Managers are keen to use record transfer players


Football is all about the creation and utilisation of space.  The first thing Leigh Griffiths did to create the goal last night was leave space in the box for him to exploit.  If Leigh occupied the traditional centre forward position, there would have been no space for him to leave his marker and the goal would not have happened.  This is a striking example of football intelligence.

Until that moment, Celtic were disarmingly impotent.  Too often this season we have been dependent on opponents making a defensive mistake, and, if like St Mirren they don’t, we look laboured.

It was difficult to assess Filip Benkovic against St Mirren on Friday, he was never pressed and was skinned once, but you could see what all the fuss was about last night.  The Croat looks the real deal: fast, good in the air and comfortable on the ball.  He will take more responsibility in the weeks to come.

Celtic improved when Brendan Rodgers abandoned his initial plan on 57 mins, replacing Tom Rogic and Forrest with Scott Sinclair and Mikey Johnston.  Almost immediately, Callum McGregor burst into newly available space (my word of the day) in the box.  From then on Rosenborg were under pressure.  The entire stadium knew the game was there to be won, we just needed our chief goal-scorer on the field.

When managers break transfer records for a player they are keen to play him, but leaving Odsonne alone inside the box isn’t working.  We have options for Rugby Park on Sunday, but our treble goes on the line at the League Cup quarter-final at McDiarmid on Wednesday.  We need to be ready for it.

I’m nine days from the Great Scottish Run half marathon, which I’m totally unprepared for.  The ‘Why did I say I’d do this?’ thought has occurred, but you know why.  If you and I cannot do our best for the Celtic FC Foundation, we are missing a whole lot of what it means to be Celtic.

The Foundation means we can connect right back to that hall in Calton in November 1887, when Bro Walfrid said, “Let’s form a football team to help feed the poor.”  This is where we came from and, if you and I have any say in the matter, it remains a central part of where we are going.

If you can help sponsor me for the Foundation, please do so here.

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  1. If we had a right full back even half as good as KT going forward it would transform our team.


    Like Lustig but he doesn’t give us anything going forward.


    Full backs are becoming the new number 10’s.

  2. GUTENBERG on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018 11:17 PM



    Every time i try and pick a team in my head before a game, i get to right back and i just think, feck. Brendan’s 4-2-3-1 is reliant on the full backs giving the width. It doesn’t make sense that we don’t have a rampaging right back.

  3. David17


    When I played full backs were shit players who could tackle and punt the ball.


    Now they’re pivotal and I’m a bit surprised that Brendan hasn’t sorted that.

  4. GUTENBERG on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018 11:27 PM



    The rumour is that he wanted the lad that went to Valencia, Puccini. I’m sure he tried to sort it.

  5. Just watched a recording of the game between our two Red Bull rivals. Having watched Leipzig over the last 3 seasons on a few occasions, I can say this: They treated this game lightly. Their usual goalie was missing, Emile Fortedt was missing, Timo Werner was missing and Poulsen only played in the second half. Others may have been missing also. They are not as good as they were two seasons ago when they were Bundesliga runners-up. Keith has gone to Liverpool. Zabizer who was an aggressive right wing back who scored goals has grown his hair and a beard and become a hippie. He has moved inside and reminds me of Jack Wilshire. I think he is not as effective as he was. Leipzig have made an indifferent start to the season. Kevin Kampl is playing with them. He ran the game against us at CP when he played for Salzburg. He has had a couple of seasons at Leverkusen and is now at Leipzig. He is still a very good player but not as good as he was 3 years ago. When Scotland beat Slovenia at Hampden earlier this year he was subbed because Stuart Armstrong ran him into the ground. Kampl is still only 27 though and in his prime. I don’t think he has developed as fully as he should have.



    To me it depends on how seriously Leipzig take the games against Celtic. If they field last night’s team then we have a good chance. If they field their best players it will be difficult for us. Funnily enough, although Salzburg won last night, I think we have the beating of them if we turn up for both games.

  6. GUTENBERG on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018 11:34 PM





    Pity the wee left back from Rosenborg isn’t a right back. Think he’s a cracking player.






    Totally agree. We should be ready to snatch him up if Kieran goes in the near future.

  7. How can dudes that are putting the most Money into Celtic despite being likely in Debt…. Take over the Club?






    Cushy Numbers Cushy positions – I voted Brexit because too many getting paid for Nothing.

  8. Petec


    Wee story about Tommy Burns.


    I worked in Kilmarnock when he was the manager there. Times were tough and morale was low in the factory.


    I called him and asked if he could come along and bring a few players to visit the factory and explained why.


    He turned up with the full first team squad, tracksuited up, and went round the full factory shaking hands and just generally being him. Billy Stark was there too.


    He’s a legend in Kilmarnock but a far bigger legend with us.

  9. Gutenberg,



    Tommy when he passed, he got loads of kids on the Hallowed Ground to play BIG games for very small guys.



    Aidan was 1 of them.




  10. Macjay


    I’m not on a lot mate but my daughter says you were a delight. Wouldn’t have expected anything else pal.


    She’s feckd off to Melbourne now so I guess when I come I’ll go there. But if I’m in Sydney, I ll buy you a beer or two…

  11. Sorry – was – Likely still is.



    Cracking attitude to dealing with aggressive parents as well, was only u9s howevaaaah.



    “let the boys play”.

  12. Both bosses now sleeping so about to watch the Tommy Burns programme the year 2008 was pretty mad for me in the March my wee mum passed (she loved Tommy Burns but always said Celtic don’t pay the bills) in the May Tommy passed and then in the September MissGFTB was born so 2008 is a very special year for me in so many ways



    Tommy Burns = my Celtic



    Hail Hail



    And for the record these days Peter Lawell might be the modern day Fergus…. ignore the popular vote and just make the figures work …. although I prefer Paul McStay & Tommy Burns …. Fergus & Peter play their part



    Hail Hail



    Tiocfaidah at la

  13. Gerry,



    Me and Arthur had a cracking hug.



    I got home after crazy diversions – Terrible signage from m74 to M77 and I was annoyed @ the back passing. Dad was enthusing about Kieran and I was lamenting our midfield.



    CELTIC Spirit…Unbeatable Spirit.




  14. Through A Green Glass Brightly on

    PETEC on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018 11:44 PM


    “Cushy Numbers Cushy positions – I voted Brexit because too many getting paid for Nothing.”



    You mean like Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees Mogg and David Davis etc who produce a lot of bovine fertiliser in very cushy surroundings but produce nothing much else of any value?

  15. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    BBC Alba done a wonderful job on their tribute to Tommy Burns. They managed to show not only what a talent he was with a ball at his feet, but also how much his love for his club meant to him.



    A real inspirational piece of TV viewing. His love for his family and how much his catholic faith meant to him were evident through some tear jerking stories from his kids, friends and team mates.



    A fantastic footballer, a true celt and above and beyond all, a lovely human being.



    Tommy Burns, a real Celtic legend.




  16. JTT53,



    I’d hazard a guess so many check out yer links promoting the Almighty especially as they don’t attend Church.



    They know Something is missing.

  17. Just remembered how good that goal at love street was ….



    Then the MacAvennie double at hampden



    Macca was one of my favourite players but he ditched the hoops for a couple of diddies



    Celtic lasts forever goodness knows where Ms Blyth is these days

  18. Through A Green Glass Brightly on




    The big corruption is already here and governing us.



    Anyways, how dare the EU stop us from pumping billions of gallons of raw sewage into the sea and funding widening the roads in the hIghlands and islands from single track and building causeways in the Uists and building bridges. Famin bEUaracrats eh?!!



    Oidhche mhath. :o)

  19. Petec 12.39pm



    Celtic & Saltcoats was magic



    Fitba Factory CSC



    My wee yin kids on age ya interested in Celtic, off school for September weekend she was jumping for joy when wee Leigh hit the onion bag last night…. she is a slow burner but give it a few years she might be taking her auld bhoy to paradise every fortnight ?

  20. You know Something Good is Gonnae Happen.



    Time for a Team Shake Up.



    Every Manager can manipulate the Referee before a Celtic game.



    Celtic are a MASSIVE target purely because they have Won EVERYTHING going since Brendan came in.



    I remember an article by Paul67 jibber jabbering about the Manager being easily replaceable because the WHOLE structure of the Club is Right.







    Last Train?

  21. Seems to me that the Celtic Players are hugely behind Brendan and they are Being strengthened by the way they are playing.



    The Celtic Support are in the Middle of this drama. Those that actually pay for Everything.



    Pauls attack on Brendan was never going to do a lot for the support. I know nothing.



    Close it Quick

  22. Petec



    Paul is just a Celtic fan with his own opinion …



    Tommy Burns’s kids are a credit to him and their mother



    Sometimes there are far more important things than fitba



    Cqn good night n god bless … Tommy Burns




  23. The Celtic Support have paid Top $ and are being short changed.



    F’n sort it. The Boardroom will not survive if Celtic blow this Title.



    If Celtic get 10 in this most Hostile of Countries.



    Lets get 8. Nae f’n about…. apparently the Red Heifer is here noo.



    We are Running out of Time

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