Legends, history, £6k and tens of thousands of Celtic fans


Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 9-in-a-row CQN Charity Golf Day at Aberdour in Fife, yesterday.  The event, auctions and raffles leading up to it raised £6000, the bulk of which will go to the 1254125 appeal, while some will go to Clic Sargent, who help families with children with that dreadful disease.

Lisbon Lion, Willie Wallace, and his wife Olive, were fantastic guests, who enjoyed spending a day with 70 or so friends.  It doesn’t matter how far away Lisbon Lions live, you always find them the same way.

My sincere thanks to everyone who came along, bid of the auctions or bought a raffle ticket, all in aid of people you will never know. Thank you from all of us to John, Kevin and John, for their stressful work in pulling the event together, for the ninth year!

125 years ago a handful of people, living in a community devastated by hunger, destitution and TB, but who could make a difference, decided they would make a difference.  As a result, Celtic was born.  Celtic is not just something to brighten up your weekends, it’s not purely there to build friendships or to create common-interests across the generations, it is a movement you are required participate in.

The clarion call to all Celtic fans this year is to do more than just put your hand in your pocket, the spirit which gave birth to the concept of Celtic will only survive if those who can get involved, inspire a fresh generation by doing so.

Go register for 1254125, and commit to doing something to raise £125.  It can be anything.  You can walk a 1888 meters, go to the barbers and get a baldy to celebrate the signing of Amido Balde, it doesn’t need to be as ambitious as the 150 brave souls who right this very moment are atop Ben Nevis about to undertake the world’s highest huddle.

If you believe in this club, don’t leave it to someone else to take care of what’s important.  The same goes for your season ticket.  It has been over a century since we have been as close to the founding spirit of our club, but the sporting dramas which inspire us all are not achieved by new strikers, they are the fruits of tens of thousands fans buying season tickets.

Go stake your claim on Celtic.

You can buy Willie’s autobiography below:

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    a stor mo chroi- the best 21st birthday present a bhoy could want.We should have hammered them that day,finished much closer than it should have.





    We turned volleyball into a contact sport-set me up for a spike wi that big sod to block it and I’ll take him out!



    Sevconian attitude,must be my Kilwinning upbringing….

  3. shoulder2shoulder on

    Hail Hail


    I recieved book yesterday with a fine card of. Ceasar holding some big cup or other ;),all in time for fathers day,a great gift,only I had a loik at book only to see it wasn’t signed by the great man…..shock horror and time standing stull :( So q frantic emails to Tony to see if any help was possible…….Step forward and take a bow Mr David Faulds Superstar :) David only proceeded,at rush hour yesterday,to drive personally through to paisley and bring me a signed copy of WW book ,i am so grateful to that Irishman and so will my Dad be tomorrow so David I can’t thank you enough mo chara !! What a fantastic family we have!


    Keep the Faith !

  4. midfield maestro on

    Can i echo everything said about golf day. Great organisation from all involved. From start of day, getting my EBT, right down to end of day, listening to Willie’s stories, i had a fantastic day. Good to put faces to monickers, great to meet Willie Wallace, Paul & his dad, BRTH & many many more.



    Once again, well done to all involved.

  5. The Boy Jinky on




    Sitting in mcdonalds with PF



    Hmmmm… I would never have imagined he woulda eaten in there… im slummin it :)

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Do the MSM think Celtic are stupid they are talking of Sunderland selling there keeper for 9 million and replaceing him with Fraser Forster for 4 million ? Hooper they are quoting going south for 4 to 5 Million and Wanyama for 6 million. These three young Celtic players are Champions league players and medal winners and should get even better, meanwhile in England players are being quoted for transfer at anything up to 20 Million with no european pedigree..I dont think we are that desperate for cash that we should be the bargain basement for Premier league clubs in my opinion Hooper should not be sold for less than 6 Million, Fraser Forster,for no less than 6 Million and big Victor no less than 12 Million a total of 24 Million.We could then bring in Shane Given on loan Kevin Doyle for 1.2 Million we already have Balde at 1.2 Million we still need a solid Centre Back and a play making midfielder.Come on the SSm dont sell the Celtic fans short.H.H

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Joe Filippis Haircut 16:28 on 15 June, 2013



    No point getting animated about anything the media – they have no idea what’s going on.

  8. whitedoghunch





    (Female) beach volleyball is VERY popular over here in Italy – Sky even show it.



    Don’t usually watch it – but if there is nothing else on I might.






    Volleyball is a contact sport in Kilwinning and Ardrossan.




  9. A Stor Mo Chroi




    15:47 on 15 June, 2013




    At 2.20 in… spot a foul?



    Celtic 2 Rangers 1 – LCF 1982





    We have come quite away since this no longer the butchers apron to contaminate the Cup. Covered areas equally shared. And I may or not be right with this did GSTQ not get played at Hampden Cup Finals?

  10. whitedoghunch on




    walking up the main street is a contact sport here in


    Cambuslang !





    I lived in Ardrossan at the time!



    Dragged there kicking and screaming when I was eight years old.



    Hellish place and even worse now

  12. yorkbhoy,



    I have been on the azothioprine for about 15 years. Has serious side-effects, as you probably know, but it does help to keep the colitis under control.

  13. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Big Mike;



    Mate, I have been to dozens of games against them, and this is my truth, my heart beating and my mates singing always drowned out their singing; and even if we got beat my heart beat never faltered and my mates only snag louder. And that is true. I never, ever, remember that mob making a difference to my day.



    And remember this too, their songs… their songs are a product of their fear.

  14. Would far rather go with the players we have, than sell and then spend on the likes of Shay Given or Kevin Doyle. Leave our manager and John Park, with the support of Peter Lawwell, to deal with all of that.





    Lost touch a long time ago with two smashing fellas from Cambuslang,both called Mick.



    Some good times with them,no chance of anyone being daft enough to rub them up the wrong way!



    One of them had a drawer of ticket stubs from games he had attended-those were the ones he couldn’t fit on the wall!



    And,like so many of us,his ticket for the Forest game was intact.



    Always wondered how I survived that one…..

  16. leftclicktic on



    Just back on been discreetly quizzed on my waist size and jeans preference by the boss and Ghirs, So its jeans for me tomorrow for fathers day:))


    Thank you for your concern my friend.


    Yes I have been on azothioprine since the start of the year and they made a massive difference when they finally kicked in, I’m also on Asacol 400mg 3times a day,also just finishing another course of steroids Predniselone 5mg although the specialist uses these as a last resort(long story) and gets me off them as quick as possible.


    Again thank you for your concern my friend , and the day I tell anybody on here to B@@@@@R off for showing concern and compassion is the day I have a good look at myself :)).





    Their songs are a product of their hatred.



    Our songs are of celebration and remembrance.

  18. BMCUW



    I know about your traumatic experience of going to live in Ardossan when you were 8.



    When I was 8 we moved from Greenock to Troon! From the graveyard to Paradise, you might say!



    ..but then when I was 12 they sent me to a secondary school in Kilwinning – a Kafflick one as well!



    …but you knew that!



    Quite a few of the bampots from the old school came from Ardossan, and Saltcoats, and – even worse – from Stevenston!



    Happy days!




  19. A Stor Mo Chroi on




    More than anything – our songs – our songs have soul; that’s the difference.

  20. Tallybhoy 16:44:



    Don’t think Doyle is for us and believe will only bring in another Forward if Hooper goes. We are from what I hear endeavoring to bring in a creative midfielder/winger and a CH.



    I also hear we won’t be let down with our next signing should it come off.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  21. Parkheadcumsalford





    I had an op about 8 years ago where they replace the bowel with part of your intestine, has its downsides but I didn’t have a choice at the time. If the colitis gets too much the op leaves you pain free and able to lead a normal life…

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