Rangers on SFA warpath since Fit and Proper enquiry


Rangers manager, Ally McCoist, appears intent on testing the SFA following his outburst yesterday.  According to McCoist the Association “effectively called” Sone Aluko “a cheat and a liar”.  Chairmen of the disciplinary tribunal, former referee Jim McCluskey, had his judgement called into question by McCoist, who said, “The meeting was chaired by a former referee and I have to say his decision making hasn’t improved any since he stopped refereeing.”

This is a new tone from the Rangers manager, who never spoke in these terms about the SFA before they decided to investigate Rangers owner Craig Whyte’s suitability as a fit and proper person to be involved in the game.  Despite yesterday’s punishment, Rangers remain Scotland’s most influential club by the length of the Queen’s highway.  Sabre rattling from Ibrox cannot be dismissed by the Association, who, I am led to believe, will find their investigation into Whyte thwarted.

McCoist escaped SFA punishment for his inflammatory comments to Neil Lennon at Celtic Park in March. It remains to be seen if this new outburst establishes a new method of inappropriate behaviour without consequence. Shauny Aluko will surely not thank his manager for the “cheat and a liar” association. Words like those tend to follow a player.

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  1. Simple Sally…..Tell your players…..Don’t cheat & don’t lie



    Got to laugh at him moaning about Jim McCluskey….what short memories some have obviously…how many games did Rangers lose when he was in charge, won’t need 2 hands for sure and still have enough fingers left to wave to our impartial officials

  2. Hail hail Kano !



    Hail hail Lenny in his decision to speak out about depression!


    We need to rid the stigma attached to a condition that can happen to anyone at anytime without logic reason.


    It’s good for people to talk without feeling ashamed…


    Friends will always be there for you !


    A good shout especially around this time of year

  3. I see Mr Wishart change his tune last night as he discussed the Hearts’ players current wage predicaments.



    He told us it would be wrong to name any names of his members who were unhappy. From his point as union “leader” he is totally correct in this stance



    So why then did he feel it appropriate to name Scott Brown in asking him for advice as to when he could talk to other clubs just last Saturday?




  4. Declan, if you are sniffing about.



    Starting to contradict your previous posts then.



    Which school did you attend out of intetrest.



    Still waiting for you to explain, why you said you had Five tattoos and then named Six… ;)

  5. How come all of a sudden we now know the names of the three people who had reviewed the Aluko incident? Someone is at it here; don’t know if McCoist or the SFA but something stinks here.

  6. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    ASonOfDan – why does what school i went tae matter about whether i support celtic or not?

  7. Paul 67


    Do you know who it is that will thwart the SFA investigation, if other clubs are complicit in this the games a bogey here, Celtic I hope are planning for moving to another league.


    McCoist is like the rest of the people who are in power when its threatened they show their true face and it is as unpleasant as the rest, thecheeky chappie comedian being shown in his true light, brilliant.

  8. From an Insider



    Ratners FC have cancelled their Christmas Party, due to having to Pay Celtic up front for tickets. A spokeshun said “Ally and the Team are just not in a Christmas place right now. Anyone got a ten bob for this new meter?”

  9. The panel called Aluko what he is, cheat and a liar, there was no other way to see what the decision mean. Basically, “you dived, two match ban.” “Naw a didnae””Aye Ye did, ya lying cheat, two match ban”


    One thing though, if a punishment is not accepted, why no increase in the punishment?

  10. The Battered Bunnet on

    Must say I was a little bemused to hear a Rangers Radio Ad this week imploring fans to “give the ultimate gift” to a loved one for Christmas this year, said “ultimate gift” being a half-season book to Ayebroke.



    Ultimate, eh?



    According to my dictionary, Ultimate, as a noun, means: The best achievable or imaginable of its kind.



    Presumably a half-season book to Ayebroke is better then than a full season book, and who would argue?



    Or perhaps, the advert was using Ultimate as an adjective, which means: Being or happening at the end of a process; final.



    Prescient or what!

  11. voguepunter 1- Kano 1000 on

    ASonOfDan says:


    9 December, 2011 at 12:13



    leave the bhoy alone,I sometimes find it hard to remember if I’ve


    had five or six beers.

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good afternoon to the Celtic family from a dry but cold Central Region. Well McCoists out burst should be punished if it was any other manager in Scotland thats what would happen.The only folk who think Aluko didnt dive are Rangers fans the rest of the football world just look on and shake there heads.Rangers should have lost 2 points in that game and Dunfermline should have got a share of the points and Celtic should be 2 points nearer Rangers.McCoists bluster imo is a smoke screen to cover the fact that Rangers cheated there way to the full 3 points in a game where they only had one foul against them Scottish football is corupt.H.H.

  13. newradbhoy with the kano 1000 on

    If thems know the game is up and theyre team is kaput, expect more outbursts.


    They wont care about fines etc.


    Why should they if theres no team to pay the fines etc.

  14. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    voguepunter – cheers mate. thats twice he has mentioned a religion and supporting the hoops. seems huns arent just blue.

  15. One wonders whether Wiggy concurs with Comical Ali’s less than dignified outburst in support of simulation.



    Perchance, unavailable for comment at the mo’: either out of the country and not having seen the verdict, or maw and/or paw a bit under the weather, or …

  16. TBB



    I’ve thought of ‘ultimate’ a meaning last of final …



    Maybe the whoever put the ad together had one eye on the advertising agency’s code of conduct, since such a gift is indeed likely to be one’s last/final/ultimate chance to buy a season book to watch the Foe Malign.



    Money down the pan, no matter how you look at it, though.




  17. Mort,



    I’m going to be in Biddy Duffy’s on Andytown Road at 3pm tomorrow, might be meeting Ard Macha, you fancy a pint?




    Can anyone recall up at Inverness during the Sammi poke in the eye / dive( dependent on point of view) incident that many of the press/phone-ins gave Stevie O’Reilly much criticism for not taking any thinking time before making his decision to send the player off.


    Just looked at the Aluko incident on the BBC website and just noticed from the timer that the penalty was awarded within ONE second of the fall.



    Not a mention of lack of thinking time taken here from anyone that I can recall.



    Wonder why?




  19. Not to Aluko into a political debate, but just got a tweet from a French Politician.



    “Britain, Britain is like a man who wants to go to a wife swapping party without taking his own wife”

  20. From Garngad to Croy I am Neil Lennon. on

    ‘the length of the Queen’s highway’….brilliant Paul67



    A long ‘Walk’ indeed !

  21. Declan,



    Good at the old, deflecting the question… :)



    You still not got any answers?



    Anyhoo enough of noising up the lonely hun.




    Celtic face a wait to discover if they will be punished by UEFA over allegations of “illicit chanting”.



    The governing body is set to review the allegations on Friday but STV has learned that a decision will not be communicated to the club until next week due to the volume of cases being heard today.



    “There are so many cases on today’s agenda that it takes a long time, hence all decisions will be communicated only next week,” a UEFA spokesperson told STV.



    The governing body contacted Celtic in November to advise them that the organisation’s control and disciplinary body would consider a charge of an incident of an unsporting nature, namely “illicit chanting”.



    The charge relates to an allegation made by Strathclyde Police that a section of the club’s support sang “offensive songs” during Celtic’s Europa League match against Rennes on November 3

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