Science, Scottish Gov, Sports Direct ragdolls


We will find out later today if the Scottish Government will cancel major events from Boxing Day.  Under consideration are street parties, including Hogmanay celebrations, concerts and football games.  Yesterday, the Welsh Government stumped up millions of pounds of public money to compensate for forcing major events behind closed doors from the same date.

As always, we should be led by the science.  As usual, the politicians seldom are.  Current infection rates in Scotland and Wales show no increase from recent months.  Of the UK regions, only London has seen an uptick, dramatically so.  Things may get worse, but the indicators are not there yet, either for infections, hospitalisations or worse.

In the second half of 2020 we saw the ridiculous consequences of playing games behind closed doors, with fans watching in crowded pubs and each other’s homes.  Massive open-air, policed, stadiums were forgone for unsupervised indoor venues.

Scotland saw an uptick in infections when we gathered indoors to watch the Euros, there was no parallel impact from the return to open-air stadiums.  “Follow the science,” tells us how dangerous unventilated spaces are compared to the open air.

The Welsh Government are not following science.  They are spending money they did not raise because they feel the need to act.

Football fans in Scotland attend after showing a passport.  This incentivised them to do the right thing, thousands of us signed up for the passport for only this purpose.  The Scottish Government have other steps to mitigate risk, specifically inhibiting public transport, where the science is clear and understood.

What will the Scottish Government choose, unsupervised indoor gatherings, or well-policed open-air events?  If only they were actually led by the science.

Other priorities today, but Sports Direct continued to ragdoll Newco in the courts yesterday, winning a judgement Castore sales figures should be revealed to them as part of their claim against the Ibrox club for failing to fulfil their rights to match a subsequent kit deal.

It is quite ironic that the commercial benefit from the splurge in tatty shirt sales following the Castore deal will be assessed by a court and due to be paid by the club to Sports Direct.  Is it really that difficult to get this stuff right?

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    With Celtic’s current injury issues an early shutdown would be welcome IMO.



    That’s why I think it’s unlikely to happen.

  2. Garngad to Croy on




    49,252 Rangers fans at Ibrox on Saturday


    48,540 Celtic and Hibs fans at the final.

  3. All that means is that the prosecutions went ahead although the Crown knew there was insufficient admissible evidence to secure a conviction.




    Anything beyond that is conjecture.






    Yes the PPS pressed trumped up charges against people involved in the administration of Rangers.



    As for conjecture, perhaps it would be in the interest of justice and democracy itself for the government to hold a public inquiry to clear up this conjecture ?

  4. AN DÚN on 21ST DECEMBER 2021 1:45 PM



    I’d like to see a judicial inquiry into the whole business, including the damages claims, their basis and calculation.

  5. Paul67 et al



    There is a reason this site is not called ‘Scientific Quick News’


    Or is it a hypothesis?


    Or a theory?

  6. P67


    I had to read the article twice.


    It’s a disgrace.


    Spreading nonsense about the CV is shameful.


    Try running it by a medical expert and see their reaction.

  7. As always, we should be led by the science. As usual, the politicians seldom are. Current infection rates in Scotland and Wales show no increase from recent months.



    not so sure that’s correct.

  8. Garngad to Croy on

    Games are to be limited to 500 people.



    Looks like all of Paul67 ‘Moon Howling’ was correct!



    Dr Zhivago just started BBC2






    Is he talking about Covid

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    If the limit spoken about is true and the pubs are staying open then that makes total sense. Drive all of the supporters indoors to watch the games….

  11. onenightinlisbon on




    No announcement as yet. Might well come!

  12. TIMMY7_NOTED on 21ST DECEMBER 2021 12:39 PM


    Coneybhoy on 21st December 2021 12:14 pm



    Assuming your mate has not been seriously ill I’d take this as a good news story where, on the face of it, the vaccines have protected him.




    good point, he said he was much worse in terms of symptoms the first time (unvaccinated) and not as tough each time after

  13. stephen.mcgowan








    Informal chat underway between Scottish Premiership clubs over bringing the winter break forward a week if, as expected, new 500 fan limit is imposed on outdoor events. Views of Sky Sports key.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    Outdoor events now super spreaders, COP was indoor but was fine.. realise that the new variant was not around ….

  15. Garngad to Croy on

    Confirmed 500 maximum (heated seats only) at Football matches from 26th December (inclusive) she must have forgotten the Huns were at home on the 26th December.



    Table service only in the Pubs from 27th onwards and no more than 3 households at the table.

  16. Stephen McGowan has tweeted,


    ‘Informal chat underway between Scottish Premiership clubs over bringing the winter break forward a week if, as expected, new 500 fan limit is imposed on outdoor events. Views of Sky Sports key’.



    That’s a no then, they love their OF on Sky Sports and if Celtic are disadvantaged so what? They have their schedule to keep…..

  17. would be a massive unfair advantage if sevco game is behind closed doors. Board need to push for early shut down until virus is under control and population gets booster shots. I’m sick of Celtic being on the negative end of COVID decisions!!

  18. Stephen McGowan saying, SPFL looking at bringing forward Winter Break by a week, it’s up to Sky to agree….

  19. there you go ,Boris gets the Christmas celebrations through for the English but new year is shutdown as expected.

  20. Martindale at Livi proposed the early break last week so it has been out there and decision shouldn’t be difficult.



    Closed doors would be unfair on Celtic as we had no fans at Ibrox (that the roll of the dice) but the best reason to have the break is the loss that the smaller clubs would take putting on games with to ticket sales/food/drink etc.



    Looks like another wasted flight and hotel on 2nd.

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