Leigh passes to Neil for an open goal


One of Leigh Griffiths charms is his openness.  When asked why he did not get much game time last season, instead of wheeling out the usual “competitive squad”, “fit with plans” gap fillers, Leigh instructed us to go straight to source, “You’d have to ask the coaches at Celtic or Lenny why he didn’t think I was fit.”  So the BBC did.

Neil Lennon was brutally frank about Leigh’s professionalism last spring.  “On full pay for three months lockdown,” the player returned to training “totally out of condition and a stone overweight”.

The manager carries the can for team failures are dramatic as Celtic’s last season and that clearly stings Neil, who added, “The bottom line is if I had a fit and hungry Leigh Griffiths last season, he’d have played because I signed him. We worked incredibly hard with him and he let me and everyone down.”

I have given Leigh Griffiths as much support as anyone but Neil is right to be angry, only managers who didn’t care would be otherwise.  Still, football is not a sentimental business.  Even those who “let…. everyone down” retain some commercial value.

Without a post-Christmas cameo by Leigh in early 2020, I doubt we wold have seen our second nine-in-a-row.  He is clearly a challenge (cough) to manage but I would find a slice of the budget to retain him for at least one more year.  Let’s see what Ange can do with him.

Nice to see some positive transfer stories out there.

Next week, Yoko: “I don’t know why The Beatles split, you’d need to ask Paul.”

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  1. GENE on 24TH JUNE 2021 6:39 PM


    I saw something the other week about kinda the same thing, over a season in one of the eastern euro countries a study was done and the ball was in play for an average of 24 mins out of the 45, that’s some amount of stoppages, I agree with you, when the ball is out of play, the clock stops.


    I am not sure about this, but I also read somewhere in the past few days that UEFA are pushing for 30 mins each half, I could be totally wrong mind you and completely misread the thing.

  2. Surely this must be the time for Celtic to push for a raft of outdoor pre match entertainment, including well run, atmospheric pop up bars.



    Face painters welcome to apply, guaranteed payment.






    PS: What a nightmare these empty cycle lanes on London Road will be. Clueless council.

  3. Coneybhoy


    In all seriousness I think that after a short time teams would realise that taking a minute for a throw-in, free kick, goal kick etc gains nothing.


    TET – as low as 22 minutes is common

  4. Gene


    I read that as well, in some games it’s less than 20 mins, it’s shocking how again the people who pay the wages are short changed, but as ever the wee man loses out and the millionaires who play the game and run the game are laughing all the way to the bank, but it is what it is.

  5. When the away goals rule came out it was initially trialed in the lavvy cup hence the uproar when at 2-1 down at Anfield our late goal was chalked off.



    The following year it was introduced tae the Big Cup but only as far as the semis. The morning after the 3-1 Dukla game I had an engineer gloating at me over their solitary goal only for this wee loddie explaining the rules tae him, his face dropped.



    I was left wondering where he got his degree.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Having arrived in Glasgow only yesterday, new Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou takes his first training session with the Bhoys at Lennoxtown today before holding his first press conference with incoming Chief Executive Dom McKay at Celtic Park tomorrow (Friday, June 25).



    All supporters will be able to watch the manager’s first media conference LIVE from 1pm tomorrow on Celtic’s official YouTube channel, and links to the live broadcast will be posted on all of the Club’s social media channels tomorrow ahead of the event.

  7. the long road hame that night, i used to be jealous of the busses that got aff the motorway in glesga, and the shammy, celtic and port clubs had another 25 mils to go.






    Paul Sturrock scores against Celtic in League Cup tie 1984. Biggest crowd I ever witnessed at Tannadice, think 22,000. When Alan McInally scored late on to go to extra time the packed Celtic was bedlam and was quite dangerous. United won 2-1 AET.









  8. Ryan Gould and Aaron Hickey would make good additions in particular if those that are likely to leave do leave.



    The key positions to fill are the ones that are already lacking in quality or depth.



    Centre back and striker.



    If we hit the jackpot with these we’ll be back on track. If we don’t it’ll be another league lost.

  9. Sarah Buick rest in peace.



    Sarah was the young lady from Dundee who found on Ben Nevis today.




  10. SAINT STIVS on 24TH JUNE 2021 7:33 PM


    the long road hame that night, i used to be jealous of the busses that got aff the motorway in glesga, and the shammy, celtic and port clubs had another 25 mils to go.




    Two long roads hame remembered. A 4-0 doing at Tannadice. Sturrock ran riot against McCormick – I think – our centre-half. But we went on to take the title at Love Street.


    The other was a 4-1 doing at Pittodrie. Aberdeen scored early but Celtic dominated the first half with McStay, the elder, equalising just on half-time . Joe McDougall destroyed us in the second half scoring all four Dons’ goals.

  11. Delaneys – Garry, sorry to hear about your bhoy.



    Best wishes to him, you and all the family.



    Stay strong Garry



    D :)

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    IMO the Dundee United team of that era,were a better team than Aberdeen, who had better individuals,they were the first coached team I seen in Scotland, when a DU player got the ball,about 4 of his team mates moved into a different position, great team

  13. Fritzsong, cannae recall a McCormick playing for us. As for McDougall that would be Frank who we missed out on, I played against his uncle over here, he played Junior for Renfrew I believe, crackin player, last time I saw him was in the local Celtic Club with the hoops on, he had just come back fae a holiday in Dublin, sadly he passed away recently with dementia.



    Big Frank went out the game due tae injury, seemingly he took injections tae play in the Cup Final, unfortunately not only did he not play again but couldnae go back tae his trade as a scaffolder.



    Nae guessing who his manager was up at the pen.

  14. That was a much more gracious and polite interview Celtic TV managed today. Not that the quality of questions is there yet but the manner, the respect towards Ange was appropriate. When asked if he was looking forward to upcoming friendlies in a couple of weeks , Ange didn’t miss a beat and responded that he was looking forward to the training session TOMORROW..



    Lennoxtown will be his goldfish bowl and we need a big fish in there to school a few people.

  15. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    FRITZSONG 8.28


    Paul McGugan not McCormick, would be the player your’e looking for.

  16. Talking of “accents” – just saw something on the gowf………….



    Grammm Madoool was “talking”……..he’d put Denis Law to shame.



    Totally fubar,


    but very funny……….wee Rory is going that mid-Atlantic way as well.

  17. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    The more I see and learn if Ange the more I really want the big guy to succeed. He seems a genuinely excellent human being, never mind his football credentials.



    He also feels a much more natural fit for the job than Howe. You need inner steel for this city. I was always anxious Howe lacked it. Ange’s background feels a much better fit.



    Hoping this turns out to be a case of what’s for you won’t go by you.



    All positive vibes to the big guy. He’s earned his crack.

  18. I know both the Frank and Paul from the Aberdeen game, both would have given their all for the Celts, one of them who isn’t the better player can claim a winning goal against the dead club

  19. If what Neil Lennon says about Leigh Griffiths is true – why would he lie? Then I change my previous position on him. He should form no part of the squad going forward. Kennedy & Strachan will know what Neil knows and I imagine they will brief Ange.



    Sorry Leigh – it’s not OK to sh** in your own nest.

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    BADA BING!! on 24TH JUNE 2021 8:35 PM



    That’s a good debate, remember being in a pub after a loss in Dundee and saying to United fans, you mass at the back, pass ball to Milne and cross over to Sturrock (sp) to head ball in



    And….was their reply

  21. MARADOMINIC on 24TH JUNE 2021 9:54 PM




    Burnley is a cesspit for neo Nazi filth.

  22. Well said TH, my whole family have been vaccinated twice. Why, better than the alternative

  23. TIMHORTON , 12.01! well said , see a few go on about not taking the vaccine, don’t see any telling us to take , own choice and all that !

  24. Burnley 78



    You don`t promote your view using comments such as this :



    ” to ensure we all pump ourselves full of unnecessary and untried jabs”.



    `pump ourselves full`? The vaccine dose is 0.3ml and I don`t think one push qualifies as pumping.




    I actually really really hope I am wrong .


    If what I fear comes to pass its not going to be pretty.


    For some reason covid seems to have this special status where any questioning is an absolute no-no!


    Something that has changed all our lives but people dont want to discuss .

  26. eventful day ahead


    hopefully get some insights into what Celtic want


    not what our biases wish them to say.but direction for our club


    Good luck Dominic and Ange today.,


    enjoy your day Celts




  27. glendalystonsils on

    I don’t know who is sourcing players for our rebuild but I hope they don’t have a minute to themselves.



    Rome wasn’t built in a day but we’ll have to be a damned sight quicker than that .



    …… Meanwhile Ange starts to work his magic on the troops who are still with us .

  28. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HOT SMOKED on 25TH JUNE 2021 8:14 AM



    “…I don`t think one push qualifies as pumping…”






    As a married man, sometimes that’s as much as you can manage.

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