Prima Facie Day!


Prima facie day is here!  Neil Doncaster spent weeks telling us that the SPL had yet to establish if Rangers had a prima facie case to answer in connection with the alleged illegal registration of players.  Today he confirmed to the SPL board and the media that they do indeed have a case to answer.

Rangers Employee Benefit Trusts have been the source of considerable controversy since 2010 when it emerged that HMRC had taken action against the club, at the time claiming in the region of £24m.  EBTs had been recorded on Rangers accounts for a decade without much comment, so there was no reason to assume the club had made payments to players out-with the oversight of the football authorities.

On 22 February this year Celtic Quick News asked the question, were these EBT payments recorded with the SFA, or did Rangers hide them?  There was little reason for the club to hide them, unless, perhaps, they had something to else hide, which was beginning to look the case.

Today we have our answer.  Whatever is left of what some regard to be Rangers FC will be subject to some of the most severe disciplinary procedures levelled in the history of football.  Appropriate penalties for subverting the game for over a decade are impossible to define.

Celtic fans are not the only ones to lose from this illegal registration of players but they suffered significantly.  Five league titles went to Rangers, in 2003, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2011.  All of these titles will be stripped from Rangers records and awarded to Celtic.

You can look forward to 12-in-a-row day soon, which is simply, CHAMPION!

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  1. North by North West on

    My first ever. I would like to thank my parents, grandparents, oh, and I’ve always wanted to work with animals and small children….sob

  2. i dont know why i subscribe to sky and to espn



    i have just watched White and Patterson discuss the new club thing and im astounded – 2 “impartial” journalists discussing the best way to get new club into the SPL – no mention of cheating, dual contracts or any wrong doing whatsoever, just the best way to get new club into the SPL



    Espn has Burley – enough said



    im going to sit down and have a severe chat with myself about why i pay all this money for that tripe

  3. leftclicktic on

    EVERY TIME Paul EVERY TIME I type a long post you move :)))


    leftclicktic on 18 June, 2012 at 16:07 said:


    The benefits of smiling :)))


    I have just had one of those encounters with an Orc that will live with me for a long time:))


    Im walking along the steet in Bellsill looking splendid in my Shamrock t-shirt,


    when I see him cleaning his car In the distance


    Now normally i would have taken great delight in wiping the pavement with him about the dilemma him and his DEADCLUB find themselves in.


    Now said bereaved mourner for his DEADCLUB is a relative (distant through marriage) :)))


    As I reach him I decide not to slaughter him with my tongue BUT JUST TO SMILE(I dont know where it came from).


    Said mourner was stripped to the waist pottering about with his car


    I then notice the tattoos of the DEADCLUB crest and smile:) then I see the 5 stars and my smile broadens :)) not any 5stars but union jack stars my smile widens:))).


    Him. hows it going


    Me . fine (smiles):))))


    Him. that you going to see your mum.


    Me. aye (smile)


    Him.How is she.


    Me.no to bad .(smiling):))))


    Him. How are you (starting to get twitchy)


    Me.Never been better ,How are you(smile):))))


    Him.you working (starting to frown)


    Me. No, not the now (smiling):)))




    Me.Here dae yae no think yer gittin a wee bit paranoid thinkin peoples laughin at you.(SMILING):)))))




    Me.I think your losing the plot wee man a never said a word ,WHOs SLAGGING YE.(smiling barely able to contain my self):)))))))


    Him. EVERY C@*T YE MUST HAVE HEARD THEM even F#*/*n Motherwell fans. (nearing the heart broken stage)


    Me. Na I’ve no heard much,Bye the way Knock Knock .


    Him. whos there .


    Me. Rangers,(still smiling):)))))))))))))))


    Him.Rangers WHO .


    ME. I will catch ye later wee man (still smiling):)))))))


    I think it was a barsteward or something he was calling after me :))))))))))))).


    Sooooo when you see a bereaving mourner of DEADCLUB you dont have to waste your breath, JUST SMILE and remember THEY KNOW THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT THEM,Some of them wont admit it but be certain THEY KNOW & ITS killing them.


    leftclicktic (still smiling):))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) HAIL HAIL

  4. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Neil Dungcaster:


    There is a prima facie case for rangers to answer, on second thoughts to prevent them goiing the way of Third Lanark or going forth and multiplying, a suitable punishment would be for them to lose their fifth star. You don’t have to have a sixth sense to realise this is what the rest of the league wants.

  5. GourockEmeraldBhoy on




    12 in a row, never to be beaten. What if the oldco / newco try to spend their way to try and beat that too. Laugh I nearly wet myself.




  6. What are the chances of a Class Action for loss of dividend by shareholders of the 12 in a row Champions…..??

  7. am i the only one who thinks that all trophies stripped from the former RFC shouldn’t be given to the runners-up but instead the record books should be left blank in the years they won the league or cups between 2000 & 2011 with a footnote which reads ‘trophy stripped from RFC due to cheating’

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on







    12 in a row has a nice honest ring to it.



    In fact, I like the number 12.

  9. It strikes me that this blog is busier during teh working day than evenings/weekends.



    What does this say about Celtic fans’ work ethic ?

  10. So if it all goes the right way in a few weeks they’ll have 49 League Titles and we’ll have 48 (with who knows mibbie more to be swapped from their now very tainted 9IAR) and nobody would bet against us equalling the them and hitting the big 50 in 2014.



    Oh happy joy joy

  11. Paul67



    Good lead.



    So we have a statement on Prima Facie evidence, which can only mean that this charge, is something that must surely be the final nail in the coffin, when all Scottish SPL clubs consider their vote.

  12. Hi Paul,



    Liquidation day, Prima Facie day and soon Independence day, what’s not to like?



    ”Five league titles went to Rangers, in 2003, 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2011. All of these titles will be stripped….



    Ah! So that’s what a tainted title looks like.



    Do you see any legitimacy in the SPL waiting to punish RFC unquintessence?

  13. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Kayal33 on 18 June, 2012 at 16:15 said:



    Think it should say stripped and awarded to the rightful winners due to Huns cheating.




  14. Point 1



    No celebration till I see the first FOD ‘fan’ getting 1 of their star’s lasered from his/her Arm, leg, neck etc.



    Point 2



    Could the SPL follow what the USofA did in 1776 and vote for independence from the Evil empire on the 4th July.

  15. Paul67,



    What about leagues/games pre the SPL? (Ex-rangers director said they ran them in the early-mid 90’s)



    What about Scottish and league cups?



    What about European games?



    What now for Mr 95k EBT?

  16. P67


    excellent news



    yet still they will bend over backwards to let their reincarnation back in



    integrity …aye right

  17. if they are stripped of titles [as it should be]watcg out for the line afterwards they have been punished enough allowing for new company to be voted in, first thing


    stripping of titles is a given [or should be] then they should be punished for doing


    this and kicked for bringing the entire scottish game in to disrepute [a laughing stock in the eyes of sport ]

  18. Billy's Bhoy on




    As far as I can see the new strip for the old huns comes sans five stars already.



    Has someone done a bit of forward planning?

  19. I’m sceptical they will strip them of titles(really hope I’m wrong). Would this not leave the SPL/SFA open to possible legal recourse from Celtic as we could look to re-coup Champions League revenue that should have been ours!



    If they do strip them of titles the count will move to…


    Rangers 49 Titles


    Celtic 48 Titles.



    Which would be exquisite, they can watch in horror over the next two years as we sail by their league count.

  20. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    The wheels of justice grind slowly – very slowly in the case of the SPL/SFA – but exceedingly fine – we hope!

  21. lly’s Bhoy on 18 June, 2012 at 16:18 said:





    As far as I can see the new strip for the old huns comes sans five stars already.



    Has someone done a bit of forward planning?






    Seemingly they are on the shoulder

  22. Billy's Bhoy on

    As someone on hear used to be called “One star means more”.



    However no more five stars for thems!

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