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John Beaton was the man who put pressure on referee Don Robertson earlier this month, not Brendan Rodgers.  Robertson had already awarded Celtic a penalty in the game against Hearts when VAR Beaton recommended he rewatch a high boot by Yang, who had already been cautioned for the incident.

Right then we knew the chances of a referee awarding Celtic a penalty, then declining to change his decision after a VAR recommendation was non-existent.  Beaton was left helpless at the Celtic penalty, there was simply nothing he could do about it.  The Yang incident, though, that was an open goal for him.

Celtic arrived at yesterday’s hearing LWYRUP, which was material to the SFA Disciplinary Panel’s decision to award the manager only a one game touchline ban, which he will serve on Sunday against Livingston.  Disappointing, though this is, Brendan will be available to continue his dominance at Ibrox the following week.

The CIES Football Observatory this week issued a report on the average age of recruitment of first team players over 10 transfer windows (to July 2019) for over 800 clubs in the world’s top 48 leagues.  It’s a fascinating read and documents a period after an incredible change at Celtic.

The Red Bull stable are unwavering in their commitment to The System.  RB Salzburg top the table (ave. age 20.93 yrs) and RB Bragantino (Brazil) are second.  Also in the world’s top 30 are RB Leipzig and New York RB.

Salzburg have taught the world how to recruit on a budget.  They sign lots of young players, develop them through a collaborative network, then bring their graduates to the first team, before selling them on and promoting the next generation.  The only UK clubs in the top 30 are Liverpool and Brighton, two impressive examples of how recruitment should be done.

Scotland’s highest entrants were Hibernian (41st) and Celtic (59th, ave. age 23.53 yrs).  59th out of over 800 is a high placing.  It would be higher still without the likes of Kolo Toure and Scott Sinclair.  I know what you’re thinking – don’t say a word against Scott Sinclair.

Scott was a stand-out in the Celtic team which won the first of our Quadruple Trebles; without him, one of the most historic periods of our history may not have happened.  But there is a cost of this success.  While we were spending money on Scott’s wages, Salzburg were signing hordes of teenage talent.  Most of those would not make the grade (few as spectacularly as Kolo at Celtic), but this is always the way in football.

Apart from that Quadruple Treble, our most common 21st century reference point is the Martin O’Neill era.  Martin transformed us from always-underdogs to always-favourites.  He remains an inspiration.  But Martin recruited old men with no notion of what tomorrow would bring.

Sign them at their peak and let them leave when they’re done.  It was exciting, but despite all the trophies and European runs, we lost money every season Martin was here, as we marched a pace behind David Murray’s Rangers towards the cliff.

Change came just in time.  Spend was curtailed and the club built a recruitment strategy which did not rely on Match of the Day.  Murray’s Rangers, gloriously, stepped over the edge alone.

This season has seen us commit to a plan Salzburg would endorse.  We are not as good as them (yet), but honestly, if you think there is an alternative strategy that would better serve our interests, you have an unhealthy need for short term fixes.

Celtic and Newco have agreed to allow around 3,000 visiting fans at their games after Celtic insisted on having a safe segregated area of Ibrox or nothing at all.  After years of torment, Newco reduced Celtic’s allocation to 800 tickets (Celtic responded in kind).  Celtic fans were left vulnerable in a corner of Ibrox and had to egress from the area through usually unhappy Newco fans.  In the stadium, Celtic fans were subject to missile attack from above, while the journey home was far from pleasant.  Eventually, Celtic decided it better to have no visiting fans at these games than allowing an unsafe situation to continue.

There will be some satisfaction at this decision, however, the devil is in the detail.  I have been going to Ibrox since the days we got half of the old enclosure but only a third of the stand above; missile attacks from above have been around that long.  Make it safe or don’t have Celtic fans there.

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  1. The Star Above The Crest on



    If 20 years without a knockout win in Europe is short-term, I wonder what long-term is…….



    Its part of our “world class in everything we do strategy”.

  2. quick fact check –



    Brighton, are the 23rd highest revenue earning club in europe at 231m euros.



    twice the revenue of celtic plc.



    oh to be that small a minnow in the real big fish sea.

  3. quick fact check 2 – there are no players at brighton who arrived from celtic.



    we are a poor feeded club.



    billy is there though, that transfer made the rangers em ………hunners o pence

  4. Bodo/Glimt are pretty much the same as us in this table. However, their European performances are quite different


    Similar could probably be said of sevco.


    Average age is one of a myriad of indicators we should be focusing on.

  5. In 2016 / 17 Brighton’s revenues were £29m.


    They were and are pioneers of AI and outperform evey other club at bringing through thier own players.



    This is no accident, it has been a well planned operation that others including ourselves could emulate.




  6. MELVIN UDALL on 29TH MARCH 2024 1:42 PM


    DESSYBHOY on 29TH MARCH 2024 12:21 PM



    What is LWYRUP?






    As someone has already said, it means Lawyer Up.



    Think it is taken from Bob Odenkirk’s character’s (Sol Goodman) in the brilliant series ‘Better Call Saul’.



    It is a prequel to Breaking Bad and I thought it was even better for this that haven’t watched it.




    Forgot to mention ‘LWYRUP’ is his number plate in the series.

  7. TIMBHOY163 on 29TH MARCH 2024 1:49 PM


    MELVIN UDALL Jimmy McGill the new Celtic Chairman.





  8. AH


    I’m sure you know but it means annexation, e.g. Germany and Austria prior to WW2

  9. “Both clubs will be required to provide five per-cent of their stadia to the away team for Old Firm games only.”



    Quote from Ranjurs Meeja – at least we don’t actually use the epithet ‘Old Firm’ (I think?).



    Ave Ave

  10. GREENPINATA on 29TH MARCH 2024 2:34 PM


    In 2016 / 17 Brighton’s revenues were £29m.





    They were and are pioneers of AI and outperform evey other club at bringing through thier own players.







    not true either.



    brighton spent 110m euros on players in the 23/24 window. Including record fees of 34m to watford and 27m to lille.



    they have a first team squad of 29 listed, 4 from the academy, evan ferguson being the stand out.



    they had 14 players out on loan.



    they aint a stand out anything other than selling on for high fees, just the same imho as the celtic model, they are just in a pricier market place.

  11. Auldheid is so aware of his surroundings that in 8 years he hasn’t noticed that Celtic PLC put old Rangers £49 Old Firm ticket price onto new club Sevco FC tickets after Sevco won promotion in 2016. 👀️



    Stick your carefully worded punch pulling Resolutions up yer arse!



    PS, At any time since 2016 when Auldheid has been asked about this Old Firm ticket fix his answer is…



    “What has £49 tickets got to do with Resolution12?” 👀️ lol



    PPS, Old Firm tickets have gone from…



    2012 = £49



    2016 = £49 = Same club lie rubber stamped by 7,000 dim Tims in Ibrox Broomloan end.



    2018 = £52



    2023 = £54



    Poor Auldheid’s poor wee eyes have noticed none of this.



    Auldheid is a sellout plant protected by a fake holy book. Lol



    Auldheid hasn’t once IN EIGHT-8 YEARS asked for his [pals 👀️] who write articles on the joined at the hip two cheeks of the same lying arse blogs to refer any article at any time to refer to the Old Firm ticket pricing stitch up since 2016…huh! 👀️



    Then again x 60,000 Tims are dim PLC suckers so what would be the point?



    Auldheid ditto PhilMac, Paul67, Mahe, BMCW, CST, CSA, Celtic cyberspace, etc.



    Fcuk every one of these deceitful sellouts.




  12. SAINT STIVS on 29TH MARCH 2024 2:57 PM


    GREENPINATA on 29TH MARCH 2024 2:34 PM



    In 2016 / 17 Brighton’s revenues were £29m.



    They were and are pioneers of AI and outperform evey other club at bringing through thier own players.




    What is untruthful about the above re Brighton FC.???




  13. and outperform evey other club at bringing through thier own players.



    they dont outperform every other club, it is much the same as those clustered around them,



    the model is good aye, but it is not a conveyor belt of talent from the academy making them money, there is a huge churn in buys ins, loand out and sell ons.



    Fees in 190m euros – including 110m on one fee from pool.



    fees out 109m euros.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The captain is back on the grass, but will not be risked on the plastic. He will be available for Mordor👍

  15. Better table, i will count their academy players making money next.






    Income/ 23 players – €195.90m



    Expenditure 26 players €109.50m



    Overall balance +€86.40m



    sure ange himself told us, dont get attached to the players, they wont be here long, we will turn them over regularly.



    that is what brighton do well.



    looking at lst 5 seasons, they have literally had 100s of players come and go.

  16. Re. the reinstatement of the Hun to Celtic Park. I have to say that I, for one, haven’t missed the Hun polluting our ground over the last wee while and I just don’t get the ‘atmosphere’ argument at all. The atmosphere recently has been great and not having to listen to their bile is a real bonus.



    The other bonus for me has been the ease of access to the ground and I don’t have to go too far back to remember the utter nonsense of the so-called security arrangements for a tiny minority of Thems (including the day of the infamous ‘crush’ which I missed by about 5 minutes).



    My and my mate habitually park on the Commonwealth Village side of Springfield Road, walking through the Village and coming out opposite the Emirates before heading round to our gates under the North Stand. But when the tiny minority of Thems were there we were forced to walk away from the ground and find alternative routes to get to Celtic Park. On one occasion, fed up with this crap, we nicked across Springfield Road and walked nearly the length of the road at the tail end of a group of Huns. Just as we got to the path up to the Emirates we suddenly broke ranks and walked smartly up the hill towards a line of polis, with various catcalls and other sobriquets following us. We had to show our season tickets and our scarves before we were let through the ranks, with a wee police wummin’ remarking that we were a pair of chancers (admittedly with a smile on her coupon.)



    Ave Ave

  17. EMERALDBEE \O/ A DOUBLE NINER!! on 29TH MARCH 2024 3:34 PM



    pal parks in emriates and uses same route, last time thems were allowed in and then held back to let the celtic fans disperse he said there was bedlam .



    at the junction of dalmarnock station, the celtic cars were held bacl to let the busses out but the huns came down the road at the same time, kicking motors, punching people, took the polis a while to get them seperated.



    we dont need no stinking huns,



    a real backward step and nothing i will defend, hell mend them, the executive i mean.

  18. Earning promotion to the Premier League was predictably transformative for Brighton: in 2019, the value of the club rose to £224m ($279m), local newspaper The Argus reported.



    However, the club recorded losses of £270m ($336m) in the four seasons to 2021/22, their accounts showed, and remained highly reliant on Bloom, to whom they were £499m ($621m) in debt at that point.

  19. i forgot there was “holiday weekend fixtures” being played.



    turned over to sky saports and they have michale beale in the chair, how this guy gets these gigs is beyoned me, he cant string a sentence together, and talks in garbled clches, how on earth did anyone interview him and say “your just the guy to put in a leadership” role.



    and then …………..



    kriss boyd pops up.



    thank flip i dont pay for this shite.

  20. yorkbhoy, good points, brighton aint no miracle AI led operation.



    they just play in the richest league in the world and turnover hundreds of players looking for the gems.



    i was wron thier record transfer out was to chelsea, the guy has now played 28 times for them, they paid 116m euros for him.



    bighton bought him for 28m euros when he was valued at 5m.



    they loanded him out, to beershot,



    he returns and plays a season and a half, and then gone for that sort of money.



    i would argue they do that more than rearing their own academy players.



    our irelanmd watchers, will the bhoy ferguson become a super star ?

  21. SAINT STIVS @3.42



    Not surprised by that, but to balance things (I’m a Libran).



    After a ‘minority’ security shambles one game my mate and I, and loads of others, walked across the car park at the back of the Emirates and, UNDER DIRECTION FROM TWO COPS, headed down to the corner of the car park heading for Springfield Road. The path suddenly stopped, right above a crowd of Huns waiting beside their buses. Thinking ‘feck it’ we jumped down and others followed.



    You can imagine the faces of the Hun as dozens of Celtic fans clamber down from the wall. I was waiting to see what kicked off when suddenly there were noises of distress as some more mature Celtic fans started to struggle getting down to the pavement. To be absolutely fair to them, the first people to go to their aid were some Rangers/Sevco fans (I wouldn’t call THEM Huns) and helped them down then across Springfield Road. A couple of cops stood open-mouthed as we emerged from their buses and crossed the road.



    I’m assuming shock and surprise among them were in the mix.



    Ave Ave

  22. shocking decision to allow thems back into Celtic Park , we don’t need them , more trouble than its worth, thought it was a April fool when I heard , and to sell out without getting the whole stand for security and heath and safety reasons is a major slap in the face to our supporters.

  23. Jeffrey donaldson facing allegations of a historical nature – jail time please if found guilty

  24. I’m not a lawyer, I’m an engineer but have been to court more than a few times and NOT including the rashness of youth but small claims and arbitration for my employer, now my employer at the time did NOT use their in house staff but the corporate ones from the financial district of Toronto and it was never about the money but more importantly winning.



    On one of the arbitration cases the union had hired a lawyer who had also represented Greenpeace and he was a toughie, but then I was a wee Scots lad who was very canny, anyway after the case was over in which the arbitrator and both lawyers had reached an agreement the former then said when releasing the info that not a word was to be breathed outside of this court and if they did the employee would have to pay back every cent that was agreed upon while my employer would be left to deal with us, that was around 15 year ago and to this day I never have.



    Now I have no doubt both us and the sfa have been instructed the same so any chance of us gloatin at them would cost us dearly and I don’t mean financially either, well it would financially in the long run.

  25. Saint Stivs



    In my local I have friends who are fans of various EPL teams and not one of them care about debt. They all think they are making millions every year (a couple of Man u fans ( season ticket holders) are concerned about the owners) but mostly they just want to spend as much as they can.

  26. Prestonpans bhoys on

    York bhoy



    I was down in York for a week about a fortnight ago, my favourite pub was the Royal Oak on Goodramgate. Good beer and refreshing cheap too🍻

  27. Paul67 et al



    For my sins I linked to the CIES update.


    I got as far as this paragraph;


    “The Basques of ‘Athletic Club’ (21.90) complete the podium with neverthe less few recruitments, most of their players coming directly from their own youth academy”…..


    Ergo they signed their own players. No need to read any further….

  28. 5% is 5%,not possible to change the Maths.We have a bigger ground,therefore,they get more tickets,but with a cunning,restricted view,and stuck in a corner.


    A win for me.

  29. Oh and another thing.


    Down in sixth place was KRC Gent


    Average Age Since July 2019 – 22.50


    Is that the same as twenty two and a half in old money?


    I think we should be told