Look out for personnel and tactical changes


We’ve not met Raith Rovers on league duty since Paulo Di Canio salvaged a point with a last minute goal a long time ago but tonight’s game will be the third time we’ve met them on cup duty in four years. For Rovers, tonight will be all about their glory day in 1994, when they beat Celtic on penalties in the League Cup final.

That defeat is a footnote in Celtic history now, but it meant our trophy-less era would stretch to six years before the Scottish Cup win the following May. It was a huge blow. Some Celtic players were immediately discarded by Tommy Burns, more followed in the months to come. If you tune into certain media outlets you can still detect those who hold grievances as Celtic rebuilt without them.

In previous years I’d suggest that a League Cup game was more important than an adjacent league game, but with Aberdeen five points clear, nothing is of more immediate importance than Saturday’s game against Hearts. For the manager and players, progress to the quarter final will be of absolute importance.

Look out for personnel and perhaps tactical changes tonight. How we play has come under scrutiny in recent weeks. Ronny has experimented during the last two games and I’m sure he’ll do again tonight. Should Nadir Ciftci play, look for the areas of the field he occupies, compared to the role Leigh Griffiths performs.

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  1. Canamalar on 23rd September 2015 12:25 pm




    That’s all fair and well, thank you.


    But….could the SFA not play the ‘traditional’ Rangers FC-get-out-of-jail-card?


    I’m trying to remember correctly…was Wiggy not the head-honcho at the SFA at the specific time?


    If he was…will it be the hun-card…’a big boy done it and ran away!”


    Only standing ootside…guessing.



  2. Had a great night seeing Kevin Bridges at The Hydro,truly brilliant,if you can get a ticket,highly recommended.I came home to hear a line Kevin himself would have been proud of, BBC Scotland blaming the vile ,racist,bigoted language from Ibrox,on their microphones………





    I think Harry Houdini would struggle to get out of the noose the SFA are in.



    Sure hope so…

  4. “NA2 has been saying the same stuff since he started, never a bother before”









    I’m surprised he had time to post in between helping old grannies across the road and campaigning for world peace :)




  5. Kevj..,


    The saddest thing is that individuals (unless criminal activity is proven) are unlikely to be held to accountable, only the organisation and positions. Removing the powers that allowed those positions to make the decisions that allowed the hegemony and introducing transparent checks to force fair play is probably the best result, that’s not to say the Info won’t find its way to those responsible for criminal investigations anyway.


    In fact the info Auldheid is sharing among Res12 supporting shareholders is probably enough for anyone who chooses to, to send to the relevant authorities.


    You just don’t know what’s going to happen :)

  6. PAUL67



    Sorry, but I must correct you.



    It’s PAOLO.









    PS I think there should be a minutes applause tonight for the late Turnbull Hutton.




  7. BMCUW



    Yer dad and sisters will be delighted you will not be at the game tonight!



    You have a bit of history with Celtic losing to diddy teams in the LC!



    Certain win for the Hoops.




  8. .






    Cheers landed Safely..:-)



    1 1/2 Hours to Drive to Hammersmith ..



    2 Hours trying to Find a Car Park in Wimbledon



    And the Last 2 Hours to find a Room.. Ha Ha..



    Think I have Found one.. But I’m in the Pub as they said ‘Gone to Lunch’ ..【ツ】



    Tell The Honest Mistake I will Probs be in Early Doors..



    As Long as The Hoops Win it’ll all be Worth it..




  9. I remember the League Cup Final 1994. Went to penalties, and Paul Mcstay missed, poor sod got pelters for it by the press and some fans.





    Starting wi Thistle,mate. I saw six finals in the 70s. We won one.



    As for Morton two years ago,bloody hell!

  11. This hatred of Celtic F.c from the BBC is getting out of control . Someone in a position there , is gunning for the hoops . It’s time whoever it is was made known and challenged what his problem is against celtic . And then his bosses should be asked why it is being allowed to happen in the first place . It is bordering on sectarianism of the highest order , and action should be taken to bring it to an end .

  12. Repeating myself:



    Minimal personnel changes please. 2 is more than enough, 3 would be a risk. If we are lucky enough to get a commanding lead, bring on some young guys. If we are in the mire, bring on the big guns.





    By rights it should be a Gang of Five,mate. Seems the part played by STEINREIGNEDSUPREME is being overlooked!!!

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CUCHULAINN on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2015 11:10 AM


    MACJAY @ 5.25am



    There was no such thing as the “British and Irish Empire”.






    When will you learn to accept historical fact ?


    I know it`s an uncomfortable fact,but some of the greatest heroes in the creation of the British Empire were Irishmen.


    You may have kicked out the Brits perfectly justifiably, but you can`t deny our common history ,no matter how much you would like to.


    Buenas noches.






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