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  1. Dallas


    Don’t even have to go back that far for Finnies incompetence/cheating against us.


    At the New Year Derby he sent off Biton, denied a stonewaller(Lawless handball I think) and a Cifitci goal (which he should have allowed out of pity if nothing else)


    As I said earlier in the running for the semi against Sevco


    HH as always

  2. Cathedral View on

    Good to get the three points today despite the refs insistence on giving us an exciting ending.



    You’ll struggle to see a softer penalty this season and I didn’t even have to invoke the ole would we get it at the other end definition.



    Interesting that Eric got another soft booking, a person of a paranoid persuasion would be forgiven for ordering extra tinfoil from his milliner. Is the rule that booking is mandatory for Celtic players but optional for opponents?



    The leniency of referees this season when it comes to our opponents getting ‘physical’, coming in late or barging off the ball is worth a comment especially when juxtaposed today against the ridiculous penalty award today.




  3. A stonewall penalty.. stupidity. the same with Browns yello catrd.. the only thing of note he did. time to rest him

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    To all who saw my post earlier about getting your money on the Sheep and Killie drawing today……………..oh look, a squirrel.

  5. Is that the 3rd league game in a row that we have been on the receiving end of a poor possibly game changing decision?



    I know there have been a lot of bad decisions over the course of the season but it looks like things are being seriously ramped up now. Shurely our board are going to say something.



    Besides that, I thought the gratuitous comment from Tanner about our manager should also merit some sort of rejoinder from the Club. Utter disgrace. Bet he wouldn’t even dare to make such a comment about the current incumbent of the deid club, not that he would have wanted.

  6. Evening Timland from a warm and sunny hun free mountain valley.


    Missed the game, leccy just back on two mins ago, delighted to see we got the three points, haven’t read back.


    How did we play ?

  7. FF had very little to do against Stoke.


    One decent save and one back bend to pick the ball out the net.


    A wee dribble in his box. No need for Persil in his washing machine.


    VVD had a very good last 15 minutes or so up against 2 meter Peter, winning every ball in the air against the ladder.

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Beatbhoy, today was the first time I had saw Tanner in action since I binned sky sports.



    I think he only got the sky job as he is pally with Jim red, white and blue.



    I was in the vodafone shop in Sauchiehall Street a few years ago. Tanner came in behind me.



    He didn’t know how to switch his mobile phone off and asked one of the assistants how to switch the phone off.

  9. Thursday 12th


    Fr Toner was in tonight, and brought me in some religious magazines.


    My weight is 58.75 kgs. They did not take a blood sample because they want to incorporate other tests with it. So the doctor says they’ll do it next week.


    Physically I have felt very tired today, between dinner time and later afternoon. I know I’m getting physically weaker. It is only to be expected. But I’m okay. I’m still getting the papers all right, but there’s nothing heartening in them. But again I expect that also and therefore I must depend entirely upon my own heart and resolve, which I will do.


    I received three notes from the comrades in Armagh, God bless them again.


    I heard of today’s announcement that Frank Hughes will be joining me on hunger-strike on Sunday. I have the greatest respect, admiration and confidence in Frank and I know that I am not alone. How could I ever be with comrades like those around me, in Armagh and outside.


    I’ve been thinking of the comrades in Portlaoise, the visiting facilities there are inhuman. No doubt that hell-hole will also eventually explode in due time. I hope not, but Haughey’s compassion for the prisoners down there is no different from that of the Brits towards prisoners in the North and in English gaols.


    I have come to understand, and with each passing day I understand increasingly more and in the most sad way, that awful fate and torture endured to the very bitter end by Frank Stagg and Michael Gaughan. Perhaps, — indeed yes! — I am more fortunate because those poor comrades were without comrades or a friendly face. They had not even the final consolation of dying in their own land. Irishmen alone and at the unmerciful ugly hands of a vindictive heartless enemy. Dear God, but I am so lucky in comparison.


    I have poems in my mind, mediocre no doubt, poems of hunger strike and MacSwiney, and everything that this hunger-strike has stirred up in my heart and in my mind, but the weariness is slowly creeping in, and my heart is willing but my body wants to be lazy, so I have decided to mass all my energy and thoughts into consolidating my resistance.


    That is most important. Nothing else seems to matter except that lingering constant reminding thought, ‘Never give up’. No matter how bad, how black, how painful, how heart-breaking, ‘Never give up’, ‘Never despair’, ‘Never lose hope’. Let them bastards laugh at you all they want, let them grin and jibe, allow them to persist in their humiliation, brutality, deprivations, vindictiveness, petty harassments, let them laugh now, because all of that is no longer important or worth a response.


    I am making my last response to the whole vicious inhuman atrocity they call H-Block. But, unlike their laughs and jibes, our laughter will be the joy of victory and the joy of the people, our revenge will be the liberation of all and the final defeat of the oppressors of our aged nation.

  10. Winning Captains



    But yet another single goal victory margin. Last time they won four in a row like that, and the luck involved in doing that so often ran out, they dropped 5 points in their next 2 games v ICT and St Johnstone.



    Hope it’s a pattern.



    I also acknowledge that resilience is also present in so many tight wins.

  11. Dallas



    Did the assistant not say “Bend over an’ I’ll show ye!”?



    Couldnae have been a Tim!

  12. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Gearoid, Finnie not only looks like Madden but refs as badly as him.



    I don’t want favourable treatment just refs to ref both teams in our games, the same way.



    I know this will never happen but it would be interesting if an ex player or manager of a Scottish team ever disclosed that their team knew they would get away with stuff when playing us.

  13. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Beatbhoy, ha ha.



    I was told a story about Tanner. He got a lumber at the dancing and took her back to his. Alegedlly, he asked if she wanted to watch a video, she said yes thinking it might an adult film. It was a compilation of interviews he had done with so called famous people.

  14. TET



    Should have been out of sight before they got the late squishily soft penalty, an especially ridiculous award, given what the MIB had let go in the previous 85 minutes.

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Ard Macha, thank you for your posts with excerpts from Bobby’s diary.



    They are very thought provoking .



    Thanks again

  16. ET


    We scored two, unlucky not to have scored another few.


    Comfortable, then the bobby madden look a like gave thistle a very soft penalty.


    Made it a nervy finish. I thought the ref was terrible, i haven’t seen a replay of the penalty, although it looked like another poor decision from where i was standing.


    The MIB’s are up for this run in , i hope we are.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Some thoughts on the game:



    The British and German sojers who had a kickabout on Christmas day in WW1 had a better playing surface than we had today.



    Mulgrew, Mackay-Steven, McGregor and Griff had excellent games. Kazim-Richards might prove to be a player given game time…….one excellent spin and shot, although he’s maybe a wee bit desperate to get among the goals.


    Erik’s form has shaded a wee bit. Mikel is a shadow of his former self and Broony is not even a shadow of a shadow.


    As for the sheepies ,I don’t mind them winning today….I think this Celtic team needs to feel the heat to get their erchies in gear. Mind you, it would be easier on the nerves if we could convert more of our chances.

  18. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Beatbhoy, the person who told me the story had the same conclusion as your good self.



    I have been critical of Calum McGregor previously but he places the ball when shooting at goal.



    His goals up in Inverness and against Ajax being prime examples.

  19. Been out all day……………….just seen the score. Said to missus, bet they got a penalty……..






    Pull together Celts, it’s the Sleekits we are up against.




  20. glendalystonsils on

    Forgot to add my wee bit about the ref…….awful! My first reaction was it looked a penalty but watching a replay there seemed to be no contact at all. Apart from that he gave his blessing to the Thistle players leaving a foot in the tackle throughout the game. He’ll go far.

  21. Didn’t see the second half but we need to better at Game Management at two nil up. Although I accept the MIB will ensure Aberdeen are in the race as long as they can.



    Árd Macha

  22. ET


    I’m like yourself when it comes to MIB’s. Eventually the missed chances are going to cost us.


    Good 3 points today all the same.

  23. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Mibbery most foul.



    That aside, the team played some neat football in spite of the poor surface.



    Every one of them played well, apart from Commons who was about 25 yards off the pace.



    The improvement was clear and apparent.



    Didn’t think that we were ever under any real pressure, even after the MIB fiasco.



    Good to see the reaction from Ronny and the coaching staff after the second goal.



    Well done Celtic.




  24. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Just finished watching a recording of the game. Haven’t read any posts. Looking forward to looking back(?) at today’s posts.



    Some points:



    Great win for us and looked as if confidence is returning.


    Great performances from GMS, Calum McGregor, Kieran Tierney and Charlie Mulgrew. There was a 5 or 10 minute period in the second half when GMS played in the centre of midfield and was magnificent. He tore Thistle apart.


    I thought everybody today tried really hard to get the team back on song.


    Someone should have sorted out that animal Elliot who played for Thistle. I counted 4 dirty challenges from him alone when he tried to leave something on the Celtic player. He tried to do Lustig twice. The ref allowed him to fo as he pleased with impunity.



    Well done Celtic and well done to Ronny Deila.