Rested and ready


The prospect of Livingston at home in the Scottish Cup quarter finals (trying to be respectful here, but honestly!), and the anticipation of a trip to Hampden in April, let’s us know how little remains of this season’s work.

We have seven away games in the league.  Motherwell, Hearts, Livingston and Newco come before the break.  After the split, we will almost certainly to back to St Mirren for a third time this season and Kilmarnock, also for a third time, with the remaining place still up for grabs.  Two defeats at Kilmarnock (one in the League Cup), spoil an otherwise perfect away record at the top end of the table grounds.

There is a feeling that as the weeks progress and players return to fitness, the games will get easier.  That being the case, Kilmarnock’s visit on Saturday looks like one of the most important games of the season.  After St Mirren, we should be rested and ready.

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  1. Made it through Monday.



    Happy Wednesday eve.



    Mental wee read back. Here’s to the good guys!






    Ps Not to be a pedant but yesterday’s leader headline. “Insight” is two words in that context. Off to walk the dug.

  2. Aipple and insight



    I saw it too but decided to stay silent.



    Couldn’t take the haters giving me a hard time ya pedant, ya! 😉

  3. Thanks for the replies on the last blog re-Abada “working his ticket “.



    DARWIN and others in my opinion should give the GB the same slack/credit He and others give big Peter .



    Some might think the GB over step the mark at times breaking rules…. for the most part they bring colour , noise,passion, atmoshere and rise to the occasion .



    There are fans I know sit rustling their sweetie rappers and never sing ….self proclaimed uber Tim’stoo lol.



    Big Peter (board) has kept a steady ship of the years which cannot be underrated in these trying times .. but Big Peter chose to lie to the fans and shareholders about Celtics part in the fraud that Rangers were involved in …….maybe he thought that the fans would take Celtic to court to push through the Cas thingy ….Full well knowing the fans wouldn’t take that step ……..



    No-one at Celtic is without blame ……..



    We put it behind us and move on as a unit



    Celtic open to all Bar None !!



    Anyhoo , I’m off , enjoy your day wherever you are and whoever your with ……




    Big Jimmy sprang to mind cuddling up to wee Kylie..



    Take care.

  4. I’m sure there will be a few of these at paradise .



    Sorry I can’t send the photo but it’s on the news now page



    Club Deportivo Palestino have paid tribute to Celtic’s ultras by launching a new green and white hooped kit named ‘the Green Brigade’.



    The South American outfit last night unveiled a new third strip which features the iconic hoops and a four leaf clover.

  5. As far as I know the Green Brigade have never made a comment or expressed a view on Leil Abada’s suitability to be at Celtic. In fact, they have continued to cheer him along with the rest of the team. He was not singled out for abuse during our recent period of difficult performances but he frustrated in equal measure with other under performers like MOR, AJ, Palma and Kyogo.



    As far as I know Neil Abad ahas not made a public fuss over the support of most at Celtic for the oppression suffered by Palestinians in their open prison state. He may be expressing views in private but most fans have no idea what these are and are just making it up.



    Nonetheless, it would be surprising in the extreme if he wasn’t conflicted and affected by the position he is in as an Israeli Citizen in a land where many support the Palestinian cause. This conflicted state can be affecting his ability to play well and, if he has told the manager this, he should be commended for his honesty. I don’t think it can be successfully attributed to cynically “working his passage” out of the club because, if he was , he wouldn’t have signed the new contract, which allows us to demand a more realistic fee from any buying club.



    In the meantime, I hope things settle down and Neil gets back to playing for us as none of our wingers is nailing down a jersey just now so there’s two up for grabs. I hope both Leil and the Green Brigade stick to their policy of saying nothing personally about the player or Israel’s behaviour and continue to point the blame for the current atrocities where they are deserved i.e. at Hamas and their allies for their targeting of civilians and at the state of Israel and their allies, including our politicians for their disproportionate response and the ignoring of human rights on both sides, however disproportionately they are ignored.



    Above the condemnation, we should be calling for an end to violence in the region. It may be a futile gesture and it may be an overly pious view to put out there but where is the alternative to peace? Either the Palestinians are killed, caged or exiled or the Arabs unite again and this time drive the Jewish population out of Israel, dragging us into a nuclear WW3 or the Rapture that the US Christian right desires.



    If you don’t want either of those alternatives, calling for ceasefire and peace is the only road to take.

  6. More of a Friday night link, but the article title brought me back to an album I’ve not listened to in about 20 years with a few wee good tunes on there.





    I had to find something to get Profit in Peace out of my head after SAM’s comment that “no money to be made in peace…” lodged Ocean Colour Scene in there!




  7. It’s not a coincidence that we tend to kick on in the second half of the season when we’ve got one game a week. You’d rather have the extra games and be in Europe but here we are.



    With Killie at home and Dundee away, I wouldn’t be rushing CCV back. Hopefully we’ll have him for Tynecastle.

  8. MARSPAPA 12.34


    I wish someone would point me in the direction of this elusive Bar None at Celtic Park!


    On many occasions I have been desperate for a pint but can never find it!


    Hail! Hail!



  9. Uatorab.1.35



    He only went and got the Israeli president etc etc



    These fitba players in Scotland must have a huge political influence with politicians !!



    Grow up .



    There’s a war going on . A horrible war that’s resulting in genocide , live on our TV screen.


    No one , including you , on this site or others knows what Abada is thinking or going through.

  10. Maybe tickets for Ibrox,2,750.H,mm.Looking at the picture,looks OK.Big presence,and could make a lot of noise.

  11. I’m hoping Aberdeen get the last spot ….huns traditionally don’t like going there …..they would have hearts Aberdeen and us to visit…..though hearts is probably a given

  12. Turkeybhoy on 13th February 2024 2:02 pm



    Getting angry again because someone has an opinion that does not correspond with yours.



    Have a lie down friend, you must be exhausted.



    Have you thought of joining a gym? Yoga? Or seeing a medical professional?



    I’m not a doctor, so therefore i cannot diagnose what afflicts you, but i can tell from here, that’s it’s not healthy.

  13. So many apologists. . . .. .



    Genocide apologists.



    One can only imagine the craven hand wringing that would be on here if it was Putin murdering women and children by the thousand. .. .



    Turning the other cheek when it comes to the illegal statelet calling itself israle.



    I see you.



    We all see you.

  14. It’s not in our interests to resolve the ticket dispute with Sevco – kick it into the summer. The Huns locked out of CP post split in what could be a pivotal game is a massive advantage to us.

  15. We should tell Sevco to GTF with that ticket allocation.



    I prefer it the way it is, no Huns in Paradise.

  16. Deary me,they are all out today.


    Dumkopff Quick News.Full of save the world zealots.Seen and heard in many pubs.Butlins at Ayr,the furthest they’ve travelled.

  17. The up and coming Kilmarnock game, if Kilrmarnock should beat us , when was the last time Celtic lost 3 times in the one season to a scottish club and it’s only for a bit of fun , I do not think well will lose to killie.




    (Other than Rangers that is)

  18. If Belfast Joe is about, a wee question for you. What do these Bhoys have in common?




    John Jack


    John Kurila


    Billy McNeill


    Alex Millar

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