Separating rubbish speculation from what we can hope for


On occasion, it is hard to tell rubbish speculation from genuine interest Celtic have in players, but we all know the parameters Celtic operate within and what will forever be out or reach and off-plan.  Scott McTominay (26) falls into this category.

He earns in excels of £60k per week and would cost tens of millions to release from Manchester United.  It is not that Celtic could not find budget for him and him alone, but just as we discussed about Kieran Tierney recently, why would the club tie-up a significant portion of their new spend on a player who would not appreciate in value?

If we bring in a player with an established reputation in England, it would need to be on soft terms, someone late in their career or perhaps with a character flaw that would make Joey Barton look saintly.

Suggestions we could spend £15m on a player that fits our model are closer to the mark.  Odsonne Edouard joined on a permanent deal for €10m five years ago; £15m is where I expect Celtic to aim for now.  Getting deals done this type of player will be more difficult than the easier business we have done in Japan, Korea, or Norway, but we are actively shopping in this space.

I like the clause Jota apparently has in his contract – if Celtic reject a bid of £25m, they have to increase his wages by £500k per year.  A player who is worth rejecting that kind of offer is worth paying even more than his perceived value was a year ago.

Fortunately, the extra wages will not trouble Celtic, so they can hold firm on price.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic now playing in a different league.



    Selling Jota absolutely fits our modus operandi, the goal posts are moving as Celtic flourish and grow on a higher level than ever before. It seems a good profit margin from a player we took on loan when nobody else would and whilst out of favour with his selling club. Juranovic and Giakoumakis were Ange indicators of what’s to come, they didn’t stay the distance of the new normal, which is always winning the league consecutively. Sadly, some very talented players, see better opportunities than Celtic.



    Two years of the Scottish league some on a mere 20k a week and they’re away to make ‘real’ money in obscenely rich leagues, in comparison. There’s only so many times you can hunskelp, endure icey Wednesday’s in Kilmarnock, or have a nosey round The Brazen, in the week, back 2 back titles is about right. No football club would stand in the way of a player offered 10 times their present salary, the longer this summer window goes on we may see why Celtic decided on a hugely successful big time successor for Ange Postecoglu. Brendan Rodger’s pedigree keeps us, buying and selling in the world of, the come and go. We are treble winners and just as quickly in for another massive rebuild, the more money Celtic make, the more accountable they are to the fan base, the money has to go back out spent wisely, step forward the next Jota, and we’ll do the dance again.



    Champions league level players have to be made at Celtic, the gap created by the greedy game, just gets wider, now it seems stretching all the way to sportswashing Saudi Arabia.



    We are buying players we ‘can otherwise afford’



    As ever CSC

  2. We’re more Fabien Reider than Scott McTominay.



    £16m ‘punt’, in order to double our money in 2 years. A completely different brcket of player than the Govan Galcticos are profiling, for those who need their dose of old firmism.



    Rinse and repeat. Same old Celtic, always winning.



    The new normal csc




  3. Mc Tominay would fit right into our squad,and he scores a few goals to,as for Tierney why would Celtic pay him a good wage ,when he is iinjury prone not for me .

  4. greengray1967 on




    An excellent accessment of our current status. Agree 100%.

  5. Well done to the troops who have secured a season ticket for 23/24. God bless you all…



    Oh, and eff the huns for their pettiness, on allocation.



    skint fc csc




  6. Please Celtic ,could we have decent food inside the Stadium,McDonalds ,KFC,Burger King ,Gregg’s ,etc the present food they serve up ,is absolutely terrible ,and not cheap either.

  7. Burnley 78



    Thanks for replying to my post last night. I apologise if my post seemed rude as it wasn’t meant to. An Tearman more or less hit the nail on the head about ignoring the media. We all know that the Scottish media are no friends of ours. Their job is to big up Rangers and to cater for the appetites of the Rangers support. That involves presenting continuous feel good factor stories about their club to keep the hordes happy and at the same time finding flaws and fault and playing down everything Celtic do to keep those same hordes happier still. A lot of their support lap up this hogwash and believe it all to be true. They can’t get enough of poster boy Cantwell who doesn’t have a trophy win or a medal to his name. He’s up here to put Celtic and Calmac in their place just as Joey Barton came up to show Scott Brown who was the big cheese. Look how well that worked out for them.



    We’ve won a Treble. We’re going on a tour of Japan and S. Korea. I only know if the Athletic game and haven’t heard if any other friendlies organised for Celtic Park but I’m hoping there will be one or two before the season begins. Celtic fans are currently basking in the glow of a very successful season under the departed Ange. Our full attention is now switched to departures and arrivals from and to the squad. They would give their right arm and left nut to be in our position. Stop reading the tabloids! 🥰

  8. Please Celtic ,could we have decent food inside the Stadium,McDonalds ,KFC,Burger King ,Gregg’s ,etc the present food they serve up ,is absolutely terrible ,and not cheap either.




    I’m not sure what constitutes decent food but I am fairly confident that the list may include, none of the above

  9. The Rangers will be offering a Gordon Ramsay Inspired menu for their prawn-sandiwich clientele and can add the



    “Best in Matchday Catering Cup”



    to their extensive list of honours



    same old celtic always chasing

  10. WeefratheTim on

    With the huns being depressed by our success they are advised to conract the samaratins telephone number 0800 101010. Or to put it another way, won nothing won nothing won nothing. Taken from twitter. HH

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Agree with the basic premise of your point Paul that we could be targeting £15m players …..



    …. with one major caveat.



    When are we going to sign a 24 year old worth £15m under freedom of contract?





    Weefrathetim @ 2:13pm – Lol

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Think it was Pie Cierto who made a good point on earlier thread about news, perception and feel good stuff.



    I don’t think we are a “hard to please” support but sometimes I feel we are a “hard to convince we are good” support.



    Look at the achievements evidence


    Look at the foundations


    Listen to what is not being said



    If you do … the blue bogeyman and all his wretched toadies will be seen in the contemptuous light they deserve.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Por Cierto.



    How spellchecker can move “Por” to “Pie” is beyond me.




  14. quadrophenian on

    Buying players at 15mill seems a bit too speculative for my tight-pursed sensibilities, as I don’t think punts at that price, guarantees we will see progress in Europe. Seems a hike of a departure from the analytics + manager’s final say model that seems to have us well since Ange cleaned house.


    Despite what we get for Jota and any other player who sees greener pastures elsewhere, I think we still need to spend canny money and (tin hat on) take leaves out of the book of the wee teams who have gone far in Europe; like BodoGlimt and FC Govan: By coaching relative journeymen and unknowns to play out their skins and in formations that ‘work’ against smart Euro sides.

  15. Great news that again we have sold all our available season tickets.



    I do not know the details , but I hope and trust that there will be no huns in Paradise this coming season.



    We don’t need them and we certainly don’t want them.




  16. The coming season was to be Celtic’s big push for Champions League success after doing the hard yards with Ange leading the charge. Alas the manager has departed and we are now seeing the gradual dismantling of the squad with the possible departures of our most skillful players like Abada and now the brilliant Jota and possibly more to follow. One hopes David Turnbull, probably one of the most classy players in the SPFLis not next. IN my opinion this lad was a better footballer than many of the Japenese imports but never really got a chance under Ange whatever the reason. Hopefully Brendan Rodgers will coach young Turnbull to be an even better player.



    Rangers held onto a core of their better players although I’m sure there must have been offers and in doing so qualified for Europa final which they possibly should have won and followed that by making the Champions Lge. group stage the difficult path.

  17. Hankray,



    Turnbull is the antithesis of a Rodgers midfielder. Too slow and lacks dynamism. He will depart. Ange trusted him only as a sub against slowing teams for the sme reason.



    Doesn’t make him a bad footballer. Just a poor fit in an aggressive, pressing team.



    He’s also 24 years old next week. In football terms, middle aged. Not young.



    Buckle up fella.




  18. Adam Montgomery joins Broonie at Fleetwood for a year’s loan.



    Good luck fella.




  19. What is the Starz on



    have you been to The Gravediggers…Best Guinness on the planet !!!

  20. All this talk about money depresses me, oh for the days when most of the discussion was about football and teams from Scotland, The Netherlands and Portugal etc had a chance of winning the Champions Cup.


    To make things worse we have Football Associations, managers and players embracing cash rich despotic regimes who regularly execute their people for trivial offences.


    After over 70 years of attending Celtic games and still a season ticket holder I’m afraid I’m falling out of love with what used to be the beautiful game.


    Thank God for the Celtic support, one of the constant, decent and positive examples of the power of football.

  21. MMCCARTNEY on 3RD JULY 2023 3:32 PM


    All this talk about money depresses me,



    all the things you say, I am in that head space as well.



    I enjoy business, I can be an obsessive bore around how this company Celtic PLC should operate, hopefully in profit, that is reinvested to the football team, the infrastructure and our founding principles but competing in competitions beyond our shores is becoming unattainable.



    We might grow revenues with regular participation in the new CL format, but we will be fodder all the same.



    I see bloggers craving for a record transfer fee to be paid out – break the 10 million – why bother , we still wont compete.



    It is depressing ish.

  22. Why can’t we reach a Europa League Final in the next 3 seasons?



    Now 20 years since we last did, which is a pish poor record for a club our size.



    Good grief, we are trying to win our first knockout tie in 20+ years.



    We can compete higher than SFA and that prospect should excite us all.




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