Seville money, poor life choices, lessons watching others


It might have been a stretch to yesterday suggest Aaron Mooy as the breakout star of World Cup 2022.  Still, Josip Juranovic’s defensive performance ensured a clean sheet for Croatia this morning and Daizen Maeda leads the Japanese line against Germany at lunchtime.  I’m v excited for him!

If you were around here 17 years ago, you’ll perhaps remember that CQN started when a radio pundit said, “What the Celtic fans want to know, is what happened to all the Seville money?”  I had had enough.  Celtic lost millions during the Seville season.  Fun was had, but the money went in the pockets of Henrik Larsson, John Hartson, Chris Sutton, Martin O’Neill and our other cherished heroes.

The founding issue of CQN was to bring light to the finances of Celtic.  We did this and among others, continue to do so.  I do, however, feel insight can more easily be found looking in on the actions around other clubs.  Dave King, former director of former and Newco Rangers, waded into this territory yesterday.

I told you that you would miss King when he resigned from the Newco board.  That guy was content gold for us blog writers, always there with a plan to “overinvest”, which is a euphemism that will get you into a bit of bother some ways down the line.

The good news is Dave’s back.  He “jetted back”, of course, newspapers remain convinced their readers are obsessed by the propulsion method used when Newco staff and signing targets travel.  Once the jetting stopped, he was able to enlighten the media of his plans.

At next month’s AGM he will apparently vote against the reappointment of chairman and diesel propulsion magnate, Douglas Park.  Blood on the brogues, and not for the first time.

King told the Daily Record, “I’ve put in more than Douglas [Park]. I’ve put in more money than any one person in the history of the club. But I’ll tell you what. The supporters have put in a lot more than me.”  Ah, the supporters.  Shower them with praise when embarking on a civil war, nothing to do with King’s own interests, of course.

He continued, “They put in more than any investor and always have done. Just be honest with the supporters. Tell them what you are doing with the money. Then they’ll still back you.”

Just as with Celtic in 2004, what Newco are doing with their money is not in any doubt.  It is writ large in their accounts for anyone who cares to read them.  This is a football club hooked on persistent operating losses that is now subject to Uefa supervision under Financial Fair Play protocols.  They can no longer “overinvest” and maintain acces to critical European revenues.

You and I know this, but our version is not what I hear from my Newco supporting pals.  King’s tub thumping is what they hear.  It fits the outlook of some football fans, who want their clubs to spend money and win more football games, without concern for what would follow.

I see it as asking: “Why can’t they just do the obvious and alleviate the consequences of my poor life choices by buying success I can use as a proxy for my self-worth.”  This is what it boils down to, but honestly, try civilly explaining that to them!  They do not appreciate my efforts!

You and I have said it before, a club can most effectively be brought down by internecine strife.  Nothing an opponent can do to them comes close.  Watch and learn lessons from them.

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  1. Happy Wednesday all!



    Get through today then 4 days off for ‘merican turkey day. This year I am Thankful for Ange and also for Sipsini for meeting me and my lass at the Hearts game with tickets from MARSPAPA.




  2. AIPPLE,



    ERNIE LYNCH,would call that Mexican Ottoman Empire day.


    He is hilarious like that.



    Hail Hail.

  3. Why don’t we sign tall defenders?



    Also, is the Japanese market proving to be as worthwhile as we thought?



    Maeda and Kyogo so inconsistent, Hideguchi, nay idea.



    Hatate has qualities but…………………………………?

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    Bada Bing 12.17


    Very sad news about Wilko. Seen him with Dr Feelgood and also in his solo career. Tremendous live act and talented guitarist.

  5. Loving the delusion. No mention of the £8m his duck measuring competition with Mike Ashley cost the club. King got him out didn’t he?



    It’s back to the future with Steven’s boy Beale now, the guy who was responsible for 55. We’ll forget about how much the club was losing at the time, and how his replacement made them solvent for this first time, t managed to qualify for the CL riches when Gerrard can’t. 3 points worse off at the same time last season as well.

  6. Philbhoy,



    Think the CH is over 6 foot.


    Kyogos stats for goals is terrific for us.Hatate improving by the game.Missing Calmac at the moment to give him more freedom.As is O Riley.


    Ideguchi,same,no idea,because injuries have literally crippled his start at Celtic.


    Maeda,not his greatest fan,but Ange is.For the money they cost,don’t think anyone should be questioning the value we got.

  7. Philbhoy



    I assume you are joking ?



    In case not it might be worth reminding you Celtic has lost 1 league game in 11 months since we signed 3 of the 4 you mention.



    Celtic turned around a deficit of 4 points into a massive winning margin against a team which was good enough to get to a Europa Final last year driven by a huge contribution from the Japanese contingent.

  8. Beale reportedly turning down Wolves but being keen on the Sevco job is difficult to get the head around. If this is the case then Beale clearly lacks the belief to back himself in the EPL.



    As for Dave King, I wish him all the best in his efforts to take control of the huns.

  9. Sad to hear of the passing of Wilko Johnston.



    Saw Dr Feelgood a couple of times when I live in London.

  10. I assumed Maeda would have been wide, but is upfront



    A straight choice between kyogo and Maeda and they picked Maeda; unusual



    What happened to the Kenny Dalglish money?




    What happened to the MB and Macaroon bar money?

  12. Re wee Daezen, my recollection of his YouTube video prior to joining Celtic was that he played as a central striker and scored goals from terrific deliveries from either wing

  13. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from wetherspoons, Blackpool Tower. Mrs BRRB says if I watch any more football I’m in danger of getting thrown aff the Tower. 😁

  14. You can see why they went for Maeda, he’s gone for pace. Japan looking dangerous on the counter

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Always plenty to say about our partner club, Paul. Not remotely interested myself, but each to their own.


    Nothing on Ange’s comments? I found them absolutely brilliant. As anyone with any ambition for Celtic would.:



    “the goal for us should always be to be stronger every year and bridge the gaps with the ones we want to compete with.”


    Fantastic outlook.


    Of course closing the gap to others is nothing new at Celtic and you don’t even have to go too far back to remember the last time! Although I’m sure it’s pretty safe to say that that type of gap-bridging is not what Ange has in mind!


    Hope he gets the opportunity to implement the improvements.

  16. Garngad to Croy on

    Maeda’s goal was chopped off for offside, and Aunt sAlly was delighted. Why does Ally McCoist sound like he is trying to do a bad James Gagney impersonation?

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    Take them away Michael



    Entire Managerial Career



    Played 21


    Won 9


    Drew 4


    Lost 8

  18. I read an article at the weekend explaining why Daizen Maeda was chosen for the Japan squad, and it seems his athletisicm , sprinting and overall conditioning made him “superior to others in contention”, the conditioning thing translated to toughness in his play and he doesnt get hurt often, a steeliness if you will.


    It went on to say he had an exceptional season with Yokohama, before moving to Celtic, in DECEMBER 2011, AGED 24.



    Take a note of that please – he has only been with us 9 months, he is younger than GG and Kyogo.



    From the article –


    Regarding his stamina and conditioning, former coach John Hutchinson referred to Maeda as a “machine”, while Arthur Papas, who also coached Maeda during his time at Yokohama, has said Maeda “possesses athletic qualities far superior to most players at the professional level”, hailing his pace and sprinting.



    Papas, speaking to KEEPUP about Maeda’s sprinting capabilities, added: “It’s like nothing I’ve seen.



    “Daizen possesses athletic qualities far superior to most players at the professional level.



    “His ability to repeatedly produce max speed efforts consistently would place him at the very echelon of the game right up with the best athletes in world football.”



    Second note – he has played 44 games in those 9 months scoring 12 goals.



    A spokesman for CQN was asked for a quote and said “he is mister inconsistent”




    Meanwhile, if you know your history – it should actually come as no suprise why the man is so tough, and just look at him, offcourse he is. Cmon the Samurai.








    Maeda clan (前田氏, Maeda-shi) was a Japanese samurai clan who occupied most of the Hokuriku region of central Honshū from the end of the Sengoku period through the Meiji restoration of 1868.

  19. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    The core of the article aside, Pablo, this was brilliant






    “newspapers remain convinced their readers are obsessed by the propulsion method used when Newco staff and signing targets travel”

  20. The current signing policy is a million times better than scouting by Sportscene, and last minute Lawwell .com

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Have no real axe to grind with Ally McCoist.



    He’s a chubby, irreverent bluenose.



    Just about makes the cut for standard “match summariser talking bollocks” gig.



    But not “phone a friend” material.




    As to the Maeda offside in seventh minute?



    Regrettably his “Celtic guy’s fault” instincts clouded his judgement.



    Yes – Daizan was a yard off.



    Yes – he made his run too early. But only a ¼ yard too early.



    Pass was ¾ yard too late being played.

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    Super Sallary – East Kilbride’s famous son, to the Petrofac Cup Final, and bring on the World.



    Abshhholutely CSC

  23. Hello again all you young rebels



    DAVID 66/ BHOYJOEBELFAST/ BIG JIMMY and embdy else who’s




    Had one of those days on board, roasting hot humidity, dip in the


    pool, ach ! might as well have another, and another, and..adinfinitum.


    So the guy who has one eye on the shopkeeper and the other on


    his change, is back in for der hun ?


    Don’t know if my sides could take any more of their hilarity, they’re


    definitely the giggly gift that keeps on giving.


    And now I believe they want Beale in, we’ll ! that club always seem


    to be BEALIN 😡


    H H. Mick

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