Riches available for Ronny, now let Imran retire to Charlotte Sq


The point was made several times below yesterday’s article that Ronny Deila needs a full strength team on the park tomorrow, as well as an impressive performance and result, which is hard to argue with.

The possibility that Scott Brown could return, as well as potential debuts for Aleks Tonev, Wakaso Mubarak, Stefan Scepovic and John Guidetti gives the manager an embarrassment of riches.  Enormous changes are needed, but their introduction needs to be measured.  Aberdeen will arrive having beaten us home and away last season; their Cup win at Celtic Park [a successful ground all round for them recently]was particularly impressive.

The Scottish media were clearly briefed that Mike Ashley was set to dump ownership of Newcastle United to take control of the dump in Govan, which was reported in good faith, but unfortunately for those hoping the Sports Direct owner would buy into the Rangers International share issue will be disappointed.  This morning a statement from Ashley read, “I will not be participating in the Open Offer which closes at 11am today, Friday September 12, 2014”.

I’m sure the Easdales and our man Philip Nash have another buyer swooping to the rescue.  Maybe our other pal Imran!

In a busy morning at Newco they settled with former director Imran Ahmed, who had claimed £625k in monies owed and costs.  You may consider Ahmed has a brass-plated neck to squeeze the pips from the club he co-founded two years ago, but when so many others in the management team have been superbly compensated, there was little chance he would hold his hands up and leave without consideration.

Hopefully the Scottish media will allow him to retire to Charlotte Square and put the matter behind him, before any embarrassing insolvency event, as is the way around these parts.

Many thanks for the magnificent response to the Magners’ competition, which has now closed.  Special thanks to those of you who helped Mary’s Meals at this difficult time for aid agencies in Africa.

I have the photos from the second and third school kitchens you financed for Mary’s Meals in Malawi.  The mood on the blog has been so…. challenging in recent times I wasn’t sure how to introduce anything off-message, but we’ll profile them soon.

There is also a survey coming up next week.  I’ve been working with a (proper) academic from our community who suggested we should record exactly who we, the Celtic support, are, in 2014.  Planning to run from Monday, so look out for it.

The draw for tomorrow’s tickets will be made shortly so check your inbox.

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  1. Never realised the bulgarians did double barreled names


    Aleksander Tonev-Nofit




    Hope I get proved wrong



  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Keep it simple


    Name your link then copy and paste the link below your title


    By the time you’ve put in all them parameters and quotations you’ll be knackered

  3. Rev Dr Ian Paisley



    A bogus Doctorate from an American TV evangelist.


    A bogus Reverend only recognised in the ‘church’ he started himself.


    Politician – in the political party he started himself cos no one else would take him in.

  4. moonbeams wd. – Woman for Independence



    Who is she, and why isn’t she making me a sandwich? (thumbsup)

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    jockey jumped of the horse 10 yards from the line in 1st at Doncaster

  6. Apparently there will be a minute’s foghorn as a mark of respect at the OO’s march tomorrow



    Seems appropriate.



    Philvis, welcome back (and welcome back to me anaw)

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    An Tearmann. When Tonev arrived he was injured and is still getting trouble in his groin I wonder if we are paying his wages even though he is not fit or if that is down to Aston Villa ? h.h.

  8. what the hell do we care on




    Interesting that you put johansen at the centre of a midfield three. I think he has been a weak link this season. It seems he’s Ronny’s wee pet: he gets to stay on the pitch while kayal is usually substituted. Kayal is no world beater that’s for sure, however, he’s more of a natural central midfielder than Johansen IMO and so is Bitton. Aberdeen usually battle hard for the middle of the park and I am really not sure johansen is up to it.



    Also I’d like to see deila resist the temptation to fling on all the new signings and, instead, introduce them gradually into the team over the next weeks. I am still hoping Deila will come good… But he is showing some worrying Mowbray-like tendencies.



    One more point: many on here have criticised izzy’s performances so far this season, with some justification. But…again just my opinion… I am thinking he’s the least suited of the “legacy” players to Ronny’s preferred system: he’s had no space to run into out on the left in the games that Berget has played (or rather stood) in front of him. Hopefully izzy can adapt quickly to the new system and/or Ronny can sort out the left hand side so that we again see the best of emilio. The above may also apply to Matthews on the right. Maybe lustig and mulgrew are our best options at full-back if we’re sticking with 4-3-3?



    So, what about





    Lustig denayer VVD mulgrew


    Brown kayal/Bitton johansen


    Wakaso scepovic mcgregor



    Apologies to everyone for the football-related post.





  9. cadizzy – thanks :)



    I wonder if the Reverend Doctor has met St. Peter, the first Pope, yet. Could be an awkward conversation. (thumbsup)

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    13:42 on 12 September, 2014





    Keep it simple


    Name your link then copy and paste the link below your title


    By the time you’ve put in all them parameters and quotations you’ll be knackered





    Never thought about it that way, it may even get more hits on the petec jj nonsense, incorporating it into a sentence just kills the impact. Ahm afraid to say.

  11. Philvis



    not an awkward conversation for the doc at all. As he so often said



    “we will not be intimidated by those papist idolators”. I reckon that he would include the first pope in that.



    I hope poor ole Mason Boyne is bearing up

  12. canamalar – 40 years?



    My feathery nemesis could still be waiting for round 2 then. Good… good…



    That recipe should come in handy. Hopefully he isn’t perusing a similar guide on “How To Serve Man”. (thumbsup)

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Wouldn’t have Johansen or Biton anywhere near the first team, loan them out

  14. cadizzy


    Welcome back, indeed.






    PS What happened with the Sevco Share Offer?



    PPS Not sure if I am fit enough to travel tomorrow but going over to get my Bus Tickets just in case I make a good, overnight recovery.

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    I thought you where talking about our recently retired doc at first.



    on that thought meds required.8)

  16. I am hoping against hope that next weeks vote will be a No as I fear for many more months of friction as the terms are fought over if the decision is Yes. Anyone who believes there will not be a swell of antagonism from remaining UK voters is fooling themselves and I foresee enormous pressure being brought to bear on politicians to resist Mr Salmond’s bluster. As for this blog I only hope Ronny can give us all something else to talk about.

  17. quonno@12:27




    “….PFayr said…



    Harvie is a bigot …”




    You, quonno, replied….



    “As they say. Takes one to know one.”




    For a man who has banged on insulting a fair proportion of Celtic fans and their forefathers before them, that have and had nothing to do with the Scottish Independence movement since 1934, you lack a lot of irony.



    You “know” a lot about the special relationship between No voting and the OO, UKIP and the BNP. It has been the constant theme of your insulting and counter-productive posts. You and the crew who joined in with you on this theme have hardened my attitudes towards the Yes side, because very few have taken the trouble to dissociate themselves from that line of attack but they still hide behind (Whit?? The brave people of the Yes campaign??) the line of “it’s not about the individuals” when you are attacked for the people that you are in bed with.



    I will exempt the decent posters on the Yes side, who have not reverted to that line of attack though they have not condemned the nastiness of their bed-fellows who used it, but for you and your crew, I will state….




    You are in bed with :-



    Patrick Harvie- who wants to close RC Schools in Scotland


    Brian Souter- Fund-raiser for the “Keep Section 28 clause” and who underwrites Christians for Independence (who support some dubious positions)


    Bill Walker- Serial Wife and partner beater


    Kenny McAskill- Hear no evil- just praise the atmosphere


    Christine Graham- we need legislation to even the score


    Jim McColl- putative saviour of Sevco and tax exile in Monaco


    Alex Salmond- Who made statements of support in 2012 just before a 5 way agreement was hatched- just saying- no smoke without fire n’at. And the man who called the summit that led to the OBaF Act




    Quite a bunch of unsavoury characters you and your lot have been sleeping and marching with, eh?

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    don’t mind biton, with broonie back we now have a bit of dig in the middle,

  19. Mind that time Tommy Johnson scored the winner in the title winning match of O’Neill’s first season?



    If I recall correctly it took him 47 touches to bring the ball under control. He was probably offside at the time as well.

  20. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I reckon he’d be a tough old bird by now, take some Kentucky and tell him it’s one of his young

  21. Philvis,



    I’ve now got you in my head, rolling about with aforementioned peacock, in a Peter Griffin and chicken stylee:)




    JJ, how ye feeling now neebs?

  22. Geordie Munro



    13:43 on 12 September, 2014



    Petec @1325






    Petec and peteg. Two of my favourite petes :)





    Flattery will get ye nae where with me, at all, at awe.



    But I love yer support, the elusive link creator text will be displayed soon enough….



    and then we will have lots of mad petec’s.



    Is the link creator a secret society? :P




  23. setting free the bears – Had a look at the photos on the Wummin For Independence website.



    I now agree that male Yes campaigners are brave. (thumbsup)

  24. arranmore



    13:43 on 12 September, 2014


    Rev Dr Ian Paisley



    A bogus Doctorate from an American TV evangelist.


    A bogus Reverend only recognised in the ‘church’ he started himself.


    Politician – in the political party he started himself cos no one else would take him in.





    Kinda like the Rev Pastor Glass if my memory serves me right?

  25. A mate once described Paisley to me as an anti-Catholic nutcase which seemed accurate at the time.


    I suppose he did make some sort of personal journey which took him into Government with his former foes (despite his assurances that he would never sit down with them) and he should be given credit for that. I didn’t like him or what he represented though. Very much yesterday’s man.


    I hope his obituaries are accurate and not some kind of fawning re-writing of history. He wasn’t De Klerk.



    In more important news, congratulations to Yorkshire CCC on their magnificent championship victory today. God’s own country, champions for the 32nd time!!

  26. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    mini bt first birthday 7/4/2001. Pay per view on sky sports..

  27. what the hell do we care




    13:47 on 12 September, 2014



    Mulgrew is injured. May need an op and be out for a month.


    Johansen has been very hot & cold but he was a DM at Stromgodset and was signed based on his performances in that position. Now that Brown’s back give Stefan a run at DM. Kayal is back up for Brown, couldn’t be trusted at DM. IMO of course

  28. Always remember big paisleys phrases . he was itchin for the cameras to give him some attention…..he remarked on the troubles saying the problem was…..2 thirds of the people in NI don’t know what the other half are doing.

  29. traditionalist88 on

    This in my opinion is what we should be aiming for – pulling together not apart.








    Don’t you think that in the event of a Yes vote, we, as in the people of Scotland, would be pulling together like never before?



    Do the people of London pull together for us?!




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