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There is always a frisson of excitement when the new season’s fixtures are announced but there is an extra spring in the step today.  Flag-day for the champions will be the weekend of 4/5 August against Aberdeen but I’m sure, like me, your eye ran down the list, rhyming off the names: Aberdeen, United, Ross County, Inverness, Hibs, St Johnstone, Club 12!

You had a smile to yourself, didn’t you?

SPL secretary, Iain Blair, explains, “Following the failure of Rangers FC to exit administration via a CVA, we have received an application to register the transfer of their SPL share to a newco. Should it be rejected, then another club may be invited to join the SPL for season 2012/13.”

That pretty much covers it, Iain, Rangers FC’s share will pass to either Newco or another club may be invited to join. Simple enough language to explain where we are.

As recently as a week ago I was pretty sure the fixtures would contain Newco but sentiment has been flowing against the concept since Charles Green took the SFA to court, inadvertently inviting a severe punishment from the Association as well as annoying SPL chairmen.

The BBC SPL table is also worth a cursory glance, resplendent with only One Team in Glasgow!

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  1. Surely if Doncaster knew that Sky were not going to renegotiate the deal and didn’t tell anyone he has to resign or be sacked.

  2. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    Prediction: Having been punished enough, newco will start in SPL2.



    Compromised position, but whose been compromised??



    SFL3 pls for newco







  3. philvisreturns on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon – I liked Club X.



    Friendly crowd, great music, good cocktails.



    Could never understand why there weren’t more women among the regulars… (thumbsup)

  4. Paul67



    Just a Fenian conspiracy, rangers are in the fixtures.



    You just cannae see their name…




  5. Taken from KDS





    Chris Graham’s enemies of der Hen if you missed it first time before he pulled it from his blog. This is the thinking man’s hun who is now getting an audience on TV



    The Enemies of Rangers Football Club


    February 16, 2012 55 Comments



    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill



    It has been interesting, if not surprising, to watch the emergence of the enemies of our football club over the past few days. I think there is a danger over this period when our minds are rightly focussed on making sure Rangers survive and prosper that we forget some of the people who wish to see the club die. There are some obvious ones who we are well aware of already like Philip McGillivan and Peter Lawwell but there are others who will now be jumping on the bandwagon. So, with that in mind I’ve decided to keep a note of them. This post will be updated with the names and quotes from the people who want to see our club go out of business and are revelling in the possibility.



    1) Mike Small – ” Who?” I hear you ask. Well it seems Mike is a friend of Philip McGillivan (Rangers hater and IRA supporter). He is described on the Guardian website, who gave him the platform to spew his hatred, as “the Editor of Bella Caledonia”. This in fact appears to be a blog much like this one but Mike clearly has ideas above his station. I won’t be providing links to either the Guardian piece he wrote on the 14th February or his blog because, frankly, I would prefer not to give them the hits but let me provide you with a few quotes from it.


    “The club’s slide into administration could help rid Scottish football of ritualised bigotry and intergenerational hatred”


    “After the loyalty she has been shown over the years, how can Her Majesty allow her Revenue & Customs to behave in this manner?”


    “Establishment voices mutter confidently of the club’s fanbase and that the “”club will never die”. Such macho posturing is a default setting from the club’s supporters (who numbered 17,822 at the recent home defeat to Dundee United)”


    “Rumours swirl that Graeme Souness waits in the wings like a moustachioed Sauron.”



    I’m sure we can all agree that Mike is a funny guy….He may just be an idiot who believes everything his pal Philip tells him but I suspect he has his own hatred to keep him going, with his perception that Rangers are the root of all bigotry being a particular give-away.



    2) Iain McGill – Again a rather obscure one but he is the Conservative Party candidate for Edinburgh Central and as such represents his party in what he says. He is also pictured on his website shaking hands with David Cameron. I wonder what the PM would think of McGill’s views after his wholehearted support for Rangers today? Mr McGill had the following to say on Mike Small’s piece in the Guardian:


    Mr McGill not only has political aspirations but describes himself as a “businessman”. He is a director of Harmony Employment Agency http://www.harmonyemployment.com/meet-the-staff.html. Maybe he will find that Rangers fans who unwittingly use his services may decide not to, given his hatred for our club? Then perhaps he will see just how funny it is when businesses get into trouble and people face losing their jobs. Anyone who is not on Twitter and would like to contact Iain to discuss his views can do so via this linkhttp://www.voteiainmcgill.com/contact.aspx



    3) Peter Lawwell – Well he had a chance to act in a dignified and magnanimous way but that isn’t really Peter’s way is it? Despite all evidence to the contrary he is adamant that his club don’t need Rangers. Perhaps he thinks people are interested in the outcome of a one team league? But really it’s just another chance for him to have a dig. Here is the quote today, I’m sure there will be many more…


    “We are very disappointed with the First Minister’s claims that Celtic ‘need’ Rangers and that Celtic ‘can’t prosper unless Rangers are there’.



    “This is simply not true. In a series of interviews given just three days ago, we made it abundantly clear that Celtic has a well defined strategy and a business plan independent of the fortunes of any other club. That remains absolutely the case.”



    4) Matt McGlone – Now I hesitated to add this because Matt’s performance on Scotland Tonight on the 16th February was so shambolic that he’s more a figure of fun than a serious enemy. Indeed you could argue that the sight of him and Michael Kelly bickering was a genuine moment of light entertainment for us in hard times. Perhaps one day we will learn what the stuttering McGlone means when he says that Celtic are a “culture of people”?


    However he has been added because despite the clown like fashion in which he put his point across there was no mistaking the hatred and desperation behind it. Michael Kelly might have been added too but actually after getting off to a bad start with the political point scoring he obviously felt necessary he seemed to return to his senses and realised that Celtic do indeed need Rangers and that Rangers “will continue”. Of course with crowds of 60,00 every week at Celtic Park ( no sniggering) they will soon be playing in the EPL…….



    5) Neil Lennon – Well it was never likely that old popcorn teeth was going to be able to keep his mouth shut was it? Fresh from moaning about people commenting on his club he decides to comment on ours. Suffice to say he just couldn’t stop himself but with his past behaviour and abuse of our fans and players he could have been on this list straight away anyway



    6) Hugh Keevins – Once again this is not a surprise name to appear on the list. Hugh has a long history of putting the boot into Rangers whilst sticking up for his team, Celtic. However this time he’s written a piece in the Daily Record ‘blog’ on 19th February which even the Celtic View might have thought twice about publishing. It’s long been a tactic of the media in Scotland to feed Celtic fans’ paranoia and this should do the job no matter what the outcome of Rangers’ administration. Well done Hugh, it’s quite possible that somebody, somewhere will be the victim of an act of violence because you felt the need to write lies in your paper. I’m sure the irony in the last quoted line of his ridiculous article won’t be missed. It’s you and your ilk who stoke the hatred with lies Hugh – and you know that.


    “ the unmissable smell of favouritism has started to rise from Rangers’ journey back from administration”


    “Celtic fans have carried the firm conviction for 100 years and more that Rangers are the ‘Establishment’ club in Scotland – and now they’re getting evidence to support their claim”


    “ he said Rangers were “part of the fabric of society” in Scotland. Which makes Celtic what, precisely?”


    “ the public purse has been dipped in a way that’s given cause to widespread concern and police intervention”


    “Severe penalties will need to be imposed on the Ibrox club”


    “a repeat of last season’s unedifying end to the championship looms on the horizon”


    “now’s the time for the leading players in this off-field drama to be careful what they’re saying for fear of inflaming an already combustible situation”



    7) Vespbar, 14 Drury Street, Glasgow G2 5AA – Obviously there are lots of Celtic bars out there that Bears would not frequent and vice versa. However, Vespbar in Glasgow’s city centre doesn’t advertise itself as such. It’s owners however have adopted the highly suspect “Jelly and Ice Cream when Rangers die” slogan to attract Celtic fans to their bar. I think it’s important that Rangers fans know just what the views of the owners of this place are and hopefully you will all choose to avoid it.



    They have since deleted the offending tweet although they are retweeting Celtic fans on a regular basis with the #jellyandicecream tag. A tag which, if I supported a club that was embroiled in a child abuse scandal, I might choose to avoid…


    “Got the Celtic game on today, showing on our big screen (120 inches). Ice cream and jelly at full time. “



    8) Stuart Cosgrove – Stuart is a busted flush. It seems perhaps he knows this since his ‘comedy’ show “Off the Ball” on BBC Radio Scotland seems to have become more and more bitter as time has passed. Stuart seems to know about a criminal tax investigation that the rest of us are not aware of. He also seems to think he knows the outcome of this fantastical investigation which he unveiled on his show on the 18th February. Stuart has previous as a Rangers hater and is a big fan of using the word “hun” on his show. Not likely to be the only BBC employee on this list by the time we are done.


    “Rangers have cheated their way to titles with illegal tax mechanisms”



    I would ask those of you who read the blog to post comments here or tweet me including the names and quotes from people who revel in our misfortune over the coming weeks and months. If you can also provide links that would be helpful. I will update this post weekly so that when RFC is back on its feet we have a record of those who spoke out against us.



    It appears Chris wants us to. He’s removed from his blog.

  6. celticrollercoaster says In Neil we trust on

    Club 12 is an anagram of “one blu to see”.



    So they have sneaked back in after all! :-)







  7. James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman


    Daily Record exclusive; #club12 first signings to be Striker 7 and goalkeeper 1




    Reply Retweet Favorite

  8. Apologies if already mentioned but surely any hun claiming to not recognise that Cevco/Newco/THE RFC (whatever) is a completely new football team would have their arguement blown out the water by simply being shown the season 2012/13 fixture list?



    I really hope that there is a long enough break between oldco and newco fielding a team that forces them to have no football for a season as this really would serve to underline the end of RFC. Div 3 next best thing.

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Italian radio woman finishes off a preview of tonight’s Ireland -Italy game with –



    ” It’s 18 years since Ireland beat Italy with a goal from a Scotsman .


    It’s 18 years since 6 Catholic men were murdered by Protestant terrorists whilst watching the game in a bar in County Down.”

  10. Paul


    I missed most of the local excitement of last week because I was travelling in the States. I wonder if this one might be even more momentous.



  11. ”You had a smile to yourself, didn’t you?”




    No. Not while there’s a very real possibility that club 12 could be the newco huns.

  12. philvisreturns on

    Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 –



    “Pay yer taxes, ya freeloading fan-dans!” – Winston Churchill




  13. Ant thoughts on how the shirt sponsership isgoing to work is it still in a 2/3 year deal.Or did it end with the old club.Any thoughts

  14. Afternoon bhoys, hot and hun free.



    Beats me why they didn’t use the newco name in the fixture list, it in effect is the huns.


    Looking at the fixtures Dundee have no chance of being in the spl, dunfermlone possibly, but newhunco is odds on.

  15. philvisreturns on

    How does Club 12 stack up against other clubs?



    * Club Foot



    * Club sandwich



    * Club biscuit and jelly and ice cream when Rangers died. (thumbsup)

  16. jock steins celtic on

    agree with Ernie, can’t smile until it’s confirmed no NewClub Huns in the SPL nor ideally SFL either.

  17. TONYG on 18 June, 2012 at 12:44 said:


    Ant thoughts on how the shirt sponsership isgoing to work is it still in a 2/3 year deal.Or did it end with the old club.Any thoughts






    all deals die with the death of the huns.



    The newco will hsave to try and get sponsorship from whoever will give them dosh and that will depend on where their new club goes.



    there are 3 possibilities



    1. Voted into the SPL



    2. Voted into the SFL



    3. Rejected by both and the SFA meaning Whytre has a football stadium, training ground an a car park, but not a fitba team club!



    I know which one i prefer!

  18. That talk about one club in Glasgow made me wonder.


    Did not yo what peeps Aldo tell me about Sikorski club? Did not Blantyretim mention he did not drink a glass of beer in Sikorski club in Glasgow ?


    There are two clubs in Glasgow , both famous , Celtic club and Skorski club, adress 5 Parkgove Terr.

  19. philvisreturns on

    jock steins celtic – ’t smile until it’s confirmed



    Rangers are dead.



    Some shady bootleg outfit masquerading as Rangers has been set up by some questionable characters out to fleece deluded huns out of their disability benefits and Buckfast money.



    You’d have a heart of stone not to smile. (thumbsup)

  20. Team 12……what a joke.


    The Clone Rangers……what a joke.


    The SFA…..what a joke.


    Campbell Ogilvie…..beyond a joke.

  21. rangersmedia is hilarious. Should that be Club12media?



    Contrary to an article in yesterday’s Daily Mail – where it was claimed that Sky have ‘rubbished’ claims that they will ‘pull the plug’ on their SPL deal, if Rangers are demoted from the SPL – Sky will apparently only honour the existing deal, for one season without Rangers in the top flight.



    The existing deal, which cost Sky £65million, is currently three years in to a five year contract. There had been negotiations in to a new and improved £80million five year deal, but these negotiations have stalled since it became apparent that Rangers would not be guaranteed a place in next season’s SPL.



    With this new and improved deal sitting unsigned, there had been concerns that Sky might pull out altogether, if Rangers were to be demoted from the SPL, following the exit from administration, via a newco.



    As above, yesterday’s article in the Daily Mail was to ease customer’s and the SPL’s concerns, amid fears that the SPL would not be shown on Sky Sports next season.



    It has been alleged today, that a board member from an SPL club, has revealed that Sky have agreed to honour the remaining two seasons of the current £65million five year contract, only if Rangers’ absence from the SPL is not longer than one season.



    This would make it look fairly obvious, that if Rangers were demoted to SFL Division 3, the remaining two season’s of the current Sky deal, would not be honoured. This would also apparently leave several SPL club’s in extremely hot water, with four club’s rumoured as being likely to enter administration themselves, if there was no vitally important money to come in from Sky.



    All of the above, make it look likely that Rangers will only be demoted one division next season, as the SFA opportunistically look to emalgamate the SPL and SFL, as well as creating a second tier SPL2, comprising of twelve teams. However, there is still a possibility of the SFA suspending Rangers involvement in any league, for one season, which is something that is also apparently still being discussed.



    With the SPL fixtures released this morning, with the inclusion of a ‘Club 12’ instead of Rangers, a lot of bum’s will be squeaking within SPL club boardrooms, as they try and work out a business plan, that doesn’t include visits from Rangers, or even vital TV money from Sky.

  22. I am glad that my email of complaint to the BBC about the inclusion of a non team in the league table was inaccurate and misleading.



    Well done the BBC for correcting this and giving us another little smile in this long running pantomime




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