Managers are keen to use record transfer players


Football is all about the creation and utilisation of space.  The first thing Leigh Griffiths did to create the goal last night was leave space in the box for him to exploit.  If Leigh occupied the traditional centre forward position, there would have been no space for him to leave his marker and the goal would not have happened.  This is a striking example of football intelligence.

Until that moment, Celtic were disarmingly impotent.  Too often this season we have been dependent on opponents making a defensive mistake, and, if like St Mirren they don’t, we look laboured.

It was difficult to assess Filip Benkovic against St Mirren on Friday, he was never pressed and was skinned once, but you could see what all the fuss was about last night.  The Croat looks the real deal: fast, good in the air and comfortable on the ball.  He will take more responsibility in the weeks to come.

Celtic improved when Brendan Rodgers abandoned his initial plan on 57 mins, replacing Tom Rogic and Forrest with Scott Sinclair and Mikey Johnston.  Almost immediately, Callum McGregor burst into newly available space (my word of the day) in the box.  From then on Rosenborg were under pressure.  The entire stadium knew the game was there to be won, we just needed our chief goal-scorer on the field.

When managers break transfer records for a player they are keen to play him, but leaving Odsonne alone inside the box isn’t working.  We have options for Rugby Park on Sunday, but our treble goes on the line at the League Cup quarter-final at McDiarmid on Wednesday.  We need to be ready for it.

I’m nine days from the Great Scottish Run half marathon, which I’m totally unprepared for.  The ‘Why did I say I’d do this?’ thought has occurred, but you know why.  If you and I cannot do our best for the Celtic FC Foundation, we are missing a whole lot of what it means to be Celtic.

The Foundation means we can connect right back to that hall in Calton in November 1887, when Bro Walfrid said, “Let’s form a football team to help feed the poor.”  This is where we came from and, if you and I have any say in the matter, it remains a central part of where we are going.

If you can help sponsor me for the Foundation, please do so here.

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  1. Petec 1.19am



    I don’t think our supporters are being short changed … maybe some “superstars” prefer their adulation elsewhere …. I think our fans are getting great value for money these days … think about all the poor fans who went everywhere when we didn’t win double trebles …..



    Enjoy these beautiful times fellow Celt

  2. GFTB&GG,



    It does indeed sound churlish saying so, Brendan wants us to push right on though. I’m very skeptical that the Board do now.



    The huns getting the co-efficient up is good but All too late. the Door is being shut for the wee Nations.



    10 in a row is the only show in town now.

  3. GG 1.46am



    Av been trying not to post a self imposed “flounce” to save my own sanity if Leigh Griffiths goal in the hoops doesn’t warm your heart your heart will never be Celtic … far too many on these pages actually post more when things aren’t going so well and these days even a draw gives them oxygen:-)



    But thankfully with the last 6 domestic trophies in the cabinet, the squirrels they long for are in the balance sheet somewhere in the wording … debt items or something

  4. Petec 1.52am



    Celtic fans should always be sceptical of any board … but our CEO only dues what his boss tells him… only on this internet thing a board / bored gets discussed …. some Tims will only be happy when they are unhappy… we do have them in our support and most are on here, although I have read Sentinel Celts are the Ultra unhappy Celts :-)

  5. Gerry,



    I think everyone knows that Dermot is the Boss.



    Just as well he is not a dictator…..



    When he makes a move it is usually a Good One.



    Brendan will secure 10 in a Row if he is backed correctly, and he will bring through Young Ones, of that there is no doubt.



    No offence to the new lad from OZ, if there remains friction, he won’t see any meaningful game time. The strangest of Loans.

  6. Jimthetim53



    I will never slag Brendan … but sometimes fling the coaching manual out the window and let our Leigh just score goals…. the wee mhan is a nuisance who knows where the onion bag is… let our Leigh do what he dues best …. score (without the child benefit) the wee man knows where to put the baw :-)

  7. Gerry, A guy who scored 40 goals for us 3 years ago should not be a bench warmer. French Eddie, much as I love him, should be in catch up.

  8. JTTT53



    Wee Teacake Leigh is one of my favourites Celts currently donning the Hoops…. injury & Brendan are hurdles the wee mhan has had to overcome and he will… he could break Henriks record as I think the wee mhan is here till he stops playing … let’s just say I think he will be here longer than Brendan … but will be delighted if they try and outstay each other :-)

  9. jimthetim53,



    Too long for right here right now.



    Still in Nightshift mode.



    Relatively awake!!!!



    From what little I have read that was a seismic shift the 2nd VC.



    Check this oot :) ;P:) ;)))

  10. Petec



    Chemical Brothers ?



    Q-tex or Q-fex … but see this Sunday wee Ollie Ncham might be kicking his heels …. enter Mulumbo next to Broony their is our dynamic duo

  11. Not sure how Y’all bet, I know a lot of you do howevaaaaah.



    I’m liking linking Over goals and Over corners……..




    So Killie Celtic over 2.5 goals evens


    Killie Celtic over 10 corners evens



    Accumulate another game or like me 2.



    Just need to pick the hot games.



    Its all about LUCK though.

  12. GerryBhoy – what a mix that was……….. :))))






    Ollie needs a spell on the sidelines, he has it all, but he needs to wise up. Celtic are paying him massive amounts of Money.






    Brendan was Ruthless in his first Season hooking players regularly. The Law was laid down. Broonie must be phased oot, he is struggling Big Time no matter what anyone says.

  13. Kieran is so Dynamic and Powerful.



    I am hoping 1 or 2 will be coming through the Ranks now that can get to Kierans Level. Ones not even been mentioned yet would be Crazy Good.



    I know Neganon1 would like nothing more than to see another 2 or 3 KT’s in the Celtic team…… Playing alongside KT.



    TBB got me worried with his stats and all thats about Boys making it. He is Right…. Usually.



    I hope he is Sensationally wrong with the 2000 age group.

  14. I gave my Dad a hug with tears in my eyes.



    Incredible Tommy Burns.



    TOMMY BURNS… Tommy Burns Tommy Burns Tommy Burns, Tommy Burns Tommy Burns Tommy Burns, Tommy Burns – TOMMY BURNS.



    Magical Peacemaker.

  15. Matt Stewart



    I’ve always loved your posts. Your memories of Tommy were beautifully captured in your writings earlier tonight, I had a personal tragedy a couple of years back which made me realize the things that are important in life. I’m Celtic born and bred and nothing will ever change that, but life has taught me there are much more important things. However, there are two Celts that really draw me back in to the heart of what Celtic have always meant to me, Jock Stein and Tommy Burns. I never met either, but I know they are kindred spirits. Thanks for sharing your memories of Tommy.

  16. Jimthetim53 2.55am



    Apologies crashed out earlier but back up for work… a fitba question ?



    I know very little …. and even less about football :-)

  17. JTT53 and Petec


    Quality Christian tunes on night shift Bhoys.


    Woke up my usual work day time, roll and skwerr time.


    Be Thou My Vision Celtic version, has given me a spring in my step today. Thanks Jim.



  18. DD



    Enjoy your day tomorrow, hopefully a few “Tommy Burns” chants from every section of the ground



    Tommy B is my 2ns ever favourite Celt behind the Maestro and Neil Francis in 3rd place …. all 3 not just for their ability in the park but their Celticness ascrge full package :-)



    By the way Broony, KT & the Griff are nearing my top 5 but still have a bit to go (my list is players that I have saw in the flesh :-)

  19. GFTB


    Your 3 Celtic favourites are in my top 5 Celtic favourites list too.


    Add Henke and Daniel Fergus McGrain, the only 2 world class players I have watched at Celtic. Saw the Lisbon Lions but was a baby.



  20. DD



    Not sure why Danny McGrain passed me by but as I get older (& less wiser) I appreciate Danny more, maybe subconsciously, because I read on here how much others rate him, you, Dallas & AoW all love Danny, although it’s a bad day when am actually listening to the other two :-)

  21. GFTB


    Don’t let my Knightswood pals J and J play wi your napper. Haha


    Pair of good guys.



  22. DD



    I talk rubbish with the two of them on a daily basis Mon-Fri :-)



    Enjoy Killie the morra, memories of the old away day trips cannot be beaten



    Jealous CSC :-)

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