Newco spend a penny then PR turns on Celtic fans


You may have read a story released by Newco’s PR agent to their go-to Glove Puppet in the media about a dispute over payment for damages to Celtic Park when Newco fans made their first visit to the stadium.

I heard before the Hogmanay game that Newco would be paying the damages their fans did on that occasion, and that Celtic would pay for any damage caused by our fans Ibrox that week. What I didn’t know at the time was that Celtic unilaterally decided this would be the case.

Concerned there may be reprisals following the vandalism to Celtic Park, the club informed Newco they would let it be known that we would pay for any damage to Ibrox by visiting fans – as long as we could inspect the damage we would be charged for.

The Hogmanay match passed without incident; tea light candles were left in visiting toilets to diffuse washroom odours, Celtic were not taken up on their offer to inspect and pay for damage, none was reported to match observers, police or Celtic.

Celtic had earlier issued Newco with a request for payment for the vandalism their fans inflicted on our stadium. Payment was not received, so this week we withheld the same amount from ticket money due to Newco.

The issue is finished; no one is withholding money from Celtic. There is no story.

We’ve not had to deal with nonsense like this for four years and we’d gladly never deal with it again. The issue was placed in the media today by PR, alluding to damages Celtic offered to pay for, but which didn’t happen. Be clear on this – Celtic offered to pay for any damages but no damage was reported.  The PR stunt is a deliberate attempt to damage the good reputation of Celtic fans.  Is it any wonder print media sales are dropping off at such an alarming rate for some?

Let’s remember, this is the same PR used by SPFL sponsor, Ladbrokes, an unacceptable action by a representative of the league’s sponsor.  It’s as though some are too angry to stomach the great news that Celtic have secured the £2.8m signing of Ivorian Kouassi Eboue without lashing out.

The club are delighted to have secured Kouassi. Despite his age, he’s first team ready, and has the character and ability to go a long way in the game. Between now and our cup finals in August, he’ll settle into Scotland and into a championship winning team.



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  1. The PR company appear to lack the level of profession detachment required to be effective.



    Or maybe they are just useless.

  2. Rowley Birkin QC on

    Irritates me that on the ladbrokes graphics used between commercial breaks on tv coverage our club logo is overlapped by that of sevco. Obviously an agent there!




  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Quick reply from previous.



    I am born and bred Scottish and will always be.


    That does not mean that I am obliged to endorse everything that has the word Scotland attached to it.


    Wee Gordon or Celtic players wearing the shirt does not sanitise the SFA.


    They are a corrupt organisation and have always been so.



    In your exchange with Mags, you rightly state that the situation in Scottish football is down to Rangers/Sevco.



    However, that has been overseen and endorsed by the SFA, the facilitators.






    I believe the objective should be to aspire to become a good citizen of whichever country you reside in, no matter where you happened to be born.





    A tricky one.


    In a perfect world, there should be no need for borders, but we don’t live in a perfect world, therefore borders are necessary……as long as they are agreed borders.



    Ireland leaving the EU ?



    Are you looking for the quickest route to reunification with the UK?


    There is a more chance of a United Ireland due to a UK Brexit and Ireland remain.



    As it stands, more people in the North voted Remain than Leave.



    I think you stayed too long out in your glorious sunshine, sunshine. : > )

  4. I think this time PL has played a blinder.Stuck it to them good style.Why bother with the Level 5 crap.We know what power they have over their yes men in the media.We have taken the cash,what can they do?.Except sit and fume.What a lovely thought.Maybe some good will come out of it,in that we can have only our own fans at future games.

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  6. Donald ‘golden hair golden showers’ Trump has apparently made a bid to take over Sevco from ‘Fibber’ Dave the swivel-eyed Chairman of the Boerd.


    He heard they were pish and was right in with an offer.


    Him being orange is just a coincidence.



    Humpty Trumpty sat on Derry’s wall (and thought ‘a big one of these along the Mexican border would be good’)


    Humpty Trumpty knows eff aw about football


    All Dave King’s horses and all Dave King’s men


    Didn’t exist,just like his warchest




  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    They could always try to sell the candles.


    That would give more money to Warby than he’s had so far!

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    All good with the above.



    Difficult to understand how you could misconstrue what I said about Ireland`s inevitable departure from the E.U. and reunification with U.K.



    You say :


    “There is a more chance of a United Ireland due to a UK Brexit and Ireland remain. ”


    The E.U. as we know it is finished . Ireland will leave.


    The only question is when.


    Now is when they should take action.



    ” Borders are necessary. ”


    Yes. Which makes nationalism inevitable.



    In case you may have misunderstood.


    A united Ireland is my hope.


    Probably your`s.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    Buenas noches , viejo.

  10. Taurangabhoy



    PJ O’Briens in the CBD is the unofficial home of the Adelaide CSC (https://www.facebook.com/groups/130515350366001/) and not a bad pint.





    It’s on the eastern edge of the CBD so wrong side of the city centre for the Adelaide Utd stadium but it’s a small place so not a big hassle.



    Drop me an email on tonyogrady67@gmail.com nearer the time and I’ll see about meeting up for a pint and maybe even getting along to a game.




  11. Babasonicos71



    President elect Trump may know nothing about football but he knew enough about business to have given sevco a wide berth after checking their books.


    It’s sort of scary that the crew in charge of the new club can act so irresponsibly.



    The animals will take their lead from this message.



    You’d expect an authoritative body


    (Police, SFA, SPFL) to step in and show what is required.



    This is Scotland, however, normality hasn’t arrived.










    Above all else in your article,those who went to Ibrox on 31/12 deserve a lotta praise.



    We had seen parts of our stadium trashed-while those we paid handsomely for policing and stewarding washed their hands* and ignored it.



    They knew the club still had bills unpaid from previous visits. It would have been very easy indeed to have taken a piece out of their stadium.



    Hell mend yeez,have this!



    Instead,we cleaned the place up,lit a few aromatic candles,and they want to give us an invoice?



    Problem wi the huns is they approach from a hunnish POV. Common civility is unknown to them.



    As I said earlier,I look forward to the proof of what has been bandied about from that shambles of a club and an apology from them and the MSM who reported that we were due them damages too.



    Canny wait!

  15. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Not from the Briggs, my lot were Clydebank then the Drum – went to school with Lawrence F from St Marys.


    We both got kicked out then went to Langside College and that was where I think I met your nephews – knew Paul and Kevin I think.



    Happy days!

  16. sixtaeseven - 65 trophies in my lifetime on

    You wonder how much all their PR is costing?



    It must be costing them an absolute fortune and everybody knows what they are up to … and they are just alienating themselves further and further from normal conduct.



    A joke club/company/team/setup…



    I hope the new jobbie circles down the pan just like the old jobbie !

  17. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    AN DUN on 13TH JANUARY 2017 1:58 PM



    Hear hear.



    No fuss, insane statements or splutterings of bile and inflammatory nonsense – cool, calm and professional.



    Well done indeed Celtic.

  18. Paul 67


    An excellent article. That is what I call Celtic NEWS and is the reason I am a regular reader of this site.



  19. We were seated in the second back row of the upper stand on Hogmanay, so were among the last supporters to leave their stadium. As we walked down the stairs I looked at each row looking for damage. I noticed two broken seats in this area which would have covered a quarter of our support there.



    There were no damage to the toilets that we saw after the game.



    Anyway for those interested in their reaction, Scotzine has published this:



    THE RANGERS TOILET TALK…http://www.scotzine.com/2017/01/the-rangers-toilet-talk/

  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    BMCUW 1:53


    Spot on. A tit-for-tat would have played into the hands of the “old firmists”. Today’s effort is attempting to do that anyway. Unfortunately for them, Paul’s article completely trashes it.

  21. Good afternoon Bhoys,



    The main thing now for Celtic is to insist on cash up front for the the next game against sevco at Celtic Park. Maybe they should also insist on a £40,000 deposit too, which would be returned if there was no damage.







  22. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    GreeninbingleyinOslo on 13th January 2017 1:55 pm



    Where and when in the Drum? I left in ’76.





  23. If I was in a position of power and influence at CP I would be in cistern Sevco pay in advance before any future game, should there be one, for any possible(we know the flies would regardless of which jobbie they circled) further loo damage.




    Hat, coat, off ski.

  24. Paul67



    Well that’s the price we pay when we’re tucked up in bed with the ‘Old Firm’.



    Its been open season with Celtic and SMSM since 1888 and the Celtic Board attempting to work under the radar with Sevco as a profit making ‘business ‘ is the proverbial recipe for disaster.



    Celtic and their pretence that ‘business is business ‘ ( but in a totally corrupt bent, hostile, environment ) is where a whole lot of fine CQN posters and Celtic supporters in general dismount the bus.



    Disgusting buying and selling Sevco tickets , just as it was with the old Rangers whom the current board allow fanning of sectarian flames, because business is allegedly business.



    No sympathy for our PLC on this one, until we go front foot for our support, without whom they wouldn’t exist.

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