtic Strip.



    And, that goes Double..if the Big Stiffy..is an Irishman!



    It’s jist wan o’ these inevitable thingys..



    Neil, his bin bringin in a bunch o’ First Class..Noo Fellahs intae the Fold..


    Everywan a Winner( whit aboot… Balde?…ed)( Gie me a Week of so..oan that. And Ah wull Get Back tae Ye.)



    So he is Jist aboot, oan Schedule, tae bring in a Black Sheep!



    It’s some kinda Law.



    Like, when as a Teen-Ager, Ye hid bin Congratulating yersel.. in beating oot a bunch a fellahs tae Take the Best Looking gal tae the Prom.. and the Night afore The Big Dance..


    Ye find the Beginnings o a Gigantic Plook that is beginning tae form…



    Right oan the tip of Yer Nose!



    Fur the Gods must hiv thur fun.



    Sure,Neil ,is gonna Get the Egg treatment oan this..as sure as Bees Buzzzzzzzzzzzz.



    You’ll See!





    Still Laughin’

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Som mes : was just thinking the same! Put one up anyway and we’ll see if the naps comp is on for this season?






  5. Som mes que un club on




    Been out.



    If it happens today then great, so…,



    Just Pretending



    Goodwood 1515.

  6. Som mes and T4, great minds eh… for what it’s worth on a tricky day, I’ll put up Shropshire in the 3.50 at Goodwood, be lucky bhoys…

  7. Halljoy 145 New is my first loser of the new season.


    I’ve heard a word for Kastini 8.0 Ling tonight. Working mans price tho.


    All the best