Sevco and Gang of 10


We are three days away from Rangers creditors’ vote on the proposed CVA and my best sources remain strongly of the view that HMRC will vote against.  As a result, on Thursday, the process to liquidate Rangers will commence and Charles Green’s company, Sevco 5088, will attempt to purchase the assets of the business.

One of the first acts of Sevco 5088 will be to apply for membership to the Scottish Premier League.  They will offer the league an opportunity to retain considerable revenue streams which would be lost to the league following the liquidation of the former football club, Rangers.

Attitudes hardened towards a Newco proposition since Mr Green came onto the scene, specifically since Rangers raised an action against the Scottish FA at the Court of Session, but sentiment in football is fickle.  We should ignore all public comments on the subject of Newco and concentrate our minds on the SPL vote, which will take place next week.

Two months ago the Gang of 10 clubs thought they were in an ‘Arab Spring’ moment when they met to discuss how they would use Rangers demise as an opportunity to re-engineer the league.  Charles Green is aware of their feelings on this matter and is likely to use this knowledge to inform his offer to the league.

Expect Green to offer to support a change in voting rights if the SPL allow Servco a franchise in the SPL.  This offer would allow the Gang of 10 to not only retain much of their existing income streams, they would actually be able to bring in additional income.  Servco FC would benefit from being the first company to be able to buy a place in the top division of Scottish football.  The only loser from this scenario would be Celtic.

The existing voting rights protect Celtic from several hazards.  The most important two are the rights of home teams to retain match ticket revenue and a limit to the number of home games shown live on TV for any club.

You will hear lots of comment from the Gang of 10 that they are not interested in splitting home gate money but none of them have agreed to exclude this matter from the change in voting rights.  More Celtic home games on TV would be welcomed by armchair fans that live abroad but would see season ticket holders suffer as kick off times are moved to accommodate TV scheduling.  Neither of these matters will be addressed at this month’s SPL meeting but, if the voting rights change, you can expect to read about them soon.

If the application from Sevco is rejected, we enter a new world, where SPL voting rights will inevitably change and Scottish clubs will have to learn to cooperate with each other on a constructive basis.  As Celtic fans, we will embrace that challenge, but you can be sure that a slice of your season ticket money is being offered right now by people who have nothing whatsoever to do with Celtic.

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  1. tomthelennytim on

    The GreenManalishi – lost my gmail login details. (new phone)


    If I’m not jumping the gun we may have reason to celebrate on Thursday, let me know if you fancy a few pints. I can head into town if it’s any easier.



  2. philvisreturns on

    Paul67 – We are three days away from Rangers creditors’ vote on the proposed CVA and my best sources remain strongly of the view that HMRC will vote against.



    Surely you are mistaken Paul.



    Charlie says he has sewn up a deal with HMRC, and has even been talking about signing an Italian World Cup winner for Rangers. (thumbsup)

  3. Does anybody know the club’s position on this: will they offer their resignation from the SPL if it is clear the other members are conspiring against us?

  4. There will be a fair amount of horse trading going on. If I was an SPL chairman I would be phoning Peter Lawwell and asking him to explain why it would be in my club’s interests not to let Sevco into the league.

  5. Paul67 et al



    Celtic need to be prepared to offer an alternative model, one to the existing SPL, and two to anything Charlie Green comes up with. Do I believe our Board will make any meaningful contribution at this stage? No, not really.

  6. Paul,



    You have stated on previous posts that you believe Celtic are playing a blinder ( might be paraphrasing there ) in this whole charade.



    Is this still your belief?



    Hail! Hail,

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    The first act will surely be to apply to the SFA first ?




  8. No way will I give any of my future season ticket dosh to any other club, no chance!!!



    Paul you floated the idea of the membership scheme (tongue in cheek I realise), I support it. £550 to be a Celtic member, £50 for my season ticket!!

  9. It is a simple vote about clubs who stick to the rules and pay their bills and taxes, and a club who cheat whatever they are called. Under no circimstances should Celtic FC give up season ticket money.TV coverage is not essential, 3pm Saturdays I’m sure would boost gates everywhere

  10. Quite. Reminding the likes of Jackson and Grieve in the Sun that Croatia is 88% Catholic would give me immense pleasure. Might stop them punching the air in whatever ayrshire/lanarkshire/fife/midlothian hovel they’re watching the games in…



    Would have liked to have Bilic as Sellick manager instead of BTM. He was the outstanding candidate at the time but wasn’t interviewed.



    The 2 leaders? Frankly, as people have pointed out, being left in a pub at age 8 is probably the least of what my parents put me and my 3 siblings through during the 1970s. Bored with the story already – irrelevant to Dave’s working day.



    Salmond displayed a greater lack of judgement by referring to rangers as adding to part of the fun of scottish football and admitting that he had spoken to the admins and the revenue. Shameful and I am unwilling to vote for Independence in the vain hope that better politicians present themselves in this new dawn. Too big a risk.



    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on 11 June, 2012 at 13:35 said:


    Emdae sense a bit of gloating in jackshuns headlines. “DIRELAND” “Euro roasting” “Irish Given a doing”



    At least they were there!!



    You’de think this clown wd still be under some snakes belly after trumpeting Whyte in to town!!

  11. Snake Plissken on

    Anyway, enough about politics at national level, now on to politics in football.



    Where are the votes going from here on in?

  12. How many high-blown fantasy ‘statements’ has Chucky made now?


    I’ve lost count. He’s another fine voodoo economics graduate taking advantage of a demonstrably wholly corrupt sfa/spl.


    Roll up,roll up….because rfcia will be rolled up shortly.

  13. philvisreturns on

    Snake Plissken – I don’t think the Scandies have had too many currency changes or civil wars in the last 200 years and they are better run places than the UK.



    Snake, appreciate you have to go to work, but that’s an interesting point you raise…



    Is Scotland more like the Scandinavian countries or is it more like the Western European ones?



    Also, what makes you think they’re better run than the UK?



    They might well be.



    For example, Sweden has education vouchers that allow parents to decide whether to send their kids public or private, instead of the broken one-size-doesn’t-fit-all comprehensive educational system we have here.



    Denmark has privatised ambulance and fire services.



    None of the EU Nordic countries has a national minimum wage.



    Corporation tax is lower than in the UK.



    None of them has an NHS, healthcare is much more decentralised.



    So I might be persuaded that the Scandies are better run than the UK, but I’m interested in why you think this is the case. (thumbsup)

  14. Fantasma is Neil Lennon on

    Intrigued by how HMRC could even be considering accepting the CVA, but….if the CVA is accepted, the RFC (IA) become RFC again, after the cooling off period, yes ?


    So HMRC accept the CVA, taking a penny in the pound on 17m. All other creditors are paid off, and RFC continue free of debt.



    A couple of weeks later, the FTT delivers it’s findings and unloads a neutron bomb on the now solvent RFC. Being the only creditor, they’ll get much more of the


    £??m than they would have a hope of getting if a CVA was rejected.



    Now I have no idea if any of this is even possible – purely speculation on my part, but, if the above scenario is possible, then HMRC would stand to get a lot more of their (our) money wouldn’t they ?


    I’m quite happy for anyone to come on and tell me that it’s not possible because of A, B and C etc. I don’t claim to have any real understanding of the issues, just thinking out loyd………

  15. My season ticket for the coming season is £609. If shared gate is ever approved then Celtic should charge everyone £19 (£1 per SPL game) for their season ticket, but in order to buy one you need to be a member of the club, cost £the price of your current season ticket + £19 (i.e. I would pay £590 for my membership).


    Alternatively we could hand in our 2 year notice to resign from the SPL and hand it over to the SFA/UEFA to sort out. I’m sure the SPL is on borrowed time as it is and our resignation would give the SFA the final push to take over the leagues in this country.

  16. huns fc- love the queen but wont pay her on

    If theres to be a change to gate receipt money then It should go along the lines of all clubs keep there season ticket money and then when the clubs go to away games the other tickets sold for that particular match should be split In some way. i.e we sell 50k season tickets, we then play Dundee utd and the crowds 57000, the 7000 should be split In some way and then the same should be done when we go to our away games where say Dundee utd have I dont know 5000 season tickets and the crowd Is 10000, we’d lose out a little but atleast there’s some give or take from us, more give would prob be the way It would work. Any other way and I would think twice If my season ticket money was going to another Club, particularly ones I have no time for and even more so If they vote yes to new Huns.

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    The SFA cannot accept Green or Whyte as a fit and proper person to run a new football club without bringing themselves up for disrepute ?




  18. Snake Plissken on




    The fact that they live longer than adults in Scotland on average.






    They also are far from perfect but there are people in 3rd world countries with better life expectancy than Scotland – shameful under the British system.



    Where would you rather live – Scotland or Norway?



    Now this time I really must go. My student is here.



    Take this up another time pal.




  19. This is exactly how I saw this transpiring….


    Green will offer the others the voting power which they desire…


    Thus bringing us down and giving newco a level playing field .

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I intend to withold the portion of my season book that goes towards furnishing the ole Gazebo with Class A drugs and catamites.

  21. Kayal33 on 11 June, 2012 at 14:00 said:



    Agreed, Paul played out a similiar scenario in one of his posts. Hell will freeze over and the huns will show dignity before I give my season ticket money to the other teams!!

  22. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    No accounts


    No players


    No training ground


    No stadium


    No season book sales


    In & out of court for the next five/ten years


    Joker after joker washing up with ever more deluded schemes


    RFC(ia) becoming a fading memory


    SDM finally doing a tell-all


    Davy Dodds expanding on the other tax ‘minimisation’ schemes he was offered


    Members of the LL receiving back-dated tax bills for EBTs


    Employees of other organiations ‘fessin up to receiving ‘benefits’


    Agents are asked to explain the side-letters to HMRC


    RFC(ia) are asked to explain the side-letters to HMRC (and possibly SP)


    RCO explaining his word blindness whilst co. secretary at RFC(ia)

  23. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    What are the chances Green will still be around once the CVA is kicked out and Hector steps in with BDO?



    Very slim, I would think.


    As will be their chances of having a NewClub in place for the start of next season,

  24. Fantasma is Neil Lennon on 11 June, 2012 at 13:58 said:




    I believe ( and others on here may wish to confirm ) that if CVA is agreed it will include any outcome from the BTC as the CVA is for all debt outstanding including the BTC pending outcome of the appeal.

  25. Sir Paul,



    Howdya like THIS Scenario, fur a ScreenPlay?



    ” If Ah wur King.. Part 4.”



    Ah wid Command,HMRC, tae… Fire…



    Dimwit, Dunderheid and Dumbo..



    and bring in thur Air Liquidators.. the Infamous..



    Bodo , Frodo and Kojo..



    who wid Seize the Ibrox Goodies..


    The Stadium, The Albion Dug Kennels, The Training Grun.. Sundry,


    Intellectual Property, Uncle Tom Cobley and the Ubiquitouus , Union Jacks,,,


    Turn aroon Three Times.. and Cross thur Heart.. and




    the Whole Caboodle tae the Hightest Bidder.



    Who wid turn oot tae be.. None ither ..






    Tae , Da!



    Fergus Mc Cann!



    Who, wid..turn aroon…



    Bless Himsel.. Three Times!






    Wind -up The Company!


    Bring in the Bull Dozers..





    Fur the First Time ….In Living. and Unliving .. Memory..


    There wid be a



    Level Playing Field. at . Ibrox!!!



    Fergus, wud Gladly Tak a Loss oan his Investment, and


    Celtic F.C. and it’s Fans..



    Wid Live Happily Evah. After!



    Far Fetched?



    No, if ye Believe in Fairy Tales… Like the G.A Fans.


    Obviously, Dae, Dae!!!





    Still, Laughin’

  26. Any truth in the rumour that David Cameron’s security team were from Special Brunch?




  27. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Davy Dodds expanding on the other tax ‘minimisation’ schemes he was offered’


    -The elephant in the room?

  28. TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) on

    tomthelennytim on 11 June, 2012 at 13:47 said:



    Sounds good, a few of the lads are meeting up in the Harp for the Ireland game. if that is a bit far out we can do city centre, let me know what you think.


    PS My money’s on Hector




  29. Son of Gabriel on

    Three days…



    Three days…



    Its 22nd of December.



    I’m choosing to ignore the ramifications of what could happen next, if only for the small shreds of sanity that remain with me.

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