Small but vocal parts of media blindly turn on Doncaster


One of the dirty wee secrets of the smaller professional football clubs in Scotland is to offer contracts ending 31 May, often annually.  Most clubs are less concerned about their ‘stars’ being picked up for free at the end of the season they about having to play them throughout the close season, as well as carrying the risk of a multi-season contract.

As a consequence, the Daily Record today reveal that five Premiership do not have enough players to complete the season if it was to resume over the summer.  Added to this, one lost their manager over the weekend and another do not have a pitch.  The Record go on to report that nine of the 12 clubs have accepted reality that the season will end without another ball being kicked, presumably leaving relegated Hearts, Motherwell-chasing Aberdeen and everyone’s favourite loser, Newco, as the hold-outs.

I try not to bang on about the media here – we all make mistakes – but the treatment Neil Doncaster has come under in recent days from a relatively small but vocal number of sources has been incredible.  On BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound on Saturday Doncaster attempted to educate the hard of thinking by explaining the difference between an advance – a transaction that is invoiced, has vat, is not subject to a credit processes and is not to be repaid, and a loan – which is not invoiced, has no vat, required credit approval and should be repaid.

He explained that almost all prize money for finishing in the bottom places had been distributed to lower league clubs by March, leaving only the position differentials to be paid out at the end of the season.  This is just one of many reasons why loans were a “red herring”.  If next week’s SPFL vote comes down to credibility, the board are on terra firma.

I see that time is near again when Newco release their regular. ‘Here’s our great new kit deal, it’s worth millions, honest.  The bad old day are behind us’ statement.  No deal signed during the crisis is a great deal, with uncertainty over every aspect of retail life, it is just not possible.

Minx1888, Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain, Though your dreams be tossed and blown.

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  1. Listened to RS on Saturday. They have nothing better to do than grab any sort of small piece of nonsense and drag it out. Only good piece was the Doctor McLean ? who was discussing all the stuff they have to discuss and decided before a ball is kicked. That left them all diflated !.




  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Heard the interview on Saturday,at times Richard Gordon was asking Neil Doncaster,the same question over and over,to be met with a huge sigh from ND.Then we had the post mortem from English and McCann in the afternoon.Not a good day for sevco,but then the had their chance to unleash their ‘ dossier’,and Saturday was a perfect day to do so.

  3. Disrepute charge if there is no basis for their allegations and for the other two unless they can prove they were duped.

  4. Paul, you say ‘no deal signed during the crisis is a great deal’



    Am I right in thinking Celtic’s deal with Adidas was sighed BEFORE the crisis hit and so won’t be affected?



    Or is the Adidas deal also impacted due to tv exposure etc.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    What’s your favourite?


    if you manage to find a spare 10 mins, this will pass the time….



    * The Big Tax Case


    * The Wee Tax Case


    * Craig Whyte’s wealth off the radar


    * Craig Whyte buys the club for £1


    * Arsenal Shares Sold


    * 67 players to sue Rangers


    * McCoist is Manager


    * Jelavic “Titles In the Bag”


    * 14/02/12 – Administration


    * The Big Hoose Must Stay Open


    * Fans in Tears


    * Jelly and Ice Cream


    * McCoist “We Don’t Do Walking Away”


    * £134 Million Debt


    * Rangers Fans Say No to Liquidation


    * 31/10/12 – Liquidation


    * Walter Smith wishes new club well


    * Mark Dingwall on STV News


    * More Jelly and Ice Cream


    * 267 creditors


    * The Switcheroo


    * Charles Green


    * HMRC reject CVA


    * Sevco


    * Club and Company are separate


    * Dallas Cowboys


    * Martin Bain ringfenced money


    * Charles Green’s Christmas Message


    * The Blue Knights


    * Refused entry into SPL


    * Refused entry into SFL1


    * Starting in SFL3


    * Buying History


    * Debenture Seats Relinquished


    * John Brown’s speech


    * Castles and Chateaux


    * Googly Eyes


    * Dave King to invest £50m


    * Dave King to invest north of £30m


    * Dave King to invest £20m


    * Dave King to invest £8


    * Dave King asks fans for money


    * Need Extra Time to beat Brechin in the first round of the Ramsdens Cup


    * Ball in the Glebe Park Hedge


    * Drew 2-2 with Peterhead


    * Lose 1-0 against Sterling Albion


    * Require a 91st minute winner to beat 10 man Queens Park


    * Boycott Tannadice


    * Francisco Sandaza Prank Call


    * Brand New Team Bus


    * Charging fans 99p to watch a video of the new bus


    * Bus destroyed by thugs in arson attack


    * Nicky Law Claims Rangers can win the Quadruple


    * Rangers stealing charity money


    * Ian Black betting against his own team


    * 3 failed attempts at the Petrofac Cup (or Ramsdens Cup)


    * Mike Ashley bought naming rights to Ibrox for £1


    * McCoist on gardening leave


    * McDowall is caretaker manager


    * Rangers AGM in a Gazebo


    * Water Piped In from Local Church


    * Dave King and the Three Bears


    * Gangsters in Charge


    * Fans trying to break into Ibrox in protest against Easdales


    * Charles Green being interviewed in a hospital bed


    * Out Scottish Cup, 2-1 Raith Rovers


    * Stuart McCall is manager


    * Same Old Alloa, Always Cheating


    * Cammy Bell


    * Get pumped 6-1 in the playoffs by Motherwell – Submarine Sunday


    * Bilel Moshni 7 game ban


    * Mark Warburton is manager


    * Boyhood Rangers fan Scott Allan to Celtic


    * Mike Ashley


    * Mike Ashley owns the badge


    * Scottish Cup Final – Hibs 3-2 Rangers


    * Hampden Riots / Pitch Invasion


    * Lee Wallace is a Grass


    * The first of many Statements


    * Warburton’s Magic Hat


    * The Gap is Closing


    * Bread Wrappers for Hats


    * There is No Gap


    * Joey Barton


    * The Rangers are Coming


    * Going For 55


    * Pumped 5-1 at Celtic Park


    * Barton V Halliday


    * Barton 3 week training ban


    * Martyn Waghorn getting called Shite outside chippy by schoolboy


    * Fans trying to get Joe Garner – Glad All Over chant to number 1 in Christmas chart. It got to 31


    * Pumped 4-1 by Hearts


    * Mark Warburtons Resigns, Except he hasn’t, Except he has, Except he hasn’t, Except he has


    * Jim Traynor.


    * More Statements


    * Graeme Murty is caretaker manager


    * Headstands


    * Pedro Caxixinha is manager


    * Here to take your title


    * Pedro’s Mini Leagues


    * Salt & Pepper Tactics


    * Pitch Invasion at Firhill


    * Going for 55 ends with finishing in 3rd place


    * The Invincible Treble


    * Caixinha’s Press Conferences


    * Barking Dogs and Caravans


    * Progres 2 – 0 Rangers


    * Caixinha arguing with fans in a hedge


    * Carlos Pena blows nose of Rangers shorts while signing for new club


    * Banning Green Boots


    * Statement release regarding Neil Lennon’s ‘Get It Up Ye’ gesture at Ibrox


    * Craig Whyte Walks Free


    * Caixinha sacked


    * Murty as caretaker manager again


    * Derek McInnes is Coming Home


    * McInnes stays at Aberdeen


    * Rangers Fans didn’t want McInnes anyway


    * Union Bears moving for Home Games


    * Miller’s re-used shirt


    * Another Statement


    * Concomitant


    * The People’s Front of Judea, Meetings about Meetings


    * Receive Bid for Morelos from China


    * Whits the goalie daein Tam, whits the keeper daein!


    * Simunovic sending Kenny Miller into Orbit


    * Get beat by 10 man Celtic 3-2 at Ibrox


    * Cheering the Scottish cup draw against Celtic


    * Battle Fever is On


    * Getting Pumped 4-0 by Celtic


    * Lustig sending Pedro Caixinha Flying


    * Halliday meltdown


    * Candeias meltdown


    * Captain Lee Wallace suspended


    * Kenny Miller suspended


    * Fans claim “We Deserve Better”


    * Fans padlocked the Gate of the Training Ground


    * Dave King says he’s skint


    * Hummel


    * Hibs cut allocation at Easter Road resulting in another statement


    * Getting pumped 5-0 at Celtic Park


    * Morelos sent sent off


    * Andy Halliday, Halliday, Andy Halliday!!


    * Another Halliday meltdown


    * Scott Brown living tent free


    * Union Bears storm player of the year awards


    * Steven Gerrard as manager


    * Draw 5-5 with Hibs


    * Neil Lennon pretends to be an Aeroplane


    * Let’s Go


    * EasyJet Flights, A4 Tickets, Economy Class


    * Patio Furniture at Training Camp


    * Golf Buggies instead of a Coach


    * Wheelie Bins


    * Orange Strip


    * The Takeover Panel ruling


    * Dave King facing jail for contempt court


    * Sports Direct Tanks on the Lawn


    * Socks on the wrong feet


    * Training Tops and No Pennant


    * Mike Ashley’s £500,000 legal fees


    * A Class Above Rangers draw 1-1 with Aberdeen


    * Paddy Power paying out Celtic winning the league after one game


    * The Airport Loyal


    * The Fanzone


    * Stadium Tifo Leaked to St Mirren fans – “Our Club, Our City”


    * “Your Club Is Dead. Your City Is Shite”


    * Miller & Wallace suing for 100k


    * Nacho Novo saying “It’s Not Fair”


    * The Double Treble


    * George Peat


    * Shin Pads, 1 pair between 2


    * Stripe Gate


    * Peaky Blinders are Tims


    * Staunch News


    * Rangers Shareholders and Organised Crime


    * Top after 14 games Trophy


    * Beat by Aberdeen 1-0 in League Cup Semi Final


    * The best day of Andy Hallidays life


    * Dallas awarding 4 penalties


    * Going All In


    * Defoe signs “Let’s bring the Trophy home boss”


    * Rangers sign Jordan Jones from Kilmarnock


    * Jordan Jones scores the winner, Kilmarnock 2-1 Rangers


    * The Vanguard Bears BBC protest with 18 people


    * Andy Halliday going mental at Celtic Park


    * Morelos 3 game ban


    * Made Up SFA charges


    * Alex Rae cheerleader


    * Joe Worrall


    * Rangers to become the dominate force once again


    * Reject bid for Morelos


    * Trophy Room at Ibrox renamed the museum


    * The Treble Treble


    * Smiles are better than trophies


    * Fans celebrate Neil Lennon being offered the Celtic managers job


    * Warburton says next season because it’s his turn to say it


    * Rangers being sued for pulling out of Ibrox Disaster Tribute Garden


    * HMRC might have messed up the tax bill


    * HMRC confirm tax bill was correct


    * Fans funding for Ryan Kent makes £45 in 2 months


    * Pop Up Shop at the Louden Tavern


    * Ryan Kent for £7m


    * Charging fans to watch Ryan Kent first interview


    * Battered Celtic in the League Cup Final only to lose 1-0


    * Morelos misses a penalty


    * Ryan Jack cries


    * Winning the “We beat Celtic at Celtic Park” Trophy


    * We’re back and we’re coming for ye


    * Alfredo ‘Never Scored Against Celtic’ Morelos sent off, Cut Throat Gesture


    * Another Statement


    * Demanding VAR


    * Dubai


    * Beat by bottom of the league Hearts 2-1


    * Celtic were waiting for us to blink. Today we blinked – Big Time


    * Man tampers with Morelos car


    * Private Investigator confirmed tamper with Morelos car amid cheating claims from wife


    * Dave King Held at gunpoint in South Africa


    * Dave King’s South African House Raided


    * Beat by Kilmarnock 2-1


    * Jim Traynor struck with Rock in Cumbernauld


    * Draw 2-2 with St Johnstone


    * Pleased to enter the market for a kit supplier


    * Knocked Out Scottish Cup by bottom of the league Hearts


    * Gerrard All In


    * 8th minute applause #InGerrardWeTrust


    * Beat by bottom of the league Hamilton


    * 94th minute Boos #GerrardOut


    * Celtic have blinked with one eye, but we’ve blinked with two


    # Fake Invoice


    Pumped by Raith Rovers in Petroltank Cup final…

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Rumour has it the DUP PR Orangeman,will be the escapegoat here,as they have hee haw in ‘evidence ‘

  7. This was written on 18th February. If only they had a crystal ball they would have seen that retailing was going to take a major hit due to COVID-19.


    When all this is over and your job has disappeared and money is tight do you use your money to feed your kids or do you buy them the latest football kit? This will affect all clubs including our own.





    I see Andy Murray mentioned in the article, Andy has recently suggested that tennis will not be making a comeback anytime soon.

  8. Paul67



    If you think the abuse of Neil Doncaster is bad just now, just wait till the poor guy and his associates inevitably implement the rules as stipulated by UEFA, and Celtic complete the nine in a row which was earned richly ‘on the field’ despite the gloomerati.



    Criticism of Celtic, regarding ST sales is still unwarranted, when Governments never mind football clubs do not know when football can return, for fans that have difficulty in renewing the Celtic door is open. Anyway we will have to wait and see, not take any rumours too seriously, and think hard about the risks, including player risk, and our personal circumstances, when restrictions do ease.



    Resigned and fortunate unlike some to be able to look forward to being in CP whenever it’s safe, and if it’s 2021 then so be it, football league titles no matter the number are not at the forefront of the Celtic mind in these terrible times, rest assured any rule tampering is for the damned.



    The attempts by SMSM to make awarding ‘football titles’ somehow controversial when there is a pandemic is shameful, but happily for all fair minded supporters of whatever club, the rules on who gets what, are crystal clear.




  9. I have never met Chris nor Helen but very aware of them over the years on CQN as Hamiltontim and Minx1888, including the joy on the blog when they got hitched.



    Helen, thru her excellent work with such organisations such as An Gorta Mor and Call It Out clearly didn’t just Talk The Talk – she Walked The Walk, moving her beliefs & convictions into direct support, involvement and actions.



    I find myself reflecting on such things and questioning myself on why I do not ‘do more’ to get involved with initiatives that I believe in such as the above 2, but also things like Foodbank support.



    Sometimes your conscience can be salved by putting a few quid in a tin when in reality there is much more you can do in life.



    Helen was very evidently firmly in the camp of ‘doing more’ and as such, her memory will always be inspirational.



    The sense of sadness on CQN and elsewhere at the loss of such a good person is palpable.



    As regards CQN, it is uplifting to read about people’s memories of Helen and of all the support for Chris.



    It is so good to see the names of excellent CQN-ers who have not posted on the blog for a long time, coming back on to post messages of support.



    The sheer volume of that support is remarkable and testament to how special Chris & Helen are.



    Stay strong Chris – it is clear that you are – and will continue to be – surrounded by love.



    Rest in peace Helen and thank you for making a difference. You will never walk alone.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Interesting, Paul. I seem to recall a few articles from yourself about Doncaster from 2012. And I don’t remember them as being particularly complimentary.


    But hey – we have “moved on” from all that. We’ve got the old firm back and that makes life a lot easier for Peter and Neil…..

  11. ‘ Castore notes that all of its garments are tested by elite athletes, and are worn for 100 consecutive days before being approved for full production.’



    I’d imagine being worn for 100 consecutive days would appeal to most sevco fans. 😉

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good stuff Pablo.



    Lots to ponder there, not least the final paragraph tribute to one of CQN’s own.



    Prestonpans Bhoy / Hrvatski Jim – from last thread .. Cheers



    PB – the “segregation” at Ibrox back then would shock some today. Seemingly acceptable to put Celtic fans underneath R@ngers supporters. (A metaphor for the time I suppose).



    HJ – had completely forgotten that first Tynecastle game until you mentioned the McStay equaliser.



    I recall the others vividly.



    We drew 1-1 at Celtic Park. Derek Whyte might have made his debut that day? Also, was the only time I saw the R@ngers end completely filled by another club.



    Hearts brought 15,000 fans. Official attendance was .. ahem … 46,000



    Another 1-1 draw at Tynecastle followed. Dingus McGhee scored a brilliant equaliser, we should have gone on to win it.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  13. Pog


    when they are charging £60 for a t shirt


    i would be wearing it for a 100 days as well

  14. Bada Bing,



    I have paintstakingly trawled through your list and can find no mention of my personal favourite.


    ” Shafting of the poor Face Painter”


    Apologies if I have missed it.






    “I’d imagine being worn for 100 consecutive days would appeal to most sevco fans”



    :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) por cierto

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Greenpinta- possibly included in the 267 creditors, it is a fairly comprehensive list…😆

  17. Happy Monday folks.



    Had a great wee chat with the quite splendid and caring gent ZBYSZEK late last night.



    Bringing folks together with passion and love for no reward other than your connections with mankind is doing the big mans work. HH to the good guys on here who are often going through troubles of their own but still helping others and thanks to OldTIm67 for posting last night.



    An Tearmann



    Cheers for link, bookmarked for lunch time read.

  18. Richard Gordon, Tom English, Neil McCann et al are out of their depth.



    Michael Stewart has suggested that the SPFL pay out all monies for final placings now and if there is any difference (for example Livi or Hibs missing out of the top 6) then that extra money is withheld from next seasons earnings and redistributed to the deserving parties.



    Doesn’t explain what happens if any of those teams go into administration or liquidation.



    The truth is, it will be a miracle if we are able to finish next season with all games played. Making complicated and costly arrangements to chase a pipe dream of finishing the season is wild.

  19. voguepunter on

    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH MAY 2020 12:30 PM


    What’s your favourite?





    My second reading of this,my neck sore through shaking my Heid every couple of seconds :O)



    Have they no suffered enough? ….NAW!

  20. Hrvatski Jim on

    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH MAY 2020 12:30 PM


    What’s your favourite?





    Duckgate (promoting a Celtic branded duck on their website)


    Rangers TV hacked during live broadcast by, ahem, adult entertainment

  21. Bada Bing



    Thanks for posting the link. It really made me laugh. When you see the length of it, you realise just how much they have entertained us since 2012 and just how tortured their relatively short existence has been. I’ve copied, pasted and shared it amongst friends and family. 🤣

  22. Tully57, A beautifully written tribute,


    There is no doubt that Chris & Helen were not given enough time to share their love, married July 2017 parted


    May 2020, It just doesn’t seem fair.

  23. The Battered Bunnet on




    If I had to guess, I’d reckon 1.905m approx, although his position on this matter is not as greatly elevated.

  24. I try not to bang on about the media here – we all make mistakes – but the treatment Neil Doncaster has come under in recent days from a relatively small but vocal number of sources has been incredible.  On BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound on Saturday Doncaster attempted to educate the hard of thinking by explaining the difference between an advance – a transaction that is invoiced, has vat, is not subject to a credit processes and is not to be repaid, and a loan – which is not invoiced, has no vat, required credit approval and should be repaid.”



    Neil Doncaster is a very dodgy operator. His ways and means were hugely important in makkng sure that Rangers football club continued after the liquidation of the holding company. Also, he apparently couldn’t tell the difference between Rangers WTC and the BTC. I don’t think anyone in Scottish football will take Neil Doncasters “hair spliting” very serious… the man has no cred…



    Stay Safe



    Hail Hail

  25. fairhill bhoy on

    Tully57-smashing tribute 👏👏


    Back to basics-I was in amongst the hearts fans that day with my big cousin.Scarf stuffed down the jacket.Big Derek did make his debut

  26. Fair play to Sevco. They’ve done a great piece of business. Castore have beaten off competition from Umbro and Puma and given Sevco a deal so good that big Mike has refused to take up his matching rights option.



    All this in the midst of a global pandemic and an expected global economic recession.



    Cap duly doffed.

  27. Tully57





    Chapeau Sir



    I well remember the strength and support I received from the CQN family when my Mum passed a few years back. It was a huge comfort for me and my family.



    As someone who until CQN and a season ticket had had quite a ‘lone Tim’ experience as a fan, I have subsequently found out what it means never to walk alone.



    Your post was such a fitting tribute.



    HH jg

  28. Saint Stivs on

    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH MAY 2020 12:30 PM


    What’s your favourite?





    if you manage to find a spare 10 mins, this will pass the time….








    Donald Finlay welcoming them to Cowdenbeath by confirming “they are not Rangers anymore”

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