Morgan and Shved chance disappears if they remain spectators


The importance of Ryan Christie (24) to Celtic is difficult to overstate.  He arrived on the scene at the League Cup semi-final at Murrayfield in October last year and reinvigorated a Celtic team that had stuttered their way through the early months of the season.

Christie joined Celtic in the summer 2015 transfer window but was immediately sent back to Inverness on a season-long loan.  When that arrangement ended, he spent 18 months of the next two years on load at Aberdeen.  His first three years as a Celtic player produced one 90-minute appearance and four where he appeared for part of the game.

Had he not gone on loan to Inverness and Aberdeen the subsequent blossoming of his talent would be very unlikely.

Ryan will be an inspiration to players like Lewis Morgan (23) and Marian Shved (22), who both hope to emulate his patient rise to first team regular, but at their age, Ryan was sharpening his skills with 90 minutes of competitive action every week.  Apart from his brief spells on the sideline at Celtic, he has been a first-team regular for six years.

Mikey Johnston was ahead of both before injury and his return, together with the reduced load of European games ahead, makes it less likely Morgan (in particular) or Shved will see more game time.  It both get a move in January that allows the regular football, the chances are no better than 50/50 one will make it at Celtic, but that chance disappears if they remain spectators.

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  1. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Well done on your podium, although apparently it doesn’t count during international week according to another poster on here.

  2. Maks sense to me too Paul our incredible Talent plays where there is Pressure.



    A good article Today.



    Ryantula is just Magical.



    Fancy a home Brew?



    It takes Time.

  3. Ryan is close to Callum for ma player of the year, likewise Odsonne and ……



    Fantastic Celtic.



    Thank You Neil Francis Lennon.



    Honest and Heaven sent.

  4. We need to get Christie on a new deal, by far the most dynamic midfield player we have and scores plenty of goals, think he has 2 years left on his present deal.

  5. Interesting that Saracens have decided not to appeal against the financial and points penalties for breaching a salary cap on clubs imposed by their league body, that they can punish such a high profile club with many international players on their books for the rule breaking casts a very very dark cloud on the Governing bodies of football here and the Clubs who continue to go along with this, allowing rule breaking to take place, sham enquiries accepted, dual contracts unpunished, licences given when their are question marks over these, and secretive arrangements with one club that appears to beyond any rules here.


    Utterly shameful conduct, thats if they had any shame as they certainly do not appear to carry any guilt.


    Think we can all forget about the blog owner even mentioning these issues.

  6. Morgan will have plenty of suitors in the SPFL. Shved will have the same in Ukraine.



    Get it done Celtic.

  7. Dessybhoy,



    I dinnae think Ryan will be hsrd to deal with when signing a Long Term contract @ the Amazing Glasgow Celtic.



    He’d be a candidate for Capitinho if Callum wisnae there.



    Wow we have 2 absosososolute belters of midfield players who Grace the stage All Celts aspire. Europe. Lazio was mega.

  8. Personally I don’t agree that had Ryan not gone on loan he would not have “made it”. The lad has an abundance of talent that would have come out anyway , whether that be at Celtic or not. Like a lot of young guys some develop faster than others, Ryan being a case in point. Added to that is his fantastic work ethic, a trait that sadly is lacking with a lot of other young kids, who, once they have a taste of first team action, they think they have made it and the work ethic goes out the window. Christiano Ronaldo, love him or hate him, really works his backside of, not only playing but in training as well. There is a lesson to learn somewhere.




  9. Celtic should be signing Jackson Irvine on a pre-contract in January.



    Ex-Celtic youth and an excellent player.

  10. In my opinion, If JF remains injury free, then they will never be more than back-up on the riight. In fact if JF was injured, Frimpong would probably be his best replacement at the moment.


    On the left, MJ and Elyounoussi can slug it out with Sinclair and Hayes able to provide relief if needed.



    Morgan is not good enough to replace any of them, left or right. Shved, we have no real idea of his potential but he looks like he knows how to score plenty of goals.

  11. Callum was the wan getting the Bhoys going in Rome. Broonie is Selfless like Neil is.



    Broonie was superb that night apart from wan moment, a very tired pass.



    8 is the magic Number fitba wise.

  12. I did ask the question on these very pages in the midst of the McGinn transfer debacle if we dint already have a better player not been given his chance..Mr Christie

  13. BHOYLO83 on 18TH NOVEMBER 2019 1:27 PM


    Any news on Elyonoussi’s injury?






    No news has been released yet, unfortunately.



    Scott Sinclair’s instagram post seems to suggest he has a chance to play in the upcoming games .

  14. Morgan has failed to impress when he has been given a chance. Shevd has had very little opportunity. I would Morgan on and loan out Shved

  15. Scott Sinclair looks in magnificent shape.


    I hope dedication to his fitness regime is rewarded. If and when he gets his chance i really hope he takes it and poses Neil a very difficult quandary.



    We all know there is a player there.




  16. Quick point on Lewis Morgan. For all the derision he gets, he hasn’t actually played that poorly.He was getting off the bench earlier in the season in the Euro Qualifiers and did make some contributions. An assist versus Nomme Kalju, an assist versus Sarejevo and a goal against AIK.



    He then started against Motherwell and didn’t play particularly well. Hasn’t had a chance since.

  17. dessybhoy



    Do not think there was ever any possibility of an appeal by Saracens, under the the terms of the Inquiry. That said I find it incredible that the club would ever have got involved in a scheme whereby the players would benefit from specially created investment vehicles/companies designed to offset N.I contributions and avoid the cash in the boot ethos of the old amateur game. Sound familiar? Not quite the Sir David Murray* inspired MIH-RFC scam (past tense of scheme), of EBTs but rather that decided by the Supreme Court in 2016, HMRC versus Deutsche Bank and UBS. Players might want to find a new accountant.


    The present Home Secretary was one of the beneficiaries there…….


    *Knighted by Labour for services to the Financial Industry

  18. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Not sure we can afford to let Shved and Morgan go out on loan as we are already lacking depth in these areas (unless the plan is to bring in replacements). Plus, Shved is getting game time for the Ukrainian national team- the issue with his lack of game time doesn’t seem to be relating to his quality.



    To date we have relied upon three players on the wings- Forrest, Elyounoussi and MJ; and MJ has not appeared for the best part of 3 months. Hayes is a great utility player and stand in full back or wing back but as Celtic by the Numbers previously noted in an article, he is not very effective going forward.



    We are dangerously light on both wings and up front and our inability/lack of desire to rotate in these positions might come back to bite us.



    Given that we have guaranteed European football past-Christmas, are in one cup final and in all likelihood will reach (at a minimum) the semi-final of the SC, it is looking like another 60 game season. I would say we need both a striker and winger in the January window. We are quite well covered in the other positions.

  19. Paul67 et al



    What price Morgan or Shved getting a game in Big Pete’s team…..


    when Scott Sinclair cannot?

  20. Wow @ the hands….




    Jonny has Delivered excellent balls recently, we just dinnae have that number 9.



    Edouard is right up there with the best forwards I’ve witnessed.

  21. Another striker is not something that has just became apparent. Since we sold Dembele we’ve needed another quality striker. Edouard, at that time, & Bayo were projects and Griffiths was not fit to play, even if he had been that’s only 3 strikers, good teams generally have 4 2 quality and 2 back up. So we have been lacking in that department for 18 months. I was surprised that we didn’t sign one this summer so hopefully in January we rectify that but it’s an extremely bad window to do quality signings por cierto.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Cheers Paul.



    So that’ll be Morgan on loan to Hibs then.



    Makes sense. He’ll temporarily reunite with a manager he knows – a “Jack with actual talent” if you will.



    Agree with Timaloy29 re: Morgan.



    I see similarities with Christie of 2015.



    A young guy who has “something” and who I want to succeed but suspect will just come up short.



    Ryan’s stint at Aberdeen was the perfect loan.



    Player improved and delivered for loan club big time over 18 months. Parent club benefitted long term.



    Oh, and he scored a goal or two against our noisy neighbours.



    Hail hail

  23. I think Shved will get his chance. He previously was in Spain with Sevilla but didn’t settle. He is older now.


    I believe he has the ability.



    Morgan struggled with Sunderland and has not impressed in the times, I have seen him play. I think he has had his chance




    Could definitely see Morgan at Hibs but would that mean Middleton heading back to Mordor?

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Timaloy29 – hadn’t considered that.



    If so, then yet more wages for Sevco to fund.



    Another plus point for such an arrangement.



    Hail hail

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Of course it would mean yet another threat in blue for our team to deal with.



    (Tongue in cheek).



    Middleton must surely be a £4m player by now?



    No laughing at the back (of a long line of creditors)

  27. If Lewis is still being selected for the bench. He definitely still has a chance.



    He needs to bulk up IMO, and that takes Time.

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