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John Beaton was the man who put pressure on referee Don Robertson earlier this month, not Brendan Rodgers.  Robertson had already awarded Celtic a penalty in the game against Hearts when VAR Beaton recommended he rewatch a high boot by Yang, who had already been cautioned for the incident.

Right then we knew the chances of a referee awarding Celtic a penalty, then declining to change his decision after a VAR recommendation was non-existent.  Beaton was left helpless at the Celtic penalty, there was simply nothing he could do about it.  The Yang incident, though, that was an open goal for him.

Celtic arrived at yesterday’s hearing LWYRUP, which was material to the SFA Disciplinary Panel’s decision to award the manager only a one game touchline ban, which he will serve on Sunday against Livingston.  Disappointing, though this is, Brendan will be available to continue his dominance at Ibrox the following week.

The CIES Football Observatory this week issued a report on the average age of recruitment of first team players over 10 transfer windows (to July 2019) for over 800 clubs in the world’s top 48 leagues.  It’s a fascinating read and documents a period after an incredible change at Celtic.

The Red Bull stable are unwavering in their commitment to The System.  RB Salzburg top the table (ave. age 20.93 yrs) and RB Bragantino (Brazil) are second.  Also in the world’s top 30 are RB Leipzig and New York RB.

Salzburg have taught the world how to recruit on a budget.  They sign lots of young players, develop them through a collaborative network, then bring their graduates to the first team, before selling them on and promoting the next generation.  The only UK clubs in the top 30 are Liverpool and Brighton, two impressive examples of how recruitment should be done.

Scotland’s highest entrants were Hibernian (41st) and Celtic (59th, ave. age 23.53 yrs).  59th out of over 800 is a high placing.  It would be higher still without the likes of Kolo Toure and Scott Sinclair.  I know what you’re thinking – don’t say a word against Scott Sinclair.

Scott was a stand-out in the Celtic team which won the first of our Quadruple Trebles; without him, one of the most historic periods of our history may not have happened.  But there is a cost of this success.  While we were spending money on Scott’s wages, Salzburg were signing hordes of teenage talent.  Most of those would not make the grade (few as spectacularly as Kolo at Celtic), but this is always the way in football.

Apart from that Quadruple Treble, our most common 21st century reference point is the Martin O’Neill era.  Martin transformed us from always-underdogs to always-favourites.  He remains an inspiration.  But Martin recruited old men with no notion of what tomorrow would bring.

Sign them at their peak and let them leave when they’re done.  It was exciting, but despite all the trophies and European runs, we lost money every season Martin was here, as we marched a pace behind David Murray’s Rangers towards the cliff.

Change came just in time.  Spend was curtailed and the club built a recruitment strategy which did not rely on Match of the Day.  Murray’s Rangers, gloriously, stepped over the edge alone.

This season has seen us commit to a plan Salzburg would endorse.  We are not as good as them (yet), but honestly, if you think there is an alternative strategy that would better serve our interests, you have an unhealthy need for short term fixes.

Celtic and Newco have agreed to allow around 3,000 visiting fans at their games after Celtic insisted on having a safe segregated area of Ibrox or nothing at all.  After years of torment, Newco reduced Celtic’s allocation to 800 tickets (Celtic responded in kind).  Celtic fans were left vulnerable in a corner of Ibrox and had to egress from the area through usually unhappy Newco fans.  In the stadium, Celtic fans were subject to missile attack from above, while the journey home was far from pleasant.  Eventually, Celtic decided it better to have no visiting fans at these games than allowing an unsafe situation to continue.

There will be some satisfaction at this decision, however, the devil is in the detail.  I have been going to Ibrox since the days we got half of the old enclosure but only a third of the stand above; missile attacks from above have been around that long.  Make it safe or don’t have Celtic fans there.

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  1. TB,



    It’s certainly not a win for members of the Celtic family who have now been binned from their own ground, by our own current custodians.




  2. GP 6.18pm



    Is it a win for fans who follow Celtic everywhere



    And as Brendan has said it’s better for the players

  3. First time in the Shipbank today … never ventured by the Tollbooth before …



    Great pub, lovely bar staff and terrific Celtic company



    Mr Paul Brennan might have started this blog about “lazy journalism” but it’s a bit more than that, little did realise many years later … strangers meet up to talk shoite about many other subjects including Celtic :-)



    Hail Hail

  4. Greenpinata.



    Re ‘ai’ or data use,are you getting your Brentford and Brighton mixed up there?


    To be honest both harness every advantage they can as does every team in the multi £billion epl.


    A friend in irelands son,a physio is part of the sports science:medical team,a massive dept,not as big as citeh tho which nigh on has its own hospital wing.


    I suppose when Brighton get £120m odds you can plan a bit




  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Brighton and Brentford are run by modern thinking, progressive business minds,that’s the difference, and long before they got EPL money

  6. Well…..ok then….I’ll switch my blog blocker off for 5 mins to type this as poor wee.…



    [Setting Free The Boobooo] lol 😀️



    …Is feeling all left oot…see if this is more inclusive / Woke enough for ye ha ha.



    ie: Blocking the £49 trickery truth from you all to maintain your dumb assed compliance with the big Old Firm £49 lie that means Rangers didny die and only x 60,000 Tim dumb asses believe that the Rangers died. 👀️



    How about these names below orchestrate a season ticket boycott until Celtic PLC.…



    – PUBLICLY Declare –



    That Rangers died and ticket prices for dubious Old Firm games will ‘now’ reflect this FACt with prices falling from £54 to £36 same as every other game. 👀️



    Then the PLC can resign in shame to avoid future prosecutions for committing fraud on Celtic fans for the past EIGHT-8 YEARs. 👀️



    Sellouts of Timmy mindsets….👇️…who will orchestrate the season ticket boycott at Celtic. eye




    Auldheid ditto PhilMac, Paul67, Mahe, BMCW, SFTB, CST, CSA, Celtic cyberspace, etc.






    Fcuk every one of these deceitful sellouts.







  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    So, if we had data showing



    – average age of player signed


    – average cost of player signed




    – average number of signings per season by each club



    Might the data be more complete?



    Personally I’m not hung up on RB Salzburg signing a 19 year old.



    If he becomes a star three years later then we’ll done the club.



    But, if they are hoovering up loads of similar aged guys each season who don’t get a chance (who could be playing for other clubs) ?



    Perhaps we should be told

  8. Belated birthday wishes to brrb.



    That photo doing the rounds it looks like an episode of still game

  9. Majestic Hartson on

    Hoped to make the Shipbank after work today but fatherly duties have put a block on that.



    Hope fun has been /is being had by all 👍

  10. garygillespieshamstring on

    Have to admire the stamina of the shipwrecks. I’d have been doing well to last till five o clock.

  11. Weebobbycollins on

    Voguepunter…he was being ignored but you have just given him a wee bit of oxygen, so, he’ll be back. It’s what he’s looking for, a reaction.

  12. David66 8.44pm






    they seek him here they seek him there


    Is he in heaven or is he in hell



    Probably Mackinnons the morra :-)

  13. Wee kev Jeffrey confused grifter gobbler troll


    ‘Born under a union fleg die under a union fleg’


    49 pence non attending shoit bag.

  14. Delighted to meet both Tonyrome & Tom McLaughlin



    Whooft … Tom Mcl, Big Jimmy and Belmont Brian is like being in a comedy club with the 3 punters who are not comedians …



    But still make you laugh …



    Not sure at them or with them but still a great laugh and before the trolls appear .. meeting people with differing Celtic views in real life is quite lovely



    Hail & Hail 🍀🍀

  15. Weebobbycollins on

    Voguepunter…i know it’s hard because it’s infuriating but if he is totally ignored his actions/posts become pointless and hopefully he will desist…however, I won’t hold my breath, he’s made of strong stuff. (stiff jobby)

  16. DAVID66 on 29TH MARCH 2024 8:44 PM



    BRRB where is the most wanted photo of today? Ya Bam.



    D. :)



    You mean the deliverance audition pageant? :-))


    Seen it.


    Glad you had a good day. Had folk in




  17. Was invited to a Shipwrecks day out once….within days the invite was rescinded


    When I asked why I wasn’t given an answer….



    Tried to join a golf club once….and apparently I was blackballed


    When I asked the reason why I wasn’t given an answer


    (I found out later that the golf club one was because I was a Tim)



    Golf club was a clique by the way….

  18. 31003






    They let anybody in ..,



    I got in..



    You actually don’t even need to buy a round .. I got two pints bought before the “shipwreckers” even let me put cash into the kitty



    Terrific company, terrific boozer ..

  19. Great to see Celtic season ticket holder score again against Airdrie.



    Great to see Celtic on loan goalie perform really well for Broonys team.

  20. bigrailroadblues on

    The roll of honour


    Leggy, GFTB, BelmontBrian, Thelurkintim,Jim, Tony Rome, Big Jimmy, David66, BRRB, Tam McLaughlin, Fred Colon.

  21. bigrailroadblues on



    You would have made it an absolute shower and rabble with your presence J.🤣🤣

  22. Oh by the way DO NOT sit between Belmont Brian and Tom McGlaughlin Omg their patter is….how do you say……….SHITE.



    D. :)