Not good enough


Last night’s performance was not good enough, not by a long way. Early endeavour evaporated once the obligatory goal was conceded from Molde’s first attempt at goal, again. The cynic would have known we were beat, even then.

Another make-shift defence was deployed, as Jozo Simunovic retired injured, again, after three minutes. Tyler Blackett was drafted into central defence, unsuccessfully. He was hooked in the second half after casting anxious looks around him throughout his time on the field.

The point was put to me last night that we have the worst defence in European competition. That’s a fanciful assertion to make, but we must have the worst goals conceded to chances ratio. Molde looked capable of scoring every time they got up the park.

The ‘Abandon zonal marking’ brigade got their wish, as Celtic drifted from marking four, to three, to two zones at corner kicks. The sight of Celtic defenders bunched with attackers at the far end of our box was strikingly unusual. We still lost a goal from the second ball at a corner, and panic and mayhem remained on subsequent occasions.

Passing was awful, symptomatic of a team playing within themselves (trans: hiding). Stefan Johansen’s booking looked like a vain effort to be seen to be doing something, he surely didn’t think anything else but a booking would follow.

I was annoyed at Nir Bitton for his red card. There was no need to haul the player down. He was running wide, on his left, and it would have taken a spectacular effort to threaten goal. The foul was the act of a tired mind (trans: frustrated and out of ideas).

Everything positive you’ve read or heard about Kieran Tierney was on show. He’s 18-years-old and demonstrated what a good full back looks like.

‘What now, Ronny?’ was my thought as I left the stadium. Then news filtered through that we’re not actually out of the Europa League yet. Molde are through. Ajax, though a point ahead of us, are as good as out. They would need to beat us at Celtic Park, but in doing so they would remove any competitive-edge from Celtic’s game, and Celtic would then need to win in Istanbul for Ajax to proceed.

Therefore there is every chance we’ll win our first game against Ajax, and then we have a Puncher’s Chance against Fenerbahce. You have I have lived through Sion and Legia, we know Celtic survive in European competition far longer than they should. Hold onto your towels….

I’ve an interesting piece coming up later on Level5, PR to Newco Rangers and the Ladbrokes SPFL, but we’ll give this one time for a kick-around first.

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  1. I was in London yesterday but managed to catch the first half before my flight.



    Decent start. Unlucky that two half decent goals were chopped off.



    Too weak goals to lose. Not absolute howlers, but just weak and a bit gutless.



    Heard the 2nd half was worse…..?



    I think we have one decent central defender in the squad. Sadly he lasted only a few minutes. Lost Bhoys after that point…..



    Where to now?



    I honestly don’t know…..






    HH jamesgang

  2. The thought occurred to me that between one thing and another, I’ve probably consumed less alcohol this year than any in my adult life.



    I’m now thinking this has been a bad thing.

  3. Last night was a shambles. Playground tactics, lack of leadership, discipline, character, nous, quality etc. The same mistakes are being repeated game after game. When it went 2-1 it seemed to suck the belief from us.



    Thank goodness for the only positive, Kieran Tierney. He was amazing last night.

  4. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    According to iShortbread RDeila’s record in first 24 [!] gamesin Europe is W 8 D 8 L8 F36 A37.



    His record is slightly better than Gordon Strachan’s, although I think EL Gordo would have played more games in the ole ECL.



    Anyways, Bill CLinton took time off from Hilary’s campaign to snapchat me last night ‘ it’s the defense, stupid’, wa the basic gist.

  5. FourGreenFields on




    I said that to my mate last night , this going to the game sober is mince.


    I suggested we should get free drink to dull the pain on European nights

  6. This current Celtic team reminds me of the team we had in the early 80s, although we usually had decent forwards back then. When we play an open, expansive game in Europe we get found out. There is no shape, no cohesion and hardly any creativity. It’s the manager’s fault for that so he should carry the can.



    If Ronny Deila is being judged solely on domestic results then that shows a lack of ambition from the club. European competition is what excites the fans and where the bulk of extra revenue can be made. At this point in time I can’t see any reason for giving Ronny another shot at Champions league qualification. Nice guy, apparently great at coaching young players – brilliant, put him in charge of the academy. But get a winner in to manage the first team. Michael O’Neill would surely be an option?

  7. What to do now?



    I would drop a raft of the 1st team players and replace them with the youngsters. Keep enough of the 1st team around them to bring then on.



    On yesterday’s evidence, IMO, there’s a few that shouldn’t see a first team start again.

  8. The Battered Bunnet on

    Paul, FYI



    I logged onto the site at half time last night to get a handle on the views of posers watching on TV. Nothing unusual in that.



    As the site loaded, my Dad, sitting next to me said: “I didn’t know you were into that type of thing Son”.




    “That tyoe of thing” was a selection of the “trending articles” at the top of the page.



    Now, I can’t say any of them are particularly apt to offend, just a series of photographs of women’s cleavage – front and back – the usual cheap clickbait, but I thought you’d like to know the impression that it gives the casual visitor.






    PS The old fellow wouldn’t give me my phone back until he’d checked all the ‘stories’…

  9. Beat Ajax? The problem is the entire midfield will be suspended/injured. And then there’s the little matter of the defence.

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    The taxi driver returned old tims wallet this morning with cards and money in tact


    Unfortunately he had just cancelled his cards but it has perked him up a little

  11. Why are we surprised? Before the game most Celtic supporters expected to win. We were only playing against the team that’s sixth in the Norwegian league. So what? The Norwegian league is competitive, ours is not.


    Ronny, like the supporters, must think we’re a good team when we win so easily in the SPFL. When Kris Commons scores against Dundee Utd in what looks like a training match a lot of Celtic supporters, including Paul67, think he’s a great player. In reality he’s overweight, lazy and unfit. But the Celtic supporters thought it was a crime to substitute him in Norway, and so did Kris Commons.


    Jackie McNamara has just been appointed manager of a 4th-tier English team. And that’s the level of Dundee Utd after we took their best players. That’s the environment we’re playing in. I don’t think changing the manager will help, but even Ronny must now realize what the SPFL is like.

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well here we are again the day after the night before and it is the same old same old another poor European performance by Celtic.Now something must change if we keep doing the same thing we are destined to get the same result European failure.I have thought long and hard about this but I believe we must either replace young Kennedy as our defensive coach or get him help we are losing cheap goals time and time again in Europe I believe Kennedy has not got the experience to be our defensive coach.The young man lost his football playing career before it had really started and while I feel that was sad and it is good that Celtic have found a role for him at Parkhead, but defensive coach of our first team is not where he should be this early in his coaching career I now have my hard hat on and await the mugging from the Kennedy supporters but that is my opinion. H.H.

  13. TheClumpany on 6th November 2015 12:01 pm



    Spot on.



    Hope every Football fan except from (THEM) send letters to their clubs.




  14. Hurry up with the next article about Level 5, Ladbrokes etc., Paul as to dwell on last night’s turgid pish is just too painful!

  15. 79Caps-



    Jackie’s appointment at lowly York is more of an indication of the English leagues being awash in cash from top to bottom.



    York paying a managers wages compatible with DU?



    Therein lies the problem.

  16. Sad that even our old impregnable stadium holds no fear for any team. We look as confident in defending corner kicks as Elton John does in a brothel. We had months to strengthen our team for our European campaign but did nothing. Where do we go now. I like ronny, and really want him to succeed, but we looked clueless for long periods. Celtic playing at home with 1 up front is ridiculous. Sorry for the rant bhoys.

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut



    I believe Kennedy has not got the experience to be our defensive coach.The young man lost his football playing career before it had really started and while I feel that was sad and it is good that Celtic have found a role for him at Parkhead, but defensive coach of our first team is not where he should be this early in his coaching career.



    100% in agreement Joe.

  18. Think we’ve covered everything, bad day at the office, doubt any manager worth their weight would accept the poison chalice of being a coach for the CEO and that is exactly what they’d be, nothing more, manager in name only.

  19. Only saw first half lastv night,but from what I saw a very poor performance.


    Our manager was out manoevred by a guy who only lasted months at Cardiff City.


    The decision to bring on Blackett, who has been struggling to make the bench is completely baffling.On a par with playing Beget the day after he had signed , and barely recognised team mates never mind knew their names.


    Ronny Deilia is at best, an Academy Manager in English Championship.


    I suggested last year that under RD we would never qualify for the CL, and if anything my pessimism has increased.


    Far from he hasn’t yet won a game he shouldn’t, we are now losing games we shouldn’t


    RD seems like a nice guy, but so was Tony Mowbray , time to get rid

  20. Morning Lhads.



    Usually id be ranting like a lunatic….but, whats the point.


    Truly, that performance last night was one of the worst ive ever seen in nearly half a century.


    Well gubbed by a team who were taking the p at the end.


    That was not Celtic….just an excuse for Celtic…..totally heartbreaking to watch.


    RD….is just a symptom of PL’s stupidity….PL thinks he can do what he pleases, the truth is that he has ruined a once great club….we are a laughing stock in terms of European Football.


    I don’t expect anything to change soon….But that’s what you get, when you let Tories and masons run the club.


    No Celtic fan can be happy with a clueless manager, and a group of players who play like weans.


    Its a travesty.


    Celtic…pumped home and away by a mob in 6th place in the Norwegian League.


    Is that acceptable….no, not by a long long way.


    If anybody wants to defend that shambles last night…I truly feel sorry for you.


    I love what Celtic used to be…not what they have become.






  21. Today’s “emergency” spfl meeting is purely for the knuckle crushers to put their aprons together and come up with some cockamamie reason why it’s not possible to take any retrospective action against the cheats. FACT.

  22. Beamishismypint on

    I’m getting older and truthfully don’t want our next shot at Europe to be in the hands of current coaching ticket. Lack of passion, poor coaching re set up – eg players like Rogic on second goal no sense of where to coiver. No personal insults etc., just the fact that it is not/has not worked. I do believe that most coaches, given our resources would triumph in the SPFL.

  23. Tell all the huns you know.


    It’s gonna be 16 in a row!



    I know I’ve just contradicted myself but singing it out at work has just made me feel MUCH better.

  24. How can the MEN in our team hold their heads up when a BOY wins MOTM by a mile.



    Be ashamed, then vow never to allow that to happen again.

  25. Burnley78,


    I believe it was a genuine question from RWE. I dont think he is a troll (at least I hope not as I agreed with his points last night).

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