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  1. Hamiltontim – glad you saw it, he’ll probably have whiplash symptoms tonight!



    Oh, and the German TV commentators pronunciation while saying “Gary Mackay Stevens!” was hilarious, as was “Partick Thiskill”

  2. Bobby Maddens uglier Hun twin brother performing his audition for the good ghuys v Sevco 5088 semi.


    Steven Finnie another name to watch out for. Masonic conveyer belt.


    Up the hoooops

  3. Softest of penalties gave us an unnecessary nervy finish, apart from that we did well.


    What on earth has happened to Scott Brown, at the moment he is not worth his place, he really should be dropped.


    Great display by GMS deserved Man of the Match, Mulgrew had a fine game at the back, others that impressed Tierney, McGregor & Griffiths.


    Overall Reaction= Relief.

  4. HT


    Take it the Coarner at the Killie game is at the protest?


    I owe you money. Not too many times you will have heard that one.


    4pts clear…..

  5. I’m finally logged in as me.






    Also happy with the result.




  6. Lionel Messi misses a penalty against Getafe.Stefan tells him you better get your act together if you want to partner me in the hoops next season.

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well done Ronny and the Bhoys a good 3 points despite another cheating referee. H.H.

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Tallybhoy is that you?



    Oldtim is that you?



    At the moment this is “Celtic Quick News” in the same way that “I can’t believe it’s not butter” is like…….well you know, no butter anyway :)

  9. McGregor man of the match. Edging out Tierney only because Kieren had so little to do in the second half. Good game from GMS also.



    Griff should have made it a comfortable ending. GMS and Bitton had similar chances, but they are not on 35 goals for the season.



    Charlie is also so composed at the back, his lack of pace not an issue because he reads the fame well..

  10. Paul67



    Seems there are some who still don’t know who they are. No change there then.



    Seriously, compared to one particular multi national company a seemingly relatively smooth change of Service System.



    A good three points today played on what can be described as a surface more fitting for Animals who love jumping up and down in muddy puddles.



    Hail, Hail to all.

  11. Just when you think all is well, along comes the Glitch to gobble my game summary post.


    At least I’m not The Donald.


    In short.


    We won. 3 points. Griffiths inevitably scored.


    Game was not as close as the score.


    Pitch was awful.

  12. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I don`t think it can be me because I have never been accused of posting too quickly,



    JJ ( Maybe).

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    The, you’re posting too quickly message had me chortling, after an hour in the matrix trying to post. :)

  14. Gearoid1998


    I think everyone of the Ludge see our games as an episode of The Apprentice, X Factor etc. They are all trying to catch the eye of The Imperial Wizard Grand Masonic Goat Worrier, hoping to show that they are worthy of the task.


    The bar is set low , there are no difficult decisions to make to join their club.


    Let the opposition know that you are an ‘ old school ‘ ref when it comes to kicking Celts, it’s a man’s game, a contact sport.


    Our players see that the same leniency does not apply to them.


    if there is a chance give a penalty,


    if in doubt book the Tim, there is no such thing as a controversial Red if it’s a Celtic player getting an early bath.



    A lifetime watching this.


    Paranoid in Paradise.



    The Onlooker.

  15. West End of East End on

    That was one of those games you just need to get the 3 points and move on. Heard on Shortbread that’s Thistle’s first penalty in 2 seasons, ref must have had money on it.



    Not sure what’s happened to Brown & Commons, they just don’t look like themselves these days. Scott needs a haircut and Kriss should get himself another tattoo.



    McGeady scores for Shef Wed, coupon still alive after 30 mins, good day so far…

  16. WHITEDOGHUNCH on 12TH MARCH 2016 3:32 PM


    Is that you?


    I was you earlier.


    And The Donald?


    CQN multis?

  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Bah. Dons score from corner that Shortbread thought they shouldnt have had. Gasp!

  18. Paul67etal.



    I’m glad that you have changed the blog,no more moaning about the manager or the players.


    They now have another thing to moan about, the start up of the new blog. thanks.

  19. LMS


    Manchester City sat me down early today.


    Amazing how much Norwich have improved since Hooper left.

  20. ‘GG on 12th March 2016 3:41 pm



    Manchester City sat me down early today.



    Amazing how much Norwich have improved since Hooper left.




    That’s a tad harsh, Hooper hardly made the bench this season.



    Norwich have had 2 draws and 4 loses in their last 6 games.

  21. Gerryfaethebrig on




    You are not alone with Man City on LMS, main thing Celtic 3pts



    Kieran Tierney magic again, GMS excellent, Callum MacGregor has been pretty important to us this season, not my favourite player but the bhoy is showing me up for my lack of knowledge about a player……fling in young(ish) Leigh Griffiths and the young mob are showing the older ones the way to go…..

  22. Fed up with Sky’s constant use of O.. F… So I sent the following.



    Are the Sports journalists and presenters not aware that Rangers were liquidated? A new team bearing a resemblance to the old and now


    called the Rangers had to seek entry into the lowest level of Scottish league football. They have moved up leagues since then



    The Old Firm that your presenters are so engrossed in speaking about what does not exist. So please pass this on to your presenters and commentators so that they will cease to use this false name. It is more important to do so in England as viewers may not know that Rangers were liquidated and cease to exist.

  23. I don’t expect the Sheep to lose ground today. In fairness to them they are without Rooney & still grinding out results.


    To win this League we have to continue to win our games as they come. Just keep thinking of the next game, Firhill is in the past all that matters now is Killie next Saturday .

  24. with the game won at 2-0 why does RD decided to bring on KR a goalscorer that doesn’t score , should have brought on SA , also TW a young bhoy who should never have left is a better striker than most we currently have .


    GMS my man of match today.

  25. The Huddle


    Tongue in cheek.


    In fact Norwich haven’t won since January 2nd and have lost 8 from the last 10.


    Relegation form.

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