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John Beaton was the man who put pressure on referee Don Robertson earlier this month, not Brendan Rodgers.  Robertson had already awarded Celtic a penalty in the game against Hearts when VAR Beaton recommended he rewatch a high boot by Yang, who had already been cautioned for the incident.

Right then we knew the chances of a referee awarding Celtic a penalty, then declining to change his decision after a VAR recommendation was non-existent.  Beaton was left helpless at the Celtic penalty, there was simply nothing he could do about it.  The Yang incident, though, that was an open goal for him.

Celtic arrived at yesterday’s hearing LWYRUP, which was material to the SFA Disciplinary Panel’s decision to award the manager only a one game touchline ban, which he will serve on Sunday against Livingston.  Disappointing, though this is, Brendan will be available to continue his dominance at Ibrox the following week.

The CIES Football Observatory this week issued a report on the average age of recruitment of first team players over 10 transfer windows (to July 2019) for over 800 clubs in the world’s top 48 leagues.  It’s a fascinating read and documents a period after an incredible change at Celtic.

The Red Bull stable are unwavering in their commitment to The System.  RB Salzburg top the table (ave. age 20.93 yrs) and RB Bragantino (Brazil) are second.  Also in the world’s top 30 are RB Leipzig and New York RB.

Salzburg have taught the world how to recruit on a budget.  They sign lots of young players, develop them through a collaborative network, then bring their graduates to the first team, before selling them on and promoting the next generation.  The only UK clubs in the top 30 are Liverpool and Brighton, two impressive examples of how recruitment should be done.

Scotland’s highest entrants were Hibernian (41st) and Celtic (59th, ave. age 23.53 yrs).  59th out of over 800 is a high placing.  It would be higher still without the likes of Kolo Toure and Scott Sinclair.  I know what you’re thinking – don’t say a word against Scott Sinclair.

Scott was a stand-out in the Celtic team which won the first of our Quadruple Trebles; without him, one of the most historic periods of our history may not have happened.  But there is a cost of this success.  While we were spending money on Scott’s wages, Salzburg were signing hordes of teenage talent.  Most of those would not make the grade (few as spectacularly as Kolo at Celtic), but this is always the way in football.

Apart from that Quadruple Treble, our most common 21st century reference point is the Martin O’Neill era.  Martin transformed us from always-underdogs to always-favourites.  He remains an inspiration.  But Martin recruited old men with no notion of what tomorrow would bring.

Sign them at their peak and let them leave when they’re done.  It was exciting, but despite all the trophies and European runs, we lost money every season Martin was here, as we marched a pace behind David Murray’s Rangers towards the cliff.

Change came just in time.  Spend was curtailed and the club built a recruitment strategy which did not rely on Match of the Day.  Murray’s Rangers, gloriously, stepped over the edge alone.

This season has seen us commit to a plan Salzburg would endorse.  We are not as good as them (yet), but honestly, if you think there is an alternative strategy that would better serve our interests, you have an unhealthy need for short term fixes.

Celtic and Newco have agreed to allow around 3,000 visiting fans at their games after Celtic insisted on having a safe segregated area of Ibrox or nothing at all.  After years of torment, Newco reduced Celtic’s allocation to 800 tickets (Celtic responded in kind).  Celtic fans were left vulnerable in a corner of Ibrox and had to egress from the area through usually unhappy Newco fans.  In the stadium, Celtic fans were subject to missile attack from above, while the journey home was far from pleasant.  Eventually, Celtic decided it better to have no visiting fans at these games than allowing an unsafe situation to continue.

There will be some satisfaction at this decision, however, the devil is in the detail.  I have been going to Ibrox since the days we got half of the old enclosure but only a third of the stand above; missile attacks from above have been around that long.  Make it safe or don’t have Celtic fans there.

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  1. Some on here are really getting obsessed with Sevco ,tomorrow at Livingston is all that matters 3points to keep us near them ,incidentally it’s our own fault as to were we are in this league,

  2. bigrailroadblues on



    We shall thrash that mob tomorrow. And on 7th April we shall give the hun an absolute doing. 👍

  3. Hibs All round poor performance. looked in 2nd gear 95% of that game.Lethargic,poor decision making,3 or 4 of their better players,not at it.Manager praising scum.For what?.Turning up !!!!.All they had to do.


    Where do these Scottish clubs dig up this constant stream of shit managers?.


    Always had Dundee down as their Banana skin.

  4. Weebobbycollins on



    “Some on here are really getting obsessed with Sevco…”



    Why are you mentioning Sevco?


    Who cares about them?

  5. Her name is Noelle


    I have a dream about her


    She rings my bell


    I got gym class in half an hour


    Oh, how she rocks


    In Keds and tube socks


    But she doesn’t know who I am


    And she doesn’t give a damn about me



    oh yeah petec

  6. I have to presume sevco are signing kangaroos based on that pen decision today. No human is getting up to that ball with their head.




    Because their continued good fortune has a direct impact on our team

  8. Huns penalty is a kick in the balls to refereeing and var in scotland



    Please listen to the might Alan Morrison on the A Celtic State Of Mind Podcast



    It cant be laid out any clearer




  9. have a good Easter bhoys



    And he should not be named…..



    May your next sh!te be a hedgehog called spikey (different spikey, but just as barbed hopefully)

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Move aside Herrera, Stein, Busby, Happel, Paisley, Clough, Saachi, Cruyff, Heynckes, Hitzfeld, Ferguson, Del Bosque, Ancelotti, and Guardiola.



    Combined you are NOTHING compared to the tactical genius of Nick Montgomery.



    “If you leave players unmarked in the box you get punished”




  11. Goodnight all


    Don’t forget to put your clocks forward.


    Onwards to livi Celtic

  12. Burnley78



    Thanks thats kind of you if you can find out.


    The twitter TL of the golf day and i dont think B.kev is on twatter.it was timsinOhio askin and he is stateside tho home at moment briefly.i belleve the hotel is in process of being sold,if i findanything myside i will relay.



    Jeez i couldnt watch or listen to them


    I went a walk to clarkston-eaglesham-bonnington Gc-xthro farms and waterworks-top of mearns-stewarton rd and down home,missed aĺl football and a few podcasts listened to,lot of housebuilding eaglesham/jackton area.



    Lets look after our own team,get out of livi with 3pts and no injuries i will be happy




  13. Timbhoy & Glassneverfull



    Mump n moan about the Huns …



    Then post about the Huns …



    3pts tomorrow is the only important thing ..



    Win tomorrow, avoid defeat at the bigotdome we win the league



    Take the cheatin officials out of the equation

  14. GFTB



    Like watching The Hunt For The Red October



    Connery steps up to the camera



    Dive shun



    Dive you bashtard

  15. Clunks 10.39pm






    Seemingly the onion bears had a tifo today saying






    That’s the Huns admitting defeat as wee Craighy Whyte patented “Aye Ready”



    It’s not on their merchandise these days



    God bless the Taxman 😂



    Lurking Huns … not ready enough :-)

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Clock’s spring forward an hour tonight 👍



    Yes, I know you know, but there’s always one.

  17. BBC sports



    James McFadden “I don’t think it’s a penalty”



    Neil McCann (£500,000 ebt) “I don’t think John Souttar is getting anywhere near it!



    Steven Thompson (£485,000 EBT recipient) “I’m baffled by it”






    Fortunately we are not baffled






    SFA refereeing under the spotlight // A Celtic State of Mind Special with Alan Morrison






    1 million pounds (ok £985,000) of tax dodging on the bbc sportscene couch tonight, not understanding how thats a penalty



    Thank feck we spent thousands on a crack team of solicitors after Brendan pointed it out



    Cheating b@st@rds

  18. Clunks



    The EBTers will pay the “loans” back if they live to 125 think that was in the small print …

  19. which was found as illegal payments, and should have been taxed



    And yet £985,000 of illegal and untaxed payments sit on the national broadcasters couch (which we contribute to thru the TV licence)

  20. But….



    If I miss my last £41 quarterly payment to the TV license payment – I can expect people chapping my door, loads of letters and ultimately court proceedings….

  21. Clunks



    It was evasion not avoidance :-)



    Evasion is against the law, avoidance is just rich people not paying their way



    They liquidated so job done



    Ready …. The Huns canny use Aye Ready :-)



    3pts tomorrow is our priority 🍀

  22. Would love to see us take small steps



    And ask the BBC to have commentators that were not found to have illegal and untaxed earnings



    And if they are on the national broadcasters couch, they have paid the tax they owed



    Can you imagine the furore that would take place in England if the pundits did the same?



    Small steps Celtic

  23. Clunks



    Done 25ys in HMRC … last few years was in RIS (risk intelligence services)



    Trust me … av done all the “evasion & avoidance” courses



    Although the “Phoenixism” stuff bypassed RFC now TRFC :-)

  24. Well then, your better placed than all of us



    To know the nonsense between voidance and evasion



    Did the huns get fucked due to avoidance or evasion

  25. And did barry ferguson transfer his assets to his wife due to avoidance or evasion?



    As I said, you are better than that

  26. Clunks



    Barry ditched his debt = liquidated himself



    And your 100% correct … transferred all of his assets to his wife …



    It’s in their DNA to cheat … not one iota of shame