Recruit, develop, reputation: the virtuous cycle


The thing about signing footballers who can transform you, those with real talent which has yet to be realised by the wider market, is that they are unbelievably difficult to find.  Getting this right is not the only requirement in propelling a club forward, but it is a necessary one.

You also need to transform the potential you sign into an end product.  So much talent is left to wither on the vine across European football as clubs hoard talent in an attempt to control their corner of the market.  If you can align great recruitment with manager who has the space to allow talent to develop, you are very fortunate.

Reputation counts as well.  To all the world, it looked like we picked Benfica’s pocket with Jota.  Why would they let another great prospect leave on the same path?  Benfica won big time with Jota.  They gave him to a club that was able to transform him into a £25m player, with a significant remittance going back to Lisbon.

That’s why we got Paulo Bernardo. Benfica didn’t have space to develop him but they’re not stupid.  They know he has potential and they believe Celtic can transform him into a seriously good central midfielder.

Legia Warsaw earned €5m when they sold Maik Nawrocki to Celtic, but that’s only half the deal.  Legia are equally interested in the hefty sell-on fee they hope to earn when Celtic raise his profile south of the border.

Right now we have a reputation with players, agents and selling clubs as a place where great talent can come, thrive, and navigate a road to the top.  Recruitment, development and reputation feed a virtuous cycle.

Recruiting young players with great potential in such a transparent and competitive environment is almost impossibly difficult, but we have to be ruthlessly wedded to getting this right.  Developing players like this should be easier at Celtic than almost anywhere else.  We win lots, usually with plenty to spare, who else can say this?  Do this well and getting a great reputation is a consequence.

Paulo Bernardo (21) had started two Scottish Premiership and two Champions League games before 23 December.  His four starts since then, including his visit to Paisley yesterday, where he delivered two assists, illustrate where we are as a club. Maik Nawrocki is earlier in his journey but is already showing why he is in Glasgow.  More of this, please.

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  1. FF in meltdown they are ragin at everyone. Total nutcases. One wanted the board to go for the juggler. I thought it was the face painting clown who bankrupt them.



    They have no shame. It’s the hope that kills them. They can rage while we build our physical fitness for the second half of the season. Hope we bring in a Mooy type enforcer for midfield, a first team big striker and much as I like Greg Taylor he needs competition in that key position.

  2. Tauranga bhoy


    Thanks for reply,Fr Jim Lawlor does set out his opposition to the ongoing genocide,thats what he calls it.i hope and pray the innocent captured are freed soon from their irrational captivity but murdering other innocents is not the answer.


    I have neighbours and friends who moved to Israel,serving in the army,they were of the same frame of mind as your neighbours then on Shimon Peres,as a peacemaker,they too abhorred the extremist elements like those in settler parties,Netanyahu was doing all he could to undermine peace/2state solution and currently leads a hotch potch coalition which is doing more to endanger the globe.i agree i hope they get booted out at next election after the damage they wrought intenally in israel with reforms and the external damage we see nightly.


    All the best to you and yours down under for ’24



    Hail Hail

  3. Wee fra



    All the best to you Sir for 2024.i hope you had a good Christmas.




  4. BBC becoming more like Pravda each day.



    The British (ahem) wonder girl managed to get a bye into the Aussie open yesterday and it was lead story pre Rooney sacking.



    Today she lost an hour ago in an actual tennis match and it has not even merited a mention yet.



    8 lionesses (who beat not a single top 9 ranked team in the World Cup) are in the world eleven squad though.



    Pushing agendas not reporting actual news.

  5. As for the rangers fan boy Richard Wilson editor of online in Scotland. Surely todays work says it all. It’s up there with his vile covid season anti Celtic best. The stuff which whipped up unstoppable negative momentum Re Celtic.



    The absolute worst of a type.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    As I said the other day, a penalty or not is neither here nor there for the huns. It’s all about deflection and intimidation.



    I see they now effectively want to chose who officiates their games.



    Doncaster’s Monster strikes again!

  7. I’m sure 2 surnames will be all over the media defending his officials.


    Not holding my breath.

  8. bournesouprecipe on

    The prevailing “ Oor Baw “ mentality have already beaten up Hamdump over and over in 12 short years. They banned brothers from IBrokes, nothing new there Willie Collum played out nearly a full season, without a home game. They banned Kevin Clancy again for most of a full season. They claim victimhood and want certain referees only, certain sponsors, and certain TV commentators. They want certain types of food, certain types of drink on the menu, they would if they could even have a different colour of grass.



    It takes a certain type of person to somehow acquire ‘the stadium keys’ from under the padlocks of the liquidator, extremely dangerous ‘business men’ bigots, who make regular Onion Bears all look like Boo Boo. They play the orange card at every opportunity to maintain a fan base for fighting and spitting blood in every other pub and club in the West of Scotland and beyond.



    The cry was no surrender especially when they’ve just been put to the Parkhead.




    Agreed. Ross Barkley would have been a good midfield signing for us in summer. Power, experience and currently doing very well at Luton in the EPL. Probably too much of a “thinking outside the box” signing for us.

  10. Good morning all from a quite mild and dry Garngad.



    The Huns will get what they want of that I am certain, by getting what they want I mean get to pick the officials and make them shoite themselves from making any decisions against Der Hun.



    The SFA already done this so the precedent is there. This will allow huns to control the narrative by giving it “see I told you Collumn is a cheat as they banned him”.



    I would be watching very carefully what happens here but it doesn’t really matter as our our board are weak, corrupt Liars. Who do not give 1 iota for Celtic or its fans.



    D. :)

  11. AN TEARMANN on 3RD JANUARY 2024 1:16 PM


    Sermon by Fr.Jim Lawlor.



    Thanks for that link, listened to it with slightly resewed, ‘if not faith, admiration’ , of the Catholic Church.


    But his glossing over of the Vatican’s complicity with the nazis marred the positive vibe I briefly had.



    Growing up with the frankly atrocious threats of Hellfire, Damnation, Limbo etc turned me into an atheist as soon as I developed logical thinking.


    (But I still belted out Faith of our fathers from the jungle, especially at huns games) ;)



  12. Ps has any other Celtic board ever banned Celtic fans before in our history?



    A genuine question.



    D. :)

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    FLOATIN’ on 4TH JANUARY 2024 9:50 AM



    Sermon by Fr.Jim Lawlor.



    … his glossing over of the Vatican’s complicity with the nazis marred the positive vibe I briefly had.









    Welcome to the blog Hans Hochhuth.



    And remember …. don’t let the facts get in the way of an agenda driven narrative.




    You surely don’t believe the Vatican’s refusal to publicly condemn the Nazis in early ’43 when the holocaust rumours were confirmed in order to remain neutral was appropriate… Expressions of dismay, periodically breaking the Church’s silence, seems to fall foul of the eloquent sermon by Fr.Jim Lawlor posted yesterday.

  15. The SFA need to make their position clear instead of leaking to the media.



    We have RFC 2012 now wanting to select referee’s based on their religion and directly impact the integrity of the competition. Imagine this was the Europa Cup —- would they do the same. Zero chance as they would be punished heavily and possibly banned from the tournament.



    How will Maxwell deal with it. He had a call with Ibrox clubs CEO and didn’t attend the meeting off which 2 different versions are appearing. I don’t believe either party as they have previous for telling porkies. So, if one of them could release the audio/transcript it would be helpful.



    If the SFA are going to succumb to the Ibrox clubs threats and demands then Celtic need to take it to UEFA. It will need overseas officials to safeguard the integrity of the league with entry into the lucrative CL competition at stake.



    One final thing the Ibrox club have put a target on the back of Willie Collum. As we know from the regular attacks on our players and the bombs sent to Lennon there are plenty of the unhinged who will seek retribution. I hope Willie Collum has some form of protection.



    The SFA have pandered to the 2012 new club and this is partly their fault. Maxwell needs to think very carefully on his next move and how it will play ou down the line. His future and the future of the SFA is at stake.




    Same to your good self big chap. A very quiet Christmas as the family were down with a very heavy flu. So just me and my wee dog. HH

  17. fourstonecoppi on

    LUCKY CODY on 4TH JANUARY 2024 11:03 AM



    The’ll do anything to get their hands on the £68m champions league money!

  18. David 66



    Why do you keep on about the GB being banned,as if it was for no reason.They were banned for a few very valid reasons.Which ,to their credit,they have now accepted.


    About time you got over your agenda,and did the same..

  19. TB – Just asking.



    I genuinely don’t know if a celtic board has ever banned a group of Celtic fans?




    D. :)

  20. Oh and by the way my agenda is simple but firstly I will ask what I want.



    Now my agenda is that no celtic board should ever ban celtic fans. Especially for showing concerns for fellow human beings.



    Or has our board got an agenda?



    Now I will let you get back to pontificating over other Celtic fans.



    D. :)

  21. 418 on 4TH JANUARY 2024 6:39 AM


    “Res12 was the biggest act of idiocy ever in the history of the Celtic supporter base.”



    I think it shone a light on the lies of both RFC (IL) and the SFA – worth it for that alone.



    “if your own Celtic club is as bent”



    YOUR club? Not ours?


    Your tag (418) makes it seem like you are a Celtic fan who sits just round the corner from me?!


    What team is YOUR team?



    DAVID66 on 4TH JANUARY 2024 9:51 AM


    “Ps has any other Celtic board ever banned Celtic fans before in our history?”



    I would assume all pitch invaders are banned?




  22. AN TEARMANN on 4TH JANUARY 2024 8:56 AM


    Tauranga bhoy



    There are a number of things about Gaza which don’t add up. Egyptian intelligence officers claim that they warned Israel of unusual Hamas activity at the start of the week ending in 7 Oct. Israel denies any such warning. On 7 Oct., Hamas irregulars breached ‘the world’s most sophisticated defence and monitoring systems. Hamas was then able to murder over a thousand Israelis, rape Israeli women and abduct over 200 hostages before the IDF responded. This stinks.


    Netanyahu has one stated aim. That is to kill Palestinians and drive them out of Gaza – to create an Israeli state from the river to the sea. The unstated aim is to foment a never ending war. Such a war is his only guarantee against doing jail time. The lawyers always ask the question: ‘Cui bono?’ (Who benefits). The answer, maybe not the only one, to anything ugly in Gaza is Benjamin Netanyahu. By the way, Netanyahu funded Hamas through Qatar./

  23. David 66,



    The GB issue has been resolved for now. Let’s hope it stays that way.



    I know two ghirls who have been ST holders for years and years and they frequently attend away games. ( Or should I say used to frequently attend away games ). They got really fed up of being intimadated out of their seats by the boys of the GB who showed absolutely no regard for their fellow supporters.



    I could also mention many instances of blatent misogyny.


    The GB may create a great atmosphere, however the club were informed of many such instances, hence the clubs reaction.




  24. LUCKY CODY on 4TH JANUARY 2024 11:03 AM




    FRITZSONG on 4TH JANUARY 2024 11:54 AM



    Two excellent posts, restoring my faith in CQN




    LUCKY CODE – they’re def at it, and doing a good job with their siege mentality agenda to deflect from their plodders on the field and skint, clueless board.



    FRITZSONG – Can’t understand why no one has called out Netanyahu for withdrawing troops and leaving the border vulnerable especially after the warnings he had.


    Clearly deliberately done (in my view) to give the excuse for their right wing cabal to plough in.



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